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My Mother Educates Me about Sex

Follow on from Went Camping with my Mother
Thank you to every one who read it, hope you like this one

The night my mother and I came back off our camping trip was the start of something special, I lay on my bed after having a shower, thinking about my mam and what she did to me last night. I can’t wait for her to tell me about the birds and the bees.

My hand was in my pyjamas and around my hard cock gently playing with it; I had my eyes shut picturing my mother’s tits and wanting to suck on them. I rubbed my pre cum in to my cock end, thinking this must be the biggest and hardest cock I have ever had as my cock strained against my pyjamas making it in to a tent.

“Will this help”

Brought back to where I was, I opened my eyes to find my mother standing next to my bed, just in her bra and knickers, which she was wearing in the kitchen.

“Carry on” she said

She looked at me and lifted my other hand on to bra, squashing my hand in to her 36dd tit, I could feel the pattern of the bra then her hard erect nipple through the thin material as she moved my hand around her breast.

“Let’s see if you need a hand”

With her free hand she lifted the waist of my pyjamas and pulled it over my hand held cock

“You have been busy”

I gently stroked my cock as she pulled at the side of my pyjamas and I lifted my bum off the bed for her to move them down. One side at a time, she now had them pulled away from my crotch and stared intently at my erection and I felt her squash my hand tighter on to her breast.

I still had a hold of my cock and it was starting to leak, globules of pre cum collected on my cock end and my mother placed her finger in to my piss slit, steaming the flow.

“This is what you should expect from a blow job,” she said

I’d never heard my mother use words like blow job before but when she looked at me and licked her lips, I knew I was in well-trained hands or should that be a well-trained mouth.

I pulled my hand away leaving my cock standing straight up and she slipped her hand down it, taking a shiny trail of pre cum with her, on her finger. She pulled my foreskin back over the tip several times, lubricating my bell end until it shone.

Her hand fell from her breast and found my balls instead, it felt like she was weighing each one in her hand before examining them thoroughly. I felt like I was going to come and she had just started.

My mothers bent down over me, her tongue dancing over my tip as her hand worked up and down on my shaft, she paused and stretched her mouth before sinking her lips around my cock.

It felt so good, all warm and wet and her tongue kept flicking over the tip. I felt her teeth on the underside of my mushroom shaped cock end holding it as her tongue pushed in to the slit.

She let go of my balls and pulled her hair away from her face so I could see what she was doing and her mouth slowly took more of my cock inside.

My breathing was becoming heavy and fast and I retched out and took hold of the back of my mother’s leg. I pushed my fingers inside the leg of her knicker and felt her cheek, I could feel her moving about and pushing herself on to my hand until my hand was inside her knickers and touching the hairy between her legs.

I couldn’t help myself any longer and I started to lift my crotch in to my mothers face, pushing my cock through her tightly gripping hand and in to her mouth. She let out little whimpers and moans and parted her legs letting my fingers rub on her fanny lips.

Her whole body was moving up and down in rhythm with her mouth around my shaft, her tits wobbled wildly and looked like they could spill out of her bra at any moment. My cock and her lips glistened with a frothy pre cum, and it was running down on to her hand.


Her lips tightened on my cock and it felt like she was sucking even harder; I lifted with f***e off the bed in to her mouth


To late, the first squirt left me cock in a hurry, then another and another, the pressure finally released like some erupting volcano, fuck I was coming hard and fast in in to my mothers mouth and she seemed happy for me to do that.

She eagerly kept my cock in her mouth, her hand like a milking machine, gripped around my cock, sending pulses of my cum shooting in to her mouth. I could see her sucking but not fast enough, drips of white creamy cum leaked past her lips.

My squirts started to subside and my legs were starting to strain with lifting my bum off the bed and I fell back down, Momentarily my cock left her lip and leaked some more cum on to her hand, now more determent she sank back down on to my cock, sucking madly.

My whole body seemed to shudder and my cock twitched as I pumped my final squirt of cum in to my mother’s mouth. Her eyes looked up at me when she had swallowed all my cum, still with her mouth full of cock and I could feel her tongue licking my cock end.

My mother lifted off slowly, while moving her hand up my shaft, a puddle of white sticky cum formed around her finger and thumb on the top of my cock. Her tongue darted out, then her lips made contact as she licked and sucked the spilt cum up.

Her work done now, she lifted off and lied my limp cock back down, I pulled my hand from inside her knickers while she wiped her mouth with her hand and her tongue give a final lick around her lips.

“Come and sl**p in my bed tonight”

She pulled me up from my bed and pulled my pyjamas off my legs, holding my hand as she led me to her bedroom. She sat me down on the bed and then stood in front of me, her big ample breasts straining in her bra just inches from my face.

Her hands unclipped her bra, letting her tits escape out over the top as the bra fell off her arms and to the floor. These are the same tits that I suckled when I was a baby and always fascinated over when I hit puberty.

She pushed them in to my face and I took hold of each one, feeling and squeezing the size of them, then licked and sucked on each nipple until it was big and hard, they felt like two wobbly jellies as I tenderly squeezed them.

“Let get in to bed” she said

She pulled back off me and slid her knickers down her legs, letting me see her hairy pussy and jumped on to the bed. She lay on the bed naked, holding her breast up for me to suck as I climbed along side her. Mam’s hand was rubbing over my head as I sucked her tits again; I could suck forever on these tits, I thought to myself.

It wasn’t long before she was whimpering and breathing heavier, she must like what I was doing. I ran my hand over her tummy and she started to moan, I looked down and there was her hand between her stretch out legs and her fingers working on her pussy.
Mam was starting to twitch about on the bed and pulled me tighter on to her tit


She was going to come and I sucked harder on her big nipple

She let out a high pitch moan and her legs nipped tight together, nipping her hand tight against her pussy. Her body lay still and all tensed up, but she was panting fast

“Are you alright mam?”

“Yes, yes I am now”

She started to relax and I could lift my head again from squashing in to her tit

“Do you know how to kiss?” she asked

“Just a bit”

“Kiss me then”

No one wants to kiss there mother, so I tentatively kissed her on the lips quick

“And again” she said

I kissed her lips again but this time she held my head tight against her, it just felt like kissing another girl, her lips parted and her tongue tangled with mine. I could feel her lips sucking on to mine and I couldn’t care any more that I was kissing my mother.

We broke apart after some time and she just smiled back at me

“That enough for tonight” she said

I climbed out of the bed

“Where are you going?”

“Back to my bed”

“Come and sl**p with me”

I crawled back beside her

“Mam will you show me what you were doing to yourself”

“Course I will, but not tonight, I have work tomorrow, now sl**p”

I must of fell straight away to sl**p as it was my mam’s hairdryer that woke me up the next morning, all ready showered, she was dressed in matching purple lacy bra and knickers and black hold up stockings

“Good morning sl**py head”

She saw me looking at her as she dried her hair in the mirror

“Hello mam”

“You slept well”

She turned around and I saw her looking very hot and sexy”

“Maaam, do you always wear stockings”

“Just in the summer when it’s hot, do you like them?”

I just nodded to her. My mother is a nurse and works for a nursing agency, she picks when she wants to work and for how long.

“Out of that bed, your dad’s home tonight and I better make it before I go to work”

I got up from the bed still naked, my cock all-hard with watching my mother

“You must like me dressed like this”

“Sort of”

She stopped me leaving the bedroom and kissed me on the lips

“No one finds anything out about what we did, your not even 16 yet, do you understand”

“Yes mam”

“If you’re good I might show you some more things you should know about, ok”

“I’ll be good mam”

Dad was back home for two nights and with mam working until eleven at night, I did not hear them having any sex that weekend. He was away just after tea on the Sunday, hoping to catch the ferry that night with his truck and load.

Mam shouted an hour after he was gone

“I’m going for a bath, come and wash my back if you like”

I was up the stairs like a shot. She sat in the bath with bubbles up to her breasts, her bra and panties on top of her discarded clothes.

“You want to join me”

We had a corner bath that would fit two with ease and my mother wasted no time undoing my zip and button, pulling the waist band of my boxers over my horizontal cock and let everything slide down my legs.

“Is that for me?” she said as she looked at my erection

With my tee shirt now off I was kneeling in front of my mam in the bath, she didn’t take long to get her hand around my shaft and give it a good washing. Her tits hung down in to the bubbles as I tried to wash then.

“Hold on, I’ll turn around for my back”

My mother knelt in front of me and I started to wash her back, she started moving and nudging further back in to me and now she had my cock pushing in to her back. Her hand came around her back and took a firm hold of it, while her thumb massaged the tip.

I was now washing down her sides and stretching around to feel her tits; with one in each of my soapy hands, I could feel the weight of them. Her nipples started to poke through my fingers as I washed then over and over again.

“There’s other bits to wash as well” she said

I let one hand slip down on to her tummy and she guided it down in to her bush, I was actually touching my mother’s hairy bush and she parted her knees for better access. My hand soaped her bush in to a lather and I could feel her lips spreading for my fingers, little wobbly, crinkly bits of her pussy was hanging down.

Mam lent her head back against me as her other hand came on to my cock, her neck was stretch and I give it a quick kiss, it was warm and wet and I kissed her again. She turned her head wanting to kiss, her mouth was open and I sank my lips on to hers, our tongues fought like crazy.

My finger found her wanting hole and I started to push inside, just like the first night in the lakes, then two fingers popped in, side by side, I was finger fucking my mother in the bath and she began to pant

One hand held her tit, rubbing her nipple through my finger and thumb while my other started to slid in and out of her pussy faster

“Yeees I’m coming”

Her hand came back on to my hand that was up her pussy and she kept it pushed up inside her, her muscles pulsed and contracted on my fingers. She looked at me with her mouth waiting to be kissed again, our tongues touching well before our lips did.

We stopped coupled together while she regained her breathing back to normal, her hand fell off mine and I pulled my fingers out

“That was nice, now let see to you”

She turned and faced me, taking hold of my cock once more

“I let you have a titty wank while were in the bath” she said

I stood up while she knelt and pushed her tits together

“Just slid it between them”

I held on to my mothers shoulders as I started to thrust my cock in and out, with each push, just the swollen purple head popped out from the top of her tits. I could see her watching me as I started to breathe faster and she pushed her tits tighter together, knowing I wasn’t far away

“Go on keep going” she encouraged

My mother was watching my cock end now as it glistened with pre cum, leaving a shiny trail on her tits as my cock disappeared again. I felt my orgasm coming and as my cock end broke through her tit’s again, an almighty squirt shot out from it. Firing straight on to her chin then another squirt of equal power hit her chin again; her tongue reached out and licked my watery cum from her chin.

Thicker creamery cum started to erupt now, squirting up the valley between her tits and that soon filled up, making my cock end disappear out of sight. My mother rested both her tits on one arm while she grabbed my cock, letting the cum puddle leak down between her tits.

She dabbed each nipple with my cock, milking the last of my cum from it and lifted a tit up to her mouth. Licking her lips, she eagerly licked and sucked her nipple until it was clean and hard.

Next was my cock sucked and licked clean of any cum as it began to wither away in front of her eyes, my cum was running over her tummy now and her hand smeared it around.

“Was that nice” she asked

“It was mam”

“Lets get cleaned up and get out”

We were washed and were drying each other in mam’s bedroom, I was on my knees drying her legs and trying to have a look at her pussy.

“Would you like a proper look?”

I nodded and she climbed on to the bed and sat up with her legs wide apart

“Give me your hand”

She guided my hand to the top of her pussy
“Feel that lump”


“That my clit, suck it, lick it and it sends me wild”

She lowered my finger in between her lips

“You know this bit; you can suck and lick these as well”

“What were you doing the other night?” I asked

“I just rubbed my clit around in a circle”

“Did that make you come?”

“Yes and you sucking my nipples helped as well”

“Can I touch it again?”

“Would you like to kiss me there?”

I nodded with vigour and my mother lay down on the bed with her knees raised up, this was the first time I have seen a real pussy. She was very hairy and it went all the way around to her bum hole. Her lips were visible through her bush and were very long to what I had expected and with two more lips sticking out from them as well.

I touched her knee and ran my hand down the inside of her leg and over her pussy, she seemed to stretch her legs apart more and her lips parted as well to show a soft pink colour of her insides. My finger brushed over the two floppy lips that were coming from inside, they felt all wobbly and wrinkly.

“Just gentle” my mother said

I started to play with them, running my finger back and forth along them and then her pussy hole started to appear, I pushed my finger inside her and she let out a moan.

She felt warm and wet from coming before and my finger slid with ease

“You can still kiss me there if you want”

I had forgotten about kissing her pussy and I laid down between her legs, I stuck my tongue out brushing against her lips, thinking this is where my mother has a piss from, but sod it she sucked my willy for me.

I now had one of her lips in my mouth and it felt all wrinkly and I could feel the warmth and smell of her fanny raising up from her hole. My tongue found her inside and I wanted to investigate every inch that I could.

My mouth was wide open and pressing in to her pussy as my tongue did it’s work, I must be doing something right as my mother began moaning more and her hand came on to my head, pushing me more in to her fanny.

It felt like my nose was pushing against her clit as I felt it become bigger and harder, then my mothers other hand came on to my head, with one now on each side she started to rock my head back and forth along her slit


She held me tight against her pussy but I could feel her bucking and twisting about on the bed

“Yeees just there”

She let out a shrill of a moan as she lifted herself up while holding on to my head and her legs nipped tight against my body, her pussy became moist then wet as her orgasm came. My mother panted madly as I licked her insides of her juice that was sticky and sweet like honey.

Her grip holding me against her relaxed and I could breath again, but her sweet juice was too much of a treat to leave and I darted my tongue inside finding any that I had missed.
I eventually lifted from my mother’s well-licked fanny and saw her propped up on her elbows watching me and smiled

“Come here and give me a cuddle”

I climbed on top with my cock straight out in front of me, as we kissed, I so wanted my cock to find her hole and I moved about trying to position it, I wanted my first fuck to be with my mother

“I think you have learnt plenty for one day,” she said

I didn’t want her to stop showing me things and I did as she said, we lay down cuddled in to each other and it was the hairdryer the next morning that woke me.

My mother stood in her bra and knickers with her hold up stockings

“Morning lazy head”

“What time is it?”

“Just after six”

I watched her dry her hair and then she came back to the bed, her tits just about falling from her bra as she bent down and kissed me. Her hand came under the bed covers and found my hard cock.

“Let go out tonight for tea and don’t use him to much today”

I knew what she meant, no wanking today.

“Now go back to sl**p, I’ll be back at five”

My mother came bursting in to the house just after five

“I’m going for a quick shower then we can go”

When she came down the stairs, I just stared at her

“What do you think?”

She looked like an office worker; she had on a knee length skirt probable with black hold ups and a white tee shirt under her jacket. It was a typical British summer’s day, cold wet and windy when we got to the pub, a carvery on the other side of town.

It was early and we were seated with no problem in one of the sort after booths, we sat side by side with mam telling me where to sit. Half way through our meal mam said
“Do you like how I dressed?”

“Yes you look very sexy for my mam”

“Would you like to know what else I’m wearing?”

She undid her skirt zip and button that was on the side next to me and pulled back her jacket, I thought it was strange how she wanted to sit and now I know. There was her purple knickers on show

“Slid you hand in without any one seeing” she said

I lent forward on the table and slid my hand in through the zip while still trying to eat. I felt a strap coming from her knickers so I thought

“That’s my suspender, see what else is there”

I pushed in a bit further and felt her hairy fanny, she was wearing no knickers. I looked at mam and she smiled back

“Do you like?”

Her legs began to part as we kept eating, my fingers were now on her moist lips and started to push inside her, I darted my middle finger in and out as mam tried to cut her Yorkshire pudding up. Her whole body began to tremble, then my finger felt wet.

“Quick someone’s coming” she said

“Is every thing alright” the waiter asked

“Fine thank you” said my mother

The waiter went and mam said

“That felt so exciting, I feel so wet”

We could hardly finish our meals fast enough and skipped dessert, I reminded mam that her skirt was undone as we left the table and we rushed back home with mam feeling my cock as she drove back.

We just got through the front door before starting to strip the clothes off each other and kissing wildly as each garment fell to the floor, my mother stood in her purple bra and suspender belt that framed her fanny like a picture and black stocking. I stood naked with my cock rook hard.

She sat on the stairs and pulled my cock in towards her mouth

“I’ve never wanted sex as bad as tonight” my mother said as she began to suck my cock.

She suck my cock hard like there was no tomorrow and had me on the edge of coming very soon, I wanted to pull out and save my hard cock in case I got the chance to fuck her pussy.

She had other ideas, clamping her hands on to my bum, she now had me pulled tight in to herself and moving back and forth on my cock. We both knew what was happening when we looked at each other as I felt the first twitch of my cock in her mouth.

My mother moaned with a mouth full of cock squirting in to her, her lips like limpets, sucking tight around my shaft and letting none of my hot creamy cum escape.

My cock jumped and twitch in her mouth after every squirt of cum, she managed to swallow my load, then her hand came on to my cock, milking the last in to her mouth.

She looked so sexy sitting on the stairs with her mouth full of cock.

She lifted both her feet, one-step up and lay back on the stairs, some how I knew what she wanted and knelt down on the floor. Her legs were as wide as she could get them, wedged between the wall and the banister and I have to remember her clit this time, I kept thinking to myself.

I ran my hand over her black stocking leg and felt the pale flesh being squeezed out from the top of her stockings. My hand moved on to her suspenders, all taught from her stocking and up to her belt that stretch over her tummy.

I kissed her stocking leg from her knee, moving ever closer to her pussy, kiss by kiss.
Her pussy was warm and moist from before and her lips parted easily with my tongue, the warm wet smell of my mother’s juice filled my nose.

This is going to be the closest I get to her pussy tonight, so make the most of it.. I so hoped and thought I was going to have my first fuck with her, but those thoughts have now evaporated after she made me come in her mouth.

She bucked and twisted about on the stairs as my tongue searched her inside walls, licking her previous orgasm juice as she whimpered. I just remembered her clit in time and found it big and hard, flicking my tongue over it seemed to pleasure her and she began to pant.

I now know what this is a sign of and pushed my finger between her lips at the same time as I sucked on her clit

“Fucking hell”
I was sucking her clit between my lips and flicking it as well, my fingers were starting to sound wet

“Yeees, I’m coming”

She pulled my head in to her and lifted her bum off the stairs, thrusting her pussy in to my face. I kept licking as she came, listening to her panting fast as my finger started fetching her love juice outside, making a wet sloppy noise.

Her body started to relax as she regained her breathing. I climbed from between her legs and stood up realising what a cock I had again, sticking straight out in front of me.

“It’s time we went to bed I think” said my mother

She turned over on to her knees on the stairs, her backside on show and there was her pussy lips hanging from between her legs all covered in hair and spreading up her bum.

I held her hips with my hands, pushing my cock between her legs as she climbed the stairs on her knees, the soft rubbing of her fanny on my cock sending me wild.

We made it on to the bed, mam on her back with her legs wide apart

“Would you make love to me?”

“Yes, if you show me how”

“Come on top then”

She raised her knees up and I was funnelled in to her pussy, the pinkest I have seen her lips and mam grabbed hold of my cock

“Come down on to your arms over me”

I was over the top of mam and I could feel her moving my cock about, I kept trying to push it in and willing for it to go in as well.

“Not so fast”

Then she gasped. The fullness of my cock stretch her lips apart as I pushed in

“Fuck that feel big” mam said

I started to slid in and out getting faster

“Just take your time, slow down”

She was right, I slowed and I started to feel my cock sliding against her lips, I started to push a little more each time and my cock went out of sight from what I could see of it.

My mother smiled up at me

“Is that nice” she asked

I nodded as I kept thrusting my cock in and out slowly

“Do you see why I sucked you cock now, you would probably have squirted your lot by now”

She was right again

“Let’s see if you can use the full length of your cock”

Just looking at her smiling give me encouragement and I try pulling out a bit more each thrust, I could even watch my cock going in and out from her hairy fanny

“That’s it, now a bit faster”

Now I was fucking my mother just like the porn videos I found at the back of dads wardrobe, it felt great. Mam’s bra covered tits started to heave up and down with each breath

“Oh son fuck me”

I started to push a bit harder in to her and she gasped

“Go on, fuck me like that”

I was starting to get the hang of fucking my mother and could feel my own orgasm building up again

“Maaam what do I do”

“Kept going, I’m nearly there”

“What about my sperm”

“Squirt it in me; I want to feel you’re cum squirt deep in your mother’s pussy”

I couldn’t help myself any longer, I was going to come in my first real fanny and that just happened to be my mothers fanny and I couldn’t wait. I started to thrust like some dog eager to come, short fast thrusts with mam bounced back and forth on the bed with every thrust

It had only been a few minutes since we got on the bed but were sticky with perspiration, mam was feeling her tits through her bra and moaning and I was about to come

Her fanny muscles grabbed around my cock.

"Maaam, oh Maaam...yes" I cried

Her body released about the same time and we orgasmed together.

Her tight lips sucked around my cock as my cock exploded, my cock end exposed and rubbing inside her fanny felt big and fierce with every explosion of cum

“Yeees” my mother cried out “yeees”

I kept thrusting my cock in and out, not knowing what to do as it kept squirting deep inside with every thrust. Mam panted hard and fast, squeezing both her tits and with her back arched lifting her fanny up to meet her son pounding cock.

She pulled me down on top of her, kissing me passionately, her tits squashed against my chest and her hands around my bum holding me tight in to her fanny. Her fanny muscles rippled along my cock, milking the last of her son’s seeds in to where he was made.

Her tongue fought like crazy with mine as if she couldn’t get enough and her hands held me tight, never wanting me to leave her pussy with my cock.

“Are you alright” she asked

“Yes mam, are you”

“I feel wonderful”

“Will I not make you pregnant?”

“No, I couldn’t have any more after you, you are special”

With that, she kissed me again and I climbed from between her legs, pulling my limp cock from her, I saw her pussy was open and our love juice was starting to leak.

We lay together with our hands exploring each others body’s, I had so many thoughts and fantasies about my mother and now they are coming true.

We must of slept like logs last night, mam is still asl**p, still wearing her bra and stocking and I have woke up with such a big cock again.

I cuddle in behind mam and with my hand I feel her stocking covered leg up to her suspender clip. I touch her soft flesh hanging out from the top of her stocking and follow her suspender up to the belt. Then I run my hand over her wide suspender belt that’s taught over her tummy and slip my hand down over her hairy fanny.

My cock pushed under her bum and in between her legs and one moved, giving me greater access. I kiss her neck and fetch my hand on to her bra-covered breast and give it a squeeze,

My mam was awake and let out a moan, her leg moved again and I can feel my cock rubbing up against her pussy and she feels so wet.

She pulls off my cock and turns over, throwing the bed covers off us and pushed me on to my back with my cock springing back to attention in front of her.

My mother says nothing and lifted her leg over to straddle me, she holds my cock steady as she lifts herself up on one leg and hovers her fanny over the top of my cock.

Her pussy started to drip our love juice from last night as my cock pushes past her entrance and she lowered herself down on to it.

My mother feels so wet as my cock slips in easy and leans back, resting on her hands. With her back arched, it makes her tits look skywards and ready to burst from her bra.

She started to slide up and down on my shaft and the angle she was, I could see my cock going in and out of her hairy fanny and her pink lips sucking to my shaft. I held on to her waist, encouraging her sliding on my cock.

She lent forward next, resting her hands on my chest as she rode my cock, I retched around her back and undid her bra, slipping each strap down her arms and slowly revealing her magnificent tits.

She dangled them over my face and I sucked on each erect nipple in turn. My mother started to moan and pushed her tit in to my face and I sucked and pulled on her nipple.

She was so wet sliding on my cock I could hear slurping noises coming from her fanny.

She sat back up straight with new vigour, lifting her herself up and clashing back down on my cock, having to hold on to both of her tits as she speeded up


Hearing and seeing my mother in pleasure set off a reaction in my body, she was nearing her orgasm with all her own work and I know now she is getting as much pleasures from teaching me as I was.

I lay there thrusting my hips up to meet her, knowing my orgasm was about to fill my mothers fanny

“Oh yeees, yeees, come in me” she cried

Mother slammed down on my cock, gyrating her pussy in to my pubbs, huffing and panting.

My cock deep inside her fanny twitched and jerked, unable to move, it injected my young seed deep in to my mother pussy. My body shuddered as it pushed my last squirt of cum out from my cock while her fanny muscles contracted in spasms around it.
“Fuck” she said breathing hard

She let her breasts hang back down and pulled her hair away from her face and smiled.
Bending down she kissed me madly and passionately then nuzzled in to my neck, sucking and kissing until I knew what she was doing, a love bite for every one to see.

“Thank mam”

“That’s what happens when something is good”

Mam climbed off, holding her hand against her dripping fanny and lay down, cuddling tight in to me.

Mam was off work for the next three days and the learning did not stop. She went around the house only in her oversized tee shirt with no bra and me in my shorts. Every opportunity we had, we were kissing and cuddling and exploring each others body with some very heavy petting.

We would watch the TV on a night, like two teenagers kissing and feeling each other on the sofa, before going to bed together. She taught me that we didn’t have to have intercourse every night, and other thing that made up for it.

We had to leave the house once and that was for food shopping, our sexual desire was as strong then. Mam went without knickers and as she drove on the duel carriage way, she let me play with her pussy.

After parking discreetly at the supermarket, she hoisted her skirt up a bit and spread her legs to let me finish her orgasm with my fingers. Mam then pulled my cock out and sank her mouth on to it. The sheer excitement or the fact that we could be caught made me come in no time at all.

I had another two weeks holidays and we made the most of it. Dad was back for the weekends but mam made sure she was working on the nights he was back.

Mam was getting ready for work one morning and I was watching her, just in her bra, knickers and stockings she threw back the bedclothes and straddled me. She pulled her lacy knickers to one side of her fanny and mounted me. She had me squirting my seed deep inside her in no time at all, pulling off she then pulled her knickers back over her moist hole.

“I want to feel my son’s young seed moving about inside when I’m at work,” she said

Dad never suspected anything, he started to take more work on the continent with his truck and only came back home ever five or six weeks before mam and him parted. I never had a fatherly bond with him as he was always away since my birth.

Mam and I now share the bed together, she says the first time me cock was in her pussy it felt so right, like some special bond was made between us and no other man can break it now.

The end

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