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I'm not unobservant. Though she was girlish,dressed feminine, looked pretty with her sweet smiley face I knew there was more to her but I was never sure. We were always friendly. She worked weekends at the pizza place. I tended to eat more pizza than I wanted. The pepperoni slices I threw in the bin !

Stephen,married, China born, who knew her well from somewhere, says to me, "You want to know what she thinks of you ?"

I realized I did talk about her a lot.

"Tell me what's downstairs."

"Tell me why you want to know."

"Do you know?"

"Always known."

"So what she say about me."

"She fancies you. Says you cute."

"And downstairs?"

"Find out yourself."

Talking to her now was hellish. I had a lust for her that was an unbearable thirst. I had a large stiff one ten minutes before I walked into the pizza joint. She noticed I was different, thought I was sick or something. Now I knew she'd go with me heartened me. I said I'd wait for her and walk her home. I felt red-faced and uncomfortable, but she made it easy for me. Her grin was a welcome and a promise.

On the way to her place, a tiny studio apartment as it turned out, I took her hand, pulled her close and said, "I'll take you just the way you are."

We kissed a bit. She pushed up close to feel how big my hard-on was.

At her door she was overcome with reluctance.

I said before you decide let me touch you. Then I'll tell you how I feel.

As I smoothed my hand up her skirt, she turned her head away. Her thick black hair hid her face. Yet she didn't bend her body away. She was perfectly still as my fingertips traced the contours of her small cock.

I took her face now in both my hands and kissed her lips. She put her arms around me.

"What the fuck are we waiting for?" I said, clutching close her slenderness.

"Follow me."

Following her cuteness, her trim ass, up those narrow darkened stairs was blissful, and odd. A part of my brain struggled to take in the reality of the situation.

Her place was a female's den.The bed was in disarray. She wanted to potter around, tidy, brew coffee, find music to create an atmosphere, but I was having none of it. I pulled her to the bed. I unzipped myself so she could get a look at my thick penis. I made her stroke it. She quickly got the hang of it. Then our clothes began to fall off. She giggled. She hummed an unrecognizable song. I was aware of her happiness, its presence was strong.

After she'd sucked me while, doing a good job slowly, I stopped her and positioned her so I could go down on her. For the first time in my life a cock went into my mouth. I tasted it and was not repulsed. Small, cut , it didn't look manly . I studied the small scars on it, cradled in my palm the undersized scrotum.

Now the fuck. We lubricated. She said it was OK to bareback it. I hadn't given condoms a thought. I was so desperate to have her cares and fears were banished. And it was my first time. I yearned for the natural thrill of it.

How smoothly I entered her. She took it with barely a twinge of discomfort. I looked down at the silken skin of her back, the appealing hairlessness of her, and pumped eagerly.

This was sodomy. I'm a sodomite. She's a catamite. And I thrust with the joy of it. The sperm pulsated out me , huge spasms of climax, and a dizziness, a new height of delight.

She glowed, purred, laughed.

"I'm your woman," Sindy said.

And that made me ecstatic. We were gonna fuck heaps more.

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