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My new client lick my cunt

Im a ther****t, I help poeple work through there problems. My new client is a beautiful redhead woman. She has problems finding the right person for her.
Now when i say she is the most sexy woman i see Im not lieing. she is 27 yrs old. and has a great body.
I was our 5th meeting and i could stop thinking of licking her pussy. I know she was going to be in my office soon, and i found myself rubbing my cunt and squeezing my nipples. I had my pussy so wet i was dripping down my legs. she arrived right before i squirting and i had to stop, which just made me go crazy. she came in my office and she smiled my pussy the office was full of the aroma. she smiled and sat down we talked and then she said " Im sorry was it that smell? it smells so good" she smiled at me and i dripped even more. I said " oh, it is me, it is been awhile since i had sex" with a laugh. seh stood up and said me too. and came to me knelt before me and lifted my tight skirt and pulled my panties off and slide her tounge in my dripping cunt. I let out a loud moan and rubbed my cunt in her face. I grabed her long hair and pulled close. sher licked faster and i let out a spray of cum that she licked up. She said my turn doctor i want you to lick my pussy for so long. I led her to the couch and pulled off her dress to find she had to panties on. i slowly lick her, sucking on her clit. as i fingered her. she said more, lick my ass doctor. i smled and told her i love to lick ass. I pushed her legs up so her ass was open and i rammed my tounge deep in her licking fast and hard. I know i had a huge dilldo under the couch and i showed her and then spit on it like a whore. I slide in her pussy. She cam so hard and her pussy was the most tasty i ever had

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