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Big White Cocks

Six years after we started dating, my girlfriend’s former roommate during college assumed that the sexual fireworks between my woman and I had simmered to sparks, so she bought a thick ten inch life-like white rubber cock for my girlfriend. It quickly became her favorite toy, and her favorite fantasy. Now when she buys DVD’s at the novelty shop they are always about big white cocks fucking hot black women. Instead of going to our black friend’s pool parties, she wants to go where she can catch a glimpse of white cocks in swim trunks. Clubs we attend are only exclusively white, so she can dance, flirt with and grind on white guys she thinks are hot. Our fucking is more incredible than ever. After a night at a pool party or club, she fucks and sucks me like a slut in heat.

I loaded a picture on my page so you can see her fucking herself with her big white dildo cock.

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