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Sharing my Wife For The First Time (True Story)

My wife and I decided we would post an ad on a local website wanting to have another man join us for an few hours of sexual fun. She is a bigger gal (bbw), redhead, 42DD's, shaved smooth, I am a bigger guy six foot six inches, 290 pounds, average size cock, we are both white and in our early forties. So we weren't real sure on what kind of response we would get. We had an astonishing response to our ad. We sat and had a few drinks while we went through the responses, and the pictures that came with them.
There were a lot of weird looking people that scared my wife, but then there were a lot that made her horny... She liked looking at all the dicks she could choose from, she liked the thought of which one would penetrate her, and bring her pleasure? As some people would pick by the size of a persons dick, we decided to try the opossite and chose by the looks of the person. Not that we aren't interested in a hung dick, and yes, since this night, we have chosen by size.
From the looks of his picture he was an average size white man in his early thirties, he was attractive to my wife and so she chose him, his name was John. We responded to him, and left our cell number so he could contact us, and we could get the ball rolling soon. We waited with great anticipation for him to call.
The call... We were eating dinner at a local place here in Vegas when he finally called. Our nerves were really obvious, but, he was calm, and confident. We agreed on a time and place to meet. After hanging up, I was totally excited, my wife was too, although we were both having second thoughts... do we really want to do this, do I really want to share my wife, she told me her thought was "does she really want another man touching her?"
We finished our dinner and headed for a store to buy some condoms, and lube. Our excitement over took our hesitation. We held hands, and walked through the store all excited it, felt as though it was our first time having sex again. The anticipation was awesome...
His arrival... We drove to the bar on Fremont St. and Las Vegas BLVD. where we were to meet John, We ordered a couple of drinks and talked while waiting for him. Then he called us again, and talked to us until he approached our table, which was outside on the patio. He was just like his picture, clean cut, professional looking, brown hair, slight tan skin, my wife said he has a nice smile, he was approximately five foot seven inches tall, and a medium build. He was a very soft spoken man, but very confident in the way he talked.

After chatting for a few minutes, my wife excused herself to the lady's room, and gave me a wink, and a slight nod, (our code for she was good to go). So while she was gone I asked John about what he liked and what he was hoping to get out of our time tonight. He was very honest and up front. He told me he wanted to lick her pussy and ass, and make her cum as much as possible for as long as she likes... then he told me he wanted her to suck his cock until he came in her mouth. I was good with what he wanted, it made me almost weak at the knees with the excitement of watching my wife being taken by another man. I proceeded to tell him our boundaries, which is basically no kissing on the mouth. He was cool with that, and we prodeeded to the hotel to get a room. I called my wife, and let her know what room number, and we would be waiting for her arrival.
The moment of truth... My wife arrived in the room and we all talked for a few minutes. We weren't really sure how to get things started, so I suggested John taking a shower to give her and I a chance to get naked and into the groove of things before he came out and joined us. John agreed, and jumped into the shower as we removed our clothes. I asked her if she was doing okay? she responded by informing me she has had enough to drink to be very relaxed and ready to be "fucked" hard... That made me so excited to hear her say that, I laid her down after her clothes came off and began playing with her pussy, I was getting her wet, and getting her ready for John to take her... Then the water went off, this was it, we looked at each other and I told her if she didn't want this I could stop it... She said "I want to do this as much as you", "I'm okay, and I love you." John stepped into the room naked... he had a toned body, some hair, but not an overwhelmming amount, his cock was average size, but that was okay, it was our first time. He came over to the bed and laid next to my wife, he started rubbing her body softly, running his fingers over her breasts and nipples, he slowly began kissing her breasts, working his way to her nipples with his tongue. I slid aside letting him take over on her, I pulled out our camera and started taking pics of the occasion. He moved over on top of her and really began licking and sucking her nipples, she would let out soft moans of approval, he then began to move down to her already wet pussy, he ran his tongue all the way from her pink little asshole to her clit several times, taking in her womanly aroma, she loved having his tongue on her ass and pussy.
He really began eating her pussy and licking her clit, making her cum almost instantly, then again, and again... this dude ate her pussy for over an hour and made her cum like nine times, including she squirted full f***e twice. I loved hearing her cum so much, and hard... I was so excited.... After he was done eating her pussy, I started to fuck her from behind, my cock slid into her soaked pussy real easy, He then pushed his cock into her mouth, and he grabbed the back of her head, and he f***ed his cock into her throat, she loves to take a man's cock all the way down her throat... he fucked her mouth really good, in and out, she was slobbering all over his cock... after a few minutes of having her mouth and throat for his pleasure, He started to tense up and told her he was going to cum, she told him to cum in her mouth, I think that pushed us both over the edge as I began to cum, I pulled out of her pussy and squirted my cum all over her ass, he pushed his cock all the way into her mouth and released his cum. He moaned out loud, and told her to take it all, she let a little escape for the picture... she was so tired after cumming so much, and being fucked hard by me, and sucking his hard cock... She laid back to relax, after a few minutes he recovered and slip on a condom, crawled between her legs, and pushes his dick deep into her pussy... he didn't last long as he fucked her hard, her naughty talk helped take him over the edge, he pulled out and ripped off the condom, and cums all over her face, as directed by me... Our time came to an end, John dressed, and kissed her on the cheek, shook my hand, and left the room.

We spent the next couple of hours making love, and pleasuring each other... Our first experience was wonderful... He took me to school orally pleasuring my wife... and he helped her overcome a barrier that wouldn't allow her to cum from oral pleasure... now it's as easy as touching her clit to make her cum... I now have several stories on sharing my wife, including a swinger club...

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