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My New Neighbor

I heard my phone ding from an incoming text message.

"Come over. I'm by the pool. I want you to bury your face in my pussy"

It was from Nicole, my new neighbor, who had been blackmailing me for weeks straight now.


3 Weeks Earlier

It all started when she had moved next door to me about 3 weeks ago. I live in a suburban town in a neighborhood of families. My husband had been in Europe for the summer on business, so I had the house mostly to myself for months. My husband has always been the breadwinner and I've been fortunate enough to only have to work part-time as a yoga instructor.

Because of my profession, I have stayed in great shape for 40. I always notice my students in my classes admiring my body. I've always been slender with a round ass and 36C breasts. I was blessed with good looks with long, dark brown hair, olive colored skin, and dark green eyes.

I had a habit of checking out my students as well, although I've tried to hide it. I've been bisexual my whole life (though i've never told my husband) and especially love checking out the younger girls in my class. I drool all over their bodies while they're holding their yoga poses.

I pulled onto my street on my way back from the gym and was about to pull into my driveway when I saw a moving truck unloading furniture. "Oh, the new neighbors must be here" I thought to myself as I parked my car. The house next to me had been vacant for quite some time. It was a rather large house as most were in my neighborhood, and in this kind of economy there just weren't very many people buying up houses. I wondered what kind of f****y would be moving in.

I got out of my car and walked next door to say hello. I assumed that the man in the suit giving directions to the movers was part of the f****y moving in. The man's name was Jim and he was a lawyer who had moved here to start his own practice and get away from an ex wife. It was just going to be him and his 21 year old daughter, Nicole, moving in. He said I probably wouldn't see him around much, but I would probably see his daughter a lot, since she was home from college for the summer. He said she had taken a dip in their pool in the backyard and was taking a shower, so maybe I'd meet her some other time. I told him it was nice to meet him and I would see him around. I went back to my house to take a shower and relax for a while.

I got out of the shower and was drying myself off when I peered out the window and saw a figure in the window of my new neighbor's house. "Well that must be Nicole" I said to myself as I gazed at the body of the strawberry blonde girl in the window laying on her bed in only a light purple bra and panties. Obviously, they didn't have their blinds up yet seeing as they just moved in and she probably didn't know that I could see her very clearly.

My mouth dropped as I saw what she was doing. She had her back arched and her hand in her panties, which I could clearly see were soaked. I saw the look on her face and she was obviously gasping for air as she brought herself to orgasm. I tried to remain inconspicuous as my eyes devoured her body. She was running her other hand over her perfectly toned body up to one of her breasts, which seemed to be a rather large D cup.

I watched as she continued to rub her pussy inside her panties. She arched her back even further and then collapsed onto her bed, obviously satisfied with the orgasm that just ravaged her body.

I knew from that instant that I wanted her. I had a thing for younger girls and especially blonde ones. After seeing her masturbate, I was terribly horny.

Little did my husband know, but while he was away I just couldn't get by with a vibrator and porn. I have quite the sex drive and sometimes that just doesn't cut it. It was a bad habit, but I had scoured out a couple of girls from the strip club about a half an hour from my place and I regularly paid them to come over to give me personal lap dances and have sex. So, I called one of them up to come over later that night. i was definitely in the mood after seeing my new neighbor.

When she arrived (she went by Candy) we went through the usual list of things we did together. We 69'd and took turns eating each other out. We ended up taking turns going down on each other in the shower before she left. As she walked out the door I handed her the money I owed her and gave her a kiss goodbye. "Bye Tammy" she said as she winked and then walked back to her car.

A few days later I was laying out by the pool tanning when a shadow came over me. I opened my eyes to see the drop dead gorgeous girl from next door standing over me. She was wearing short jean shorts that practically showed her ass cheeks and a tank top. I wanted to pull her on top of me right then and there.

"Hi, I'm Nicole, your new neighbor."

"Hi there" I said as I took off my sunglasses.

"I somehow locked myself out of the house and locked my cell phone inside. Can I use your phone to call my dad?" she said to me.

"Sure no problem" I said as I reached onto the table next to me and grabbed my cell phone to hand to her.

She called her dad and told him the situation and he said he'd come home to let her in.

"Thanks," she said as she handed me back my cell phone. "It's nice to meet you. What was your name?"

"Tammy, it's nice to meet you, too. Your father told me that you're home for the summer from college, right?" I said.

"Yeah. You'll probably see me more than him. He's always working." she said. "Speaking of, I noticed you saw quite a bit of me the other day."

I panicked. Did she see me watching her from my bathroom window?

"Um...what do you mean?" I said.

She smirked. "I hope you enjoyed the view. I quite enjoyed the view of you and the girls you've been paying to come over and sl**p with you." she said.

My face turned beet red as I stammered to try and think of something to say. Before I could form any sort of coherent sentence she said, "don't worry. I won't tell anyone. But, I'm going to expect a little something in return for keeping my mouth shut. I'll be over later tonight" she said and then turned to walk home.

I had no idea what that meant. Was she expecting me to pay her to not tell anyone I watched her finger herself? What did she expect me to do so she wouldn't tell her father, or tell someone that I was paying girls to come to my house for sex.

A few hours later I heard a knock on my door. I rushed down the hallway to see Nicole standing on my front porch. I opened the door and tried to keep myself from pushing her up against the wall and taking her right then and there. She had on a skin tight pair of jeans, a black low cut shirt that her tits were practically hanging out of, and tall black leather boots.

"Can I come in?" she said as she walked past me into my house, not waiting for my answer.

I closed the door and turned around to face her. She looked up and around. "Nice place." She wandered into my living room and gave me the 'come here' motion with her finger. She pushed me down on the couch and climbed on top of me, putting her arms around my neck.

" what are we going to do about this predicament we have. You seem to have a thing for girls like me from the looks of things. I'm sure you don't want me telling anyone you were watching a girl half your age finger herself through your window. I'm also sure that you don't want me telling anyone that you're paying girls for sex. So, what should we do." she said as she picked up my hand and put it on her thigh. She moved my hand up her thigh to her waist. She leaned in to whisper in my ear.

God she smelled so good. I wanted to throw her down on the couch and devour her. "Why don't you forget those other girls and just concentrate on me. It'll be our little secret" she whispered and then licked my ear. "But, I get what I want, when I want or our deal is off."

I grabbed her ass with both of my hands and pulled her in closer. She let out a slight moan as I started kissing and licking my way up her neck.

"I think I like that arrangement" I said as I ran my hands up her back. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and slowly started taking it off. I leaned in and started kissing her breasts. I couldn't control myself anymore as I laid her down on the couch and got on top of her.

She started kissing me and slid her tongue in my mouth as she ran her hands through my hair. She pulled my hips towards her and wrapped her legs around me. I started grinding into her and kissed my way down her neck. She started moaning as I pressed my hips into her pussy.

I ran my hands over her thighs and up her body to cup her breasts. I unhooked her bra and kissed down her chest and took one of her breasts in my mouth. She grabbed it and pushed it further into my mouth. I ran my tongue around her nipple and bit it lightly"

"Mmm I like that" she moaned.

I slowly slid my tongue down her stomach and unbuttoned her jeans. I took off her boots and started pulling down her jeans to reveal pink lace panties. I kissed her stomach some more and kissed over top of her panties. I could see she was already soaking wet as I licked her pussy through her panties.

"That's it baby. Tease me. I'm so wet for you," she groaned.

I grabbed her panties with my teeth and slowly started pulling them down. Her pussy was dripping wet and was practically begging me to lick it.

I kissed up her thigh towards her sweet mound, which was shaved bare. She smelled so good and I couldn't wait to taste her. Just as I was about to dive in she grabbed my face.

"Beg me." she said.

I looked at her confused.

"Beg me to lick my pussy or you can't have it." she said.

I pleaded, "God Nicole please let me taste it. I just want to make you cum. Please"

She pushed my face into her pussy and I started licking.

"Oh Tammy that's what I want. Do I taste good baby?"

I lapped at her sweet lips and stuck my tongue in her. It was like honey pouring out of a jar. She tasted so good.

"Mmm you taste amazing," I said and continued to lick her sweet pussy.

I kept licking and sucking on her clit. She had my head in her hands and was pulling me towards her.

"Put your fingers in me," she demanded.

I moved my middle finger towards her and slid it into her hot, dripping hole.

"Ohhh God. Fuck me." she moaned as I slid my finger slowly in and out of her. I slid in my index finger as well and moved my two fingers around inside her.

"You're so tight," I said as I twisted my fingers around inside of her.

I started licking and sucking at her clit again as I moved my fingers in and out of her.

"Ohhhh yeah baby. Suck on my clit. That feels sooo good. Your tongue feels so good on me. Fuck me harder" Nicole begged.

I moved my fingers faster and harder and moved my tongue in circles over her clit.

"Will you come for me baby," I asked her in between licks.

She bucked her hips on my fingers and pulled my face in closer to her pussy.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god, yesssss" she screamed as her pussy juices flooded my mouth.

She let go of the death grip she had on my face and laid back on the couch.

"That's just what I wanted, " she said as she let out a deep breath and closed her eyes.

I laid my head on her stomach and gazed at her longingly. She was so beautiful and so sexy. I couldn't believed I just got a taste of her.

She suddenly stood up and started to put on her clothes.

"Wait, I don't get a turn?" I said pleadingly.

"Maybe next time," she said as she grabbed my wallet out of my purse, took a bundle of cash from it, and walked out the door.

I sat back on the couch frustrated. I can't believe she just used me, I said to myself. I didn't even know if I cared.

For the next few days I couldn't think about anything but Nicole. I just couldn't get out of my head how hot her body was and how much I wanted it again.

I hadn't seen her in a couple of days when there was a knock at my door. It was Nicole. She didn't say a word as she walked in.

"Where's your bedroom?" she said.

"Umm upstairs," I said.

She walked up the stairs towards my bedroom and when we were inside she looked at me and said, "take off your clothes."

I smiled. Maybe she'd finally relieve the sexual frustration I had after going down on her and receiving nothing in return. I took off my shirt and then my pants.

"all of them," she commanded.

I took off my bra and underwear and stood naked in front of her. She came up to me and put her hands on me finally. She ran her hands up my sides to my breasts and then up to my face and pulled me towards her and started kissing me. She swirled her tongue around in my mouth and then moved down my neck. She pushed me back on the bed and then climbed on top of me and pushed me flat.

She straddled my face. "Beg me to lick it again," she said.

I stared at her pink pussy lips and then looked up into her blue eyes.

"God Nicole I can't stop thinking about the way you taste and how bad I want you. Please let me lick it."

She moved her pussy down on top of my face and I started licking at her clit and shoving my tongue in her hot pussy. She tasted as good as I remembered. She was dripping into my mouth as she held my headboard to support herself. She was moving herself back and forth on top of my tongue. I had my hands on her ass and was pulling her towards me, not wanting to waste a drop of her.

"Put one of your fingers in my ass while you lick me," she said. I ran one of my fingers over her little bud, teasing her.

"Put your finger in me. I want it so bad." she moaned.

I wriggled my finger into her tight asshole and continued to assault her pussy with my tongue.

"Ohhh ohhhh that's what I want baby. Yeah finger my ass as you lick me. God you know what you're doing," she screamed. "Do you like it when I ride your face?"

I couldn't even break myself from her to answer. I just took my other hand and gave her a hard spank.

"Oooo are you going to punish me for being such a dirty girl?" she said. "Spank me again"

I gave her a couple more hard whacks on her ass.

"Oh that's it. Do you want me to come all over your face"

I took a breath, "oh yeah Nicole please come on my face"

She ground her pussy onto my tongue and was moving up and down on my finger. I couldn't believe how hot it was to have her riding my face.

Suddenly, I felt a rush of come pour into my mouth as she screamed, "OH MY GOD UGHHHH!!"

She laid back on my bed and I started kissing my way up her stomach and neck and finally, started kissing her

"That was so good," she moaned.

Suddenly, she got up and put her clothes on again.

"Seriously? This again?" I said.

Nicole smiled at me. "Maybe next time." she said as she grabbed her things and left.

Over the course of the next few weeks she continually did this to me. She'd let me fuck her and then grab her clothes, take my money, and leave. Every time I was hoping she would reciprocate, but it didn't even matter. I was at her beck and call to just get another taste of her.

She called me one day and said "come over in 20 minutes. Go up the stairs and my bedroom is the first one on the right."

When I arrived she was laying on the bed naked with a strap on next to her.

"Put this on and fuck me," she said and then I proceeded to fuck her in every position possible for the next 2 hours. I was on top of her with her legs wrapped around my body pumping the strap on in and out of her sweet pussy. She got on top of me and rode me as I watched her tits bounce in front of me. I had her on her hands and knees and fucked her from behind. She even had me slide the strap on in her ass for a few minutes as I spanked her and told her what a naughty girl she was.

A few days later she texted me to tell me to be naked in my bed waiting for her in an hour. She came over and made me eat her out again, this time making me give her 3 orgasms. She also made me lick her asshole while I fingered her.

This continued for weeks. Finally, she told me that the next time we had sex I would get the favors returned. Days went by and all I could think about was having her beautiful mouth on my pussy and her fingers in me.


Finally, I received a text "come over. I'm by the pool. I want you to bury your face in my pussy."

I smiled, knowing that I was going to finally get what I deserved from her.

To be continued.....

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