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First time was with an older man.

i was only new into the cruising scene and very inexprienced as well but i had urges to feel what it was like to have a hard cock in my mouth so i jumped on line.

i wasnt to sure what to expect on these sites but from the first moment i saw how many guys were floating about i knew i was hooked for life, i viewed alot of profiles not exactly sure what i was looking for but i knew one thing i like older men, maybe because they know what they are doing or maybe just because i like to please. litrally the older the better in my case.

so i started chatting to few older men and they are really uinderstanding in the case of a beginner as i was, some of the photos i saw of old men and there hard cocks even at their age was a real turn on and my want for cock was becoming bigger and bigger. i did not want to get off myself i guess iam pretty much a true bottom i just wanted to get them off as best i could.

so after a few weeks of chatting to some guys i started talking to dean a man in his mid 60's. now at the time i was 25 so a difference of 40 odd years and i tell you what i was getting more turned on by the minute as we were discussing certain things he likes. i spoke to him probably 3-4 times and finally built up the courage to meet with him at his house after work.

the day finally arrived and after work i drove to his house nervous as all hell and knocked on his door, this old frail grey haired man answered the door and it was just as i had hoped. he invited me in and we sat in the lounge room and made small talk for a bit until he asked if i would like to watch some porn. I said "that would be great" so he went into another room and brought out a gay dvd. he placed it into the player and on came the movie.

as the movie was playing i couldnt keep my eyes off his groin region and him sensing that removed his cock from his pants were he began stroking it. at this stage i had never seen a man playing with himself this close before only on movies, and my heart was racing i wanted it so bad that i told him to come over to me. he stood up and walked over to my chair and stood beside it.

his cock was impressive for an older man and it was hard as a rock. it was about 7 1/2 to 8 inches long fairly thick but nothing untoward. i reached out and grabbed it with my hand and slowly but surely moved my mouth closer until i finally made contact with his beautiful looking head. i wrapped my mouth around it and allowed him to push it back and forth out of my mouth. i could feel it going deeper in every time.

know iam not the most exprienced bloke to give a blowjob but i have seen plenty of movies so i just acted like what they do. i massaged his balls with my left hand and used my right to stroke it every time it came out of my mouth. it seemed to be working very well. so i took his cock out of my mouth started stroking it and began licking his balla, putting them fully in my mouth one by one but never stopping from stroking his cock.

after working on his balls i went back to do my job i put his now harder cock back in my mouth and took his hands and put them either side of my head. and then i let go of him so all i had was his cock in my mouth and his hands guiding my head. he went crazy because he knew exactly what i was allowing him and he done it so well. he started to full on fuck my face going all the way in, of course i was gagging and he would hold it in there just for a second or two just to make sure i was feeling and i tell you what i was. there was my spit all over his cock, so i returned my hands and started working on just the head of his cock teasing him really. i was in heaven i thought to myself why had i waited so long for this to happen.

as i worked his cock even more getting it in all the way which i am very proud of saying he told me he was about to cum, he said "where do you want me to come" i looked up at him with his cock half hanging out of my mouth and i pointed to my face. i could see the delight in his eyes when he saw me do that, so he pulled his cock out of my mouth and started stroking it faster and faster until he positioned his cock right above my nose and shot his load. all over my afce and into my mouth. unfortuantly it was not the biggest load but it done the job quite nicely indeed. i had tasted a man for the first time and felt his love all over my. it was incrediable.

he moved back to where he was sitting and i was there on the coach covered in him. he looked at me and said "thank you for that" and i was delighted i had done what i wanted to do please a man with my mouth. i went to the toilet to freshen up and while i was in there i got myself off still with him on my face and the taste in my mouth. i walked back in to the lounge and was hoping he would say stay a bit longer if you like but i could see he was done and i was to leave i said to him "thanks for that" and he waved goodbye as i walked out the door.

what a thrill it was having a man get off because of you. god i love it and know that i have done it once it freed me to do it again and again and again.

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