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Broken Bliss Ch. 03

Broken Bliss CH 3

The sound of the door opening brought me awake, pulling me from a dream in which I had relived the last few moments with Lisa, my s****r.

"Everything okay in here, hunny?" I hear mom's voice. "I heard you moaning, so thought I would check up on you."

"I'm good, mom, I Just started having another dream. Thank you."

Mom enters my room, and by the moonlight streaming through my window I can see that she is wearing the same transparent camisole she wore the other night. My cock, already stiff from the dream, stiffens more at the site of her, causing another moan to escape my lips. She moves quickly to the side of the bed and sits down, placing her hand on my leg.

"Do you--" She pauses to swallow, "Do you need some help, again?" Her hand begins to rub up and down along my blanket covered leg, sending chills up my spine. Despite what I have done with my s****r and even what my mom has done for me, I'm still nervous.

"I dunno. I think I'll be fine, but thanks, mom. I love you."

"Nonsense!" She yanked back the covers, revealing the large tent in my boxers. "See, look at that. Just give me a couple minutes, and we can have that taken care of."

She began to tug at my boxers, and I resigned myself to her care. Lifting my hips, my boxers were soon around my ankles, and my erection in mom's ever so talented hands. She smiled at me, as one of her hands cupped my balls, and the other one slid up and down my shaft.

"Just relax, hunny. I'll have you taken care of in no time." Something must have dawned on her. "Damn, I should have brought lotion in with me." She glanced around the room, but didn't see anything she could use for lube. "Hmm, guess I have no other choice." Her head dropped to my lap, and suddenly I found my cock surrounded by mom's warm, wet mouth. Her hand continued to slide along my cock, while her tongue worked wonders on the head of my penis.

"Ahhh!" I moaned loudly, overwhelmed with bliss. I've had a few blowjobs in my time, but none, and I mean NONE, compared to what mom was giving me now. Her head began to bob up and down, and soon I found I was in the back of her throat. She pulled up, gasping for breath, and I could see that my cock was lathered with her saliva, a large string of it still connected to her lips. Her hand went into overtime, jacking my slathered cock, and making me pant and moan in ecstasy. This was better than some sex I had had!

Her head dropped back down, and I felt that familiar churning, letting me know I was close. "Mom, I'm... I'm... About--" she must have known what I was going to say, because if it felt good before, it was fantastic now as she redoubled her efforts, bobbing, sucking, and deep-throating me.

My balls tightened, and I emptied a massive load down mom's throat. "ahhhahhhhhhahhhhhhhhh!" I moaned loudly, unable to hold back, and thrusting my hips up into her eager, sucking mouth. Finally, exhausted, I calmed down, and watched as mom lifted her head, and looked at me. To my large surprise, she blew a cum bubble, then slurped it back up and swallowed the load. If I hadn't already had two great orgasms tonight, I have no doubt the site of her doing that would have revived me to full mast.

"Wow, mom... Just... Just wow! You truly are the best! Thank you." I said with heartfelt emotion.

"Not bad for your girlfriend, huh?" She asked with a wink, referring to our little date before. "I must say the taste is improving." She gave me a peck on my cheek, and I stopped her before she left.

"Mom, are you sure there is nothing I can do to repay all you have done for me?"

"You already are, hunny. You do it with the way you treat me." She winked and smiled, then pulled my boxers up, followed by my blankets. Giving me another peck, she turned and left the room, my eyes locked on her swaying ass.

I don't know when it happened, but at some point I had resigned myself to this delicious i****tuous love.

* * *

I awoke bright and chipper as the sun came up. Not usually a morning person, I was surprised to wake in such a good mood, until the events of last night played through my head. I whistled a tune as I walked from my room, and saw Lisa sitting at the table. When she looked up at me, I winked and gave her my best smile, and laughed as she actually blushed. Who had seduced who last night?

Without saying a word to me, Lisa got up and poured a bowl for me. "How are you feeling this morning?" I whispered as I sat next to her.

"I'm really sore, but don't you dare apologize." She finally looked at me, and there was no mistaking the determination in her eyes. "I don't regret any of it."

I kept smiling at her. "Nor do I, s****r. Nor do I."

I sat contentedly while Lisa fed me, and then watched TV while she finished getting ready. Just as she was heading out the door, I gave her a passionate kiss, and bid her a good day.

Mom was just walking out of her room yawning, but still wearing the see-thru camisole, as I sat back down at the TV.

"Is there anything you want to do today, hunny?" She asked as soon as she spotted me.

"Oh, you know..." I said jokingly with a wink, and overtly checked out her body. She smiled and posed for me, and there was no way I could deny that mom was HOT!

"Is your s****r gone?" She asked, walking over to me. I nodded, and she began pulling down my shorts.

There was a knock on the door, and mom jumped up, and backed away. I shuffled my hips to get my shorts back on, and by the time I did, mom had grabbed a bathrobe, and wound it around her sexy frame. "Who could that be?" I wondered, and we both went to answer the door.

The woman on the other side was a very attractive redhead, and by the looks of her belly, ready to give birth at any moment.

"Amber!" My mom greeted her, "Come in, and take a load off. You know you really shouldn't be walking around this late in the pregnancy!"

Amber allowed herself to be guided into the front room, where only moments before I had been about to get another great blowjob. I quickly dismissed the thought from my head as I watched amber walk. Despite her bulk, she had a smooth grace to her that was undeniable.

"Forgive me," my mom said, flustered, "I should introduce you. Amber this is my son, Jason. Jason, this is one of John's girlfriends that I told you about." I was slightly shocked to hear her referred to as only 'one of John's girlfriends," But Amber didn't seem to mind, so I ignored it.

"Nice to meet you," I said, extending my hand. She took it and nodded, and I enjoyed how soft and delicate her hands were.

"We were thinking of having a BBQ tomorrow, and wondered if you cared to join us?" Amber asked.

Mom looked to me for a second, "Do you feel up to that, hunny?"

I just nodded. Who was this John fellow, to be able to get not only three girlfriends, but one as cute as this redhead as one of them?

I offered to e****t Amber back to her place, but both women laughed at the notion, what with my arms and all. "What was the deal with that lady, yesterday?" Amber asked at the door. Until this point, I had completely forgotten about Jenny.

"She was my crazy ex," I say with a self deprecating laugh.

After mom walked Amber home, she asked about Jenny. I just told her that she had come over, trying to get back with me, I refused and broke it off, and she flipped out.

"Well, according to Amber, she has a rather vulgar mouth. You can do better than her, hunny."

"Like you?" I said, and tried to give her a quick kiss on the lips, but she was too fast for my broke self, and easily dodged.

"What has gotten into you, lately? I swear, sometimes I don't know if you take more after your dad, or me."

"Crap!" I cursed, as the conversation about Jenny sparked a memory. I still needed to sign those documents at my apartment. "I just remembered something I need to do today, if you can drive me there, mom."

"Of, course, hunny," she readily replied. I explained everything (except the sex), as we were driving to my apartment. "You made the right choice in getting rid of her, son," Mom said, as soon as I finished. We arrived at my apartment complex soon after, and I went straight to the manager's office.

I knocked on the door and an attractive, slightly older, bleach blonde, answered the door. Her hair was tied up in a tight bun, and as usual for her, she looked like she had just bitten into sour g****s. On her nose sat a small pair of glasses, which made her eyes look almost beady. If it weren't for the fact that I always paid rent on time, and never caused any problems, I am certain she would have found some reason to evict me. Not that she has ever been rude, just that I had heard that she was quite the hard-nose when it came to managing this place. I am still somewhat uncertain why she was willing to give me time to sign these documents against Jenny.

"Sarah? Is that YOU?" My mom asked as she entered the room, and I looked at her in surprise. Mom knew my apartment manager?

"Diane?' Came the shocked reply. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm taking care of my son while he recovers. I didn't know you lived in town." Mom replied.

"Jason is your son? Hmm." Sarah's manner slowly began to change, as she loosened up around my mom. Several times I was sure she was going to say something, then would stop, look at me, and say something benign. What would have been only a 30 minute signing of papers (which was awkward with the casts), took more than an hour, as they caught up on current events.

Sarah then showed us the apartment, and told me to document anything that was missing. Mom and Sarah continued to chat while I walked through my small apartment. A lamp was broke, and that was about it. Apparently after she became violent here, she was booted from the premises before she could do any further damage. I even found a bag of her stuff that she had packed, but hadn't taken with her.

"Oh, son! I invited Sarah over to dinner this weekend, hope you don't mind." Mom told me as soon as I re-entered the front room.

Mind? Why would I mind if my stuck-up, prude of an apartment manager came to dinner? What I said, though, was, "Sure. That'd be nice." I then noticed that Sarah had let her hair down? I have never seen her with her hair anything but in that tight bun, and I had to admit she was rather attractive this way.

After a bit more chat, Sarah finally let my mom go, and we drove off.

"So how do you know my apartment manager?" I ask. All through their chatting, I never did quite catch how they knew each other.

Mom looked at me out of the corner of her eye for a moment, before replying. "We met in college." When nothing else was said, it made me even more curious, and I just stared at mom, making it obvious I wanted more of an answer.

After a couple minutes of staring, I could see mom was getting fidgety. "Oh, all right! I guess after what we've done, it shouldn't bother me if you knew. In college we were girlfriends. "

"But I thought you dated dad all through college...?"

"Uh, yes... Um, er, rather, you see, it was different back then. The truth is we were both your dad's girlfriends... The three of us dated each other."

I sat in shocked silence for a moment. I never knew my mom might swing both ways. It was honestly a turn on. And my dad had both of them? I couldn't believe it!

"That is HOT, mom!" I exclaimed, seeing her face had gone red, and wanting to get her to relax. "Will you tell me about it?"

"Oh, hunny. You don't want to hear about your old mother's sexual past." She said, chiding me.

"But I do! And quit with the old stuff! You're my girlfriend, remember? Young and gorgeous."

Mom placed her hand on my knee and gave me her dazzling smile. "Okay, hunny, but you can't tell your s****r!"

* * *

Sarah and I were stumbling back from a party, when we got back to David's apartment. He had told us he needed to study, which was the only reason I went without him. He had a big test the next day, and he was always a smart man. We were a bit surprised to find him still awake, however when we got there.

"What are you doing up, mister?" I asked. I only ever called him 'mister' like that when we were d***k.

"He must have known that two hot women were coming to his place, and stayed up for us," Sarah said, swaggering into the bedroom where David had been doing his studying, and sitting on the edge of the bed.

David's face split into a smile. I knew that he liked when the two got d***k together. He usually saw some extra skin when that happened. Not that much more ever happened. He had mentioned a threesome once to me, and been told that it would never happen.

"If you study too much, your brain will rot!" I said as I walked over and gave Dave a long kiss. He could probably taste the alcohol on my breath.

"Where's my kiss?" Sarah asked Diane. They often made out when they were d***k too. David always liked watching, but I knew he also wished he could be a part of it.

David answered Sarah before I got a chance to. "You need to come over and get one, if you want one!" Sarah looked at him for a second, a little surprised. She knew that Dave would never cheat on me, and he had never made a comment like that before.

"Yeah," I boldy put my own two cents in, "I know how to treat a man. I went to him for a kiss. You have to, too."

"Oh yeah? Well, I just might!" But Sarah didn't move for a second. She didn't want to cross any lines, and lose our friendship.

When no one said anything different, Sarah got up, and leaning slightly as she walked, approached David. I couldn't help but smack her lightly on the ass as she passed, saying only, "Kiss her good, Mister!"

David took the challenge, and stood to meet Sarah. He pulled her into his arms, and bent her back like in the movies. He looked deep into her d***ken eyes, and then slowly began to kiss her. At first it was just lips to lips, but then he got daring when she didn't pull away, and touched his tongue to her lips. Her reaction surprised him, as her mouth opened, and she aggressively attacked his tongue with hers. I could tell he was getting hard by the bulge forming in his pants, as he made out with the beautiful woman in his arms. I was surprised to find that I wasn't jealous about him kissing her. He broke off the kiss, and brought her back upright.

Both of them stared at each other, wondering what thoughts were going through the other's head, when I broke the silence. "That was SO hot! David, I'll be honest, I thought I was going to get jealous, but watching you kiss her has made my pussy really wet!" I always did enjoy talking dirty to him.

David had to know she was telling the truth. I was always horny, trying to get into his pants at all hours of the day and night.

"Well, I'd better get going then," Sarah said hurriedly, her face still flushed from the kiss, and her emotions scrambled. "I don't want to be in your way." She tried to get out the door, but I stood in her way.

"Believe me," I told her, "you won't be in the way." Before Sarah could say anything, I pulled her in for a passionate kiss. Sarah held back for only a second, before our tongues began to swirl, and I felt her arms surround me.

I waved David over, and he approached, probably wondering what I had in mind. As soon as he was in reach, I grabbed him, and pulled his face to ours, creating a three-way kiss. This was something they had never done, and while I found it really awkward, we thoroughly enjoyed it. The three tongues moved back and forth, finding one set of lips, then another, in a constant struggle to experience everything at once.

I felt David grab my ass, and moaned at the same time Sarah did into our kiss, and I knew that he was groping her ass too.

This time it was Sarah that broke the kiss, backing away quickly. "I'm sorry. I have to go," she told them, her face red, eyes wild, and breathing heavily. "I can't trust myself to behave if I stay any longer."

Again, I blocked her way, not wanting the woman to leave. "Then stay and misbehave," I said. I brought my hand up to Sarah's face and cupped her cheek and whispered, "I want you here." I then reached down, and grabbed Sarah's hand, pulling it up and placed it over my heart.

"Your heart is beating hard!" Sarah said. "Are you sure?"

I nodded that I was, and then Sarah turned to David. David in turn looked back to me, not believing his luck. When I said nothing, David did the only thing he could think to do. He told the truth.

"Sarah, you are beautiful, sexy, and if I weren't so in love with Diane, I would have fallen for you long ago."

Sarah seemed to melt, and then started crying. David went to her, likely thinking that he had said something wrong. Pulling her into his arms, she laid her head on his chest, and wrapped her arms around him, squeezing him in a large hug. "I have been in love with you both for a long time, but never knew how to tell you. You are both my best friends, and I never wanted to lose that."

She lifted her face from David's chest, and I could see that her tears weren't ones of sadness, but rather true joy. Seeing his face full with emotion, he leaned in, and kissed her tenderly. The kiss was soft and tender this time, rather than ardent, but looked all the more wonderful for it. When the kiss ended, David let me pull her away.

"I never thought I would be into women, but you are my best friend, too. I would do anything for you, and if that isn't love, then David and I are in trouble, because I feel the same way for him as I do for you." Their kiss too was tender and loving, but quickly turned fervent as my hands began to roam her body.

David sat back at his desk, enjoying the scene, as both women began to grope each other. Every other time David had watched us kiss, we had kept it strictly PG rated; kissing, but nothing else. This time our hands moved freely over each other's bodies, seeking what pleased the other, and getting our answers in the forms of moans and sighs of pleasure.

Sarah was the first to go for the crotch, lifting my dress to get to my wet pussy. She broke the kiss immediately after. "Diane, your panties are soaked!" She said in shock. David knew how wet I could get, and also knew that I had to sometimes change my panties two or three times a day, depending on how horny I got, and if David was around to help me with it.

I moaned, as Sarah pressed her hand against my soaked panties, and began to rub. I stepped back, and quickly removed my dress and panties.

"You shave down there?" Sarah asked.

"Of course! David likes it that way."

Hearing his name, David got up from his seat, and walked over to us. Sarah had gotten down on her knees for a closer look, and began to touch my bare pussy. "How does it feel to have it shaved?" She asked.

"It is more sensitive," I replied, then gasped as Sarah found my clit.

"I've never shaved mine, and never even thought about it, but yours looks so sexy and bare like that. I love it."

"David likes to shave mine. He--" I shuddered. "He does a great job as you can see."

Sarah turned to look at David and was taken aback to see him right next to her. She had been so absorbed in my pussy, she hadn't noticed anything else.

"Would you...?" was all she said, before David went to bathroom and got everything he needed.

Sarah unbuttoned her pants, and lay on the towel I set on the edge of the bed. He put some shaving cream in his hands, and lathered it up. Looking to Sarah's pussy, I couldn't even see the outer lips through all the hair. I could, however, smell the unmistakable scent of a woman extremely turned on. He applied the lathered cream to her crotch, making sure to work it in all the way to her skin. I loved when he did that for me, and knew what Sarah must be feeling. She groaned as he rubbed, and even began gyrating her hips. Knowing that I never let him do this too long, because it turned me on too much, he pulled out the straight edge razor his dad had given him for graduating high school, and got to work.

It took longer than usual because of all the extra hair, but when he was done, I could see Sarah's juices leaking from her vagina. Deciding that he may as well give her the full treatment he gives me, he wiped off the remaining shaving cream with a towel, and dove in for a taste. Sarah's legs locked around his head as he began lapping up her juices. My mouth watered as I watched him, and I wondered if there was any difference in taste between her and I.

As David began working on her, I quickly stripped off my clothing, and then pulled off his pants. His cock sprang free, all 6 1/2 inches of it, thick as a 2 inch PVC pipe, and just as hard, only to be trapped immediately after by Diane's warm, wet, mouth. Sarah began screaming her pleasure, as I worked his cock deeper into my throat, and soon I could hear him moaning into Sarah's cunt.

I mouth moved away from his cock, because I could sense he had been coming close to blowing, and I wanted this night to last. I pulled him from Sarah's pussy, and he noticed for the first time that both women were completely naked. His shirt soon hit the floor.

Sarah and I had moved all the way onto the bed, while David had finished undressing, and Sarah was sitting on my face. I had tasted myself off of my own fingers before, and sometimes when I kissed David after he had been licking my pussy, but Sarah did taste different, but in a good way. Sarah's screamed were muffled this time, by her slender legs. Her large breasts heaved on her chest as she screamed in ecstasy at my ministrations. Apparently I was just as good with women as I was with men.

David decided he had watched long enough, and jumped on the bed, getting between my legs. He began to rub his cock up and down my soaking pussy. She had never in their years of dating and screwing, been this wet. He let out a sigh as he sank his thick cock to the hilt with ease. With his left hand he began fondling my breasts, paying special attention to my sensitive nipples, and with his right, he finally got to touch Sarah's large breasts. Breasts were David's biggest fetish, I knew. Big or small, flat, firm, or drooping, he loved them all. He had seen Sarah's on many a d***ken occasion, but never been allowed to touch. Now he could not only touch, he even leaned forward, while still pumping in and out of me, and sucked her other nipple into his mouth.

This sent Sarah over the edge, and she let out an ear shattering scream as she came in my mouth. Sarah got off me, and then bent over to kiss me, as David continued to pump in and out of my sopping wet pussy. The kiss didn't last long though, as Sarah began to work her way down my neck, chest, and then to my free tit.

"Oh, fuck, that feels good. Oh, baby, your cock feels so good in my pussy. I love the way you fuck me. Oh YES, suck that nipple in your mouth, you gorgeous woman. Suck it!" The profanities continued until I came hard, nearly biting my own tongue as I did.

David pulled out. I opened my eyes, and looked to both Sarah and David. I had to decide if I wanted this to go any further, but the thought of him sliding his think cock into Sarah almost made me cum again. "Are you gonna fuck her with your big cock now, Mister? Are you gonna make her cum like you did me?" The other two needed no further urging. David lie on his back, and smiled as Sarah threw her leg over his. She reached down and positioned David's cock for her hole, then stopped.

"Are you sure, Diane? After this, there is no going back..." In answer, I kissed her f***efully, pushing her down at the same time, and onto David's ready and eager pole. David moaned, and Sarah would have screamed in ecstasy at having her pussy so full of cock, if my mouth weren't kissing hers. Sarah's hips began to gyrate, and David moaned as she moved top of him.

Without breaking their kiss, I swung my body around, and sat on David's face. David acted like a starving man at his first buffet. His tongue dove in and out of me, and my own moans joined with Sarah's muffled screams.

I knew David was overwhelmed with pleasure. Not only was he making love to his wonderful girlfriend, me, but he was screwing his best friend at the same time. I knew he was getting close, but so was I. I had a massive orgasm, slamming my vagina against his mouth, effectively cutting off anything noises he could have made. I knew the second he started to ejaculate into Sarah, pumping his seed into her, as he convulsed beneath both of us. David's orgasm then sent Sarah off, and this time her screams did make them go deaf for a little while.

David passed his test the next morning, despite only having had a couple hours sl**p. Sarah moved in with us. We were in bliss, until about five months later, Sarah left them with only a note saying she couldn't stay around anymore.

* * *

Mom finished her story just in time as Lisa walked through the door, home from school. I couldn't help but notice that during her telling she would sometimes touch herself, then remembering that I was there, stop.

"Hey dear. Make sure you don't have plans for tomorrow night. We are going next door for a BBQ, and I finally have a night off." Mom told Lisa.

Mom retired to her room to shower and get ready for work, and Lisa came out to join me in front of the TV.

"How are you feeling today?" I asked, concern filling my voice.

"Still pretty sore," she told me. "I don't think we can do anything tonight, but if you want, I'll give you a blowjob after mom leaves."

How did I get so lucky, I wondered, to have a girl so willing to please me? The fact that she was my s****r no longer seemed to bother me.

I was extremely horny after mom's story, but my love for my s****r came first. "You don't have to if you don't want to. I'd understand."

She playfully hit me on the arm. "Listen, silly, I WANT to. I WANT to do more. I WANT to feel you inside me again. I just don't think I can. So be ready as soon as mom leaves, to have your little s****r suck that big cock of yours!"

I've created a monster, I thought. We settled to watching TV, and sure enough, as soon as mom's car pulled out of the driveway, Lisa had my shorts down and my cock in her mouth. I marveled at the differences between Lisa's and Mom's styles. Where mom had skills, Lisa had enthusiasm. Remembering how mom did it, I started to give her pointers, and while she still needed practice, it wasn't long before she was swallowing my load.

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