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My s****r, my mistress

We are best friends now but, growing up my s****r and I fought like cats and dogs, or like most b*****rs and s****rs. I was jealous of her because she was smart and pretty and I was the dorky little she had to explain to her friends.
I always got home from school an hour before my older s****r. our parents both worked so I had the house to myself. I was not supposed to go in her room and most days I had no problem, but, sometimes I just couldn't help myself.
I went into her room one afternoon just to look not to touch anything, but, I did see her clothes in her closet her uniforms all on hangers, her hair brush on her dresser right by her mirror. her two favorite things in the world were were her hair brush and her mirror. She loved to brush her long blonde hair and to spend hours looking at herself in the mirror. She found other uses for her brush than just brushing her hair, I found one day when I spied on her that it made a nice dildo, I had the good fortune to see her get herself off with the brush. wow was that cool.
In the corner was her laundry basket, do I dare lift the lid and look inside? She wouldn't be home for an hour so I knew I had time, I lifted the lid and right on top was a pair of her white cotton panties. I picked them up and took and sniff ummm nice. Just then I heard behind me "What are you doing you little pervert". What was my s****r doing here she wasn't supposed to be home for an hour. I didn't know her cheerleader practice had been cancelled and everyone sent home early. "Nooothin'" I sheepishly mumbled.
"Give me those you pervert what's wrong with you"? I could not say anything she snatched them from my hand.
"Oh you like to smell my farts is that it"? Here you pervert smell my farts smell them shoving the panties in my face"."Smell my farts you fuckin' weirdo"
holding them to my nose". Then she slapped my face with them and sat on her bed, very angry. I oughta tell mom and dad what you did you're not suppossed to be in my room ever. Dad'll beat the shit out of you and you'll be grounded until you're 50". She was probably right about that, then she really scared me.
I should tell my friends at school it'll be all over school by tommorrow afternoon that you're a fart smelling little pervert. She was taking her shoes and socks off as she was saying all this and I was getting scared because I knew she had me. She could ruin me and although we are best friends now, back then we weren't.
Come over here you little pervert, get on your knees and lick my feet or I'll tell everyone I know what I caught you doing. I had no choice I got on my knees and began to lick her toes one by one and run my tongue up and down her feet. I think this is when my foot fetish began. Her feet were hot and sweaty but, I still got turned on licking them. When I finished liking the dirt and sweat from both her feet, she put her one foot on my forehead and pushed me away. I was so embarrassed and ashamed.
"I'm not done with you, so don't think I am you little pervert, I'm done with you for now ,but, this isn't over. You better listen to me when I ask you to do something or I'll let this news out everywhere and you won't be able to show your face in this town". "Now get out of my room. With that she slapped my face again with the panties she had in her hand.
I went back to my room and wondered what would happen next. She had the power to ruin me and I knew it. I better listen to her or else. My s****r was now my mistress.

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