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She likes women pt2

As her laughter quieted, I kissed her deeply and slowly, a kiss she returned with fervor. Then I reached around her and turned off the water. "Now?" she asked, almost sounding surprised. "Mmmmmm," I answered, kissing her pert nipples, "as soon as I get you dried off. Can't have you catching cold, you know!" I opened the curtains and grabbed a towel and patted her body dry, while she dried her hair in another towel. Then she rubbed the same towel over me while I dried my hair. No word was said as we touched and inspected one another, although it was clear that Sue thought she was maintaining the upper hand. It was also clear, at least to me, that Susan lingered a bit when rubbing my snatch with the towel. I didn't mind.

I kissed her, loving the feeling of our breasts pressed together and suggested, "Why don't you raise your arms and hold on to the shower curtain rod for balance, it looks strong enough."

Susan looked startled. Blushing she whispered, "You mean here? Now? Standing up?" I smiled and slipped my hand down to her waist. I kissed her as my finger slid inside her, but teasingly only just past the entrance.

"Hmmmm, you feel ready enough to me, I murmured between kisses. I continued kissing her and stroking her wet slit until she raised her arms and grabbed the bar, indicating her compliance. "Now," I whispered, my lips just touching hers, "Spread your legs for me." She spread her feet, about a foot apart and I said, "wider," as I slid my finger deep all the way into her vagina. She gasped and spread her feet further apart. I stroked my hands gently over her breasts, lightly tweaking her nipples with fingers as I lowered my head to her waist. I looked her over slowly; she was so deliciously exposed that I couldn't resist! Her smooth thighs came together in that sparse curly, red-gold forest, and the crevice that split her two swollen lips, widened between my fingers to reveal her shiny, pale pink inner flesh. That gorgeous cunt was my lover, and I kissed it that way, with a long, thrusting kiss. I reveled in the flower-smell of her woman-smell that slowly emerged as my thirsty tongue sank deep inside, her hips squirming as Susan moaned her enjoyment. While I ate her, I used my hands to stroke the firm curves of her freckled legs. Then I transferred my affections to her clit, with no penetration this time. I kept my hands on her luscious legs. In just a couple of minutes Sue was groaning and clutching my hair with one hand, her hips spreading and fucking against my face, smearing my nose, mouth and chin with her slick juices.

"Oh, that was so sweet, Kathy," she said as she drew my face up to hers and kissed me. Her voice, trembled slightly as she added, "I love you for that, Kath," then she kissed me again, "But, can we go lie down; I actually feel a little weak in the knees."

While she probably was a little shaky after that orgasm, it was clear enough for me. She figured that once we were lying down, I would ask her to go down on me, and she would reluctantly agree. I played along for the time being and followed her back to the bedroom. I have to admit that watching her pretty ass sway down the hall made me want to come so badly that it was practically a pain in my groin, but I had a solution for the problem in mind. She stretched out slowly and languidly on the bed, seemingly careless about her nudity and plopping down on her back with her legs spread wide. Her eyes were closed, but there was a distinct blush in her cheeks, as she tried to breathe slowly through parted lips. I lay down on my side, snuggling up beside her and kissed her. She languidly kissed me back and made a little moan of comfort. "Gee, Kathy, that was so great, what you did to me in the bathroom. You're going to get me addicted to the way you eat pussy."

I gently ran my fingers through the curly bush of her pubic hair and cupped her mound with my palm, "Hey, I did it just for fun, and right now, I think it would be fun to do it again."

Her lovely long-lashed eyes blinked open with astonishment, "Are you serious? Don't you want me to return your favor?"

"Nah," I smiled as my finger slid easily into her slit. It was still very wet from her last orgasm. "Why don't you just lay on your tummy with a pillow under your hips, and I'll try you out from a new direction." As I said this, I helped her turn over and arrange the pillow beneath her. She giggled doubtfully at the arrangement as I settled between her spread legs and lay my hands on the plump, pale cheeks of her baby smooth, unblemished and at the moment, raised bottom. She peeked at me over her shoulder as I spread her cheeks with my fingers and lowered my face to her exposed vagina. "Kathy, what are you doing? ...ahhhh," she moaned, her head sinking back to the pillow as my ever-thirsting tongue split her lips and lapped into the hole.

By the time her hips were moving in time to my licks up and down her slit, I began to slowly slide upward from her cunt to her bottom. Her cheeks spread wider under my palms as my tongue traced through the sparse hairs of her crack, and the very tip of my tongue lightly drew wet little circles around her hot little white-colored pucker. It was actually paler than the rest of the skin on her bottom! "Kathy, what th' hell?" she gasped over her shoulder, partially raising herself enough to look back at me," she kind of hiccupped a moan, then exclaimed in a panicky tone, "Kathy! That's my ass!" As our eyes locked together, I let my tongue lightly flick the center of her asshole. Still holding her hard-breathing gaze, my right arm circled around her right thigh and my fingers probed for her clit while the fingers of my left hand eased in her sloppy-wet vagina and began to pump deeply inside of her. As I looked deep into her wide, dark green eyes, I straddled her right leg and started rubbing the heel of her right foot into my anxious cunt. While I balled her heel, I slowly pushed my tongue down in her ass. Sue's eyes rolled up as she let out a deep a****l groan and dropped her head limply, simultaneously raising her hips even higher and opening herself wider to even deeper thrusts of my tongue and left hand. I pumped with my fingers, and I thrust with my tongue as my fingers were pulling out, then I eased out my tongue as I shoved my fingers back in her vagina, so she would be penetrated constantly in one hole or the other. Meanwhile the gyrations of her hips lolled my head about between the cheeks of her smooth, sweet bottom in an almost d***ken motion. I was in heaven, and coming fiercely even before Sue started grunting and groaning out a belly-deep and, seemingly endless, orgasm. Well after I had finished my own orgasm and had stopped fucking her heel, her trembling, spasming orgasm was still going on, or more likely a series of them as I continued fucking her butt with my tongue, fucking her vagina with my fingers, and diddling her clit with my other hand. Finally with a loud cry smothered into her pillow, she kinda collapsed and went limp, all but her panting into her pillow. I crawled up Sue's back and nestled my cunt into her butt as if fucking her from the rear and began rubbing my cunt into her bottom as best I could while kissing her neck and ears as she continued to pant in a haze of orgasmic afterglow. I felt pretty good myself! I knew that after a few minutes that Sue would really want to reciprocate and was just gathering her strength now for that purpose, so I rolled off of her and in my best California-girl-airhead imitation, suggested brightly that we go for a swim in her parents' pool. I slipped on my bikini in a hurry. Sue was moving more slowly but was adjusting her suit when she was interrupted by the phone.

It was Jay, so Sue invited him and Rodney over for a swim. Jay said he'd put on his trunks and be right over, but Rodney was out of town. I suggested that he bring beer, and Sue relayed my suggestion. As she hung up the phone, I realized that there was a good chance that we'd have a dull, 'straight' afternoon if Rodney was going to be a no-show, or worse, they would go off to fuck and leave me to entertain myself. I slipped my hand into Sue's bikini bottom and cupped the smooth cheek of her fanny with my palm and whispered, "How would you like it if I eat you out while Jay fucks you?" I figured she had to go for that!

She tittered nervously, "Well, I'm sure I'd love it, except I wouldn't want Jay to think I was weird or something..." She turned and looked at me, "You know what I mean, Kathy. Shouldn't that sort of stuff be just something between us girls?" But I could see the gears turning in her head - how it would feel being fucked and ate out at the same time. She even blushed a bit when she added that she would try to keep an open mind toward the idea.

She even let me fuck Jay. But mainly because I let her eat me while I was sliding up and down his pussy-slick cock. When I turned over to straddle him, she even kissed around my bottom and lapped cautiously a few times at the center - which made my orgasm more overwhelming than a tsunami. Although at the time, I was a little disappointed that she hadn't actually pushed her tongue inside my hole - that was one favor that I really ached for her to return to me. So I finally reached back in frustration as my orgasm was winding down and pulled her face between my buns. I guess I'll never know whether she did it because she wanted to, or because I practically f***ed her, but she did proceed to ream me royally, fucking my butt so hard with her tongue that I started coming again right away on my second sequential orgasm.

That night as I was drifting off to sl**p, completely sexually satiated for the first time in my life, Sue started rubbing my bottom with her palm and kissing my shoulders (I was lying on my right side with my back to her). "Sorry, Sue," I sighed quietly, "I'm just too pooped to carry on any more tonight." She whispered in my ear as she slid her hand into my tee-shirt to stroke my tits, "You don't have to do nuthin' but come in my mouth, kittycat, and I know how to make you hot!" She did, too. She must have figured out my secret turn on button. I felt her tongue trail like wet fire down my back and down the crack of my ass while she deftly peeled my panties down over my toes - and all without me having moved! As she spread my cheeks with her fingers and flicked my asshole with her tongue, I knew she was mine, but I also knew I was hers. I made her fuck my ass with her tongue for quite a while before I snapped on the light and rolled over on my back. While she positioned herself between my legs, I said, "Your pussy smells much prettier than mine does."

She lowered her freckled face between my thighs and sniffed me deeply with her nose in my slit, then she french-kissed my pussy several times before answering, "I think you smell much sexier than me, Kathy. I love the way you smell."

"Then put your pussy over my face so I can kiss it while you eat me," I told her, and she obeyed. I wasn't trying to make her come, I was just smelling and giving her pussy loving kisses while she ate me out. But still, she came at the same time I did.

The rest of the summer was a blur of spasming loins and pussy juice, with an occasional dick thrown in, usually in a threesome, and though we went our separate ways after that lusty summer, we never forgot each other. Susan also left me with something of a fetish for freckled legs.

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