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I'm sitting on the sofa with my friend dave and his room mate Tia.Were just all watching a horror flick.Tia is covered up in a blanked sitting between me dave. After a while I notice that Tia I scared.So I decide it's time to make a move.So I ask Tia if I can get under her blanked.Tia shakes her head yes.So as i cover my self I can feel Tia grabbing on to me arm.From that moment I knew I had her.Soon after that I start to rub her inner thigh.She giggled as if she wanted me to do more then that.I keep rubbing getting higher to her pussy.I knew it was wet because she started to shake as I got closer to her zipper.When I started un zip.She quickly grips my wrist.She whispers and my ear with a sexy voice.Wait till Dave I sl**p.So I waited till dave gose up stairs to go to sl**p.I go up stair walk in to Tia room.There she is stand up naked. With her coke bottle body yellow skin and perky tits.She drop to her knees and tells me to come here.As she wraps her long sandy blond hair in to a pony tail.I walk over to her and she unzips my pants pulls out my dick.And spits right on my head and begans to lick the base of my dick.With her wet tounge just licking away.Then she starts deep throats her lip just clamping to my cock.She take my dick out and says umm its wet enough stick it in!So I lay on the and she be gains to ride ahh she screams as is the world is ending.she says give me that hard dick in my pussy!that hard dick makes me cum! I stop and started to go in to 69.I eat her tight wet pussy as she lick and suck my cock.I Stuck my tounge farther in to her pussy she came all in my mouth.She said fuck me and make me cum again!I layed her on the end of the bed put het leg over my shoulders and put cock in to her warm wet tight pussy.See came all over the floor.She got back down on all fours and came all over her face.She said your nut is so good then she swllowed it...

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