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Helping out, doing yard work at my girlfriends MOM

ok, so i have been dating my girlfriend for almost three years now, shes blonde beautiful and looks just like her mom. Her mom is 54 brunette, with a average size breasts,and a skinny waist, complete with a nice round ass.

When my girlfriend and I first started dating her mom was single. Afeter about a year and a half she started dating this guy. I can remember sitting downstairs with my girlfriend (mom and BF in bed)and since her bed was abouve the tv room i would always hear the bed moving. i once woke up in the middle of the night and could hear her getting fucked, she was moaning and screaming so loud. i pressed my ear against the door and started jerking off, and blew my load everwhere.

The next day i was so turned on by her that i asked if there was any work to be done around the house i was always around to help ( i dunno why i asked this cuz i never helped out before haha). Anyways she asked me over to help move some stuff and do yard work. she asked me to come help and i delightfully accepted. It was a hot sunny summer day. When i got there she was bent over in the garden, and i instantly got hard. After i finished mowing the lawn and yard work etc. I asked her if it was ok if i took a shower. (i always shower there). She said sure. I began kerking off in the shower having images of her bent over in the garden.

When i got out of the shower i dried off and put my shorts and shirt back on. I walked out into the hallway and saw her on the computer, i came over and said what are you doing? she looked over and said WOW. she said WOW cuz i totally forgot my cock was still rock hard and she could see it through my shorts.I got embarrased and stepped back. She was like "no no no come here, i wanna see what you got." she grabbed me by the waist and gave my balls a nice sueeze. I couldnt even beleive this was happening. she began to take off my shorts and i look at her and said "are you sure?" and she just looked up at me and nodded. she stood up and took my clothes off. she sat back on the chair and moaned rubbing her pussy through her jean shorts. after she gave me the best handjob to date, she took off her shorts and bent over the computer chair. I didnt hesitate for a second, i stepped forward and rammed my cock deep into her milf pussy. i didnt pull back right away. i sunk it deep and held it there. Hearing my girlfriends mom moan because i was thrusting my cock into her was the most amazing sexual experience of my life. I continued to pound her pussy from behind giving her hard spanks. she kept maoning and screaming, man it was so fucking hot. I started to rub her asshole and she turned back looked me in the eyes and said "mmm stick your cock in my ass." I pulled out of her pussy and slowly and gently stuck my cock in her tight ass. As soon as it was all the way in i could feel myself about to cum. I pulled out and blew my huuuge load all over her ass, managing to get half of it half way up her back.

After we finished she told me that i could fuck her once in a while, but only if i kept helping out around her house. I think ill be going back next week :)

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