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Kneeling before an olderman for the first time

As a college student at the time living on my own for the first time i was enjoying my new freedom and exploring my sexual side freely for the first time. I had rented out a guest house fro the shool year for a very kind man. He was a widower in his late 60's. My rent was cheap and if i ever had a problem he was right there to help me out. Many nights when i had nothing to do we would have dinner together and enjoy conversation. One night after dinner and drinks durning conversation he made the comment that he did not see many men coming and going from my house. With a laugh i kinda put it off as me to busy with school to be dateing much. He told me how attractive i was and should have no problems once i had time to date to get a date. His started to talk about his wife how how great she was not that you want to hear the whole conversation. He had said that one thing his wife had never done for him was give him a blowjob. He said he had had them before but it had been almost 50 years. I giggled with him about it and he said it was one thing he would like to feel one more time before he kicked the bucket. Well i had had a few drinks in me by that time and honestly i enjoyed him. I had had a fantasy about an older guy since as far as i can remember and thought what the hell. I offered to do it for him. He just kinda stammered and said he could never take advantage of me like that as i was to kind and innocent. i just kinda told him that i did not mind at all and would be pleased to do this for him and told him i had always had that fantasy. I walked over to him as he sat in his chair and got on my knees before him reaching up to undo his belt and the botton on his jeans. He got up to let me pull his pants down and i reached for his boxers pulling slowly watching him pop free. He was about 4" soft with a big head. I looked up at him and reached out for him taking him into my hand stroking softly as he looked down at me. I leaned in kissing the head softly and lightly licked at it to wet him. I started to nibble at the head then took it into my mouth. His eyes on me as i started to suckel and pull on him. I took him fully into my mouth loving the feel of his soft cock in my lips. I started to bob over him slowly lips firmly milking at his limpness. He stopped me so he could sit down. he had slipped his pants of and sat there legs open and leaned back. I stroked him for a few strokes and took him back into my mouth. keeping my mouth wet i started to bob on him at a good even speed my lips and tongue working over him starting to feel him slowly grow in my mouth. He softly told me how good it felt and sorry that it took him some time to get it up. I did not mind i was enjoying myself and it was a nice change from the college boys that lasted two minuts before they shot. I let my finger tips start to caress his balls tickeling and rolling them as my head bobbed over his manhood. At last i had him at full size 8 very thick inches and the head was very big and full. His cock was very nice and very hard, I let my eyes take him in as i slowly stroked him with my wet spit covered hand feeling every inch of him. My own sex was starting to tingle and I was quite wet with what i was doing. looking at him as i rolled my tongue around the head slowly taking in his sent and the look of pleasure on his face as my fingers tugged and rubbed his big firm full balls. My other hand locked at the base i started to bob again over his full cock. My hand stroked him as the room filled with the wet sucking sounds from my mouth. He was starting to moan from time to time his hips thrusting up to meet my mouth now. Feeling his rough hand on the side of my head was a very sexy feel my legs were together tight my own sex feeling each bob of my head. My pace growing my mouth very wet and starting to make a mess as i bobbed over the big purple head. The full feeling i had in my mouth was a big turn on and now only able to suck the top half of his cock. I was started to moan over him my breathing growing my legs and thighs quivering. Loosing control of myself my sucking hard and fast gripping his balls a little harder then i should as i started to cum kneeling there. My mouth clamped over him very tightly he had to of known what was going on at this point i just sucked hard cheeks sucked in and he started to thrust on his eyes watering as the pleasure took over me my full mouth moaning over his now throbbing hardness. With out a word just a grunt the first gush hit the back of my throat filling my mouth with that salty flavor of a man for the first time. Blast 2 had me gagging over him as he held my head in place. my mouth now wide open over him his seed running from my lips with my spit. Pulling back as his cock throbbed and jumped in my hand shot 3 hit my nose and lips as i was pulling away and 4 and 5 jumped out in my hand. I knelt there gasping as his spasums slowed with his last few grunts. I broke out in a giggle i could not stop holding his messy pleased cock in my cum covered hands spitting more of him from my mouth. Him telling me how sorry he was and that he tried to tell me he was going, I told him it was ok as i could not stop giggling. I let go of him and he took his shirt off and handed it to me to clean up with. I really enjoyed this experience with him and yes i have learned how to move my tongue up to keep it from gagging me. I ended up enjoying my two years living behind his house and a few play dates with him, He was the first man to give me an orgasm from sex as well. I was kinda sad when i moved out and on to a different college and he will always have a soft pleace in my heart:) thanks tom for everything you taught me about myself and life

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