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The old swimming hole....part 2

Betty set a date and decided to have the "party"...she and I would be the hostesses. I guess some good can come out of all of these things - both Betty and I started exercising a little....want to be a little bit in shape when we hosted the boys. Vanity. It will make you do a lot of things.

So far nothing much had happened. I had asked my son if anything unusual was going on - got the typical "Nah...nothing much". I kept thinking what a surprise he would have when he got to the party.

Betty had gotten a couple of emails from one of the boys, complete with one of the pictures. He mentioned how he used it for "inspiration" and couldn't wait to show her how it "inspired" him.

We talked a bit about what our plan was...we'd have pizza, but no beer...things could really get bad if the boys got d***k and really out of control. We'd be topless, and in panties...I had a couple of frilly aprons (very 1950's housewife style!) and said we could always go retro and wear garter belts and stockings...not that the boys would know what to do with them, but they'd make us feel sexy.

We were getting close to the day. We hadn't talked about the biggest worry....what if the boys wanted a bit more than just looking? They hadn't made that demand yet, but we figured it might be coming. I brought it up. One of us had to. "Betty....will you fuck them if they want to?"

WHAT! Ummm...NO...of course think they would want to? I mean...there's five of mean all of them? I guess I hadn't thought of that....

We talked a little...I said there was the chance that it could happen, but that was why I wanted to be there with it didn't get out of hand...but we should also have some condoms around if things went that way.

What Betty said next surprised me....

I guess I knew in the back of my mind that could be part of it...and honestly....well....I guess it excites me a little. I wonder if I could handle more than one. And they are pretty cute....and it has been a while since I, well, you know. I knew. It had been a while since I'd "you knowed" as well. We might need a little KY jelly as well......

More soon!

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