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BlowJob Booth

"How about you forget about my itty-bitty little episode of speeding and I'll give you a really good cum-swallowing blowjob?" The pretty blonde girl in the white jeep cheerfully suggested. She was leaning out her window, looking up with a smile.

Officer Bernard adjusted his tinted sunglasses thoughtfully, a little surprised.

"Good-looking girl," Bernard thought with a pleasant appraisal.

Such a pretty girl offering a road-side cock-sucking-and load-swallowing didn't come along every shift, that's for sure. He hoisted his state-issue policeman's belt up authoritatively and tried to keep a stern face. He liked this game; and could use a good, sloppy blowjob right now. Especially from a girl so cute and friendly.

"We can hop right in your cruiser! I'll suck your cock and drain your balls in my mouth and we can preten-"

"Ma'am, offering sexual favors or bribes to a policeman in the state of Rhode Island is i*****l and can often carry the penalties of significant jail-time and fines up t-"

"C'mon! It'll be fun..when was the last time you had a 19 year-old girl suck your dick? I give really good throatjobs... and I swallow! It can be our little secret. You get a bee-jay and I get off with just a warning! Puh-leeeez?"

The cute blonde girl wasn't shy in the least. And she was definitely a young one. Officer Bernard leaned forward, considering. Whooo, she was fine.

"Here! You can check out my license and stuff to see I'm not some totally psychotic spaz with an arrest warrant or something! I'm just in a rush to pick up my friend Alicia."

The girl leaned over the passenger's side and flipped open her glove-box, snatching out her registration, insurance card, and a small, glittery photo-ID card of some sort. She had pretty, light-yellow polish speckled on her nails.

Officer Bernard took this opportunity while she leaned over to give her soft, round teenage body a good, thorough once-over with his eyes. She was wearing small white shorts that barely contained her full, delicious ass. It looked so creamy. Her cute little butt-crack was peeking out over the top of her shorts. She had a very nicely shaped ass, indeed.

"Only a teenage girl can have an ass like that," Bernard reflected to himself. Whew. Her nail polish-matching yellow tank-top stopped 4 or 5 inches above her waist-line and while she briefly leaned over this allowed a terrific view of almost half her butt-crack, back and soft stomach. On the front of her tank-top was the phrase "I Swallow," written in a large, bubbly font. There were a glistening, inviting red pair of female lips opened in a hungry blowjob-craving "O" illustrated below the suggestive phrase. Officer Bernard felt the beginnings of a raging erection. And he wanted this sweet little biscuit to suck his growing meat dry for him.

"See, here's my stuff! I'm just on my way to pick up my friend Alicia on Grant Street for the Bridgeport Fair; we're both working in the Blowjob Booth this afternoon, starting at noon. Tons of cock to suck!"

She passed the officer her papers enthusiastically, and the sparkly card, as well. "And you get to be my first blow-jay of the day...what a treat! That's why I was kinda speeding, we gotta get there a little early to get organized and stuff." She flipped her adorable, long blonde hair over her shoulder with one hand and looked up, expectantly. Her talkativeness was cute, and Officer Bernard's bulge in his trousers grew prominent.

"Blowjob Booth? They still do those around here? Wow, you're young to be sucking cock at The Booth. I hadn't heard anything about the BJ Booth since the mid-90's, I think. Back when Becky Demarco used to suck cock for the fair."

Officer Bannnister turned the bright, glittery card over and read "Blowjob Booth Employee Tammy." Below was a small, amusing cartoon of a smiling, nude brunette sucking an over-sized penis on her knees. The cartoon man receiving the blowjob was grinning ridiculously. The card stated "Tammy" was, indeed, just nineteen.

"She's running the BJ Booth this year! Haha! You know Mrs. Demarco?!" Tammy's face lit up.

"No, not personally. She's married now? A couple buddies of mine got their dicks sucked by Becky back in '96 or so at the fair and swore it was hands-down the best blowjob of their lives. They didn't shut up about her cock-sucking for a couple of weeks. I unfortunately missed the opportunity because I was out-of-town...I was robbed of the best BJ of my life 'cause of that jaunt to Orlando! Bad timing."

Bernard was getting an interested kick out of this. He hadn't heard the name Becky Demarco in almost 10 years. She was a legend here in Providence. Best cocksucker of all time, it was unanimous, state-wide.

"Yeah, she's still got the New England record for the most blowjobs-to-completions! She is, like, amazing at sucking cock. She sucked something like over 200 dicks to completion, no assistance, in just one day at the fair! That's sooo much cum to swallow (!) Yum!"

"Is she still giving public BJs? Hot damn! I gotta try and get off work early this weekend. She's reputed to have the most talented mouth ev-"

"Uh, hello!! *I*have the most talented blowjob mouth ev-ahr! And I just said I'd suck your cock! You don't havta get out of work early. What's better than an awesome blowjob from a blonde college chick...for free! And I am *so* going to be the best cocksucker in the Northeast, you wait and see. I won the school-wide Spring Blowjob Bonanza at U.R.I this April...I got score of 10; flawless BJ technique! I beat almost 250 other cocksuckers from my school and won the $ 5,000 scholarship! Nobody's ever scored a perfect 10 at the SBJB for U.R.I before, ever!"

"Wow, no k**ding? I'm impressed...a perfect ten in cock-sucking at the Bonanza? I read about that in the Cryer. They did an article on you...the post-blowjob interview, I think. Who did you blow again, during the competition?"

"I sucked the goalie for the soccer team's dick...Derrick Barrows? He was All-American last year. Totally the right guy to blow, too. We had good chemistry for the competition. I blew his balls *dry* in front of that crowd! I was swallowing his cum about 3 minutes after I popped his dick in my mouth, and lemme tell you, I sucked it goooood. He came up and hugged me afterwards and we were both super-stoked. He helped me out, big-time. I enjoyed slobbing his knob, for sure. I also sucked three of the judges' cocks afterwards, for the grand-prize ceremony. Kind of a mini-blowbang that they broadcast on the gi-normous football field screen for the BJ winner! Like 1500 spectator's got to watch me suck dick, live! That was, like, one of the biggest thrills: blowing cock for a huge crowd like that. Sooo much fun. A majorly exciting challenge. I liked all the attention, to tell you the truth." Tammy gave a big smile.

Bernard felt like he was missing all the good blowjob action, stuck here in this neck of Rhode Island.

"Do they still do that blowjob competition right down on the Red Hawks' field? I've never been."

"Yep! All the girls line up from end-zone to end-zone with the blowjob-volunteer that the judges' computer chose for them, and the whistle blows...then the girls start blowing (!) You get graded on technique, aesthetic appearance/appeal of the blowjob, the variety of BJ techniques displayed, and how you handle the cum-load at the end of the bee-jay. They have this whole complicated blowjob score-sheet that they fill in systematically for each cocksucker."

"You got the scholarship? That's a heck of a lot of cash for an afternoon spent sucking cock with your friends! Cool." Bernard's boner was becoming belligerent, imagining all those pretty little college chicks blowing cocks and slurping balls in a blowjob competition. The best kind of competition, if you were to ask him.

"Yeah, after each girl is finished swallowing her load of cum and the blowjob is completed, the judges tally up all the score-cards and announce the winner of the contest over the PA. I just about peed myself when I heard my name called as the winner! But, deservedly so. No one gives a better knob-job than me! Uh-uh." Tammy shook her head primly.

"Well, Tammy, imagine that. I pull over the best teenage cocksucker in New England for doing 64 in a 50-zone. What're the odds?" Bernard repositioned his large-brimmed trooper hat thoughtfully.

Bernard handed Tammy back her BJ Booth ID card with her registration and insurance and took off his sunglasses officiously. He noticed a pretty silver necklace and pendant sparkling in the sunlight above Tammy's firm, mouth-watering teen-girl tits.

"So, you say you can suck a good dick, huh?"

"Totally the best. Most def." Tammy laughed, twirling her hair coyly.

"Please secure your vehicle and join me in my cruiser, won't you? We'll see if we can get this speeding issue resolved...expeditiously."

"Yay!" Tammy stuffed her papers in the glove-box of her Jeep Wrangler and unbuckled her safety belt.

Officer Bernard briskly walked back to his cruiser and hopped in his vehicle, efficiently unsaddling his service shotgun from it's island-holster and laying it on the dash, out of the way. He untucked his shirt and set his state large state policeman's hat on the floor. Tammy whipped open the passenger-side door and half-dove in, head-first.

"We're charging 20 dollars-a-blowjob at the fair today, but you get one free-of-charge!"

Bernard would pay 500 dollars to get his dick sucked by this pretty little blonde, no problem, he thought. She was gorgeous. One of the prettiest girls he had seen in recent memory.

"I'm delighted to participate. What a good suggestion it was, blowing me in return for a warning."

"I'm gonna suck your dick dry, but then I gotta enjoy this ball-draining blowjob!"

Tammy whisked off her skimpy tank-top and plopped both arms, one on either side, on Officer Bernard's thighs. Her creamy white breasts bobbled pertly. Tammy wiggled her adorable butt playfully way up in the air. He once again admired what an unbelievable, deliciously round ass this young girl had. He loved a good blowjob from a girl with a nice ass. And those firm little tits, boy howdy.

Tammy noticed his wedding ring.

"Does your wife give good blowjobs?" She unsnapped his belt skillfully, the practiced result of giving blowjobs to dozens and dozens of different men. Tammy had sucked a lot of cock.

"Yeah...she does. Real good, actually. But, starting maybe 3 or 4 years ago, she only blows me on special occasions like my birthday and Christmas. When we first got married, she used to suck cock like a blowjob-happy party-slut; she'd blow me and swallow in elevators and bathrooms, lots of fun places; and she was always volunteering to suck my cock...that's important. On the way home from dinner with friends I'd almost always get a good bee-jay, but dick's not getting sucked with the regularity a hard-working lawman like me deserves and expects. Sometimes I just need a really good blowjob to relax and focus."

"Awww! Poor baby's not getting his meat blown properly! I'll make it all better, don't you worry, Officer." Tammy snapped open his fly and unzipped his trousers, smiling again. "I'll suck this cock so good, your balls will be empty for the next two days."

"That sounds like we have an agreement. A good, deep blowjob, and you get to save the 175 dollars that speeding ticket would have cost you..."

Tammy nodded happily. "It will be my pleasure...!" She pulled Bernard's bl**d-swollen cock out of his pants firmly and leaned down to start blowing him with her warm, wet mouth...then paused.

"Would you like to cum straight down my throat or in my mouth, oral cream-pie-style? You're the boss!" She looked up at him, ass wiggling, cock-in-hand.

"Just improvise, I'm sure you're quite the talented fellatrix. The paper said so."

"Yep! So true. I've sucked plenty of dick!"

Bernard gently pushed her head down and Tammy plopped his absurdly swollen meat in her mouth and began sucking and slurping on it, jovially. She had never blown an on-duty cop before. This was exciting.

Officer Bernard let out a deep, contented sigh as her pretty blonde head bobbed up and down in his lap. He relished her greedy, slurping mouth and the nasty, wet sucking sound-effects of a really good blowjob. She was twice the cocksucker his wife was, and half her age. He leaned forward slightly and cupped one luscious, full ass-cheek in his hand, stroking and squeezing her ass with fascinated pleasure while this pretty girl slurped, sucked and blew his cock. It needed good, deep oral attention. It had been awhile since his last blowjob.

As Tammy slurped happily away on his throbbing cock, Bernard gazed up at the blazing morning sun that was shining down along the coast, and thought to himself, "I love my job."


Tammy waved good-bye out her Jeep window as she -carefully- accelerated back into traffic on Rt. 1-E, Officer Bernard waved back, smiling. Tammy had blown him quickly and thoroughly.

"One blowjob down, one-hundred to go!" Tammy thought, amused. She dug in her book bag that was sitting on the passenger's seat for her pink i-phone and pulled up her contacts, scrolling to Alicia's number. She took the Grant Street exit, phone ringing. She gnawed her thumbnail, impatient. Alicia wasn't the most punctual of girls, Tammy knew.

"Hey!" Alicia answered after 3 rings, sounding out of breath. "What's up? Are you on your way?"

"Hi! I'm less than 5 minutes from your apartment, are you ready? We gotta meet Mrs. Demarco before we start at noon today. We can't be late." Tammy didn't want to sound to spastically anal, but you had to be pushy with Alicia sometimes. She was easily distracted.

"Gimmie like, 10 minutes, and I'll be ready!" Tammy heard what sounded like sucking noises in the background, over the phone.

"Jor-Jor...I hear sucking noises! I tolllllld you 10:30 am, sharp! I'll be there in 5 minutes! What are you doing? It sounds like you're sucking dick...are you giving a blowjob right now when you should be getting ready?!" Tammy tried valiantly to not sound irritated. She wanted to be right on-schedule.

"I'm giving *two* blowjobs!" Alicia announced, proudly. "There's two guys over here from across my complex I met at the pool and I'm almost done sucking their dicks. Just lemme finish! You should see this cock I've got in my hand now..." Alicia's mouth gave a long, wet sucking sound as she sucked the aforementioned penis over the phone for Tammy to hear. "It's really thick. I can't believe I get to start off the morning by sucking such a big, thick c-"

"Earth to Melissa! Hello! You're going to be sucking at least 100 dicks today at the fair, and you don't have -time- to be giving bee-jays right now; I'm almost there! Hurry the freak up! I'm not waiting for you!" Tammy was annoyed Alicia was sucking cock without her, and that she wasn't ready.

Alicia was a cock-sucking knob-job addict if there ever was one, Tammy thought. She's always sucking dick! Where does she find these guys?!

"They're both pretty much ready to cum, I'm just gonna blo-"

"I'm coming to get you right now. You've got 4 minutes, or I'm leaving without'cha! Buh-bye!" Tammy hit the end-button on her cell, triumphantly.

"Tardy brat! I told her 10:30!" She scolded her Jeep.

Alicia, back at her apartment, was still on her knees with two mouthfuls of cock, and set about draining the two big pairs of balls that were slapping her face and chin.


Tammy zipped into the parking lot directly in front of Alicia's building, parked, and ran up the stairs to the second floor, beautiful ass bouncing.

She jogged down the outside corridor toward # 224, Alicia's unit. Two young men were just slipping out the front door, hooting and slapping high-fives. The were shirtless, wearing flip-flops, and one of them was re-tying the drawstrings on his board-shorts. Tammy trotted up to them.

"Whoa...who are you, pretty senorita?" The blonde surfer-dude with a sleek pair of Serengeti sunglasses asked.

"I'm Tammy, Alicia's friend... is she ready?"

"You know Alicia? Righteous! Dude, I've never had such an amazing blowjob *in my life*. Your friend sucks great cock...gnarly style, b*o! I'm like, totally drained for the afternoon. I need re-hydration and copious snacks now to regain my once-virulent composure." He slapped his buddy another high-five.

"She gave me a most-triumphant bee-jay as well; it was totally Nebuchadnezzar, man." Blonde-dude's bud was grinning winningly.

"A triple-tubular pipe-cleaning and swallow, to say the least, my blue-eyed muchacha. I dare say her mouth was so skilled I deduce formal blowjob training was administered by a mad-talented mentor...? Maybe you two foxy ladies would like to join my associate and I for a margari-"

"Yeah, Alicia's great at sucking cock...she's never really gone much more than a day without putting one or two big ones in her mouth since I've known her."

"Are you as proficient in the Occidental art of blow-"

"I gotta go, guys, sorry! We'll suck your dicks simultaneously another time; sounds like fun. We gotta get to the Bridgeport Fair for the BJ Booth!"

Tammy skipped by these two stoked beach-boys and yanked opened Alicia's front door without knocking.

"Bridgeport Fair? BJ Booth?!...Ekkkkkk-suhhh-lent!!" The dudes clapped their hands heartily, applauding this most-revered Providence blowjob tradition.

Alicia came running out of her bedroom just as Tammy was closing the front door.: she was topless, wearing only the pair of black panties she was sucking cock in. Her dark hair was done-up in a wild bun on top of her head.

"I'll be ready to leave in 30 seconds! Promise!" Tammy put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes, saying nothing.

Alicia raced back into her bedroom, slipping on a snug pair of Express jeans and a cute little white Roxy tank-top that make her look a little like a punky party-girl.

Alicia was a year younger than Tammy. She was slightly taller with dark hair and dark eyes, even though she and Tammy didn't look at all alike people often asked if they were s****rs because of their very similar effervescent, outgoing demeanor. Alicia had a hoop and diamond stud in her left eyebrow and a silver lip-piercing. She had a cover girl's lips and mouth, set below very attractive, interested eyes. She was, like Tammy, a very pretty girl; this was a requirement for working at the Bridgeport Blowjob Booth. Only very good-looking girls were hired to administer the blowjobs.

This was going to be her first Blowjob Booth, which was a terrific idea because though she was only 18 years old, Alicia was nearly compulsively obsessed with sucking cock. She regularly sucked 3 to 4 different dicks a week, sometimes up to 6 or 7, blowing boys that worked in gas stations, clothing stores, or doormen at dance clubs...just about anyone with a nice, hard cock for her sultry mouth. Alicia had an unusual appetite for sucking dick. She regularly returned to the topic of blowjobs in conversation several times a day and was always watching videos of big dicks being sucked online. Due to her pre-occupation with well-hung men and performing blowjobs, she had sucked even more dick than Tammy, and had slipped easily out of several run-ins with shoplifting and loitering by sucking and blowing her way to impunity. She regularly gave group blowjobs at parties with Tammy, blowing and swallowing 15 or 20 boys a night. After a party warmed up and things were getting lively she and Tammy would often just go into the living room or common-area and just suck cock for 2 hours or more, blowing anyone who wanted a good dick-sucking, chatting with the boys and other party-goers as they contentedly blew all the meat there was to blow. They'd be on their knees for 7 or 8 blowjobs in a row, slobbering on ball-sacks and swallowing cum, stuffing their faces with 3 or 4 cocks at-a-time. And the boys loved getting their dicks sucked so readily, especially by these two pretty cocksuckers. She and Tammy had sucked a lot of cock together. They were "bee-jay buddies."

"K! Ready! Thanx for waiting, Kris!" Alicia quickly put her sneakers on and snatched her keys and phone, all revved-up to suck dick at the fair.

"Yeah, well, you're lucky I can't do this without you...!" Tammy couldn't stay mad at Alicia, she wasn't a spiteful girl.

"Let's get to the fair...we got about 10 minutes!" Tammy started racing down the outdoor walkway as Alicia locked her apartment up.

Both girls hopped into Tammy's Jeep, and sped towards the Bridgeport Fair and the Blowjob Booth adventures they were about to have, the Jeep's stereo blasting raucously out into the warm morning sunshine. They were in for an exciting day!


Tammy and Alicia arrived at the Bridgeport Fair entrance, grabbed their BJ Booth ID cards and reported quickly to the fairgrounds administration office. It was getting very warm, and the July air was still. A perfect day for a pair of cute cock-sucking teens to give outdoor blowjobs!

The girls stepped into the quiet, air-conditioned office excitedly talking about an afternoon of dick-sucking and cum-swallowing, and made their way to Becky Demarco's office in the rear of the building. The door was open.

"Mrs. Demarco?" The girls were right on time for their 10:30 re-cap of BJ Booth operating procedures.

Mrs. Demarco was on her knees in front of her husband, blowing him in a string bikini. She was sloppily slurping her husband's cock, and was pumping his meat using two hands. Reese, her husband, had a hand on top of her head. Her shoulder-length auburn hair was held back with several clips. It looked pretty, Tammy thought. Very shiny.

Becky Demarco was a gorgeous woman of 38, with the body and energy level of a 25-year-old. She wasn't just great eye-candy, either. This woman could suck cock like she was ringing a bell. And she had myriad awards to prove it.

Mrs. Demarco pulled her husband's penis out of her mouth with a wet "pop!" and smiled at her two BJ-girls-for-the-day.

"Tammy! Alicia! You're right on time! I was just giving Reese a quick blowjob before you arrived..take a seat! I'm almost done."

"Hi, girls! Ready for a fun day of blowjobs and sunshine?!" Reese gave a handsome grin to Tammy and Alicia, his fat ball-sack in his wife's hungry mouth.

Tammy and Alicia were transfixed. Her husband Reese had a huuuuugely thick cock...they both immediately held their breath.

"Omigosh, Mrs. Demarco! Reese's cock is sooo big and thick..." Tammy blurted out, involuntarily. The two girls stared, amazed.

"Whoa." Alicia licked her lips, feeling a hot ache between her legs. "That's a real mouthful." She wanted to suck it. Bad.Her brain was buzzing: blowjob, blowjob, blowjob, blowjob.

"It's really something, isn't it?" Mrs. Demarco pointed her husband's forearm-sized cock at the girls, the swollen head shiny with his wife's saliva. "It's a magnum, alright."

"Wow..." Tammy was stunned. She had met Reese last year, during her first season working at the Blowjob Booth, but had never seen Reese's donkey-cock. Her mouth was watering. It looked like a prosthetic cock, it was so long and thick.

", you suck it. You too, Alicia. I've gotta run out and talk to the set-up team to make sure they've got the power working for the fridge and A/C in my blowjob tent. We need to get the safe plugged-in too, and security wanted me there to give them a general idea of where to post the guys. I'll be at the Bare-naked Blowjob tent at 11:45, sharp...see you two there? I want to have a pre-blowjob boothing pep-talk before we get started blowing."

Mrs. Demarco had a breathless, enthusiastic way of speaking that was quite endearing. She hopped up and adjusted the top of her blue-and-yellow bikini.

"Yeah, sure!" Alicia and Tammy nodded, barely hearing anything Mrs. Demarco had said after she suggested they blow this enormous meat-stick her husband had hanging between his legs. They were practically drooling at the idea.

"Sorry, honey. I'll let Tammy and Alicia finish blowing you, they seem just about starving to eat your meat, by the looks of it..." Mrs. Demarco laughed knowingly. "Two heads are better than one! See you at quarter-of-noon, girls! Bye, darling. Be gentle with them."

Reese's pretty wife smiled and exited the office, fleet-footed as a gazelle, still wearing her string bikini, ass-and-tits jiggling very nicely.

"Girls! Good to see you look adorable. I like the shirt. Alicia...pleased to meet you! I've heard only complimentary things about you." Reese strode over to Alicia and shook her hand, his jumbo cock flopping out in front of his pressed trousers.

"Would you kindly finish what my wife started? She usually doesn't begin a blowjob she doesn't intend to finish...but today's been a hectic one!" Both girls reverently got on their knees, staring fixedly at this big, fat blow-pop they were about to suck.

"Reese...this is like the thickest cock I've ever seen up-close...ever..." Tammy gave his blow-wand a firm squeeze, the spit-slicked head of his cock swelling. Mrs. Demarco had really been sloppily slobbing her husband's knob.

"It's like one of those humungo dildos or's so freakin' big..." Alicia slid a hand down the front of her jeans, moaning softly.

"Mrs. Demarco gets to suck this monster alllllll the time...??" Tammy sounded almost hypnotized.

"That's actually how Becky and I met," Reese chuckled. "She was blowing me at a fair in Atlanta, a blowjob booth set-up like this one, and she just couldn't stop remarking about how thick she thought my cock was. She said she enjoyed sucking my dick so much that I should stop by the next day, for a free bee-jay. So, I did, she blew me again at the fair, and we exchanged numbers. I gave her a call...the rest is history! We've been married 12 years now. I've probably gotten blown almost 3,000 times by Becky. Most amazing mouth I've ever put my cock in, hands down. I never get tired of her sucking my cock dry. No one else even comes close to sucking cock like my wife does. She can stuff every inch of this cock down her throat, right to the ball-sack, no problem. She's a natural born cocksucker."

"You both met at a blowjob cute!" Tammy was looking up at Reese, she had great blowjob eyes, Reese thought. Big blue "I Swallow" eyes. Alicia was playing with herself, staring steadily at Reese's thick meat-bone.

"Well? Would you like to suck it? Blow away." Reese took a half-a-step closer to the two kneeling teens. Tammy opened her mouth and Reese put a large hand on top of her head. "Yeah, suck it good, Tammy. Becky seems to have given me blue balls, and I need you and Alicia to drain them. Blow me, girls."

"Mmmmmm..." Alicia was just cooing, as Tammy began to suck his jumbo blow-toy. She wrapped her wet lips around Reese's deliciously plump ball-sack while Tammy fellated the shaft and head. Tammy was still looking up at Reese wide-eyed, mouth over-stuffed with cockmeat, her cute little butt-crack peeking out of the top of her shorts. Reese licked his lips, looking at that creamy young ass.

"That's it, girls, blow me good. Suck this big, thick cock."

Both girls were *slobbering* on his big-pop now...sucking dick with a sloppy greed.

Reese pulled his cock out of Tammy's mouth and slapped it lazily on Alicia's face. It made a meaty, wet smacking sound.

"Now, Alicia, your turn to blow me. I want you to blow every inch of this big cock...right to the balls. Think you can do that? I love a good throatjob." Reese enjoyed talking dirty while getting his dick sucked. His wife had gotten him into dirty-talking blowjobs, really.

Alicia nodded dreamily, moaning a little louder as she played with her little pussy down the front of her jeans.

"Soooo big, ooooo...." Tammy whispered, breathlessly.

Reese put both big hands behind Alicia's head and slowly crammed every inch of his swollen cock-meat down her throat, balls resting on her chin. Alicia's eyes squirted tears as her throat was stuffed to capacity. She had never had a throat-stuffing like this before. This was the biggest dick either girl had ever sucked.

"That's it, sweetie. Goooood girl. Nice and deep, get those balls on your chin. Eat my meat. Blow me, cutie."

Reese steadily pumped Alicia's throat, as tears streamed down her face. Alicia was practically cross-eyed, her mouth full of a double-helping of thick-dick. She was woozy with blowjob lust. Tammy watched her friend getting face-fucked by this jumbo-sized suck-sausage and could hardly wait for it to be her turn. She crawled behind Reese to lick and tongue his ass, adding a complimentary rimjob to Alicia's deepest throatjob.

"Yeah, Tammy, eat my ass while Alicia blows my meat deep. Lick my asshole. You girls really know how to give a *super* double blowjob. Becky can sure pick'em! Dig your tongue in there, Tammy. Bury that pretty face in my ass...really eat it good."

Tammy buried her nose deeper into Reese's ass, tongue probing. She enjoyed giving a good, naughty rimjob. Alicia's throat was still being stuffed, wet balls slapping on her chin.

"Yes, girls, this is the way it should always be! Starting off the working day with a double blowjob/rimjob from two pretty young ladies. It's going to be a great day at the Bridgeport BJ Booth!"

Tammy and Alicia's blowjob adventures for this 4th-of-July weekend had now begun!


After Tammy and Alicia finished blowing Reese and quickly washing up in the administration lavatory (Alicia's face was covered with spit and pre-cum from the massively sloppy face-fucking she'd just had...Tammy had requested the cum-shot to swallow), they walked toward the central fairgrounds, to check-in with the H.R. crew there. To "clock-in," so-to-speak. Mrs. Demarco was ultimately responsible for paying the two girls for their blowjob services today, though.

The two girls dropped off their BJ Booth ID cards and picked up their red "BJ girl" bracelets.

"It's official!" Alicia announced. "We're sucking cock at the Bridgeport Blowjob Booth! I'm *so* in a daze right now...I'm going to get suck dick! Can you believe it?! Money for blowjobs that I would give for free anywayz!"

Tammy was distracted, looking around.

"K, Melissa, I gotta go grab something' to eat real fast, cuz I don't want to eat *right* before we start sucking cock all afternoon, we're gonna be swallowing lots of you want anything?" Tammy started walking towards the concentration of various concession stands off to the west of the fairgrounds.

"Nah, I'm good, thanx! I'll just take a walk around the fair since we have like 45 minutes 'til we gotta see Mrs. R at the Bare-naked BJ tent."

"K - but don't be late! When I did the BJ booth last year, I was right on time, but the other girl who was working that day, Mindy, was like 2 minutes late, and Mrs. Demarco *spazzzzzzed* because she's all about punctuality. Mrs. R can get pissed when someone holds her up, holy crap. So make sure you're at the BJ tent b-"

"Ok, ok! Got it. 11:45 am, on the nose. I'll see you at the BJ tent. Don't worry. Go get some ice cream or a sourdough pretzel! Seeya in a few."

"Yep, seeya in a few." Tammy eyed her carefully as she trotted off towards the large, fielded area at the north side of the park where they stabled all the horses and ponies for the Independence parade. Tammy knew that look. She was going to try and find a ride-operator or a groundskeeper or a stable-boy to blow. She was looking for dick to suck, Tammy guessed accurately.

"As long as she's on time..." Tammy really didn't want to piss Mrs. Demarco off. She was a nice woman, but man, could she spaz-out when she was mad! Tammy ran to the deluxe ice cream stand where they sold her favorite popsicle of all-time: Sponge Bob Squarepants. She was going to get 2 of them, because the BJ Booth was a special occasion. The sun was high in the sky now, almost at its zenith.


Around 10 minutes later, Tammy had finished her 2 Sponge Bob popsicles and a jumbo pretzel-with-mustard and thought she'd check out what her cock-blowing obsessed friend Melissa was up to, just in case it was interesting. She was almost always up to something interesting.

She hopped up off the bench she'd been eating on and jogged towards the north-end of the fair, long blonde hair flowing prettily behind her. More than a couple of early fair-patrons noticed this shapely blonde girl in the little white shorts trotting by. Tammy was used to the whistles; she was really something to look at.

Tammy passed both ferris-wheels and made her way over to the large stables at the northern-most boundary of the Bridgeport Fair, sweating lightly. She scanned the perimeter for Alicia. Hmmmm. No sign of her.

"It'd be kinda hard to spot her if she's on her knees, like I think she is," Tammy chuckled to herself. She'd have to look for a guy who was standing and looking down like he was getting a blowjob, she guessed. She arrived at the 1st and biggest stable's entrance and called, "Hey, Alicia? Melissa, you around?"

Didn't look like she was here. Just almost a dozen large horses, most appeared to be studs, some of them saddled, with plaits and ribbons in their manes for the parade. Tammy thought they all looked very well-fed and handsome.

"Hi, guys! Seen my friend Alicia?" She jokingly asked her equine company. "She's like, real talkative, with dark hair, sucks a lot of dick? Probably giving a good blowjob right about now?"

A few of the four-footed tenants in the stable looked at her, placidly.

"No, huh? Well, if you see her, tell her we've got to be at the BJ tent in less than 15 minutes! The blow-jobbing is about to start! Thanks."

Tammy, laughing at this goofy little convo, was turning to leave to look for Alicia over in the horse-and-pony exercise yard when she heard the soft shuffle of sneakers on hay and dirt, coming from the last stall on the left. There were muffled voices.

"Ah-ha! Found-ja!" Tammy trotted down to end stall, hearing loud, sloppy sucking noises as she got closer.

"Somebody's cock is getting blown good!" Tammy thought, vindicated.

A tall, tan stud that was unsaddled stood calmly looking ahead in the stall, hardly noticing Tammy. This show-horse was dressed with a Bridgeport Medallion around his strong, lustrous neck. She snapped open the stable door.

Alicia was on her knees, barefoot, blowing three stable boys.

"Melissa! We gotta go! We got less than 15 minutes to meet Mrs. Demarco-"

"Wow, your friend should totally join us..." One of the boys being blown looked at Tammy, impressed. Alicia's mouth was still full.

"I mean it! Mrs. Demarco's gonna be pissed...!"

"Wow, she's sexy when she's mad...does she give a good bee-jay?" Stable boy # 2 inquried,lazily jerking his spit-slicked cock off in Alicia's face while she blew his friend. She was ignoring Tammy, stubbornly sucking cock as if she wasn't standing there, waiting.

"Would you like to join us? We'd love a double bl-"

"Guys! Sorry! We have to get to the BJ Booth! We start officially sucking dick today at noon, and we're, like, running the booth!" Tammy was frantically trying to move things along here.

Alicia popped the erect penis out of her mouth that she was she eagerly slurping on before Tammy interrupted and rolled her eyes.

"Sheesh, Kris! Ok! Ok! I'm coming!" She hopped up off her knees, quickly putting her shoes back on.

"It's just Mrs. Demarco can get really pissed when someone is la-"

"Awwww, c'mon! No more blowjob?" The three stable boys were deeply disappointed.

"Alicia, we have to go...NOW." Tammy started walking toward the exit of the stable.

"I can suck your dicks at the fair later, it's only 30 bucks for a group bee-jay..." Alicia was apologetic and felt cheated, too. She wanted to blow more stable boy cock.

"Duuuuude, I really wanted to cum in your mouth...such a good blowjob..."

"I've never had my dick sucked that good before; have you, dude?"

"She is totally spec-tack-yoo-lar at sucking cock..."

"Hey, can we have your number? We can have a blowjob party!"

"We gotta go guys! Pre-blowjobbing pep-talk! Blow ya later?" Alicia dusted the hay off her knees, then waved to the boys. She started jogging, following her friend. Tammy was already half-running toward the south-central direction of the fair, where the Blowjob Booth was located.

"Awwwww!" The three stable dudes pouted simultaneously. They reluctantly pulled their shorts up, tucking their shirts back in and dragging their heels. A blowjob like the one Alicia administered came along once-or-twice in a lifetime.


Alicia caught up to Tammy, panting a little. Tammy was skipping hyperactively. She was a lively girl.

"Jeez you run fast! Slow down! I've still got spit all over my face from blowing those three guys!" She didn't want to start sucking dick this afternoon totally winded.

"I do *not* wanna be late to meet Mrs. Demarco at our pre-blowjobbing pep-talk. I don't want to get her pissed." Tammy slowed her fast run, just a little. "Take a left, this way."

"It's a good thing those stable boys showed up, really. I think I may have started sucking horse cock if I didn't find any guys..."

"Are you serious?! You were thinking about blowing a horse? Do you know how much shoots out when they cu-"

"I know, I know! Still...kinda intriguing tho, rite?"

Off the two girls went toward the BJ booth, giggling and racing by a concession stand where two men were just grabbing their order of 6 chilidogs, two sides of onion rings, and a couple sodas.

"Dude! Holy shit, did you see those two chicks?"

Both men ogled the two cute teen girls as they zoomed by, necks practically on a swivel, gobbling up their delicious tits n' ass show they were unwittingly putting on as they ran. Everything was bouncing in all the right places with these two teens.

"That blonde girl's ass is gonna burst right out those little shorts if she keeps running like that! Boy... damn, b*o. Now -that's- an ass. I'd eat that ass for lunch. Just bend her over butt-naked and dig my t-"

"Yo, that brunette girl has that "I Just Wanna Suck Dick All Day" look on her face, didjoo see that? She's got some dick-sucking lips on her...pretty face too, no question. My, my, my." The second man whistled, impressed.

The first dude snapped his fingers, struck with an epiphany. The sodas jostled precariously.

"Oh, snaps, son! I'll bet you a six-pack those two little chicks are the BJ girls at the Booth today! Did you see what it said on that fine-ass blonde girl's shirt? 'I Swallow'. Dude. They're suckin' dick all afternoon, I gotta get blown by that blonde one. I love a pretty girl with a great ass. It's only like fifteen-or-twenty-bucks-a-BJ! Those girl are foooine!"

"You think so? They're doing that BJ Booth thing today? Those two foxy little girls? How old are they-"

"b*o, every year they have *the finest* pieces-of-ass sucking cock for the BJ Booth, don't ask me how they do it. They only get really fly girls to give bee-jays at this fair; there's like a screening process, I swear."

"Dawg, I'm down. Hells-yeah! Let's finish up these snacks right-quick and go get our dicks sucked. Whoop-whoop! That brunette cocksucker's all mine, my friend. I can tell she's a born blowjob-pro just by looking at that sexy face." He snatched a bite of chilidog, distractedly dreaming of his impending dream-blowjob.

Both men started walking briskly toward the south-east side of the fair, hurriedly wolfing-down 'dogs and rings so they could enjoy their blowjobs as-soon-as-possible. It was close to blowjob kick-off time.


Both girls arrived at quarter-to-noon on-the-mark inside of the Bare-naked Blowjob tent, slipping in through the partitioned back entrance, where the large crowd wouldn't cause a commotion upon their arrival. The girls were nearly out of breath, hair wild. They were excited.

"Girls! Right on time! Come take a seat; just a few things I want to review before we start sucking cock this afternoon." Mrs. Demarco was looking as energetic and well-kept as always, still wearing the string bikini she blew her husband in earlier. She handed them each a bottle of Fiji water and didn't even seem to notice the frenzy Tammy and Alicia were just in to make the meeting on time.

"Ooooo, sucking cock..." Tammy mused out-loud.

"Yay!" Alicia squawked. "Blowjobs for the next 8-and-a-half hours!" She and Tammy traded excited glances. They were enthused; this meant lots of dick to suck, and lots of money to split.

"I'm so glad it was the two of you who were cleared by the

Pre-lim. App's. to be my BJ girls for the day, I know I can count on you. You're both great cocksuckers and have a good attitude. That's important."

"We're *so* pumped to be sucking cock with you today, Mrs. Demarco, you're like our idol, seriously," Alicia commented, sincerely.

"You've sucked more dick than both of us put together and are like totally famous for your blowjobs. We are really excited to be giving BJs with you today." Tammy nodded in agreement.

"Awww! Thank you!" Mrs. Demarco smiled happily and sighed. "Tammy I have heard nothing but complimentary things about your performance at last year's BJ Booth. It was a pleasure sucking dick with you. Most lucrative first-year BJ girl we've ever had! Reese said you brought in over $3,000 last year, in solo bee-jays alone one Saturday last Labor Day weekend? Very nicely done. And what's this I hear about you winning the Blowjob Bonanza at school? $5,000 and a BJ score of '10'(!!) That's just spectacular." Mrs. Demarco patted Tammy's knee warmly. Tammy gave a big smile, flattered.

"He also said the blowjob you gave him this morning was terrific. Doesn't he have, just a *great* cock? Mmmm, I love it. I wish I was slurping that big cock-and-balls combo right now..." Mrs. Demarco licked her lips for humorous emphasis.

"His cock is totally hu-MUNGO! I was slobbering on it like I was a cock-starved blowjob slut! If he ever needs another bee-jay, you've got my cell; I'd miss class to blow his big meat-stick again!"

Tammy's eyes were wide, remembering the girth of Mrs. Demarco's husband's big sausage and how it plugged her whole throat while she was blowing him. Quite a throat-stuffer. "I ate his ass a little, too. I think Alicia liked blowing him even more than me, if that's possible."

Alicia nodded and put a hand to her forehead.

"Omigoshhhh his cock is mondo-thick. I just wanted to suck it for an hour straight, I want it all to myself...Mrs. Demarco you're so luckyyyy..."

"I usually blow Reese 8 to 10 times a week. I've never grown tired of sucking his big dick. My husband's hung like a farm a****l."

Both teens sighed. Big-cock blowjobs were always over too soon.

"Alicia, this is your first BJ Booth...have you ever sucked cock for an organized event like this before? It can take some pacing and experience. Endurance is important when sucking this many dicks in-a-row."

"I'm totally up for it, Mrs. D.! I've only sucked three...whoops, six dicks today and I'm totally fresh. I'm ready to blow, blow blow!"

Tammy and Alicia exchanged amused, furtive glances again, remembering the blowbang in the stables.

"Please let me know if you need a break from sucking cock, I'll be happy to fill-in. It's very important that each of your bee-jays be of stellar quality. No complacent, head-bobbing blowjobs, ok! Don't be a bobble-head! Only great BJ technique and lots of eye-contact with the customers you blow. Shake your ass a little!"

"For sure!" both girls concurred. They were here to blow some meat and make some loot!

"Please let me know if there are any safety issues or guys trying to get their dicks sucked for free. We'll have plenty of security on today. These guys are great, really experienced and level-headed. I just sucked one of their dicks 20 minutes ago at set-up, and they've worked the BJ Booth security many times before. Good guys. We're gonna have a blast today! This is a big weekend, so while I want you to have fun blowing customers, remember that we're here to cash in on this '4th crowd! There's no reason why each of you can't bring in at least $2,500-$3,000 a-piece tonight!"

"Oh, yeah! This is your first year back in awhile, there's gonna be lots more people showing up just to see you, Mrs. Demarco...dope!" Alicia clapped auspiciously.

"That's right, we're gonna have a nice turn-out today. So be ready to suck some cock and swallow lots of cum!" Mrs. Demarco, as was her sprightly nature, suddenly shot up off her lounge chair and glanced at the large-display digital clock over the tent entrance.

"Whoa! I gotta get ready. I need to pee and lose this bikini before customers start piling in here." She raced over to her personal restroom, hastily untying her bikini-top.

"You girls go to your BJ stations! There's already quite a line out there." Mrs. R. was brushing her auburn hair quickly, with vigor. She was a vigorous woman.

"Oh, one more thing!" She had barely taken a breath since shooting out of her seat. Tammy and Alicia both turned around, expectantly.

"Have FUN...and blow'em away, balls-and-all!" Mrs. Demarco make a giving-a-blowjob gesture with her hand and mouth, bugging her eyes out a little because of the imaginary penis.

"Thanx Mrs. D.!"

Both girls hooted like pretty little Indian braves and ran out to their blowjob chairs, each with their respective in-blowjob-action pictures posted at the head of their roped-in lines. An broad, appreciative cheer shot up from the crowd of 80-or-so men that had come early to secure a place in line before the zoo of blowjob-seekers really showed up. They had inspected the various posted blowjob pictures of each girl closely, and chosen their line accordingly. A crowd of almost 150 waited in joyous anticipation outside of Becky Demarco's tent, and the blowjobs hadn't even begun. A gaggle of girlfriends and wives stood on the sidelines with cameras and cell phones poised to film their boyfriends' and husbands' blowjobs for them.

There was an air of excitement this 4th-of-July weekend, the trio of cocksuckers that made up today's Blowjob Booth was a highly anticipated and exciting combination for blowjob fans. Alicia and Tammy waved to the crowd excitedly. The blowjob booth was about to begin.


Reese had arrived, at noon sharp, megaphone in-hand, to give a brief preamble to this afternoon's blowjob antics. He was handsomely dressed, and ready for this growing Independence Day crowd.

"Gentlemen! Welcome to the Bridgeport Blowjob Booth! I'll make this short, I know you've all got one thing on your mind...a blowjob from a beautiful woman! And they -are- beautiful....whooo!" Reese tipped his hat at Tammy and Alicia, smiling broadly.

"They're ready for cocks to suck...are you ready for a great blowjob?!"

The fresh crowd cheered mightily, joyfully; hats flipped into the bright summer sky.

"Let's get these girls blowing, then!" Another roar of approval and glee.

Reese took off his Ray-Ban sunglasses, grinned, and addressed the crowd with a closing friendly note.

"Please, if this is your first time at our Blowjob Booth, or if you have any questions, refer to our 7 or 8 easy-to-follow rules, as displayed right over here, to the right of our lovely BJ girl, Alicia. This sign sums-it-up for all you new fish! Or, feel free to ask me or any of our fine security staff wearing the bright orange 'BJB' shirts. " Security waved jovially.

Reese gestured toward the large black-and-white Bridgeport Blowjob Booth Rules sign that was prominently displayed in the relative center of the blowjob fanfare. The sign was freshly painted, and a dozen or so men were already reading it with interest. A few of their wives took pictures, to show their out-of-state friends.



Cum-Swallowing BJs!

1 Blowjob = $20

1 Bare-naked Blowjob = $30

Group Blowjobs, 2 to 4 Customers

Blown Simultaneously = $40

We Ask That You Please Follow These Guidelines At Our BJ Booth:

1.) Please, no pictures or video while waiting in line for a blowjob. You are welcome to take pictures and video if you are not waiting in line. To be fair to other customers, please --do not-- photograph or film while waiting in line. This expedites each customer to his blowjob in a more orderly fashion, without questions or arguments arising of who is, and who is not, in line. If you'd like, someone may photograph or film you receiving your blowjob, as long as they are a reasonable (use good judgement-5 feet at least) distance away from you and the Blowjob Booth girl performing the BJ. Please, no P.O.V blowjob shots. Our girls shouldn't be crowded!

2.) Please do not try to ejaculate on your BJ girl's face or body, all semen will be swallowed, only. Each girl will gladly swallow your semen, please ejaculate fully in her mouth. This keeps each BJ girl looking good (Facials get messy!) and also cuts down on time spent cleaning up so that the next customer can more speedily receive his blowjob from a fresh-looking BJ girl.

3.) Please remain seated in the provided chair until the conclusion of your blowjob. Group blowjobs are an exception, of course. The customers being blown in a Group Blowjob may remain standing as directed by their BJ girl. Let our girls do all the work! They are the best in the business, and know exactly what they're doing. After you ejaculate in your BJ girl's mouth, she will clean your penis of any remaining semen or spit with her tongue and mouth. This will conclude your blowjob. Group blowjobs of 2 cost the same as group blowjobs of 4 ($40-a-group).

4.) Please, no double blowjobs, or group blowjobs after 4 pm. We get the greatest demand for one-on-one blowjobs starting late-afternoon. If you are in a group that would like to be blown together, please do so before 4 pm. Our girls will service one penis at a time only starting at this time.

5). You may choose any of the three lines for any of the three BJ girls. Once you have chosen a line, you *May Not* change lines/BJ girls, or you will forfeit your place in line. It is our aim to serve all customers their desired blowjob equally. Group Blowjob seekers, please wait in the same line, and you will receive your blowjob when the first member of your party is at the head of the line. Please help us make everyone's BJ Booth experience easy and fun!

6). The "Bare-naked Blowjob" is our most exciting blowjob! It is an additional $10 for this special BJ. The customer will receive a

to-completion blowjob (Semen swallowed, of course!) inside the "BNBJ" tent from our totally-nude BJ girl (Only one-on-one blowjobs inside the Bare-naked Blowjob tent, please). This blowjob is our most coveted, erotic blowjob possible. Your penis will be sucked thoroughly by a professional BJ girl (A minimum of 5 years working at the Bridgeport BJ Booth is required for a BJ girl to qualify as a BNBJ girl) who is superior to other BJ girls in technique and experience. The BNBJ girl is a truly gifted fellatrix, and performs her blowjobs nude to provide additional visual excitement for our customers. Enjoy your nude blowjob!

**This year's most anticipated Bare-Naked BJ girl is the amazing, world-famous Becky Demarco! She will be performing Bare-naked Blowjobs 4th-of-July weekend (Fri, Sat, & Sun) --ONLY--! Don't miss your chance to receive one of the most legendary blowjobs in the world for only $30 (!!!)

7). Last but not least, have FUN! That's what you're here for. Our girls love sucking cock! Pick the BJ girl that suits your fancy, sit back, and enjoy a truly *magic* cum-swallowing blowjob!

Reese stepped down from the podium, and 3 extra-large men, working security, unclipped the ropes at the head of each line. Each of these men were equipped with a sidearm, which had thus-far never been necessary at a Blowjob Booth here in Bridgeport. They sported dark shades, and serious muscle. All eyes were on the girls, now.


Tammy's first blowjob customer of the day was a man who looked to be in his mid-thirties. He paid security, and walked towards Tammy briskly, un-tucking his shirt.

"Hi, how are you today!" Tammy kneeled on her BJ pillow as her first patron took a seat.

"Darling, I'm terrific. You're beautiful. I've been waiting all summer for this, no k**ding. My name's Tyler."

"Well, Tyler! Nice to meet you. I'm glad you're excited to get your dick sucked!" She unzipped his shorts, wiggling her butt on her heels.

"That's quite an ass you've got there...only makes the blowjob even better. Please, suck away."

"Thank you! I'm *so* ready." Tammy began her first official blowjob of the day, happily sliding Tyler's cock all the way down her warm throat.

"Whoo-ee! Damn, baby. You can suck dick, alright. I'm not gonna last long in this pretty little mouth..."

Tammy's head bobbed up and down on his shaft steadily, perfectly paced. She'd had plenty of practice.

20 feet away Alicia was just swallowing her 1st customer's load of cum; a college k** who had blown his wad ont her tongue after just 45 seconds in her luscious mouth. Alicia gulped down his nut-butter, then cleaned his cock thoroughly with her lips and tongue. She was really enjoying herself. She'd sucked 5 dicks today already, counting Mr. Horse.

Both girls continued warming up, steadily sucking a new dick every 3-4 minutes, tops. Customer's didn't stand a chance of holding out any longer before emptying their balls in their pretty BJ girl's mouth. Middle-aged men, college k**s, computer nerds and poindexters alike all got their dicks sucked dry by these two talented BJ girls. All cocks were blown equally.


A good-sized crowd of spectators had grown, observing the two cocksuckers at work. Cell phone cameras were snapping and video footage was being recorded for friends who didn't have the good fortune to watch this delicious blowjob-happy spectacle for themselves.

A group of 4 wives were gathered off to the right of all three lines, waiting for their husbands to receive their blowjobs.

"Kurt and I have made it here every year at least once during the summer for the last 5 years...he really likes getting his dick sucked by these BJ girls. I think it's a waste of money, but whatever...I gotta say these girls can blow some *cock*."

"Oh, Barry too. He's obsessed." The second woman, wearing a pretty olive sundress and wide-brimmed straw hat, rolled her eyes exaggeratedly.

"Always wants a bee-jay. I'm glad someone else will suck his dick dry for him today, I'm just like -yeck- with this heat."

The third and forth women that were waiting for their husbands' dicks to be sucked were watching Alicia blow two men simultaneously, oo-ing and ahh-ing at her bottomless throat.

"How old is that dark-haired girl? Holy-moly she can suck a dick! She's blowing them both to the balls...!" The third wife observed aloud, stunned. "If I had a penis, I'd let her suck it for sure."

"These chicks each suck more dick in a month than the three of us do put together all year, probably. They've had lots of good practice."

"I know, but wow, how does she deep-throat like that? She's eating that thing, practically!"

Alicia was getting a deep face-fucking, and not batting an eye. The two excited men were aggressively giving her a hard throat-stuffing.

One of the women, impressed, snapped a pic with her cell phone.

"I gotta show Becky this. She thinks she's the best cocksucker around. All she brags about is how many men she blows and how they all rant and rave she's the greatest at sucking dick in her office building. She's never seen this little chick. She's a pro!"

"How often have you been blowing your husband, Rhonda? I usually suck Barry's cock 3 or 4 times a week." Brittany pulled some Neutrogena SPF-70 sun-block out of her purse, popping the cap open.

Rhonda considered for a moment.

"I blow Rick, probably...twice a week, I'd say? He'd like a blowjob every day, but sucking dick is tiring after all the soccer practices and piano lessons and dinner-making and cleaning the house...I'm glad he can get his cock sucked by a surrogate cocksucker once-in-a-while. He likes it. Gives me a break, too."

"Ooo, she's gonna swallow it!"

The four women craned their necks a little, standing tip-toe, to see Alicia coax her 24th cum-load of the day onto her tongue. She gulped it down merrily.

"Slut! These chicks must swallow *buckets* of cum!" Rhonda laughed, with mild disbelief. "I'd get a stomach-ache, swallowing all that ball-batter."

"Me too. I blew 4 guys at a party Greg and I went to a few years ago at the Cape on a dare, and I got a little bit of indigest-"

"Trish, swallowing lots of cum doesn't give you indigestion, c'mon! It was probably all the booze you were drinking before you started sucking cock like a dick-sucking blowjob-whore! I've sucked plenty of dick and never had an upset stomach. It's psychological."

"It does so! I've never had an upset stomach from sucking cock until I blew and swallowed four men in-a-row. Ask Greg!"

"Ok, ok. Everybody's different. I still think it's psychological. Never happened to me."

The four talkative women continued to watch Alicia and Tammy's cock-sucking performance with interest, chatting about their cock-sucking prowess and taking mental blowjob notes from these two girls who were half their age.


It was nearing 2 when Tammy had her first 4-man blowbang of the day. She'd sucked around 35 dicks or so by now and was feeling a good BJ-rhythm starting to build.

The 4-man quadruple-BJ was purchased by a rambunctious group of black men, they each wanted a wet dick-sucking by a good-looking white chick. Tammy met all their criteria.

"Damn mang, 'dis blonde bitch has got the booty, you see dat? She got dumps like a truck, cuzzin'!"

"Hells-yeah she fine! She got the face too; all pretty and shit. Let's get our dicks sucked good, whoday. Saddle-up, pard'ner. Love dem blondes dat suck good dick."

The four men paid security cheerfully and approached Tammy, who was waiting on her knees for the next customer, patiently.

"Baby, baby, baby. You lookin' fine tonite, mmm, mmm, mmm." The first black man had his cock out already, jacking it, fluffing it up to really stuff Tammy's mouth good. "You 'bout to make a nigga wanna propose n' shit!"

"I propose she suck my big black cockmeat...and swallow dat load!" The second blowjob-seeking black man opined.

"Whoa!" Tammy held her breath. The four men all un-zipped and flopped their fat black cocks out, right in front of her face. One was twirling his meat-stick, enticing her to blow his meat first.

"Sumthin' wrong, girl? You suck black dick?" The tall b*****r with the do-rag inquired.

", nothing's wrong at all. It's just...I" Tammy's face had turned a little pallid with the rapacious desire to drain these fat, dark sausages. She wanted to suck these big black dicks *dry*.

"Das rite, baby. Little white girls like you love you some big black meat, huh."

"I'm gonna give you guys such wet, cock-slobbering blowjobs, omigosh..." Tammy licked her lips and pulled off her tank-top, she wanted to suck these big black dicks topless.

"You gott'un azz on you, little girl, damns. Lookit shorty's butt, D-Loc, dat birf-day cake is *stuff-t* in dem little shorts..."

"Dawg, I'm alla'bout dat white booty, and'dis here white girl's a whooty, most def...she goan sukkit correct, I kin feel it.."

Tammy began blowing the 4 black men simultaneously, stuffing each serving of big dark-meat into her wet mouth at once, sucking messily on the 4 bulbous cock-heads.

All four of her African-American customers were hollering disruptively with approval.

"Oh, shit, Rottie...! 'Dis little chicken likes to help-herr-self! She gobblin' all dat black cock cafeteria-style! Blow it, baby. Yeahhhh..."

Tammy was blowing these big black cocks like a dick-sucking blowjob gladiator...the four b*****rs stood there getting their meat pumped and sucked, jaws agape.

"Dawg! Dawg! She can suck herr-self some *cock*! Mmmm, lil' miss muffin givin' me dat job...dat done-right big-girl blow-JOB!" Rottie snapped his fingers, hugely entertained with this little blonde cock-sucking champion.

"I love sucking these big black dicks...I love gargling this fat ball-sack, ooooo...I'm gonna suck it so goooood and deeeeep..." Tammy was aching between her legs, gobbling these four black cock-pops. She was salivating like a blowjob-addicted suck-goblin.

"I just wanna suck big black cock all dayyyyy, blowing big, thick meat..."

"Damn, girl, you suck a good dick. Dass da joint, right here. Do your daddy know you suck dick so good?"

Two girls who were waiting to film their boyfriends getting blown were standing directly to the right of Becky Demarco's BJ tent, watching Tammy intently. A great view was allowed from this location at the BJ Booth, and they studied Tammy's blowjob gymnastics studiously. They were envious.

"Tiffany, she is sucking sooooo much black cock. She's giving this, like, totally extraterrestrial blowbang right now...she's sucking dick topless and looks fuckin' gorgeous..." Melissa was jealous.

"Did you see how she just stuffed all that black meat in her mouth at the same time? How do you suck 4 big black dicks, all at once? My jaw would, like, lock or something." Tiffany shook her head.

"So much black cock..."

"She should be, like, on David Letterman or something. She is a dick-sucking prodigy, totally."

"Oh, totally."

Both girls shook their heads this time.

"And look at that other blowjob slut, over there!"

Melissa pointed toward Alicia, who was chugging down a 45 year-old man's cock-popsicle while his wife filmed her husband getting his dick sucked. His wife was down on one knee, really trying to get the blowjob angle right as Alicia blew her husband impressively. They both wanted to be able to view this BJ later.

"That chick is gonna pop his freakin' balls inside-out with how hard she's sucking that thing! His penis is gonna get a permanent hickey from all that sucking she's giving the cock-head!"

Alicia was blowing this woman's husband in just her bra and panties, now. The heat of the sun and the exertion from performing over 40 blowjobs made her wary of dehydration. She had swallowed plenty of thick cum, which would tide her over until her break at three.

The two young girls went back to watching Tammy, as she finished up her group-BJ with the four black men.

"She's a swallower...she's gonna swallow, I'm so mad..."

"She's chugging that cum, mmmm, he's really blowing a fat load, isn't he..."

"Sucking big black cock, swallowing 4 cum-loads..."

"WE should work the BJ booth next year, I can learn to suck dick like that! Melissa, we gotta practice. Let's totally make it a goal to blow at The Booth next year..."


Both girls talked excitedly while Tammy swallowed the last load of cum.

"Baby-girl, I ain't nev-uh, NEV-UH had a dick-suckin' like dat. You done sucked my cock limp-as-shrimp, sweetie-pie." D-Loc zipped his big, black blow-wand up, shaking his head with wonder.

"She jus'bout popped my right ball, blowing me so thorough."

Rottie gave his do-raggled homeboy JT a pound.

"Dat was rite, shuh-ga. *Real* rite."

Tammy was still on her knees, eyes wide, her right hand down the front of her shorts. She was hot and wet; blowing black cock got her pussy *steaming*, every time.

"I'll suck your cocks anytime you want, guys. Blowjobs, rimjobs, anything. That was so rad. If you ever need a good BJ, just give me a call. I can't blow enough black cock...sooo big and tasty..." Tammy took a deep breath, enamored.

She jumped up off her knees nimbly and quickly typed her cell number into Rottie's bling'en phone.

"Call me anytime...I'll suck your dicks dry for free; that was amazing."

"Baby, you gotchore-seff a deal! You give a BJ like a blowjob-sorceress! Sho'nuff. Sho-E-nuff"

"Mad skills blowing my pipe, boo-boo. Mad skills." D-Loc gave Tammy a hug, her naked breasts pressing into his Knick's jersey.

"Peace, baby-girl. Give you a call on dat cellular."

"We out, princess. Thanks for the *dyno* knob-job."

"Payce, girl! I'm gonna needta break off dat mouf again rite quick...Imma call you..."

"Dawg, we beat dat mouf UP!"

"Bye, guys! See-ya later!"

Tammy waved good-bye to the four black men she had just blown and then got on her knees, eager as ever to blow the next customer of the day.


Neil was a 21 year old college student at Johnson & Wales who had stopped by the Bridgeport Fair -specifically- for the Blowjob Booth event. He had just transferred from USC this spring and had heard just about every guy in his dorm raving about the $20 blowjobs at the Bridgeport Fair every summer. Since he had a work-study program here just outside of the city, he was conveniently in town for the blow-fest here at the Bridgeport Fair. Neil was a tremendous fan of blowjobs, and had heard these girls were not only greatly adept at sucking dick and swallowing cum, but were also, as a requirement, smoking hot. Good-looking cocksuckers? Neil wasn't going to miss this event, no sir.

He had arrived at about 3 pm and had been waiting in line for an hour behind about 15-20 other BJ-seeking customers in the Bare-naked Blowjob line. He had heard of Becky Demarco, even just being here 3 short months, and badly wanted to experience one of her mythically satisfying blowjobs for himself. He had seen pictures of her online for her Blowjob Championships she'd won awhile ago in Los Angeles, and she was lookin' *fine*.

After a long wait, Neil was finally at the head of the line, just woozy for a really good dick-sucking. He impatiently watched the large, muscle-bound doorman with the shaved head at the entrance to the tent, waiting for his turn. He noticed the gripped silver handgun in a leather holster on this muscleman's belt. The bouncer stroked his pirate-black goatee and peered in the tent after just 2 minutes, and motioned Neil over.

"Your turn, buddy! Watch've never had a BJ like this before, b*o, believe me," The large man chuckled heartily, his chest shaking impressively.

The hulk deposited Neil's $30 in a tidy cashbox on the small card table to his right. "She sucks a really mean dick, m'man."

"I'm, uh, hoping so. I've heard." Neil straightened his baseball cap and tried to look calm. He was so excited to get his cock sucked by this meat-blowing beauty that he was near conniptions. The bouncer clapped his back chummily, ushering him toward his most unforgettable blowjob experience.

Neil slipped into the BNBJ tent, the doorman holding open the opaque curtain that hung in the entryway of the tent for privacy.

Mrs. Demarco was just finishing wiping her face with a towel; her nude, tan body glistening with a healthy sheen of sweat. Neil immediately felt a zing of fresh excitement and popped a healthy boner, involuntarily. Damn, those pictures on the net weren't touch-up bullshit, she was gorgeous. He was going to get his dick sucked by -this- beautiful woman? Holy shitballs! There was a fan lazily swishing back and forth in the corner of the tent, making a lulling "zzzzzzzzz" by the small fridge provided for Mrs. Demarco's in-between-blowjob breaks.

Her last customer, a messy-haired college k** looking dazed with a goofy grin on his face, shuffled past Neil remarking "Far-out, man. Totally far-out." Neil smiled widely. He could imagine. He had butterflies in his stomach.

"Here for a bare-naked blowjob?" Mrs. Demarco smiled at Neil, taking his hand. She led him over to the plush Lazy Boy that was provided for the blowjob-recipient, her bountiful ass bouncing jauntily as she walked ahead of him. She turned Neil to face her, looking in his eyes saucily.

"Take your shoes off, relax! Get your dick sucked!" She kindly ribbed.

Mrs. Demarco half-pushed, half-sat Neil down and positioned her kneeling-pillow between his spread legs on the deep, cream-colored carpet.

"Oh, ok. Sorry. This is my first time in the Blowjob Tent." Neil untied his shoes and took his belt off.

"I can tell!" Mrs. Demarco smiled warmly, taking a sip of bottled water. She tilted her head to the side. "What I provide here is a dick-sucking you'll never forget, in the nude. You don't have to do a thing! Ready to get your cock sucked dry, k**?"

"Uh, yeah. Definitely." Neil sat rigidly in the recliner, a little nervous. "This kinda looks like a living room in here. I like it," he said dumbly.

"Yep! It's comfy. We're all alone in here. You can imagine being in your own living room in here, getting your meat blown! Do you have a girlfriend who sucks your cock regularly for you?"Mrs. Demarco pulled her hair back in a sexy little ponytail with an orange hair-tie.

"No, not at the moment." Neil was enjoying looking in her eyes. She was a very pretty woman.

"Well, that's what I'm here for! I'll suck that cock so good, you'll be set for the rest of the month on blowjobs. I suck great cock." Mrs. Demarco winked at Neil. "It's important for a young man like you to get a good ball-draining blowjob on a regular basis. Helps your relaxation level."

"You're really hot. I mean, beautiful. You're beautiful."

"You think so? Thank you! I'm a hot piece of ass, if I do say so myself." Mrs. Demarco wiggled her ample buttocks flirtatiously in front of Neil's face, then joggled her tits playfully, bouncing them together. They were mouth-watering. Neil was staring at her curvaceous hips and ass, studying this pretty woman who was about to blow him. Mrs. Demarco had a smooth, well-toned stomach. His erection was *throbbing* now.

"Let's get this bad-boy out and blow it! Drain these balls!" She kneeled in front of him, ass stuck prominently in the air. Neil liked the way her full breasts looked, pressed into the seat of the recliner between his legs. She unzipped his Abercrombie cargo shorts and yanked them off, along with his boxers, licking her lips. Neil pulled his Quicksilver shirt off.

"This is the 46th dick I'm going to suck today, and it's only 4 pm! I suck cock until 8:30 tonight."

"Wow, that's a lot of dicks to suck in one day. You must've made a lot of money so far. What time did you start giving blowjobs?" Neil was babbling.

"That's nothing'! I've sucked almost 250 cocks to-completion about 10 years ago, in one day at the fair! That was a lot of cum to swallow...I started sucking dick at about 12:15 today." Mrs. Demarco pulled out Neil's terrifically engorged meat-stick and squeezed the base firmly.

"Now I'm gonna suck your dick..." She engulfed Neil's blow-wand with her full, wet lips and swallowed it down to the ball-sack with a smooth "Schluuuuuup!"

"I, uh..." Neil had never been blown like this before. This lady was a really hungry cocksucker. It was a supernatural feeling, this silky-wet blowjob. He immediately recognized her mouth as being in a league light years beyond the handful of girls that had blown him at college parties. College girls sometimes sucked good dick, and they usually swallowed willingly, but the attentive expertise wasn't there. This blowjob was mesmerizing. His meat was getting so sloppily devoured...

"I'm gonna blow this pipe soooo gooooood..." Mrs. Demarco was practically *eating* his meat, slurping and swallowing it to the ball-sack and back, tits pressed firmly against Neil's thighs.

Neil took shallow breaths, eyes fixed on this voluptuous cock-blowing fiend kneeling in front of him. And she -was- a fiend, she was inhaling his meat-toy, blowing it with enchantment, savoring it like true love. Her head bobbed up and down, sucking his aching meat with such fantastic wet suction and steady pressure. She was *gobbling* his cock down.

Neil's balls were tightening quickly, his cock had been getting sucked for only about 60- seconds. He usually experienced trouble blowing his load in a girl's mouth, even though he relished blowjobs above intercourse.

"Cum in my mouth, baby. Blow a fat load of ball-batter right on my tongue..." Mrs. Demarco looked up at him with big, doe-like blowjob eyes. Her nipples were hard, her mouth wetly salivating. Her lips, tongue, and mouth continued to expertly pump his meat.

"I've never had my dick sucked like this...not ever...mmmm what a blowjob..." Neil was feeling dizzy and his mind swam; such a dreamy blowjob from such a sexy cocksucker. He gazed at her slick, nude body and her pretty bobbing head.

Mrs. Demarco stuffed Neil's whole cock down her deep, deep throat and suckled his swollen ball-sack into her mouth simultaneously. She crammed his meat and ball-sack both into her slutty cocksucker's mouth. She sucked all the cock-and-balls Neil had to offer with one big, sloppy "Slurrrrrrp, slurrrrrrrrrp, slogggggggggg," pussy wet, moaning lowly. She was playing with her trim little pussy, blowing this college boy's meat on her knees. Mrs. Demarco loved sucking cock.

Neil's cock grew ultimately, improbably stiff and his balls and prostate were fully-loaded.

"Yeah...oh, man, I'm gonna c-"

Neil pumped hot, thick cum into Mrs. Demarco's mouth, a double-gulp load of nut-mustard he had been saving up for this most-coveted, ball-draining BJ Queen.


Mrs. Demarco moaned while gulping down this thick milkshake-of-a-load, swallowing cum for the 46th time today.

"Whoa...." Neil's cock spurted a few last drops of cum from the bottom of his balls and prostate, and his body went pleasantly limp in the deep recliner.

Mrs. Demarco continued to slurp softly on his cock's shaft and head, cleaning it with her mouth. She sucked a small drop of cum from the slick, spit-drenched head, squeezing just below the glans to extract every last drop of ball-batter. Her pussy ached, wet and hot. Blowjobs always got her hot; sucking dick was a compulsion for this cock-sucking aficionado.

"How's that for a good ball-draining blowjob!" Mrs. Demarco smiled at Neil, and gave his ball-sack at wet kiss.

"That was amazing. That was totally...rad. I, uh, thanks." Neil blinked, finally remembering to breath regularly. He looked at the woman who had just swallowed his cum. Such a pretty woman. He wouldn't forget this blowjob; he wasn't sure it had really happened. Whoa.

"No sweat! Thank you for giving me such a stiff pipe to blow! That's quite a boner you popped've got a hard-on like a rock, wow. When was the last time you got your dick sucked?"

"I haven't been blown for over a month, so I've just been jacking off to blowjob porn..."

"Blowjob porn! Ha, ha! You need the real thing. That dick needs sucking more often, by the looks of those blue-balls you had, coming in here." Mrs. Demarco cupped his ball-sack and gave it a friendly tug.

"That was hands-down the best blowjob I have ever had, ever heard about, or ever imagined. I never cum that fast from blowjobs. That was like you flipped a switch on my penis with your tongue. How do you make your throat feel like that? It feels 10 times better than the tightest, wettest pussy." Neil was feeling a tremendously pleasant post-blowjob euphoria.

"Practice, k**. I've sucked a couple thousand dicks in the last 25 years, and every dick I suck, I learn a little more, I get a little better at blowing cock! I consider cock-sucking to be an art form. Blowjobs are one of the most important skills in America. Girls are starting to learn that. Blowing a professor or boss can get you farther than studying or hard work ever will!"

"It sounds like you really take blowjobs seriously. I know it sure felt that way when you were blowing me. Thanks again." Neil stood up, unsteady, still a little dizzy from the hallowed BJ he had just received, and grabbed his clothes.

"Sucking dick is my passion! My avocation. I used to give blowjobs for a living. I've sucked cock at fairs in over 15 states. Blown lots of boys for lots of cash! It's been a blast."

Mrs. Demarco got up off her knees, stretching and grabbed a paper towel, wiping the spit off her chin and breasts. Her nude body was quite a form to behold. She opened the fridge and grabbed a blueberry Yoplait Yogurt cup. She peeled the cap.

"Glad you enjoyed your bee-jay! I'll be here tomorrow as well, if you want a really good dick-sucking again!"

"That was totally worth it. I'll keep that in mind. You are terrific. Damn." Neil plopped his Boston Red Sox cap back on, shaking his head in mild awe.

"Thanks again for the cum!" Mrs. Demarco waved to Neil, walking after him to the entrance of the Bare-naked Blowjob Tent for the next customer to blow. Neil stepped out into the perfect 73 degree weather and grinned to the next blowjob customer waiting in line, "Far-out, man. Totally far-out." The gorilla-sized doorman gave a hearty chuckle at this routine; he had heard it more than a few times today.

Mrs. Demarco poked her head out of the tent and chirped, "Who's next to have his cock sucked! Who's the lucky guy getting blown next! C'mon in!"


As Tammy, Alicia, and Becky sucked cock into the late afternoon and into the evening, the crowd provided a steady supply of dicks to suck and cum-loads to swallow for the three lovely BJ girls. Plenty of video footage was shot by girlfriends and wives, and hundreds of men went home happy, their dicks limp from such proficient, mind-boggling blowjobs. Not a single cock went un-sucked, not a pair of balls left un-emptied into a willing, wet mouth. It had been an exceptional day of dick-sucking shenanigans and cock-blowing entertainment. The large comment box was brimming with customer feedback like "FUCKIN' AMAZING BJ HOLY SHIT" and "I'm in love...Brigeport BJ Booth Forever," and "Beautiful girls, stupendous blowjobs...two thumbs way, way-the-hell up!"

At a few minutes before the half-past-8 closing time, Tammy and Alicia both sucked their last BJ Booth cocks of the day. Tammy, still topless, smiled up at her last blowjob-patron of the day.

He was a man of around 30 who looked like he had just made it to the BJ Booth after work before it closed; he was wearing a grey suit, the tie loosened casually.

"Hey! You're the last dick I'm sucking tonight for the fair...any special requests? Whatever you'd like...!"

"Really? You mean, like, peeing in your mouth or something?"

"Sure! Is that what you want?" Tammy was amused.

"Wow, really? Can I? You don't mind?"

"Oh, why not! Pee in my mouth whenever you're ready...I'll swallow it. Then I'll blow you good and swallow your cum, too! How's that sound?" Tammy took her hair out of the pineapple bun she'd put it up in earlier in the day, and flipped it behind her shoulders.

The man unzipped his pants, very pleased with this unexpected coup during closing-time at the BJ Booth. He loved a pee-swallowing almost as much as he loved a good blowjob from a pretty teenage girl like this one.

"Whenever you're ready." Tammy leaned forward on her knees, cute butt stuck out. The young businessman stared at her adorable butt-crack.

Tammy's last customer took a luxurious, steaming pee in Tammy's wide-open mouth, he relished the sound of his hot, acrid urine collecting in the back of her pretty mouth. He peed for about 20 seconds, and squeezed the last couple drops out of the glans, shaking his dick in Tammy's mouth. Tammy swallowed his urine with a loud "Gulp!" and smiled up at him.

"Better? 'bout a great blowjob before you and I both go home?"

She popped his still-limp cock into her warm mouth and in no time had him blown up to full size.

Alicia finished her last blowjob, swallowing her 119th load of cum for the day. Getting up off her knees, which were a little sore from supporting her weight during all the dick-sucking, she said good-night to the customer and ran over to fetch her jeans and shoes. She'd been sucking cock barefoot and in just her underwear since this afternoon. She stretched her arms and legs, popping a few Cottonelle wet-wipes out of the container provided at each BJ girl's station. She dabbed her face and cheeks, cleaning off spit and pre-cum. She'd hardly missed a drop of nut-mustard today, swallowing all cum-loads in-entirety.

Tammy was shortly joining Alicia on her side of the BJ Booth-grounds, trotting over, still topless.

"Hey! How'd it go with you? Crazy dick-sucking, huh!"

"All I have to say is "BLOWJOBS ARE BETTER THAN ANY JOB!" Alicia jumped up and down, hands on Tammy's shoulders, screaming. Tammy jumped up and down, as well, clapping.

"How much *fun* is it, sucking dick for cash? I think I sucked almost 150 cocks today..."

"I got to blow soooo much dick, so many thick cocks to suck..." Alicia was partially-delirious, a post-blowjob-orgy euphoria setting in.

"BJs, BJs, BJs, and more BEE-JAYS!!" Alicia was skipping around.

"I sucked a lot of black cock today-"

"Omigosh, me too! I was blowin' big black meat regularly for like 5 or 6 customers in a row...I got some goooood big, black dick-sucking in. Suck, suck suck! Big black, black dicks!"

Tammy nodded sympathetically, laughing. Alicia could be quite hyper. She absolutely loved eating big black meat.

"Did you have any double or triple-load cum-loads to swallow? I love that. When I've got 2 or more loads of cum in my mouth to swallow at once...I got to swallow a triple-load today at around 5-"

"Holy CRAP I sucked so much cock, I sucked soooooo much cock today...swallowed so much cum...blowjobs, blowjobs, blowjobs!"

"Tammy! Alicia! Excellent job tonight, ladies." Jerome, head of security for the BJ Booth, had approached them in their babbling cum-d**gged delerium. He was stoked.

"Hey, Jerome! Thanks. We had loads of fun. We were just talking about all the dick we sucked-"

"*So* much dick got sucked!" Alicia piped in cutely.

"You two girls did terrific. Becky's gonna be really proud of you. Let's see, the two of you sucked 262 dicks combined, Becky gave 166 BJs...that's over $10,000! And we've still got tomorrow! Damn fine performance, ladies."

"$10,000?! Holy crap! We totally RULE!" Tammy performed a funny little Karate-kick.

"Thank you, we totally had a blast. So rad." Alicia and Tammy slapped a high-five.

"I'm due back at administration to drop off the loot and pay the work tonight, girls. Really spectacular."

"Thank you so much!"

"Thanks, Jerome! See you tomorrow?"

"You know it!" Jerome smiled, gave the girls a big "thumbs-up", and walked briskly toward the Admin. Building. He was a tall, easy-going fellow; a pro at running a secure BJ Booth.

"Let's go find Mrs. R. and tell'er the stats for the day!" Tammy suggested, heading up the small hill to grab her stuff.

"She's gonna be *psyched*!" Alicia followed Tammy's lead.

Both Tammy and Alicia grabbed their book-bags and phones, and headed toward the Bare-naked Blowjob tent. The tear-down crew was starting to move in, removing the ropes and picking up the litter and beer cans that were sprinkled across the Blowjob Booth's lot.


"Mrs. Demarco? You here?" Tammy and Alicia poked their heads in the tent. The large air-conditioner was tranquilly buzzing like a big, sl**py bee. No sign of Mrs. R. in here.

"She's probably with Reese at the Admin. Office, I want to catch her before they head out..."

Alicia took a quick peak in Mrs. Demarco's private bathroom, shaking her head knowingly.

"No, I know exactly where she is! C'mon, follow me!" Alicia raced out of the tent without waiting for Tammy.

"Melissa, wait! Where is she...!"

Tammy, who was quite the little sprinter, caught up to Alicia easily. She was a healthy girl.

"She's giving a blowjob! But she's not blowing Reese...!" Alicia laughed, nearly out of breath already.

"Really? Whose dick is she sucking-"

Tammy slowed down, realizing. Duh. She should have known: Mrs. Demarco liked sucking lots and lots of cock, right?

"Is she blowing the whole security team? Didn't she suck their dicks earlier-"

"Dude! She didn't blow all of them! And they're all so studly and buff...I call didbs on blowing Jerome! Oooo I'll bet he has a big cock that needs sucking..."

"You little hooker! I want to suck Jerome's dick!" Tammy was laughing, outrunning Alicia like a cute, blonde antelope. "He's so handsome..."

"No way! I get the first BJ! I want to drain those balls, fresh!" Alicia squeaked, worn-out from this last-leg sprint.

"Do you really think she's sucking all 10-or-12 cocks by herself right now? She's like a blowjob-giving genie..."

"One way to find out!" Alicia was laughing, panting heavily. She'd had quite a work-out today.

The girls ran playfully toward the Administration Offices at the entrance to the Bridgeport Fair, to find Mrs. Demarco. As always, when there were dicks to be sucked and balls to be drained, Tammy and Alicia were right on the case.

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