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My First MILF

I was in my mid twenties. Just having moved several states away I was in a pretty long and unbearable dry spell. I hadn't gotten laid in months. I just wanted to fuck. So I headed out to a bar that I had heard was good for hook ups.

I got there and saw that the pickings where pretty slim. Any girls that looked to be about my age were already paired with a guy. But there was one hot woman by herself at the bar. I walked over and we chatted a bit. Her name was Lisa. I found out that her and her husband had split a year ago when there son went to college. Her divorce was becoming final this week.

I did some mental math and figured that she was around 40, but she looked like she was in her 30's. Nice figure, D sized titties and red hair with freckles. I decided quickly that I could fuck this woman.

It did not take long for me to turn on the flirting, and she responded well. After about 1/2 hour and a couple of drinks she was stroking my ample cock through my pants and I had my hand under her skirt rubbing her pussy through her panties. She got up to use the ladies room and when she came back she leaned over and said "Lets go fuck our brains out." I did not need convincing.

After a little chat we figured my apartment was closest and she followed me there in her car. In the elevator up I hiked her skirt up and found that she had removed her panties in the restroom. I started fingering her pussy from behind. I was kind of hoping that the doors would open, but they didn't until we were at my floor.

I opened my door and lead her inside. I walked her directly to the couch and bent her over it. I got on my knees and started licking her pussy. She tasted and smelled great. While I was eating her I started mauling her big tits. I had her shirt mostly off and her bra undone. Her nipples where huge and I was manhandling them. She was really into it. She came twice fairly quickly.

I backed off and quickly took off my clothes. She finished taking off her clothes and got on her knees and started working over my cock with her mouth. At some point I decided that this woman needed to be done hard. I grabbed her head and took over control of how deep and fast she sucked my cock. Starting slowly I saw that she could almost get all of it in before she gagged. I didn't want her puking so I didn't go that deep but I sped up a lot. Soon my crotch was soaking wet with her saliva and it was nasty. Her whole face was covered and her make up was running.

I needed to fuck. I let her up and threw her onto the couch. I had her legs on the back of the couch and I stood behind it. I feed my cock into her and fucked her from the top. Her head was bent and she was looking up at me. I fucked her hard. Her saliva and pussy juice mixing into a very slippery concoction. Her pussy was making all sorts of squelching sounds and she was moaning loudly as well. I fucked her hard and fast, and I was right, she wanted it that way.

I pulled her up and bent her over the back of the couch. She was holding herself up with her hands and she was bent over harshly. She had her legs spread I entered her from behind and picked up right where I let off. I was fucking her very hard and she was screaming in pleasure. I stuck a finger in her cunt next to my cock and got it all wet, then I jammed it up her asshole.

She made a sound, almost like a whimper, but I didn't let up. Soon I added another finger up her ass. My cock was still soaking wet, I pulled it out of her pussy and jammed it up her ass with no warning. All the way in I sunk.

She let out a wail that I was sure would prompt my neighbors to call the cops, but other wise she did not protest. I fucked her ass as hard as was slamming her pussy and she was wailing. Finally I had to burst and I pulled out, got her onto her knees and jerked off into her open mouth. Once most of my cum as in, I made her close her mouth and swallow. She had been used and abused and she fucking loved it.

She left and I never saw her again, but I think of her fondly as my first milf.

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