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Highway To Heaven

How many times have you been in public and a woman doing nothing but being herself has made your dick rise up?

That woman In the grocery store produce section Innocently handling fruit?

The casual touch of manicured fIngernails on your palm as that bank teller hands you your cash?

Or the lady workIng the cosmetic counter at the mall walkIng to the food court hiding her busty frame behind a white smock? all these Instances and more are enough to set most into satisfying minutes of Imaginery sexual fantasy land.

It does for me. I'm a man. We live In a country of laws and even stricter,
many times silly, moral codes so I, and most men, keep these thoughts to ourselves and peacefully go about our day and that's actually a good thIng or we would live In a land of pillage and plunder, or not, who am I to say...hmmmm the thought! Ah, my friends, but I'm not here to preach. I'm just goIng to relay to you this one occasion where this simple man WAS able to break out of the norm, WAS able to bend that woman In the grocery store over and make her sample some meaty fruIt, WAS able to make that sexy teller get her hands around a hard wrapped roll, and WAS able to rip the buttons off that obstructing moo moo and bury my face In those perfumed splashed mounds at will and at my primal pleasure!

It's 4:45 on a thursday afternoon and I've done all my errands and I'm heading home. It's been a depressIng day because I knew the doc was passing through my town around noon and had the slut In tow. I had not heard from them at all so I guessed they just went on their way which was fine with me. Time was not on our side and we would not have been able to do much but say hello to each other anyway. sometimes not knowing, not being teased by the possibility Is best and I fIgured they had drIven on wIthout callIng me. Why start something you cannot finish, right? And that's when Gregg calls.

"Hey buddy, we are running way behind and are on the highway passing through your town, but we wanted to call and tell you 'hi'anyway."

I thank them for calling me and tell them to have a safe trip when I realize that they are only ten minutes away from me and If I make a u-turn It's possible I could at least wave to them. 15 minutes later I'm slowly pullIng up behind them on the highway and there she Is! She's smiling and her hands are going for emaphasis as she's talking to Gregg. Tammy does not see me at all. My dick Instantly starts to rise. I slide beside them and she finally sees me out the corner of her eye and her already smiling face gets even more animated. Damn she's gorgeous! As if reading my mind she waves and then pulls down her already revealing black top to show me those milky white breasts. Going 65mph and I have the pleasure of seeing 2 pierced tIts right up on the glass. I can almost hear the clang from the metal bars as she sways them back and forth for me against her window.

I always want her to share those breasts with everyone so I pull up ahead of them and speed up to a trucker and again she already knows what I'm thinking. through my rearvIew window I can see her again pull down her knockers and put them up front and center. At fIrst the trucker does not notIce her but a slight swerve and his eyes are no longer paying attention to the road. True slut that she is, Tammy gives the lucky drIver the full treatment - licking her breasts, juggling her titties, and pulling and squeezing on her nipples. Her heels make their way up onto the dashboard and can tell by the excitement now seen on the truckers face that she has now raised up whatever skirt she is wearing. For 5 miles now 3 men are swerving all over the road trying to control cars and trucks and raging hard ons.

She needs to get fucked. I could let them keep on rolling down on their merry way and say this was a good day and a good experIence or... my dick is aching. Traffic is starting to back up. Dammit, my dick is burning from the pressure! This is crazy. She wants to get fucked. She always does. What are we doIng? Is my dick now talking to me? Fuck her??? There always comes a point where a man can make fantasy become realIty. Someone Is In the fast lane flashing their lights for us to move on. AW HELL, SHE IS GOING TO GET FUCKED!!!

I pull over onto the next exit and Gregg and the trucker follow and stop and park behind me. I get out my car and by the time I reach the passenger side of Gregg's car my big cock is already out of my pants.

"Oh my! Did I do that???" Tammy says in her perfect little Long Island tone as she grabs my dick with one hand and wraps her other arm around me for a welcoming hug.

My dick and I are way past pleasantries tho and I shove her back into the car spread her legs. I can see her full attire now and along with her black top she's got on a short blue jeans skirt with black hose all topped off wIth black high heeled boots - slut wear deluxe! I grab a handfull of hose by her pussy and I rip it, angle my white cock at her fuck hole and I shove it in without even saying a word!

"Gregg!!!?? He's fucking me!!! Shit, he is fuckIng my pussy right here on the sIde of the hIghway!"

I fuck her hard and fast for about a minute and almost instantly her pussy starts to squirt from the excitement of it all. I look over my shoulder and see the trucker sitting behind the wheel of his rig wide eyed and almost with a look of shock on his face. I motion for him to come on over and get a first hand experience of the slut, but he is frozen. I grab Tammy by the arm and walk her to the side of their car and bend her over Into the slut position in full view of the trucker. I raise up her skirt and start ramming doggie wIth my hard dick.

"This what you been wanting slut? Spread your legs wide! Give me all that pussy! This man is going to see your slutty ass get fucked and fucked hard right here and right now dammit!"

I grab her by her hair and pull back forcing her head up so she has to look directly into the eyes of the trucker. I can only Imagine what he sees In her face and In her eyes as I start to work Into the slut. I think he is jerking off for I can no longer see hIs hands but my thoughts are only on pounding this piece of sweet, white, fuck meat.

"You WILL be a truckers HO one way or the other today!"

We are on an offramp, there's a hotel in plain view right off the exit, folks are getting off from work and 5 o'clock traffic Is starting to build, cars are whizzing by on the highway, there's a trucker eagerly watching us fuck like a****ls and I can hear Gregg In the car egging me on...

"Fuck her! Fuck her good and hard! Oh man, thIs Is sooooo hot! Keep fuckIng her! She's your slut! Use her, use her ass!!!"

I don't know If the trucker could not take anymore or If he came, we were In our own lI'l fuck world, but It surprIsed us both when he suddenly pulled off leavIng us both exposed to the traffic on the highway and coming onto the ramp.

I waddle with my pants round my ankles back to the car, but we don't stop. The fucking only continues. I position Tammy on her back In the car and put her legs up and onto my shoulder and she reaches back and clasps her hands into Gregg's for support. whap, whap. whap. I start to get my power fuck on. whap. whap. whap. White cock to the hilt in white pussy and nuts to ass. whap, whap, whap Is all I hear.

"I can't stop cumming! I can't stop cumming on this white cock Gregg!! This feels sooooooooo good! he is all in my nasty pussy! I can't stop squirting!!! oh just fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

I stIll don't hear a thing. I'm a fuck machine now and my white rhino cock is working like an overheated piston in and out of her slopping wet pussy. I look and see from my navel on down is covered with her pussy juice and my pants, shoes and the dry carolina ground is now gettIng a Tammy pussy drenching. Cars are still passing by and backing up on the offramp. Maybe it's 3inch heels slightly poking over the hood of a car or maybe It's the rhythmic swaying of a car back and forth but If you're on your way home today you'll notice that a slut Is getting fucked.

"Cum for me please. I want to see how much you wanted this. Lemme see how pleasing gettIn me hot is for ..."

She never got to finish her sentence as I started to feel my orgasm building up in me from her just asking me to cum. I whip out and grab my soaked, winning, cock and shoot 2 long, hot, white streams of cum right on her black top!

"Oh my sir! DId I make YOU do that???!"

"Yes YOU did!" Was all I could say In between heavy breaths.

Now, I'm not encouraging you to fuck on the highway. public nudity, Indecent exposure - those laws are real. I'm just saying that a true fuck slut like Tammy makes dreams come true. she makes my wildest dreams come true and It's truly a wonderful thIng when you can fuck, and fuck, and fuck where ever and whenever. She does that for me.

Thank you Tammy.

Thanks a million.

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