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My brown beginning part 5

Pfffftttt oopps mom said that one slipped out she giggled soon all of us were aware of her stinky butt gas.I got down on my knees and sniffed it in as fast as i could.Grandma made a funny face but didnt comment.Well son are you ready for what you think is going to be great? because Mommas got to poop and soon.yes Mom I think so.Ok lets get ready pull those chairs together side by side and you lay down with your head between them.I layed down and opened my mouth wide Mom sat with her ass between the chairs her asshole right above my mouth.Grandma sat down beside me and started fondleing my hard cock.OK sweety get ready...a stream of hot urine shot from moms pussy all over my face as I tried to catch it in my mouth,It was bitter and salty and i drank 3 mouthfulls.pffffttttt another long fart escaped moms ass just as her asshole opened up and soft brown shit started comeing out and piling up in my mouth and all over my face.Much more than grandmas was this morning.Mom said oh god that feels good I needed that.She finally squirted out the last runny poop and the room stank like a outhouse.Grandma was licking my cock now as I ate moms poop by the mouthfull.Mom got up and knelt beside me scooping up shit from my neck and floor and putting it into my mouth.She was fingering her cunt with the other hand and commented about the stink.God Donny how can you stand it ? I love you Mom and all your smells and tastes.OK Sweety as long as your not upset.I ate almost all of her shit except for what ran in my hair.Grandma sucked me hard and I exploded in her mouth.Mom put her finger in her mouth and tasted her poop.Not too bad Mom she told grandma.Grandma said maybe some other time she needed the right moment...part 6 to follow soon

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