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I had a lust for my mother you couldn"t belie

I always admired my mother as I watched her apply her makeup on before she got ready for work. They were full "DD"s" and she wore blouses that truly exposed them. Her ass was full and hard for someone who didn"t exercise. There were times when I stared at her in lust as she wore a towel only around her upper part of her body, leaving her exposed love box for view. Once she turned around to get up and opened her legs wide enough for a beaver shot. I immediately went to the bathroom to "beat" my meat.

This sort of teasing went on as I always looked at her with a different heart. I simply wanted to fuck her. There was an incident when I was only 16 as mom asked me if I had taken a shower. I responded yes, and she made me take off my clothes to see if I really did. This was a weird episode, but she then looked down at my cock as it began to harden. She smiled at me and held it in her hands while she raked my cock with her long sexy fingernails. Another incident occurred when I was a year older. Mom called me into her room to assist her with her bra. Only this time she was wearing black nylon stockings and garter belts as she instructed me to snap her "cup" styled bra for her. She then asked me if I could hook the garter belt for her. The strange thing is it wasn"t difficult for her to do it. Mom simply wanted to arouse me and she knew it too. Incidents like these were far and in between, but there were always a silent message we both had as mother and son lusting for each other.

Then I graduated from high school. I grew up to be a real good-looking jock as it was evident of the dates I had. Mother was not very supportive of my dating. Her reason was that I had a lot of time for women later. Even then I thought of asking her then why not satisfy my sexual desires.

I went to live with my father after I graduated for which it didn"t last but only three months. So I moved back home where I was raised...with mother. My dad actually dropped me off at her doorstep early in the morning. When the door opened, there she was, wearing just a thin, see through nitie that exposed her round breast and nipples. She looked at me and realized that I too had grown up to be a good looking young man. When she used to examine my cock when I was 12 years old she admired it"s size and thickness. I had a lump in my pants as I walked into her apartment. She asked me if I had dinner and I said yes. There was a patio in the back of the apartment as we both went there to talk. Mom actually wanted to know the current headlines. I told her what happened with my relationship with my father. While we were talking she didn"t wear anything else but her thin nighty with no panties. As she was smoking her "cools" filter kings, I noticed her well manicured fingernails. It was long and sexy looking. I always wanted those hands to wrap around my cock as she stroked it and then suck it real good.

Mom was openly teasing me. She knew it too as she lifted her legs up on another chair exposing her pussy. My cock was rising real fast as it was a huge lump in seconds. "Could you get me some ice water son?" she asked. Perfect timing as my cock was fully erect inside of my pants. When I got up mom look at my huge bulge and smiled that smile that a mother wouldn"t smile about, but a vixen about to jump on her prey. I didn"t know what to do and it was my mother. I simply didn"t want to get into any kind of sexual fling with my mother despite how horny I was for her. Through out the whole week, mom would throw sexual advances at me. It wasn"t a direct request format, but she would ask me if I wanted to take a bath with her a couple of times. I almost accepted the offer but I knew what would happen if I did. I always got a huge hard on whenever she did things like that. Dropping her towel while it was wrapped around her body, then bending over with her pussy is saying "hello" to me. I was getting close to giving in and fuck this woman real hard. But there was something else that created an issue. I was actually in love with my mother also. I mean really love her and created fantasies of taking her away from all of this and living with her until death do us part.

It was the forth day after I got home from my fathers place. like I had described, mom was trying to seduce me. I wasn"t too sure if it was real or not, but I was not going to take any chances of seriously making a move on my mother despite how horny I was for her and how attractive she was. It was just a simple fact. She was my mother and that was not right to fuck her.

But on this fourth day after I had gotten home, I woke up as usual and did the usual ritual of getting up. Mom was up early as I heard her move around the apartment early in the morning. When I got out of the bathroom and was heading down the hall towards my room, mom was heading towards me. I had to take a second shot at her as my eyes opened wide to see what was before me. Mom was dressed to kill. She wore a see through blouse. She wore a cup brassiere exposing the roundness of her brown well shaped areoles. Her tits were pointed hard as she looked me in the eyes and stopped me in my tracks. "I know you didn"t get along with your father and it was a bad experience you both had gone through, but lets leave that behind and move forward ok?" she said. Somehow knowing my mother, there was always something else she needed to say besides what she had said in the first place. She put her hands into mine and looked me in the eyes (she had real beautiful eyes)as I was trying my best not to get sidetracked by her voluptuous breast. "We got each other now, and I"ll always be there for you" she said in a sincere voice. I was surprised to witness my mother behave in this way. She was always head strong and didn"t show anyone that she could be or was vulnerable at times. "I love you Walter" as she looked me directly into my eyes. "I love you too mom" I replied in courtesy. In an intant, mom put her arms around my neck and held me close to her in a way that suggested that this was not a "I love you mom, and did you make me my lunch" thing. She held me tightly as we got caught off balance and both fell on the bed with our grips intact. Mom held me real tight as we rolled on the bed. As I pressed my already growing bulge in between her legs, mom pushed her pelvic up to me suggesting that it"s all right to do this. I was caught in a mix of emotions as I was now really getting hot for my mother. She then moved her hand down to my groin as I then held her by her ass and pushed her into my hardness. "Ohhhh, YesÂ’s, Walter, Yes...." as mom expressed it in a way as if she was really wanting to do this taboo thing. I finally came to my senses as I got up and sat at the edge of the bed and shook off the heat that accumulated in such a short while.

Mom layed there not saying a word. She looked disappointed. "You can do anything you want Walter" she expressed with a deep sincerity. "I"ll do anything you want me to do". "It"s not that mom, it"s you"re my mother thatÂ’s all" I explained. I got up and walked out of the room wondering what had just happened. Mom stayed on the bed for a little longer. As I came out of the bathroom after washing my face with cold water, I realized the opportunity I actually possessed. I was a virgin still. My mom was a sex goddess, and the ball was in my park. I then realized that I"m going to fuck my mother real good. Well maybe have a few pre-mature ejaculations, but in the end I"ll get better I"m sure. I then walked into the kitchen as mom was at the sink doing something and probably trying to deal with the humiliation she just went thru. I walked behind her and put my hands around her. I then whispered into her ears and said, "if I make love to you, two things are going to happen" I said. First, nobody knows, and second I get to fuck you anytime I want"..I demanded. I then softly kissed her neck as she then turned around and we both guided our lips like it was on a homing device. I met her lips as she met mine only to exchange each other"s tongue with passion and lust. I never held a woman like I was doing now. My cock was rock hard as I pushed my bulge into her stomach. I then held her hands as we walked to the bedroom.

Mom immediately got on her knees and started to unzip my belt and pants. All the while keeping a constant sensual touch on my hardness. "Oh,"re going to fuck me real good ok?"..I looked down into her beautiful eyes as she then pulled my pants down and started to kiss and rub my harden while it was still inside my underwear. She then pulled my dark meat out of it"s place as it bounced into her face. Pre-cum was all over it"s tip as mom carefully licked it with her tongue. She then ran her long red fingernails up my shaft as she frenched kiss my cock going up it"s shaft and back down. Then after a few strokes with her hand, she then sensuously too my head into her voluptuous lips and used her tongue to guide it in. "oooooooohhhhhhh, momma" I moaned with pleasure and delight. I almost came immediately in just a few minutes. Mom was cautious not to arouse me too much as she rally wanted me to fuck her. I then pulled her up to me as we kissed with passion and deep lust. I then started to unbutton her blouse from behind. I then pulled the blouse off and then with her back facing me, slowly started to remove her cup brazier. I kissed her neck with my lips and tongue as mom was really responding to my sensuous moves. "Oh, Walter, I"ve should have done this long time ago". She expressed with pleasure. Mom then turned around as we both kissed real deep moving to the bedroom again. I cold tell that she was very happy I changed my mine.

She got on her knees, and sat down quickly opening her arms for me to come to hear and make love. I then told her to take off her pants. I assisted her as we both pulled both her pants and panties off. With her legs wide open mom smiled at me and motion her eyes towards her pussy. I touched it first as it was as wet as the grand rapids. "oh, that felt good Walter" she commented. I then moved my head down towards her wet pussy as I simply put it all into my mouth and sucked it in. Oh, yes, yes.....that’s it....yes..oh son, you"re a natural. I remained down there for a while as I was really getting into it. My almost had an orgasm as she pulled my head away from her hot pussy. Looking me straight into my eyes, she simply said..."fuck me son". I then positioned myself on top of her as It seemed that I was going to fuck her on her back. I then positioned myself where she was at the head of the bed. We held each other in arms as we both kissed with deep kisses, as I looked mom straight into her eyes.” you said I get to fuck you again and again...Yes, son..thats a promise.
She then opened her legs wide anticipating my entry.

My cock was almost nine inches long and easily three inches in girth. I looked mom right into her eyes as she gleamed with delight and lustful pleasure. I then positioned my cock head at the tip of her pussy. I then pushed my cock head into her slowly as I felt her tight pussy milk my hardness. Mom moaned with pleasure as I then pulled my cock out slowly only to push it back in again. "ohhhhh,yes....oh my God....Walter". I pushes in and out until mom adjusted her rhythm with my strokes. she wrapped her legs around me as it made it easier to gain this rythm."oooohhhhhhyessss....oh, fuck me son, fuck me real hard. You feel so good." I then got into a rhythm we both could enjoy as I push my cock harder into her pussy each time. before I actually started to feel the sensation of having an orgasm. I then felt her pussy tightened on my shaft as she was about to have an orgasm also. "Oh, son, yes......oh,yes...fuck me hard, yes...oh Yes, I"m coming...ohhhhh,yessss" Mom grabbed the sheets with her hands as I then lustfully kissed her neck with lust.

We caught our breath for a little while as we just had a good session. "Thanks for changing your mind Walter". "you owe me a fuck mom" I demanded. She got up and kissed my lips real hard as she was really content of me fucking her. "You"re my new stud" she claimed...

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