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Camping with Stepdaughter 8

I put about cleaning up our camp site while Lesly was in getting dressed. I was wandering what was in store for the day. I knew what we were doing was wrong, but I could not help myself. I convinced myself that it was Lesly not me that had wanted to come on the trip and it was her that had made the first move in the direction that things were heading.

My mind was going a hundred miles an hour. What was she going to come up with today? She came out of the van in the white tank top that left nothing to the imagination, white shorts that did not entirely cover her freshly shaven pussy and a pair of hiking boots. She smiled as she slowly twirled around and asked what I thought. She looked down at the tent that she had once again pitched in my cargo shorts and said well I guess that answers my question. I can’t believe the effect that Lesly was having on me. She had me hard all of the time and she loved. She thanked me for the surprise that I had for her this morning and told me that it felt good to be clean. I told her that there was another shelter for the shower that would give her more privacy and she smiled and told me with a big grin on her face that the one that was up did just fine.

I think that I need to explain how the camp ground was set up so that you can understand that we should have been in a secluded spot. There was a small lane up the middle of the camp ground and on the way in camps 1,2,4, and 5 were along this lane. After you passed these camps it opened into a large parking lot where people could park and go hiking or mountain biking for the day. We had to drive a short distance at the end of the lot to get up to ours. There was only one trail that went past our camp on one side and the stream was on the other. This trail only went a short distance to the stream and stopped. There was no reason for hikers to come by our camp, but someone always seemed to be going by and not coming back for some time.

Lesly said that she was going to go to the restroom and that she would be back shortly. She gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek and walked to the trail. I watched her tight dancers as sway until she was out of site. She was gone for what seemed like quite a while and I was starting to get worried about her. I walked down the trail a little and could see her talking to three guys that were unloading their mountain bikes. She was smiling and moving around showing off her body to them. She smiled and headed back my way. The three all made obscene gestures as they watched her walking away. I went back to camp and waited for her to return.

Lesly walked into camp giggling. I asked what was so funny. She told me that when she came out of the restroom that there were three guys with their bikes. They all about twisted their heads off when they saw her. They motioned for her to come over and she did. She told them that she had a mountain bike and that she loved to ride. They asked if she would like to ride with them. She told them no that she wasn’t alone and didn’t think that it would be right. They asked if she were here with her parents and she told them no. Your boyfriend she said no. Another girl, no. She finally told then she was with her husband. She told them that she had to get back and left. She said that she had moved around sexily and had gotten them all hard before she left.

You could hear them coming up our trail. She looked at me smiled and unzipped my shorts. She reached in and pulled out my rock hard cock. She said I will show them. She slid her top up over her breasts exposing her eraser sized nipples. With one quick motion she slid the entire length of my shaft down her throat. She gagged but just kept going. All of a sudden I heard OH SHIT and then a loud crash. Then another and one last one. The first one had seen Lesly and crashed and the other two ran right into him. I am kind of an opposing man. I stand 6’1” and weigh 195 lbs. I have long hair and a goatee. I work out in the gym three times a week. Lesly stood and turned to face them with my cock still in her hand. They got their bikes pick up and could not get out of there fast enough. Little did they know that they would be coming back the way they had just come. They left and she pulled off her top and went back to pleasuring my man tool. I pulled her up and unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down over her shapely hips exposing the wet folds of her pussy. She has what I like to call an outie, her inner lips protrude from her outer lips. I bent her over the table took her from behind. She let out a loud moan as the head of my large cock penetrated her lips and entered her tight young hole. She knew that in minutes she was going to be seen fucking by the three men that had just left. She started moving her hips back into me with reckless abandoned. Her sweet nectar was running down her legs. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me to meet my thrusting cock. I turned her so that she would be totally exposed to the three men to come. She arch her back a started yelling Fuck Me, Fuck My Wet Pussy. With that the bikers came back down the trail. She looked up at them licked her lips and said hi boys. They almost had another wreck but made it on by. I continued to slam into her young pussy. I licked my finger and stuck it in her tight little ass. She screamed and grabbed hold of my balls. Her body stiffened as she started to cum. I stopped deep inside her so I could feel her pussy convulsing on my cock. I could hold back no longer I pulled out and turned Lesly around. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked me dry. She licked her lips and said that we really showed them didn’t we. She pulled up her shorts and put on her top and we sat down and laughed and had a cup of coffee. Planning what we would do the rest of the day.

I don’t know where she got the outfits that she had brought with her. All the time that she was at home she had dressed more like her mother. Her tops covered her breasts and any skirts or shorts hit her just above the knee. Everything so far looked like it had come from a stripper’s wardrobe.

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