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My Aunt Takes My Virginity

I am not good with girls at all-I am eighteen years old and the only pussy I have seen is my moms and what I see on the internet. I am no brad Pitt either, I am five foot five inches tall and weigh about two hundred twenty five pounds and I think I am ugly.
The other night I had borrowed my aunt's Oldsmobile abd went to return it at about 7:30 pm. When I arrived at my aunt's trailer, she was already drink pretty with one of her friends, Pam. My aunt is built like me, short and fat with an ugly face. Pam is not much better. They are both in the late forties. I was hoping that they could give me a ride back to my trailer but they were way too d***k. They told me to spend the night and drink with them which I did. As always when people drink the subject turned to sex and I admit that listening tomy aunt and Pam talk got me plenty worked up. They asked about some of my adventures and I had to tell them that I had none. They had a real hard time believing that I was eighteen and never had pussy. They quized me some more then started talking about hiring a hooker or going to a bar and getting a d***k woman. Then Pam said that they were both d***k so they could do it.
They giggled alot and I thought they were joking, Pam looked at me and asked me if I would have my first time sex with them? I laughed and said that I would thinking they were playing some more. Both women got up and went to my aunt's bedroom in the back of the trailer. Both women so d***k they could hardly walk, they giggled the whole way.
They called for me to come look at something, I figured a spider or critter was back there. When I went in the small room both women were naked and on the bed. My aunt said for me to take off my clothes and get on the bed and get some pussy. Then Pam said that they both think it is wrong for a boy to be my age and never had pussy. I undressed and got on the bed, my five inch dick hard as a rock. both women are fat with small boobs, hairy pussys, they were wet pussys and I could smell them. They both played with my dick. Then my aunt moved so that her cooch was near the side of the bed, she told me to stand there and fuck her. I got in position and she spread her legs and watched my cock disappear into her wet pussy. It felt really good as I banged her, watching her boobs shake to my thrust. My aunt was breathing heavy saying that she liked it too. I could not last too long and came in her, came in her alot. Cum was running out of my aunt's cunt when I pulled my cock out. My aunt asked me how my first time was and I told her I really liked it. pam then said that it was time for my second time and pulled me over to her and guided my still hard cock to her hairy pussy. It slid in easily and I was able to bang her for longer time. I came in Pam's pussy, it was almost as much cum as what pumped I pumped into my aunt.
We fucked some more and then went to sl**p. I woke in the middle of the night and went in to fuck some more thinking that my aunt and Pam would not fuck once they were sobber. Niether of them woke as I put more cum in their pussys. Next morning they were hung over but we did fuck some more. I told them that I really like sex and they told me they would let me fuck them whenever I wanted. I am taking my aunt and Pam up on that offer and fuck them several times aweek.

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