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Rig Pig ( A true story)

My wife and I have a very rich sex life she we were into threesomes but had not been with more than 2 guys since she was gang banged by 4 biker the second year we got married. This changed when we were on holidays a few years ago. We were traveling through an area where there was a lot of oil and gas exploration. This story is true and has fueled my wife’s lust of gang bangs.

I was getting tired so we decided to stop and get a room at the small motel in town. We pulled into the parking lot it was full of half tons and seismic trucks. There was one room left and the manage told us that this would be it for some distance.

We decided to take the room, paid for it and headed there hoping to get a good nights sl**p before continuing on our was. It was around 9:30 so the hotel was fairly quiet and our room was at the end of the motel so I thought it would be great.

We moved all of our luggage in and started to get ready for bed. It had been a long day of traveling and sight seeing so it did not take long before we were both sl**ping very soundly. We were only asl**p for an hour when the guys next door started to get loud it sounded like a big party.

I knocked on the wall several times which did no good whats so ever so I got dressed and went next door to see if they would tone it down a bit. I knocked at the door and was greeted by a large guy that had muscles upon muscles. I explained the situation and he told me they would cool it.

He invited me in for a beer and explained that his crew had just got off 3 weeks of work in the bush. They were in a dry camp so this was the first night that they had to cut loose they were to return to work in a week so they had to get all the partying in they could.

I was about to have another beer and there was a knock at the door it was my wife. She asked if my husband was here and the guy let her i and she came over where I was sitting. She punched me in the arm and said she was worried something happened to me. I told her I was just going to come right back but Len offered me a beer so I thought I would let you sl**p.

Len offered my wife a beer my wife drank it slowly and started to talk to some of the other guys. About a half hour later my wife came over to me and whispered in my ear that they made her and interesting offer. They wanted her to strip for them and they would pay her 1000.00 a guy. I told her she should go for it it would be good spending money.

She told the young man that she would but she would have to see they money up front. It took a matter of 5 minutes and she was handed 5,000. She gave it to me and went over and turned the radio up they started to dance around the room.

Len yelled just wait and he went out to one of the trucks and came in with a pair of overalls, boots and hard hat. He handed them to my wife and said now you can be a real rig stripper. She took them from him and went into the washroom retuning to the room to a chorus of cheers and whistles.

Len turned on the music and she started to once again dance around the room. She would come up to the men sitting on the beds and put her ass in there face and she let a few of them look down the from of the coveralls. One of the guys yelled fuck yes she has gorgeous tits. and sat back down to enjoy the rest of the show.

My wife then threw one of the guys the hard hat that she was wearing. He long blond hair came out and cascaded down to the middle of her back. This was greeted with cheers and yells of take it off, take it off.

She then moved to the center of the room turned around and took down the top of the coveralls exposing her back to us. She turned her head back to the men in the most sexy and horny look I have ever seen on her face.

She moved over closer to the men kicked off the boots and big welders gloves. She then moved in front of the group and slowly opened up the front of her overalls exposing her 34B tits. Her nipples were hard so I knew she was good and worked up and ready to get fucked.

She then laid down on the floor and slid the overall off exposing the rest of her naked body. At this point the men were out of there minds telling her she was a sexy bitch, whore and slut.Laying on the floor she started to run her fingers through her long blonde hair down to her nipples then to her pussy. She slide her middle finger in her honey hole and began to finger bang herself. It did not take long and her eyes were long back her body was shaking with the biggest orgasm I have seen her ever have.

This brought the house down guys were yelling that they want to fuck her wet cunt, snatch and ass. She stood up and told them it was going to cost them more if she was to go any further with the evenings entertainment. Len asked how much it was going to take for her to take on the 5 of them and be there rig pig. My wife still out of breathe from her orgasm calmly said 1000 a piece.

It did not take long for them to come up with the 5 thousand dollars and hand it over to me. It felt so weird taking money from these guys to fuck my wife it was like I was her pimp. The thought off her turning tricks and making money fucking other guys made my cock turn rock hard.

The men push the 2 Queen sized beds together and my wife was tossed on the bed like it was her birthday. Len then said to hang on and he went out to one of the truck where he returned with a grease gun. He went over to the bed and told my wife she needed to be greased up.

He told her to get on her hands and knees moved to her side pumping the gun. Grease started to come out the end onto her tits. He told her to rub it all over her tits, stomach and a little on her face. He then put a strip of grease down her back and spread it on her shoulders, back and ass.

Her body was completely cover in grease from head to toe. Len told the other guys to get undressed that they were going to play a little with their little stripper. Once they were all undressed he told they were going to play greased pig. The rules were simple the first guy to catch our little rig pig gets to fuck her.

A guy named chad yelled i am going to be the first to sink my meat in our little Rig pigs. Other guys said they were going to be the first. Len then yelled "sew wee, sew we catch our little rig pig". My wife was able to slip through their hands for a few minutes but was eventually pinned by chad.

The other 4 men got off the bed and chad buried his face in my wife's pussy. He came up for breather and announced how sweet their little rig pig tasted. My wife was laying back having orgasm after orgasm. She said chad really knew how to eat pussy and should give me a lesson or two.

Chad then knelt in the middle of the bed and told her to come and get her supper. She crawled over to him and kissed him he pushed her down in front of him and she began to suck his cock. He had an 8 inch rock hard cock and huge balls.

My wife is a very good cock sucker and expertly worked over chads cock to the point of him finally saying "It was time to breed their little rig pig". Chad moved in behind her and started to put the head of his cock in my wife's wet pussy. When he had about 3 inches in he asked her to start acting and sounding like a pig. My wife started to oink and paw the bed as chad mounted her and put the rest of his cock inside her.

Chad fucked her for about 1/2 hour until he asked her where he should cum. She said she wanted him to fill her pussy with his love juice. chad grabbed her by the hips and started to pound her until he started to moan and shake telling my wife she was a good little pig. My wife just grunt and oinked.

The next round began my wife was moving around the bed oinking and grunting. It was one of the most erotic thing i have ever seen. She was pinned by rex he got her up on her hands and knees again. He asked if our little rig pig like taking it up her little poop shoot. She just oinked and grunted at him

Chad said "I guess that is a yes". He proceeded to mount my wife and bury his 7 in cock up her ass. My wife was squealing and pushing her ass towards him as he fucked her. She was squealing and rubbing her pussy chad was fucking her hard then told her he was going to blow her apart. He reached around grabbed her tits as he dumped his load. Her squealing and grunting slowed down as chad slid of her and onto the bed. He reach over and slapped her ass and told her she was a good little rig pig.

Len jumped back onto the bed and said “let round 3 begin”. She started to move around the bed. The room was hot grease mixed with sweat dripped from her nipples as she tried in vin to get away from her would be attackers. After a few minutes of teasing Len pinned her down.

Len then announced that the three remaining rig pig trainers will be going airtight on our litter rig pig. My wife asked holes at the same time what that was Len told her they were going to fill all of her holes at the same time. Len told her this would make her a real special Rig Pig. I had never seen my wife so horny and so into getting fucked.

Len had her pinned down she was squealing and trying to get away. He quickly spread her legs and plunged his cock into her dripping pussy. My wife let out a big grunt and a squeal he massaged her greasy tits and told her she was his little rig pig now.

Len fucked her for a few minutes and the asked the other guys if they were ready to go Air Tight on her. They both eagerly got onto the bed and fed their cocks into my wife’s mouth. She licked and sucked each cock and made them covered in spit.

Len took his cock out of her pussy and laid down beside her stroking his cock. He reach up and pushed my wife down to his dripping cock. Take a taste little rig pig before we go air tight on you. She when down on his cock and licked her cum off Lens magnificent rod.

My wife finished cleaning off Len’s cock and she kissed up to his muscular chest then to his open mouth. There tongues were going in and out of each others mouths. Len then said it was time to go Air Tight on u rig pig.

The guys that was to the right of my wife’s head moved in behind my wife and rubbed his cock up and down the crack of her ass, Len reached down between his legs and guided his cock back into my wife’s pussy. She slide her knees up and started to ride him grunting.

The guy that was rubbing his cock on her ass slapped her ass and told her to settle down rig pig. I want to get my cock up that little ass of yours it looks so inviting are u ready for me. Len pulled her chest down on his so that her ass came up exposing her nice tight ass hole opening.

The guy behind her started to spit in her ass hole and finger bang her. She kept grunting as she rode Len cock and he gropes her greasy tits. He finally started to put the head of his cock of her ass this caused her to start to squeal very loud.

Len told the other guy to shut our little rig pig up so he shoved his cock in her mouth. My wife went silent as she suck, licked and deep throated the man’s cock. She does not have a gag reflex so his cock went right down his throat.

The three men switched positions several time each taking a shot at each hole. My wife was going crazy when they stopped. She wanted them to fill her holes right away she turned into a cock crazed whore.

Len was the first to cum he blew his load up my wife’s pussy. When he did she was kissing him deeply and very passionately. The guy up her ass was next my wife was grunting and squealing as he shot his load up her as. The other guys pulled his cock out of his mouth and jerked off all over her tits.

The three laid spent on the bed for about an 1/2 hour. The first guy that fucked her her came over to the bed grabbed her by the wrist. He took her into the shower we all followed to see what he was going to do to her.

He ran the water and made it nice and warm for the two of them. They got into the shower where he soaped up her hair and body. He was playing with her tits and finger banging her as he got all the grease off her body.

It took 15 or so minutes and she was clean and ready to go again. She thanked the guy for washing her off knelt down washed his cock getting it nice and soapy. She then rinsed it off and gave him a blow job and thanked him for asking her to strip and service the crew.

My wife came out of the bath tub got into her clothes and came out to the bedroom where she poured herself a nice shot of Scotch. The guys got drinks and Len proposed a toasted to my wife.


When it was time to leave each guys came over gave my wife a long deep kiss and felt her tits. We went back to our room where she spread the money on the bed and we fucked on it. We had to clean some of the money up as we came all over it.

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