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Taking care of Soniya's sex needs...

My wife Soniya is very cute. She has full beautiful boobs which can attract any man. She has a nice sexy figure. She is slim and tall and her movements are graceful. We had been married just four years back and had good satisfying sex life. We both loved sex and were enjoying it at least once a day. She liked me fondling her boobs and holding her tight in embrace while pounding her inner depths. I loved her hands on my stiff hard cock. She loved the hard cock pulsating deep inside her. She also loved taking it in her lovely mouth and feeling it pulsate while giving out it's cream.
I got a nice job offer on a Ship and rejecting that was difficult due to the perks and pay they offered. I could be separated from Soniya for a stretch of three months. Soniya wanted me to take up the job. I had to make some arrangements at home for some company for Soniya. We discussed the matter and we decided to invite my cousin - a college student- Shawn- to stay with her and give her company. He was not new to us and used to visit us very often and spend time with us.
Shawn came to stay with us and I wanted him to give Soniya true company in my absence. I wanted him to take care of all her needs and her young body. I had talked to Soniya about this and made her agree to this.
I talked to Shawn in confidence and he agreed gladly. After dinner I invited Shawn to sl**p with us. Initially he was feeling a bit shy but soon joined us in bed. I made Soniya to sl**p between us. She was looking stunningly beautiful and hot. The dim night lamp was making the atmosphere intoxicating. The night dress on her body was revealing almost everything. Her boobs were standing full and nipples protruding and peaking out prominently beneath her transparent dress. My cock was already stiff and hard and was showing out in form of a tent. I pulled her to me and kissed her deep on her lips. My tongue started exploring her mouth and her boobs were pressing hard against my chest. I pulled Shawn's hand and kept it on her body. Initially he was feeling shy but soon he became aggressive. His hands started caressing her all over. Soniya was sandwitched between both of us. My cock has become unruly and wanted to get fondled. I pulled one of her hands and gave my cock in her hands. Meanwhile Shawn was also caressing her all over. He had slowly removed her nightdress and exposed her. We made her to lie on her back and both of us started fondling her body. Playing with her boobs was making us both all hot and our cocks twitch. I hinted Shawn. He was all ready for mounting her and he placed the tip of his hard pulsating cock at the entrance of her pussy and gave a push. She was already wet and the hard cock easily went in. I told him to go slow and not hurry. He was giving her slow long strokes and I could see her enjoying his cock deep inside her. I was fondling her boobs and it was great fun watching Shawn drive her crazy with his slow long strokes.
" She loves to be held with great f***e while the cock pounds her inner depths." I said.
I could see Shawn tighten his grip and holding her in strong embrace while giving her long strokes. I could clearly see that she was enjoying his cock. After some times his strokes became more and more faster. His tongue had already entered her mouth and was searching the depths of her mouth. Shawn was now giving hard short and quick strokes and I could feel he was nearing his climax. I could feel her shivering and shaking under him.
" Don't worry. Let the cock deposit it's cream deep inside her." I said.
I could see him jam his cock fully in and hold her in his strong embrace. I could also feel her trembling and shivering uncontrollably under him. The cock had been milked by her pussy to it's last drop. After some times he withdrew his softening cock. She was now lying with her eyes closed and enjoying the afterglow of sex.
Then it was my turn. My cock was already restless. I mounted her and started pounding her with all my f***e. It just took a few strokes for my cock to give out it's cream as it was already over excited by watching their intimate sex.It was a nice hot experience.
Shawn took my permission to invite his close friends for company once in a while. Now I was assured that Soniya would never feel bored or would need any further help to satisfy her sexual needs. For next two weeks we had a nice time together and then I joined my new Job, leaving behind Soniya and Shawn and may be his friends-- for next three months-- to look after each other's needs.....

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