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Gay Surprise

I believe everyone's sexual orientation can be plotted on a continuum from nearly 100% hetro (I know most would claim 100%, but I doubt it) to nearly 100% LBGT (that's the current term - look it up). The point is I consider myself pretty straight - my male asshole is still a virgin - but you never know...

Here's my story as an urban grad school student in Richmond, VA. I'm driving home after classes, when I see a cute redhead girl in a short skirt hitch-hiking, looking for a ride in the opposite direction. Well I was always horny then, so I made a U-turn to pick her up.

She got in and was very friendly about talking. Pretty soon she asked me, "You seem a little nervous. Is there something I said?"

"No, not at all." And after a pause to get my nerve up, I continued. "I just find you so attractive, and am hoping to stay awhile with you after I give you a ride home." I was waiting for the slap or the demand to let her out right there, but I was wrong.

"I like you too, and I'd love for you to come up to my apartment."

My dick was growing larger and harder. I hoped she wouldn't think I was nothing more than a horn-dog, and it seemed like forever to travel no more than a couple of miles at the most.

When we entered her apartment, I met another even cuter girl roommate, dark brown shoulder-length hair and a tight eleastic top that showcased her hard nipples and small breasts, probably 18-years old.

Well, Sheila, the redhead hitch-hiker, led me straight to her bedroom and motioned for me to sit on her bed. "Well, what would you like to do?"

I never had it that easy before or since, so I took the chance. "I'd like to make love with you, you know put my dick in your pussy."

"We can't do that tonight because I'm on my period, but let me give you a blow job, OK?"

"Sure." As I stood up, Shiela undressed me slowly, seemingly enjoying the discovery process. She ran her hands all over me; turned me around and traced the shape of my ass as I stood there buck naked facing away from her. Now she reached between my legs and caressed my balls and stiff dick with her hands. Oh, it felt so good, much better than my girlfriend (GF) had ever done. Then she had me bend over at about a 45-degree angle. Shiela spread my ass cheeks with her hands, then kissed each cheek lovingly.

Then she did something I had never experienced before. She ran her tongue down my ass crack and paused at my asshole, licking me in a circular motion. I had no idea how sexually stimulating that could be. Then she stuck her tongue up my asshole with an in-and-out motion that drove me (obviously) crazy.

"Like that?" I didn't have to answer.

Shiela put her hands on my hips and turned me around, my dick pointing almost true north. She softly wrapped her lips around my dick. Slowly she moved up and down on me.

I was almost getting dizzy - all my bl**d was in my dick, not in my head. I sat down, then laid down on my back, thinking passion would overtake Sheila and she would rip off her clothes and sit on my dick, bl**dy pussy and all. Didn't happen. But Shiela's unbelievable blow job, and finger massages around and into my ass soon brought me close to climax.

"I'm almost there, I'm almost there..."

"Just lay there, I'll take care of things. It's OK"

"Here it is!!" And I unloaded the biggest load of my life into Shiela's mouth. She moaned like she was having as much fun as me. Probably was. And she swallowed, of course.

As I laid there deeply relaxed and recovering, I just wanted to kiss my new GF as a gesture of affection and gratitude. So I re-positioned myself to lay beside her, like two people would usually position themselves in a double-bed.

As our lips came together for the first time, her soft kiss was like the way she softly engaged my dick 30 minutes ago. Our kisses grew in passion as I rolled on top of her.

Hmmm, pretty flat chested. No problem, I thought, as I raised my hands to carress her face.



As I pulled my face away, she said, "Haven't you ever done this before?"


"Well, did you enjoy yourself?"

Now, I'm re-thinking everything, because I had an unbelievably good time.

"I really did...and thank you. I've never had anyone do these things this good any time in my life. (or ever since) You were so loving."

I must have encouraged or emboldened Shiela because she quickly undressed herself completely and laid there legs spread before me. I have to say that I'm a 6-foot man with a proportionally-sized penis...but poor Shiela looked like a small boy. It would have been a super clitoris, but it wasn't. And I did something I had never done, I touched another man's manhood, such as it was. Shiela was certainly hard, and she reacted like my touch turned her on. But I didn't go far with that. No sucking; no hand job; and no mutual dick contact. I probably got dressed and left in the next 15 minutes. She gave me her phone number and asked me to call her again.

Which I did!

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