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I Want You

I know exactly what I want. I’ve known from the first time we met. I’m telling you now so that there’s no confusion, no misunderstanding and, most of all, no expectations.

I don’t want to think. I don’t want to plan. I don’t want to talk. I want to lose myself in you, in your breathing, in your touches and your kisses. I just want to feel and react and turn myself over to my senses.

I wore my red lace bra and panties just for you. I want to watch your hands as you remove them from my body. I want to watch your eyes follow the garments as they fall to the floor and then come back to meet mine. I want to see how much you want me.

I want to reach out and touch your face and feel the heat from your skin under my fingertips. I want to trace the contour of your neck and then unbutton your shirt to slip it off your shoulders. I want your lips to cover mine savagely as your hands betray your lust by tangling my hair in your fists. I want to feel your hot breath against my face and hear your desire in your moans as my tongue mingles with yours. I want to hear how much you want me.

I want my breasts to burn against your bare chest and ache for your hands, your lips, and your tongue. I want to pull my mouth from yours and for you to reluctantly let me do so. I want to kiss down your neck stopping only to graze your skin with my teeth. I want to kiss down your chest and run my wet tongue just above your waist as my fingers loosen your belt and slide your pants to the floor. I want to kiss every inch of your long, hard, hot cock just before devouring it with my mouth. I want to feel the throbbing of your desire against my tongue as I wrap it around your shaft coaxing you to climax. I want to feel your hands pulling my hair and pushing my head as you come closer and closer to orgasm. I want to savor every drop of the desire spilling from you as you cum for me. I want to taste how much you want me.

I want to feel the strength in your hands and arms as you pull me to my feet and shove me to the bed. I want to feel the warmth in your lips as they find that place on my neck that makes me call out your name. I want your hands to roam my body and trace a path for your tongue to follow. I want to lose myself in the quivering of my breast as your lips, tongue and teeth find one nipple and then the other both punishing and pleasing at once. I want your hands to f***e my legs apart as your fingers skillfully play me like an instrument. I want to feel as if I can’t take any more of your teasing. I want to close my eyes and pull myself to you as you finally pierce me. I want our bodies to move in the rhythm of our breathing. I want our hands and lips to react hungrily not being able to get enough. I want you to call my name breathlessly and moan and sigh as my body pleases you. I want to hear how much you want me.

I want our desire to take over and rule every action, every breath, and every kiss. As the passion increases, I want you to turn me over and pull my hips up to meet yours. I want to feel your lust as you enter me from behind guiding my hips with your able hands. I want you to keep one hand on my hip as the other finds my hair and pulls. I want to feel you deeper and deeper inside of me moving faster and faster. I want our bodies to rock together as waves of passion roll from your body to mine. I want to cum for you hard and long as you once again flood me with your desire.

I don’t want to talk.

I’ve always been a woman who knows what I want.

I want you.

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