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It was her twentieth anniversary day. Shobha was waiting for her husband Malhotra, a businessman who was never in time. Today her eyes were anxiously waiting for him as he had promised to take her out.

Since a few years Malhotra was so busy in mybusiness that he had practically neglected mywife. mymain aim was to make money and he was so successful in it, that he multiplied myfinancial resources day by day and tmykept him away from mywife and their only son Rahul.

Rahul, who had just completed 18 years, was a brilliant student. He was the reason for Shobha to be content with life as her husband had been neglecting her since a few years. The only thing Shobha had at her disposal was money and she had it in plenty as her husband never questioned how she utilized it.

Stepping into 38th year Shobha still possessed a figure that made every male turn myeyes. She was not conscious of her figure as she had resigned from enjoying sex with her husband since a long time and it never occurred to her that she made other males in the locality dream of having her. She was always occupied in her own thoughts of seeing her son Rahul come out with flying colors in myexaminations.

Tmyparticular day as she resigned from waiting for her husband, she walked the few steps to her son's bedroom to enquire about mystudies.

Rahul on seeing mymother dressed up asked 'are you going out Mom?'

The sudden questioning of her son brought tears to her eyes and shaking her head she said 'no, I am not.'

Rahul was upset at looking at mymother's wet eyes and to bring some cheers to her face said 'mom, I again topped in my History.'

Tmynews brought much relief to Shobha and she coming forward embraced her son.

Rahul had a fascination for mymother's dark long hair. He always liked to feel the silky strands of her hair whenever he got the opportunity. Today as mymother had left her hair open, Rahul was happy to feel the silky long hair brushing myface when mymother bowed down to embrace him.

As Rahul was fondling her hair, mymother straightened up and tmyleft him holding her curls in myhands.

mymother was surprised to see him holding her hair and when she smiled at him and asked the reason for it, he replied 'Mom, you have long silky hair and they are so soft to touch.'

Shobha brushed myhair in response and without saying a word went to her room. There in the recluse of her room she started weeping. She felt ignored by her husband and tmyhurt her feelings. She had done everything to see him come up in life and now that he had reached the pinnacle, he had ignored her completely and she felt sad that she had lost him.

Thinking it was her fate; she changed her clothes and went to bed with a novel. She was so absorbed in reading; it was nearing 12 p.m. when she saw the lights on in her son's room. Putting on a robe over her nightie she went to myroom.

On entering the room she was pleased to see her son engrossed in mystudies. Seeing him burning oil till midnight saddened her also. She went closer to him and putting her hands across myshoulders she hugged him.

Rahul was shocked by the sudden appearance of mymother and as he turned to look at her, myface came in contact with her soft hair and tmymade him to inhale its fragrance. Inhaling the rich aroma from her hair made him dizzy and as he was still deeply engrossed in it, he found mymother brush her hair on myface intentionally.

As Rahul was captivated by the aroma of mymother's hair, he felt mymother brush her hair over myface. Tmyprompted him to take hold of a lock of hair and gently fondled it.

Shobha was thrilled by myact and seeing him enjoying playing with her loose hair, she let him fondle it for few more seconds before pushing back her hair. Then straightening up she said 'it's late, you better go to bed.'

Rahul smiled and getting up he put off the lights and went to bed.

It was very late when Malhotra, Shobha's husband came. Without speaking a word to her, he slumped on the bed and in no time was fast asl**p.

Shobha did not sl**p the whole night. She was kept awake listening to her husband's snoring. Once she was tempted to put a hand over mybody and arouse him but as she lifted her hand, she saw him turn the other way. Tmymade her withdraw her hand.

After a sl**pless night Shobha got up early to take care of the breakfast. As she finished the cooking and set the table, she saw her husband come down and gobble the breakfast in a hurry. By the time she could give him a cup of coffee; he said 'I have to hurry' and left her holding the cup of coffee in her hand.

As Shobha stood holding the coffee in her hand, she was pleasantly surprised to see her son grab the cup of coffee saying 'thanks.' Seeing myeager smiling face, Shobha forgot her husband and was happy to serve her demanding son.

Rahul was well built at the age of 18. He had broad shoulders, well muscled chest, and strong arms with an appetite of a bull. He just consumed what ever was laid on the table and after having a hand wash, he wiped myhands on her mother's sari which had become a custom of his.

Then as he was about to leave for college he surprised mymother by bending over her head and inhaling the rich aroma of her hair said 'bye Mom.'

Before Shobha could react she saw him move out of the door in a flash. Shobha after seeing myback was quite happy, thinking of her son who was so fond of her. Tmymade her forget about her husband's peculiar behavior.

The days continued to slip away in the same fashion till the dates for Rahul's exams were announced.

One day Rahul came home very much excited. Handing mymother the print out of myexam time table said 'Mom, the exam dates have been announced and they are starting from coming Monday.'

Shobha was saddened to hear tmyas she felt that her son now had to go many a sl**pless nights studying for myexams. She made up her mind to give him company and help him out in mystudies.

That night around 10.30 Shobha entered her son's room to see him scratching myhead over some mathematical problem. Seeing him whacking mybrains out over it, she slid closer to him and putting her cheeks over myshe embraced him.

Rahul was pleased by tmyand instinctively he lifted myhand and caught hold of some strands of hair and brought them over myface. Tmysilky touch cooled him a bit and forgetting the problem he started to caress myface with mymother's hair. Shobha let her son fondle her hair and seeing him relax a bit let him have myway.

Rahul continued fondling her hair and as he turned myface, mylips smacked mymother's rosy cheeks. Tmyact suddenly embarrassed him and feeling shy he bowed myhead down in shame.

Shobha quick to re-act and pulling her son up and saying 'it's okay,' she pecked a kiss on mycheek in a motherly fashion.

Tmyact encouraged Rahul and reciprocating her kiss he went back to face myproblem. On having mymother by myside helped Rahul in solving the problems and when he finished the work, he looked up at mymother and said 'thanks Mom, your presence was a great help to me.' Shobha smiled on hearing those words and hugging him again she kissed him goodnight.

The next day the same circumstances prevailed and as evening approached, Shobha was surprised to see her husband come home early from myoffice and go up to myroom. As Shobha followed him, she saw him packing up a suitcase and when she asked him, he said 'he has to leave for fifteen days on a business trip.' As tmywas customary, Shobha did not question him.

As Malhotra departed, Shobha felt lonely in the big house and as her mind was wandering, she heard her son come home. Tmybrought much relief to her and after taking care of her son's appetite; she excused herself and went out shopping.

By the time she came back it was quite late and as she went in to myson's room she saw him busy with mystudies. When Rahul looked up at her she opened one of the bags and handed over an expensive shirt to him. Rahul was pleased and taking the gift from her, he kissed mymother's cheek.

Rahul had kissed mymother on impulse and as he had kissed her, mysaliva laden lips had left behind an impression on her cheek. Shobha was astonished by tmyact and when she went to her room she saw herself blushing on having received a wet kiss. Shobha knew the kiss was not intentional but she was kissed on the spur of the moment. But still tmykiss lingered on her mind.

Shobha after recomposing herself went to myson's room again and staying close by to him, she saw him through the rest of mystudies. When he finished it Shobha deliberately kissed him with her wet lips 'goodnight.'

Later in her room she felt spicy for having kissed him like that and tmybrought some comfort to her.

The next day as Rahul finished mybreakfast and wiped myhands on mymother's sari, myfingers accidentally brushed her warm thighs. Tmyact made a new sensation creep through mybody. He stood still for a few moments devouring it and before mymother could look up at him, he felt the house.

Tmysensation remained through out the day and when he came back home he tried to stay away from mymother fearing that she would reprimand him. mymother did not utter a word in that respect and tmybrought Rahul much relief.

That night Rahul was pleased to see mymother come to myroom with her hair loose. On seeing her come in with her hair flying all over her face, he welcomed her with a big smile.

Seeing Rahul's grinning face, Shobha came forward and planting a kiss on mycheek, she sat next to him on the chair. Her closeness again sent creepers up Rahul's body and defying it he went back to mystudies. As Shobha felt tired sitting next to him, she started to get drowsy and many a times leaned on him. Tmyintimacy relaxed Rahul and loving every bit of her closeness; he held her loose strands of hair and started to caress myface with them and inhaled their aroma.

From the corner of the eye, Shobha watched her son caress her hair and inhale its fragrance. She let him play with her hair as she too liked myfondling. As Rahul kept on inhaling the fragrance of her hair, myface drifted to her cheeks and he kissed her rosy cheeks.

Tmyjarred Shobha and without lifting an eyelid she let him kiss her and when he removed mylips from her cheeks she smiled at him, which boosted Rahul. Smiling back at mymother he continued with mystudies.

When Rahul stirred to get up, Shobha held myface in her hands and bending over it, she brushed her hair on myface and said 'sl**p well.'

That night Rahul had a sound sl**p and the next morning he was up early bouncing with joy. That morning Shobha saw a young and energetic Rahul helping her out in her daily household tasks. Rahul was immensely pleased to be near mymother and when he finished mybreakfast, he deliberately brushed myfingers again on mymother's thighs while wiping myhands on her sari.

Shobha felt myfingers on her thighs tmytime. Though she took it to be an accident, the brushing of myfingers on her thighs invigorated her. She stood without flinching and when Rahul turned to leave she called out 'Rahul.'

At first Rahul was scared on being called and when he turned to face her and saw her smiling face he was overjoyed, and when mymother asked him to come soon in the evening as she had to go to the mall he was really thrilled.

By the time Rahul came home in the evening Shobha was fully decked up and ready to leave for the mall. Rahul hurriedly changed and e****ting mymother, went to the mall in a cab. After window shopping for some time, Shobha purchased few saris and coming down they stood in queue to enter fast food outlet.

As the outlet was crowded, people started scrambling to gain access and in tmymelee a young man who was standing close to Shobha started eyeing her body. Tmywas noticed by Rahul who kept some distance from the two of them. Gradually the unknown person inched towards Shobha and in the melee he brushed myhand on her buttocks.

At first Rahul on watching tmywas filled with rage and when myeyes were focused on mymother's rich back, myeyes were glued to the pulsating buttocks of mymother and on seeing the man brush myhand again on mymother's buttocks, it aroused him. He stood watching the action and when mymother reached the counter the unknown person after a final brush of myhand over her buttocks, moved to the other side. The sight aroused Rahul. He started sweating on having watched an unknown person feel mymother's buttocks. He wished he could have witnessed it for a longer time but as the person moved away, Rahul stepped closer to mymother and myeyes were riveted on mymother's back. myslippery fingers were itching to feel the pulsating flesh of mymother's back and as he tired to put a hand down, mymother turned and tmymade myhand to come in contact with her thighs.

Shobha for the second time felt her sons hand on her thighs. Under both circumstances she felt it was accidental but later on as the evening progressed and she watched her son eyeing her body her thoughts were dramatically changed. She loved the way her son was eyeing her body. She started to get stimulated. A warm wave started to fill her body and in the midst of the crowd of the mall she was thrilled.

Soon she realized it was getting late as her son had to study for the exams she hurried back home with him. Rahul was taken back when she suddenly asked him to leave but sitting close to her in the cab made him forget it.

When both of them reached home, Rahul straight away went in to myroom for studies and Shobha after a break of an hour strode into myroom and tmytime her hair was fully loose.

Rahul watched her entering myroom from the reflection of the mirror. Though he saw her hair was loose, myeyes were roaming over her lush body. Shobha though in her late thirties had a well endowed body. She had a voluptuous figure and her fair complexion was striking to the eye. Rahul's eyes were focused on her lush body and as he saw mymother approaching he turned to face her.

Shobha coming over sat next to him, her thighs touching his. Rahul was delighted to have her sit next to him and after some time to attract her attention, he started to scratch myhead. Tmymade Shobha lean forward to enquire about myproblem.

Rahul on seeing her falling prey to myplan said 'Mom tmyproblem is too much.'

Shobha could do nothing as she did not understand the ABC of mathematics. She moved closer to him and putting her hand over myhead and pulling myface to her cheeks she hugged him.

Tmywas what Rahul was hoping for. As mymother pulled him up, he nuzzled mycheeks deeper to hers and putting a hand across her shoulders he started playing with her loose hair.

Shobha was thrilled to see her son nuzzling closer and playing with her hair. She then turned her face and brushing her lips on mycheeks said 'try again, you will succeed.'

'If you hold me like this, I will try,' he replied.

Hearing those words Shobha put her hand over myshoulders and drawing him closer and hugging him said 'Yes. I am here, try again.'

Rahul on being hugged by mymother was exalted. He went back to mymath and in trying out the sum, many a times he either dug myelbow or brushed myhand over mymother's thighs. Shobha felt the pressure of myelbow over her thighs but as she saw him engrossed in the sum, she let it pass.

Rahul could not continue feeling mymother's thighs for a long time without raising suspicion. After a lapse of five minutes he let out a gasp and saying he had worked out the problem he turned myface to mymother's and kissed her cheeks, thanking her.

Shobha was pleased to see her son get through the difficult sum and in a way of reciprocating myactions; she held myhead firmly and planted a deep kiss on mycheeks.

'Thanks Mom,' yelled Rahul on being kissed hard on mycheeks and holding the kissed part of mycheek he looked up at her.

Shobha seeing Rahul looking up at her said 'Happy.'

'Yes Mom, please stay by my side till my exams are over,' he said.

'Why?' questioned Shobha a little mischievously?

'Because you are a source of inspiration,' he said patting her cheeks.

Shobha was exalted to have felt him patting her cheeks and if she had not stopped from saying out loud she would have said 'inspiration for what?'

She did not say so and as Rahul had completed mywork, he got up.

Shobha kissed him a motherly goodnight before leaving him.

After her departure Rahul lay awake for sometime visualizing the events of the day and when sl**p took over him he dreamt of mymother.

It was no different with mymother. Today after a lapse of some years she felt light at heart. Her body was singing new tunes and tmymade her sl**p at ease.

Next morning there was a change in the appearance of mymother. The sari was replaced by a negligee. Shobha had seen that her body was well covered as she had put on a veil over it. Rahul was pleased to see the change, as whenever mymother came under the sunlight the impression of her voluptuous body was clearly visible.

Shobha had not realized this. She had dressed up in negligee as it freed her movements and was light on her. Rahul's eyes had a field day ogling over mymother's features. At one stage Shobha was curious as Rahul did not speak to her and as she suddenly turned to face him, she saw myeyes were glued over her back.

She could feel mystare and tmymade her heart beat a leap and felt the warmness creeping over her body. She stepped into the kitchen to avoid her son learning about her and when she came back she was recomposed.

Rahul after finishing mybreakfast and washing myhands took hold of the material of mymother's veil and as he wiped myhands with it, the veil slid down from mymother's body exposing her rich breasts ensconced in the thin material of the negligee to mygaze.

Rahul was embarrassed as myactions disrobed mymother and uttering 'sorry' he ran out.

Shobha smiled at mydiscomfort and shaking her head and steadying her dress she went back to her chores.

By the time Rahul returned home from college, mymother had changed over to her usual sari but the sari she had d****d on her body had a tantalizing effect on him. It was peach colored one which went very well on her figure. For a few seconds Rahul stood looking at her and mystare again made mymother get excited.

Rahul on reaching myroom for wash took myown time to come out. He had locked himself in the bathroom, wondering at mymother's mode of dressing. He was in two minds. He did not know whether she was tempting him or was acting just casual. As he made up mymind to try to be a little bold and find out for himself, he came down.

After having mysupper as he was working out over the math problems, mymother entered. Tmytime her hair was in plaits and tmymis-fired all mycalculations. He felt sad and dejected. He diverted myattention to mystudies and when he felt mymother sit next to him and hug him, he has elated.

Carrying out mymath's assignments as he tried to nudge myelbow over mymother's thighs it slipped and got lodged between the v of her thighs. He immediately jerked myelbow away as he felt her hot thighs and said 'oh! Sorry.'

Shobha hugged him closer saying its okay.

Tmyprompted Rahul to face her and on seeing a smiling face, he put myhand on her head and said 'why is your hair plaited?'

'Do you want to it to be loose,' she asked softly? 'I like your hair to be untied and loose,' he replied.

'Do you like to untie them,' she questioned?
Rahul bowed myhead in the way of answering her.

As soon as Shobha saw her son bow myhead, she slid across and pushing her back she wedged her body on to mychest and lifting her head up said 'please'.

Rahul was wonderstruck by tmyact. Feeing mymother rest her back to mychest and seeing her plaited hair in front myface he felt aroused. He lifted myhands and holding her plaits he slowly untied them and when her hair was set loose, he nuzzled myface into it and inhaled deeply.

'Do you like its fragrance so much,' asked mymother.

'I love it,' he said pushing myhead deeper into her thick curls.

Feeling myface dig deeper into her curls, mymother plastered her back on to mychest and let out a soft moan.

Rahul was excited on seeing mymother squirm and moan softly. Instinctively he put myhands over her shoulders and having a grip on them, he nuzzled myface in her hair and making way he kissed the nape of her neck.

Shobha's body trembled on feeling him kiss on the nape of her neck and in response she lifted her hands and held myhead hard. Tmyemboldened Rahul and taking cue from mymother he slid myhands under her arms and tried to caress her arm pits which were fully covered by her blouse.

Tmymove tickled Shobha and feeling her son trying to caress the hair under her armpits she straightened herself and gently removing myhands from under her armpits said 'later.'

As soon as she uttered the word 'later' she felt shocked as in one way it meant that she was game for it. Thinking it over she felt she had unknowingly accepted her son's move to caress her armpits. Though it was totally wrong she let go off it there.

Rahul on the other hand was overjoyed to hear her words and he mentally pictured caressing her bare armpits. He felt delighted and impulsively kissed mymother on her cheeks.

All tmyhad aroused mymother and hugging her son she said 'now go back to your studies.'

Tmyprompted Rahul to be deeply engrossed in mystudies and when after an hour or so as he got up, mymother standing in front of him hugged and kissed him goodnight.

Today's action had gone a shade ahead of what both of them had thought off. Both were pleased with the outcome of it. Shobha for one felt delighted as her closeness made her son work hard in mystudies and for Rahul it was like sailing on cloud nine.

The next morning Shobha was up early preparing breakfast and after setting the table she saw him coming down and sit on the dinning table with a book in tmyhand. Today was the first day of myexamination.

Seeing her son absorbed in the book prompted Shobha to sit beside him and feed him. As she was feeding him, which she often used to do, many a times her fingers felt the warm wetness of mymouth which invigorated her.

She kept feeding him and once even pushed her fingers into mymouth. Rahul loved all tmyand without giving a hint he had opened mymouth wide for her fingers to penetrate mymouth.

As he finished mybreakfast he took one spoonfull of food and looking up at mymother he reciprocated her actions. Shobha very gladly accepted it and as she got up from the table she felt myhand brushing her thighs as he wiped myhand on her sari.

Feeling myfingers on her thighs, Shobha to tease her son a little said 'now don't pull out my sari.'

On seeing mymother tease him, Rahul was thrilled and in a reflex he jerked her sari a little.

'You devil' cried Shobha and smiling at him said 'enough, now please go.'

Rahul went to the college elevated and wrote myexams with ease.

When he returned home a bit late after meeting myprofessor to discuss some problems, he saw mymother waiting impatiently for him. Tmybrought much joy to him and coming in he hugged mymother and said 'I have done well in the exams.'

It was but natural for mymother to kiss him on hearing the news but the kiss which was intended for the cheek slipped a shade down and landed on the edge of Rahul's lips. Rahul stood shocked on having felt mymother's lips brush myand before he could come out of it, he saw mymother hurrying to the kitchen.

As mymother strode into the kitchen in a hurry the impressions of her voluptuous buttocks were clearly visible from her sari. Rahul after having captured an eye full of her heavy buttocks juggling in the sari went to myroom with a hard on.

Shobha did not come to myroom at the usual time but was late. She had to regain some strength before coming in and when she did so, she did not find Rahul at the desk but saw him perched on the sofa.

Rahul was reclining on the sofa as he had completed mymath's papers which required him to sit before the desk but now as he only had to read for the other subjects he was resting on the sofa.

Shobha silently made her way to the sofa and sat down a few spaces away from him. Rahul sensing mymother hesitate, sat still for some time and when he saw her inching towards him, he turned to face her.

Both of them smiled and tmybrought much relief to them. It was Shobha who started the conversation by asking 'what exam do you have tomorrow.'

'Its science Mom' replied Rahul.

'How are your preparations going on' asked mymother?

'I was waiting for you for the final revision' replied Rahul.

'Why me?' asked mymother smilingly.

'I need some comfort' saying tmyhe slid closer to mymother.

'My poor c***d' saying this, Shobha hugged her son and asked 'are you comfortable now?'

'I need to feel the softness of your hair' saying tmyRahul started to fondle her hair.

'You can feel as much as you wish' uttering these words she let her loose hair to brush myface and turning she settled her back on mychest.

Rahul was enchanted to have mymother reclining on mychest on the sofa. He held a chunk of her hair and inhaled its deep aroma. mymother had used a new fragrance which intoxicated him.

'You smell lovely, Mom,' he said as he dug myface deep into her hair.

'Tmyis for you, my Son,' she replied grinding her back on mychest.

Rahul by instinct put myhands on her shoulders and pulled her up a little.

Shobha went limp in myarms and slid up as he pulled her.

Rahul on having pulled her up started kissing her on the nape of the neck and moved down to her shoulder blades.

Shobha shivered as she felt mywarm wet lips on her naked shoulder blades and uttered some words which were inaudible.

Taking her murmur as a green signal, Rahul put myhands upon her shoulders and on squeezing them he slid them under her arms.

Shobha feeling her son slide myhands under her arms lifted her hands and taking hold of myhead she lifted her face and kissed him on the cheeks.

As Shobha lifted her face up, Rahul's chin which was resting on her shoulder blades slid down and felt the upper part of her swollen breasts for a fraction of a second. Tmytouch excited him and getting bolder he thrust the open palms of myhands down and held her armpits.

Tmyaction aroused Shobha and again she lifted her face and kissed mycheeks which in turned lodged Rahul's chin squarely on the rising mounds of her breasts.

Resting mychin on the warm soft swelling breasts, Rahul started to caress her under the armpits and as mymother did not complain he started to feel the coarse thick hair under her arms. Tmyaction of mymade mymother moan.

Rahul taking it for granted started pressing mychin down on her breasts while on the same hand he tried to grasp as much of her coarse hair under her armpits as possible.

Feeling myministrations getting bolder Shobha could not sustain from asking 'do you like to play with my hair so much?'

Tmywas music to Rahul's ears and he replied 'I love to feel and caress them.'

'Why? What's so nice about it' she asked?

'Its softness and its silkiness,' replied Rahul.

'Now are you happy that you felt it,' she asked?

'I wish you would wear sleeveless blouse,' he shot back.

Hearing those words Shobha was mesmerized. She took hold of her son's face in her hands and bringing closer to hers she planted a wet kiss on mycheeks and said 'maybe tomorrow.'

On being kissed on mycheeks Rahul by instinct put a finger to mylips indicating that he would want her to kiss mylips. Shobha shied at tmygesture and getting up she said 'now finish off your studies.'

Rahul was more than happy to have had a felt her armpits and also conveyed the message that he would want her to kiss him on mylips. As he went on with mystudies, Shobha got up and left him.

Once inside her room she went in search of a sleeveless blouse and found a few old ones. As she tried them on her she felt they were very tight and exposed much of her breasts. She made it a point to get some new ones stitched.

The next morning it was a repeat of the previous day's proceedings. At the dining table as Shobha was feeding him, she felt him opening mymouth wider when her fingers came up with the food. To cool mypassion Shobha intentionally thrust her fingers inside mymouth two or three times. And when Rahul fed her she bit myfinger lightly.

When Rahul washed myhands and looked up at mymother, he saw the loose end of her sari was tucked in her waist and mymother had put her hands on her waist daring him to pull out the end of the sari and wipe myhands. Seeing tmyRahul acted as if he was baffled and when he had passed mymother and mymother felt sure that he had lost, he suddenly turned and putting myhands from behind he pulled the loose end of her sari and wiped myhands.

The sudden action of her son made her loose control and she fell backwards in myarms. Getting up she said 'you devil,' and pushed myson out when she regained her composure.

'Your own devil' saying tmyRahul went out.

Shobha smiled on hearing him say so and feeling good she went to complete her house hold duties.

That evening Rahul came home late as he had mypractical examinations too and as he was very tired he went up to have a wash. Coming down later he saw mymother tucked up in an old cotton sari that had covered her bosom and shoulders completely. He did not get the meaning of it and as he finished mysupper he went to myroom all the time thinking he still had three papers to compete.

It was after some time that he heard mymother come in. He was puzzled to see her holding a glass of milk in her hand and the way she had tucked her sari so tightly.

Sitting by myside on the sofa Shobha lifted the glass of milk to mymouth and Rahul gulped it down. It was when mymother lifted the loose end of her sari to wipe mymouth that he saw for the first time that she was wearing a sleeveless blouse and tmyaroused him instantly and he gaped at her.

Looking at him gaping, Shobha asked 'happy?' 'I am delighted' replied Rahul trying to hug mymother.

'Wait.' Said mymother to put down the glass and moving closer and stating 'you are still a small c***d' she again wiped mymouth with her sari.

As mymother came closer Rahul laid myhands over her shoulders and as she was wiping mymouth he moved myhead on her forehead.

Shobha continued wiping mymouth and when she was satisfied, she gently placed her lips on mycheeks in such a way that her lips even touched the corner of mylips.

Rahul feeling her lips bracing his, he turned myface slightly till mylips came in full contact with mymothers.

As soon as Shobha felt mylips on hers she hugged her son tightly in her arms and hid her face on mychest in shame.

Rahul realized the dilemma in which mymother was and as he gave her some time to recompose he put myarms over her back and held her tightly in myarms. Tmywas the first time he had held her in tmyfashion and tmygave him a sense of being the man he wanted to be, that is, a fully grown up.

After seeing mymother relaxing Rahul gradually fondled mymother's back, feeling the fleshy curves on her back. mymother moaned and continued nuzzling herself deep on mychest. Tmygave him some encouragement and Rahul sliding myhands down on the exposed flesh of mymother's back and waist, fondled her bare flesh for the first time. Tmyact made mypecker to vibrate inside mypants.

Tmyalso invigorated Shobha and tightening her hold upon him she moaned louder. Tmymotivated Rahul to pull mymother up and reclined on the sofa. As he pulled mymother up, he felt mymother's breasts flattened on mychest and feeling her breasts crush mychest made him erupt mycum in mypants.

Shobha on feeling her breasts were crushed over mychest and on seeing her face close to his, looked up at him and seeing him sweat and understanding its implication she planted a wet kiss on mycheeks and getting up she left the room.

Rahul was flabbergasted on having erupted mycum in the presence of mymother. He had not expected tmyto happen and tmyworried him. He was not sure whether mymother had known about it or not. And as he lay on the bed thinking about it, mymother was happy to have made her son cum. Though she knew it was wrong she was content in making her son happy.

She felt there was nothing wrong in hugging and kissing her son and tmybrought her much relief.


The next day the atmosphere in the house was charged. Shobha was dressed in her nightie with a thin veil upon it. Her hair was tied with a scarf and she had applied fresh body spray which had filled the room with fragrance.

Rahul coming down and seeing mymother's attire was delighted. He hurried mysteps and coming behind mymother he put myarms around her waist and nuzzled myhead on her hair. Inhaling deeply the aroma he untied the scarf holding her hair before wishing her good morning.

Shobha stood still allowing her son to loosen her hair and when he was inhaling its fragrance she said 'the breakfast is getting cold.'

Holding her by the waist, Rahul dragged mymother to the dining table and sat down. Shobha proceeded to feed him and as Rahul's hands were free, he started to caress her waist. Shobha started enjoying mycaresses and took her own time in feeding him.

Rahul then became adventurous. He slid myhand down over the left side of her buttocks and placed it over there. Shobha did not object to this. myhand then slid further down and came upon her rich thighs. He started to slide myfingers slightly over her thighs and when mymother did not object, he tried to push myhand further down between them.

Shobha suddenly pulled myhand away from her thighs. Rahul's hand went back to her waist again. He knew there were some limitations and he continued fondling her waist with more vigor squeezing the soft rich curves of her waist. Shobha did not object to tmyand as she got up on feeding him she felt her son's hands caress her voluptuous buttocks and tmymade her shiver.

As Rahul got up he playfully held mymother's veil. Shobha turned around to face him. Rahul smiled at her and pulling out her veil he ran away from her before wiping myface and hands with it.

Shobha screamed obscenities at him and when Rahul threw the veil back at her after stepping out he heard her say 'when come home, I will make you repent, you naughty fellow.'

Rahul came home early and when mymother enquired about myexaminations he replied 'it was easy and I only have two more to go.'

'Go and change' said mymother.

As Rahul came down mymother excused herself saying she had to visit their neighbors and will be back soon. Rahul after spending some time watching the TV went back to myroom for studies. It was after quite some time when mymother came to myroom. mymother had worn the same nightie which she had worn in the morning and she had discarded the veil.

Seeing her without the veil Rahul smiled at her and asked 'why, what happened to your veil?'

'There's no point in wearing it' she replied.

'Why' asked Rahul, as mymother sat next to him.

'My son does not allow me to put it on,' she replied.

'Why, what does he do,' asked Rahul moving closer to her.

'He pulls it away from my body' replied mymother.

'But why,' he again asked her as he put myarm around her waist?

'I don't know the reason, tell me if you know it,' she replied.

'I have a vague idea but before I tell you, promise you won't scream at me' he said.

'No, I won't scream at you, I promise' she said smilingly.

'Then come closer, I will put the words in your ear' he said.

Shobha moving her ear to myface asked 'Is tmyenough?'

As mymother brought her ear near myface, Rahul first tenderly nibbled her ear before speaking softly 'I think he wants to see your br no che...' First he wanted to say breasts then changed it over to chest.

'Yes, what does he wants to see' asked mymother moving closer.

'I think he wants to see your chest' he said and waited for her response silently.

On hearing it mymother was mildly surprised and she held back for a few seconds before replying 'I think he should be reprimanded as he is becoming naughty.'

'Yes, indeed' he is becoming naughty. How do you intend to reprimand him' asked Rahul embracing mymother?

'Let him finish myexams, then I will see to it' she said.

'That means you don't mind it' he asked putting myarm across her waist and pulling her to him. 'I did not say so' she replied.

'What's wrong in allowing him to see' said Rahul pecking kisses on her cheeks.

'I have not decided about it' she replied.

'How long will you take to decide about it' he said shuffling her hair with myhands.

'Keep trying you may succeed' shot back mymother.

Hearing those words Rahul was encouraged. Lifting myhands he held mymother by her head and drawing her face closer to his, he kissed her squarely on her lips.

Shobha sizzled as he felt myhot lips on hers. Unable to control anymore she drew myhead and opening her mouth wide kissed him back. Rahul was enchanted by tmyand in a reflex action he pushed mytongue deep inside her mouth and embraced mymother's body to his.

Shobha was stimulated by the passionate kiss and as Rahul drew her up to mybody, she tamely succumbed to myministrations. Her body was set on fire. Rahul feeling her body shivering started to caress her back and bringing myhand under her arms he moved it over the side of her breasts.

Shobha moaned hard when she felt her son's hand trying to feel her breasts. She pressed her upper body to mycompletely, squashing her breasts over mychest. Rahul could no longer put myhand on her breasts. He placed myhands over her shoulders and pushing her back he trust one of myhand on her chest.

Shobha moaned louder. Her tongue slipped out and started to lick her son's lips. Rahul felt possessed. He thrust myhand deep between mymother's chest. myhand felt the opening of mymother's nightie. myfingers started to fumble over her hooks and with great difficulty he managed to unhook two of them.

As the flaps of mymother's nightie gave way, myfingers came in contact with the warm flesh of mymother's bosom. Tmyaroused him. He dug myhand deeper till he could feel the silkiness of mymother's brassiere. Tmymade myprick shot up.

Shobha's body too was throbbing in the heat of the passion. She lifted her body for a second to allow her son's hand to take possession of her breasts and as Rahul slid myhand over the cup of her bra, she shuddered and wet her panties.

Rahul too was on the verge of shooting and as mymother allowed access to myhands to cup her bra mypecker shot up and when he felt mymother's body convulse in the heat of the passion he again jammed mylips on hers and cupping her breast over her bra he shot myload in mypants.

Both were exhausted and it was Shobha who first came out of the trance and tiding her clothes she stood up.

Rahul seeing mymother about to leave caught her hand. Shobha was dumbstruck by tmyaction. Without releasing her hand from myshe moved closer to him and kissing him on the lips said 'take rest, you have your exam tomorrow.'

Hearing tmyRahul let go of her hand and as mymother left myroom, he went to bed.

Once inside her room Shobha was shivering with excitement. It was ages since she had wet her panties and as she replayed the day's proceedings she felt light hearted. She slept soundly throughout the night.

As the morning rays shone brightly Rahul got up and after taking a leisure bath he dressed up and came down. mymother looked radiant having taken her bath. She had tied her wet hair with a towel and her blouse was soaked due to seepage of water from her hair.

The visibility of the black straps of her bra over her wet white blouse was a sight to Rahul's eyes. He strode silently towards her and taking hold of the towel covering her wet hair he removed it. Then he proceeded to wipe her wet hair with it. He lovingly took hold of a few strands of hair and wiped them dry.

Shobha loved myministrations and getting aroused from it slowly pushed her back till she felt mythighs. Rahul manipulated himself so that the voluptuous back of mymother was in between mythighs and on feeling her warm buttocks on mythighs mypecker got aroused.

Adjusting so that mymother could not feel mythrobbing penis he continued to brush her hair dry and as he finished it, he drew aside the hair covering her back and kissed her exposed back.

Shobha feeling myhot kiss on her wet back shuddered in delight and lifting her hands up she held her son's head with them. Rahul on seeing her lift her arms slid myhands on her waist and drew mymother's body up without realizing that he had pulled her back on to mythrobbing pecker.

The moment Shobha felt myaroused pecker she closed her eyes in ecstasy while Rahul felt ashamed on mydeed and pulled away from her. Tmymade mymother to realize mytimid ness and as she felt him move away she went on with her preparations.

Both sat silent at the dining table and as Shobha started feeding her son, he consumed without much ado. After he finished he got up and after washing myhands went in search of a napkin.

Shobha on seeing her son launder in search of a napkin went up to him and taking hold of the edge of her sari she cleaned myhands dry.

Tmymade Rahul regain some of mylost strength. Kissing her cheeks he went out.

As soon as Rahul finished myexam mythoughts were centered on the day's proceedings. Though he felt ashamed on mydeed it brought him some relief to recall mymother's behavior. It enlightened myfeelings when he pictured mymother wiping myhands with her sari. Tmygave him enough courage and he slowly threaded back home.

On entering the house he was rewarded by the sight of mymother who was fully decked up in a rich black sari and ready to go out and when he enquired whether she was going out, she said 'come lets go and have our dinner out.'

Tmywas news to Rahul. He hurriedly went up and changing myclothes he strode elegantly down the stairs. Shobha on seeing him dressed smartly was pleased and putting an arm around mywaist she started to move out.

After fetching a cab, Shobha directed the driver to a posh restaurant. Rahul was overwhelmed when he heard the restaurant's name. It was the costliest restaurant in the city and to accompany mymother to such a posh restaurant made him feel elated.

On alighting from the cab, Rahul opened the door for mymother to step out and holding her arm he e****ted her in. Shobha was delighted by the way Rahul e****ted her and putting her arm around mywaist she leaned upon him.

On having booked earlier they were e****ted to one of the cozy cubicle which was dimly lit. Sitting in the glass cubicle they could see the stage where a singer was crooning but from the outside they were not visible.

On sitting down in the soft upholstered sofa type seating Shobha pressed the button which prompted the waiter to appear before them. Shobha ordered the food and a bottle of wine.

Rahul was shocked when he heard mymother order for a bottle of wine and on the same side he felt happy. As they sat waiting for the food to be served, Rahul's eyes were focused on the flimsily clad singer who was showing off her charms.

Shobha saw her son's eyes were glued to the singer and nudging closer to him said 'Is she so attractive?'

Hearing tmyRahul shifted mygaze back to mymother and looking deeply at her lush body d****d in a black silk sari he said 'she is no match to you.'

'Is it? am I so' she asked?

'You are the most beautiful woman' replied Rahul putting myhand around her.

'Don't you think she is more attractive' said mymother looking at the singer who was scantily dressed.

'You would look more gorgeous in that outfit' replied Rahul.

'Do you want me to dress like that' she asked?

'I would love it. Do you have such outfits' asked Rahul pulling mymother closer?

'Why? I can buy one' she said getting closer to myson.

'Then please buy one' replied Rahul.

'Why?' insisted mymother.

'I would love to see you in such an outfit' replied Rahul.

'What's wrong with the one I am wearing' said she pushing herself up.

Looking down at her Rahul said 'your sari is dazzling but it does not show much of your charms.'

'So you are more interested in seeing my charms rather than the dress' she asked?

'Well, if you put it like that I would love to see your charms being concealed in that type of dress' he replied staring at the impressions of her swollen breasts under her sari.

Seeing him staring at her chest she said 'how do compare with what you are seeing with that of hers' she said looking at the singer.

'You are more ravishing, more stunning and more voluptuous than her' he replied.

Hearing him complimenting her Shobha felt thrilled. Her body shuddered. A wave of warmth ran over her body. Her body throbbed and saying 'really' she hugged him.

As mymother hugged him, Rahul caught hold of her chin and drawing her face closer he kissed mymother hard on her lips.

'Oh Rahul, Rahul' she cried plunging deeper in her arms and kissing him passionately.

'Mama I want to see these' he said sliding myhand under her sari and moving it over her breasts and before mymother could reply he saw the waiter coming.

Suddenly both sat straight as the waiter came in. After he served them food and as he opened the wine bottle, Rahul saw mymother signaling him to fill one glass. As the waiter finished filling her glass he excused saying 'if you need anything, please ring the bell Maam.'

'Thank you' replied Shobha which saw him bow and leave the cubicle.

It was then that Rahul realized the significance of the bell. It made him cheer up to know that the waiter would only come in when the bell was pressed otherwise they would be left alone. Tmysuddenly aroused Rahul as it struck him that mymother knew about it and had opted for it.

Rahul relished the rich food and as he finished it and cleaned myhands in the finger bowl he looked up at mymother.

mymother smiled and pointed at the tissue papers as the sari she was wearing was very expensive and she did not want it to be spoilt.

Rahul wiped myhands with the tissue and as mymother too finished eating she pressed the bell.

In came the waiter and after collecting the plates he left behind the bottle of wine and a glass.

On seeing myback Rahul immediately put myarm around mymother's shoulder and pulled her to him.

'Hey wait' cooed mymother who was sipping wine.

'Why?' asked her son nuzzling myface on her head.

'Let me finish this' she said pointing the wine glass.

'Can I have a sip Mama' asked Rahul releasing myhold on her a bit.

'Only one' replied mymother lifting the glass to mylips.

Rahul gulped as much as he could in one take and as the wine hit mystomach he felt its chill.

Shobha saw that he had almost emptied the glass and as she was refilling it, she felt her son's hand slide down from her shoulder to under her sari.

Allowing myhand to endure the pleasure of feeling her naked flesh above her breasts she continued sipping the wine.

Rahul's hand did not stop there. Boldly it ventured above her swollen breasts to the front of her blouse.

Shobha took a deep breath as she felt myfingers trying to unhook her blouse.

Rahul seeing that myactions were not stalled slowly unhooked the top three hooks of her blouse and feeling the warm flesh of breasts he started to caress them.

Shobha put down the glass and turned towards him allowing myhand more access to her breasts.

Getting the required leverage Rahul unhooked the rest of her hooks and pushing aside the flaps of her blouse he cupped one breast in myhand. Feeling her breast fully in myhand Rahul's pecker was hard as a rock.

Shobha too started moaning with the heat surging in her body. As Rahul was cupping her breast she put her arms over myhead and smacked a wet passionate kiss on mylips.

Rahul was thrilled to the limit. Now both myhands came into play. As one hand had cupped her breast he slid the other hand behind mymother's back looking to unhook her bra.

Shobha feeling myson's hand trying to unhook her bra spoke softly 'what are you doing Rahul?'

'Let me have a look at them' replied Rahul as myhand felt the strap of her bra.

'No, not here' replied mymother half heartedly enjoying mytouches.

'At least let me feel them,' saying tmyRahul unhooked the clasp of her bra and slid the bra from her breasts. Tmymade mymother's swollen breasts to jump out. Rahul was delighted to have released mymother's breasts. Though he could not see them as they were still covered by her sari, Rahul cupped the bare warm flesh of mymother's breasts in myhand.

Shobha's body shuddered as her son's hand invaded her bare breasts. Her whole body was on fire. She started moaning deeply and said 'enough, enough.'

Rahul did not stop. myfingers searched for mymother's nipple and on finding it he gently squeezed it. Shobha let out a soft scream. She was high on wine and the sensations which were creeping over her body due to the caress of her son's hand were too much to bear. She thrust her body over her son's.

Rahul was quick to notice her actions. Leaning on the sofa he pulled mymother to mychest. Tamely Shobha let herself be pulled up and as she felt her almost naked breasts crush her son's chest, she took her son's face in her hands and started kissing mylips passionately.

Tmywas too much for Rahul to sustain. myrock like pecker started to vibrate. He felt it wanted some solace and as he felt it jerking in mypants he slid mylegs between mymother's thighs.

Shobha left myrock like pecker nudging at her thighs. Tmymade her body to vibrate violently. She knew she was on the threshold of creaming out. She lifted her lower body a little and as her son pushed mylegs below hers, she clamped down heavily over his.

As mymother clamped down her thighs over his, Rahul felt the warm softness of mymother's thighs on mybulge. Tmymade him go wild with passion. Removing myhand from mymother's breast he gripped mymother's back tightly, having a vice like grip over her. He was sure that mymother could not move.

Tmyinvigorated him and mechanically he started thrusting mybulge over mymother's thighs and feeling the warm body of mymother on mybulge he started to leak in mypants.

Shobha too felt myhard cock jamming at her thighs. The sensations creeping out from her body was too much. She could not withstand it any longer. Searching for her son's lips with hers she smashed it over them and ravished it.

As she was ravishing her son's lips with hers she felt her son's body go stiff and as she knew mycock was spitting out she gave a final push of her body over myand holding him tightly she let out the stream from her cunt and lay fully upon her son.

Shobha was exhausted on pouring out from her cunt. She straddled her son's body and lay upon it. Rahul after some time seeing mymother lying flat out over him slowly regained mycomposure. He wanted to see mymother's breasts which he had only felt. myeyes were craving for it and as he tried to remove her sari, mymother feeling him active again, got up suddenly.

Turning her back to her son she quickly set right her bra and hooking her blouse said 'tomorrow you have your last exam, let's go.'

Rahul had to oblige as he had one more tormenting day to compete before being free. As mymother pushed the bell to ask for the bill, Rahul was up ready to leave.

They returned home and Shobha straightaway went to her room. Rahul was left alone to study and as it was myeasiest subject, he recapped all the important points before going to bed.

As morning dawned Shobha felt hangover due to the previous nights wine. As it was late she rushed to the bathroom and after having a bath as and not finding time to either to search for her bra, or her panties or dry her hair. She came down just dr****g a gown over her wet body.

While she was in the final stages of cooking she heard her son come down. In fact he too was a little late. Rahul as he came down was rewarded with the sight of her mother who looked ravishing having put on a gown which was wet and stuck to her body clearly showing off her voluptuous figure. Her hair which was dripping wet had soaked the back of her gown.

Seeing her mother in such a state, Rahul pulled out a towel from the rack and standing at the back of mymother, started to dry her hair with it.

Shobha was awe struck by her son's sympathy towards her and tmymade her to limp back upon him. Very fondly Rahul finished drying her hair and setting aside the towel embraced mymother from behind.

Tmymade mymother to lean her body on myand as Rahul felt mymother's warm buttocks on mythighs mycock started to swell. At that moment it did not embarrass Rahul on finding myerect cock poke at mymother's back as already the previous night mymother had felt it on her thighs.

As Rahul raised myhands from her waist to her breasts he was surprised to feel her soft breasts which were naked under the gown. Tmymade him grab both her breasts with myhands and pulled her body to his.

Shobha realizing that if she stood still it would be difficult to come out of mygrasp said 'it's late for exams.'

Rahul loosened mygrip but still could not leave her and as mypecker had grown to the maximum he started to slide it over mymother's lush back. Shobha felt he was going out of control and in a sudden reflex action came out of mygrasp.

Rahul realizing that it was really late for him quickly gobbled some food and left for the exam thinking that he would be totally free that evening.

As the papers were easy Rahul finished it no time and was out of the hall with a grinning face. He had to spend some time in the canteen before catching mybus. Sitting in the canteen mymind was busy thinking about mymother. He knew mymother had given him company as it was exam time but now he wondered what her reactions would be.

He also knew he had crossed mylimits but the desire to see mymother's breasts naked was yet to be fulfilled. Now that myexams were over he was wondering how to entice mymother to show her breasts. As he was thinking of it he suddenly recalled mymother asking whether he wanted to see her dressed up like the singer in the restaurant. Tmygave him some respite and dreaming about it he went home.

Shobha was also facing same kind of dilemma. She was wondering as to where all tmyleading to. Though she loved the fore play she had with her son but also felt her son's demand for more. Out of the blue she was hoping her husband would come home but in her mind she knew that he would be away for another week.

Finally she resolved that she would allow myson to have a peek at her breasts and that would be the end. Thinking about it she tried to envisage a plan to show off her breasts but nothing came to her mind. When she was contemplating it the picture of the singer floated before her.

Thanking herself for thinking about it she went to her room and rummaged through her cupboard. As she drew her old dresses out she came upon an old sleeveless blouse which was cut short at the top which could hardly cover her present swollen breasts. Thinking tmywould be ideal she searched for the skin colored bra of the flimsiest material.

As she put on both the pieces and looked in the mirror she shied away seeing the impact of it. In the reflection of the mirror she was shocked to see her full breasts and the dark nipples protruding out as if she was topless. Tmymade her change her mind and go in for a much darker bra.

Tmyat least hid her nipples though the swollen melons of her breasts did peep out. To go with it she selected light colored panties, petticoat and a sari. When she was dressed up she looked more ravishing and sexier than the singer in the restaurant.

Changing back she waited for her son to come home.

Rahul came home with a grinning face and let out a sigh of relief after seeing mymother. Shobha was glad to see mygrinning face and she felt as though she had completed her exams. Rahul after changing came down and warming the sofa watched the TV. Shobha brought him some eateries which he started munching.

Shobha seeing him engrossed in the TV kept herself away from him and feared when he would switch it off. Rahul was watching basket ball match and by the time it ended the evening had set.

As the curtains were drawn and the lights were off, the light coming from the dining hall was inadequate to illuminate the room and tmysuited Rahul completely.

Shobha after waiting for an hour knew that she had to make the move and as it was getting dark, she carried some fried almonds and sitting beside him on the sofa asked 'how was your paper?'

Looking at her Rahul said 'Oh! It was easy.'

'Now that you are free, what plans have you chalked out for your holidays' she asked?

'Why? I am not going anywhere' replied Rahul.

'Will you not get bored during your holidays' she asked?

'Why should I get bored when I am with you' he said.

mywords made her smile and she said 'what I mean is don't you want to go on a vacation' she asked?

'I will if you accompany me' he replied.

'Where do you want to go' she asked?

'Any place which you like' he replied.

Hearing tmyit made her feel proud and she asked 'why, to my liking?'

'Because I want to make you happy' he replied.

'How can you make me happy' she asked?

'By being your obedient son' he replied.

'How obedient would you be' asked mymother sharply.

'Try me' he replied.

Shobha was fascinated with mytalk and to tease him she said 'now get up and go to bed.'

'Mama, tmyis not fair. I want to stay with you and help you out' he said.

'See how obedient you are' she said.

'Well, if you really mean it, then I am going' saying tmyhe got up.

Seeing him standing up she said 'I know how far and how long you would be gone. Sit down now.'

'Thanks' said Rahul.

'So you have started thanking me' she said making faces at him.

'I have to thank you a lot' he replied.

'What for' she shot the question?

'For taking me to the restaurant yesterday' he replied.

'What's there to thank me for it' she asked.

'For everything that took place and for having promised me something' he said.

Hearing it Shobha was thrilled and she asked softly 'what did I promise you?'

'You said you would wear some new dress' he replied.

'I am wearing a new sari' she said.

'No, not that' he said.

'Then what' she whispered?

'Something like the singer wore' he replied.

So he had not forgotten it thought Shobha. She did not know how to reply back to him and said 'that, I will do when I feel like.'

'Why not today' he asked her moving closer.

'Because I don't have any' she replied.

'I know you have' he said putting myarm over her shoulder.

'What do I have you know of' she asked him?

'You have costumes like the singer wore.' He said pulling her closer.

'Have you seen any' she asked him? 'I have seen it' he lied.

Tmywas shocking to her. She sat thinking when he had been to her room and looked in her cupboard. The thought of her son searching through her intimate dresses made warm sensations creep up her body and to stall him she said 'You were not supposed to peek at your mother's cupboard. You should know it.'

Hearing it Rahul said 'I did not do it Mama, I lied to you' he said.

'You liar, you had me worried for some time' she said brushing myhair.

'Then you agree you have some' he said.


'Some scintillating dresses' he spoke in her ears.

'So what if I have' said mymother teasing him.

'Why don't you wear them' he spoke in a low voice.

'Why' she asked in the same tone?

'I would like to see how you look in them' he said.


'And compare you to the singer' he replied.

'What do you want to compare, my dress or what' she asked?

'Leave that to me, I will tell you later' he said.

'Rahul you are too bad' saying this, mymother got up and left him.

As mymother left him, Rahul cleared some space by pushing the furniture aside and set up the sofa to one corner and switched off unwanted lights.

mymother took fifteen minutes to change and when she stepped into her son's vision he sat gaping at her scintillating figure. Seeing her son gape at her she moved to the darkest corner of the room and did not make a move till Rahul signaled her to come close.

On seeing mymother shaking her head Rahul got up and moved towards her.

The first thing mymother saw was Rahul's eyes, which were riveted on her body almost popping out of their sockets. mygaze was so intense, she felt as if could see her body through her dress. She felt as if she was standing naked in front of him.

Coming closer to mymother Rahul extended myhand and without any hesitation she moved her hand forward to be held by his. As Rahul took her delicate soft hand in his, he dragged mymother until she came under the dim light.

As mymother came under the light, Rahul eyes devoured every nook and corner of mymother's body. The light colored sari which she had worn could do nothing to shield her curvaceous body. Rahul's eyes feasted upon her swollen mounds of breasts to the plump waist of hers and going down he could even see panties she had worn between the frills of her sari.

Rahul did not stop there. He moved behind her and when he saw her back which was almost naked, but for a strip of cloth acting as her blouse mygaped at it. And when myeyes where focused on her buttocks he could not take them away from it.

Shobha on feeling mygaze at her exposed features was shuddering in delight. A current passed through her body and engulfed it. She could feel myeyes penetrating deep through her dress and as her son continued staring at her she could not stop from saying 'what's so engrossing.'

'You have the most fascinating back' replied her son.

'Which part' asked mymother getting excited?

'Your buttocks' replied Rahul.

Shobha's body convulsed on hearing her son utters the word 'buttocks.' She slowly turned and facing him said 'now that your wish is fulfilled can I go.'

'I have yet to compare your charms with the singer' said Rahul putting myhands on her shoulders.

'Can you not do it from what your eyes have seen so far' asked mymother?

'No, they just had a glimpse and it is not relayed to my mind' replied her son.

'How long will it take it to be relayed' asked mymother stepping closer.

'May be an hour' replied Rahul pushing the top of her sari to fall from her shoulders.

'Is it necessary to do what you did just now' she asked.

'What did I do' said Rahul sliding the sari away from her chest.

'You are pulling my sari away from the body' she said nibbling myear.

'The singer had her chest uncovered' replied Rahul bringing myhand down and caressing the top of her breasts.

'She was also not wearing much of a skirt. Do you intend to pull out my sari' she asked pressing her cheeks on his.

'Only after having a look at your breasts' he replied.

'But the singers breasts were not exposed' she said.

'With you it is different' he said as myfingers slid down to unhook her blouse. 'How different is it' she asked?

'She was untouchable while you are not' he replied after unhooking her blouse.

'If she had allowed you would you have touched her body' she asked biting myear.

'Maybe, but if I had to decide between you two, I would have preferred yours' he said as he slowly pushed her blouse away from her body.

'Why? What's the difference between the two of us' she said looking straight in myeyes.

'You are the most voluptuous woman I have ever seen and she stands no comparison' he replied putting a finger to her lips.

'Now that the comparison is over, can I go' she said biting myfinger?

'I have not seen what my eyes are hungry for' he replied pushing myfinger into her mouth.

'And what is that your eyes are so hungry about' she asked sucking myfinger into her mouth.

'They want to feast on your naked breasts' he replied.

Shobha on hearing her son utter the word 'breasts' again felt her body convulse with passion. She knew she had wet her panties and if tmycontinued any longer her panties were sure to be soaked. As her body was stimulated she continued the conversation and asked

'Are my breasts the only thing your eyes are interested in seeing?' The moment she had uttered these words she knew she had committed a grave mistake in the heat of her passion.

Rahul too felt it that was a slip of the tongue and taking advantage of it he said 'it would be my last wish to see yours.' As he said this, myeyes were riveted on the frills of her sari covering her womanhood.

Shobha saw him staring at her womanhood. Though it was well covered she felt myhot gaze penetrating her dress. She knew she had made a mistake but on the same side she tried to reason it out. When they had gone so far she did not mind taking one more step in that direction. Thankfully she had asked whether he wanted to see something else. She had not committed for anything more than it. What's wrong in showing him she thought?

Seeing Rahul's eyes focused on her womanhood and to continue the conversation she asked mischievously 'what do you mean by yours.'

'I mean I want to see that part' he said looking down below her waist.

'What is there to see' she asked biting myfinger hard and leaning forward.

'It is the most fascinating part a woman possesses which is also heavily guarded' he replied.

'How can you say it is heavily guarded' she asked.

'You have three layers covering it' he replied thrusting myhand down to her abdomen.

'Name them' she said as her body was burning with hot desires.

Pushing myhand between the frills of her sari above her warm womanhood Rahul said 'First you have it covered by tmysari, followed by your petticoat and you have your panties snuggled on it.

Shobha on feeling her son pulling her sari drew closer to him and embracing him she asked 'on what are my panties snuggled on?'

'On your hot pussy' Rahul replied.

Tmyfurther invigorated her and drawing mybody to hers she asked 'does it have any other name?'

'Yes, it is also called cunt' whispered Rahul in mymother's ears as myhand pulled her sari out of her body.

Feeling the sari slide down her body mymother spoke 'so you know all the names. Where did you learn them?' She asked sliding her hands on myback and drawing mylower body to hers.

On tmyaction mymother felt her son's rock hard pecker brace her warm waist and shivering at the touch asked 'what's that which is poking at my waist?'

'It's my cock' he replied putting myhands over her back and trying to unhook her bra.

'And why is it so hard' she murmured?

'It's hard after seeing your semi nude body' he replied as myhands clasped her bra and unhooked it.

'What would happen if it sees me fully nude' she asked?

'You will see for yourself in a few moments' saying tmyhe drew out her bra from her body. As Rahul pulled the bra from her body and pushed mymother back a little, myeyes feasted upon the magnificent mounds of mymother's breasts. mymother possessed a set of well rounded breasts with dark brown nipple jetting out from the middle.

As myeyes devoured the sight of mymother's naked breasts myhands flew over them as if they were magnetized. He first cupped both her breasts in myhands which were insufficient to grasp fully and as her nipples pressed against mypalms he held one of them in myfingers and squeezed them.

Shobha stood still enjoying myforeplay and when she saw her son dip myface and kiss the top of her swollen breasts she wet her panties again. As she drained her cunt's juice out she felt her son bending down myhead to get more access to her breasts. Seeing him in an awkward position saying 'come let me feed you' she went and sat down on the sofa.

Rahul was stupefied to hear mymother's words. Disentangling from her he waited till mymother sat on the sofa and when she looked up at him he moved on to the sofa and lying down on it he rested myhead on her lap.

Shobha held myhead in her hand and fondling myhair she asked 'does my son want to suckle mymother's breasts.'

'Yes, I am feeling hungry' replied Rahul.

'But my breasts are devoid of milk' she replied.

'When did they go dry' he asked fondling mymother's breasts?

'You dried them when you were three years old' she replied.

'Now, is there any chance of them being filled up' he asked?

'Only if I get pregnant again' she replied.

'How do you get pregnant' he asked hiding myface on her chest unable to see her face.

'As if you don't know' she replied holding myhead to her breasts.

'No, I don't' saying tmyhe brought mylips over the flesh of mymother's breasts.

'It happens when a male makes love to a female' she replied fondling myhair while mymouth was busy on her breasts.

'I have made love to you always and why are you not pregnant' he asked dipping mylips back on to mymother's nipple.

'It's not that love' she said.

'Then what is it' he asked lifting myface from her nipples and looking at mymother.

'It's a different type of love' replied mymother.

'Tell me about it' saying tmyhe went back to suck mymother's breasts.

Hearing tmyShobha was once again aroused, cuddling myhair she said 'it's when a man enters a woman she gets pregnant.'

'How does a man enter a woman' asked her son.

'It's when he puts mycock in her cunt' she replied taking a deep breath.

Hearing her use such words Rahul lifted myface from her breasts and looking at her said 'you mean when a man fucks her' he said.

'You devil, you know about it' she said.

'I have heard a little, but still it puzzles me' he replied.

'What have you heard about that puzzles you' she asked?

'I can't imagine how a big cock can enter the cunt' he said.

'It's a good question. Have you ever seen a cunt' she asked?

'No, I have not' replied her son.

'A woman's cunt can take any size of cock' she replied bowing down and kissing myhead.

'Even as big as mine' he shot back.

'I have not seen yours' she replied.

'It's there to be seen' he said widening mylegs and showing her the bulge in mypants.

'It looks awful' she said looking at mybulging pants and smiling at him.

'No, it is a sight to behold' he replied.

'Are you trying to impress me' she asked?

'You will miss something if you don't see it' he replied. 'Is it so' saying it she turned a bit and looked straight at mybulge. When Rahul saw mymother's eyes were locked on it, he felt mycock surging up and seeing it mymother asked 'why is it throbbing?'

'Because a gorgeous woman is eyeing it' he replied.

'When will it stop throbbing' she asked putting a hand on mythighs.

'When you open my pants and fondle it' he said.

'So you also want me to fondle this' she said placing her hand over mybulge.

Rahul on feeling her hand press over mybulge got excited and pulling up he sat on mymother's lap hugging her.

Shobha on finding myback resting on her lush thighs got stimulated again. She pressed her hand slightly over the bulge and when her son squirmed she said 'Oh! It is so hot.'

'Yes, yes' moaned her son.

Shobha then slid her hand on mywaist and unhooking mypants she pulled the zipper down. Rahul's cock suddenly shot when it was freed from mypants. Shobha then pushed the pants down exposing the tiniest briefs which held mycock.

Looking at mybriefs which could hardly hold mycock and looking at the well muscled thighs of her son she could not help but put her hand on it.

Rahul felt the soft hand of mymother on myburning thighs which made him grip mymother tightly in myarms.

Shobha on seeing her son's thighs was fascinated. They were so heavily muscled that she wanted to see more of them. Bending down she pulled mypants out of mybody.

As mymother was pulling mypants down Rahul unbuttoned myshirt and in one go he pulled it out. Now he was clad only in mybriefs.

Shobha's eyes were mesmerized when she saw the almost naked form of her son. mywell built chest, mydeep waist, myrich thighs were so well proportioned that he looked like a stud. Her eyes after sweeping over mybody were focused again on mybriefs.

Though it was stimulating her body on seeing the impression of mycock, what impressed most was on seeing the pubic hair of her son peeping out from the sides of mybriefs. Impulsively she put her hand down and caressing the coarse pubic hair she pushed her hand inside the briefs and held mypulsating cock for the first time.

Rahul screamed with joy as mymother's hand held mycock. mybody started to throb. He kept thrusting mybody up and when mymother realized the reason for mythrobbing, she quickly pulled down the briefs over mylegs and awed when her son's cock appeared in front of her eyes.

It was really a sight to behold she thought as she saw mycock. Her son's cock was almost eight inches long with a thick baseline and curved as it reached the top. Its head was thick and purple in color. Its rugged veined body was enchanting to look and seeing it Shobha was sure that it would make any woman want it in and she was no different a woman.

With these thoughts as she took hold of her son's cock in her hand she saw the pre-cum glistening at the top of its head. Her first thought on seeing it was to bring her mouth and lick it clean, but she felt doing it would embarrass her son whom she thought was still an amateur.

'Oh! It is lovely' she said as she held mycock in her hand.

Rahul moaned as he felt mymother's hand hold mythrobbing cock. He started to jerk mybody up.

Seeing him jerk mymother held mycock in one hand and started squeezing its head. Rahul was inflamed by these actions and embracing mymother's upper body he thrust mycock up in her hand.

Seeing him thrust mybody, mymother started jacking mycock. Her soft hand slid up and down over myhard cock and in no time, she felt her son on the verge of shooting.

And as Rahul moaned mymother pulled myface to hers and bringing out her tongue she slid it into mymouth and kissed him hard. This, Rahul would no longer sustain and he shot mycum which landed on mymother's chest, breasts and waist.

As Shobha was kissing her son she had missed watching mycock shoot mycum and when she saw the thick cum on her body she regretted not watching it. Leaning on her son she pushed him down on the sofa and embracing him she plastered her upper body over mychest and cried out myname.

Huddling in each others arms for some time when Shobha looked at her son, myeyes were still burning with passion and as she tried to get up, Rahul pulled her down over him and said 'you are not going anywhere.'

'Why? Are you not satisfied?' she asked thrusting her body over his.

'No' he replied.

'Then what was it that shot from your cock' she asked smiling and lay on top of him. 'I did not shoot by itself, but you made me do it' he said.

'I made you do it. How?' mymother asked getting thrilled.

'You jacked me with your hand' he replied.

'So' she said and waited for myreply.

'So I want to do it by myself' said he.

'How do you intend to do it' she asked naughtily?

'By denuding you' saying tmyhe flipped mymother down on the sofa and lay upon her.

'You are a devil' said mymother getting thrilled.

'Remember you have birth to him' he replied.

'And you want to see from where you popped out' she asked in a lewd manner.

'Yes, I want to see this' he said putting a hand over her hot womanhood.

Shobha's body sizzled as she felt her son's hand on her sex. She shook her body in delight.

Feeling mymother's body shudder Rahul lifted myhand and placing it on her waist he pulled the cords holding her petticoat.

Shobha moaned as she felt her son pulling the cords of her petticoat.

Rahul slid mybody down and as tmygave him enough room he pushed mymother's petticoat down her legs.

Shobha's heart leapt in her mouth. Only a piece of cloth lay on her body from being totally nude.

Rahul was enchanted when he pulled mymother's petticoat out. He had only one more obstacle to remove before myeyes would be feasted. As he put myhand on mymother's panties myhand encountered a wet patch on them. Tmysurprised him and feeling its wetness he looked up at mymother.

Shobha closed her eyes when confronted and smiled.

'So you too have wet your panties' he said.

Shobha nodded her face.

'Happy' he asked.

'I am thrilled' she replied coyly.

'How are you feeling now' he asked as he put myhand again on her wet panties?

'Excited' she replied.

'Now' he said as he pressed myhand over her sex.

'I am aroused' she said.

'Now' said Rahul cupping her wet sex with myhand.

'My body is on fire' she said.

'What would you like me to do to you' he asked.

'Continue what you are doing' she replied.

'Will you come again' he asked.

'Why?' hissed mymother.

'Because, I want to see you wetting your panties' he replied.

'Do you know what wetting your panties means' she asked laughing?

'Why? Is there any other meaning' he asked.

'Come closer, I will tell you' she said.

Rahul brought myear up to mymother and when he heard what she had to say it aroused him to a greater extent. Withholding myfeelings he said 'I want to see you cum.'

'You would not be able to see much as we don't shoot like you' she replied.

'But still liquid seeping out of your cunt will be a sight to watch' he said. He was thrilled as it had a double meaning to it.

'I am almost there' she said.

Hearing it he was excited. Sliding down her body he brought myface near her hot mound. He could clearly see her thick pubic hair covering her sex from above the wet panties. He put myhands inside her panties. mymother's body trembled.

Rahul slowly slid her panties down allowing myeyes to devour mymother's sex. As the panties slid revealing her pubic hair, Rahul put myfingers over it and caressed her wet pubic hair. Then as the panties bared her sex, Rahul was flabbergasted on seeing its pink lips almost hidden behind her pubic hair.
Rahul parted her thick sex lips. Tmybrought her clitoris to myview. It was like a small pinkish tongue. Rahul felt it with the tip of myfingers. myfinger felt as if it was in an oven.

Shobha screamed as Rahul's finger contacted her clitoris.

Rahul hands went down to her thighs. Her heavy thighs were soft and warm to mytouch. He started to caress her thighs and moving myhands behind her back he held her just below her buttocks.

Shobha moaned louder.

Rahul did something which was unexpected. Pulling her lower body up, he dipped myface on her hot wet sex.

Shobha started thrashing her body wildly. Rahul gripped her harder and started inhaling the aroma radiating from her sex. Shobha could no longer withhold it. She again thrashed her body and Rahul realizing that she was going to cream out pulled myface from her cunt.

As he looked deep into mymother's cunt he saw her sex lips pouted and squirming. He watched as mymother's started vibrating her body and as he saw her gripping the back rest of the sofa he knew she was about to cum.

Shobha felt her juices streaming out. She pushed her body up allowing Rahul to have a look at her dripping cunt. Rahul saw the sheen of liquid flowing out of her cunt. He went crazy.

He suddenly grabbed her mother's body in myhands and laying squarely upon her, he embraced her.

Shobha held her son in her arms and pulled mybody over hers and when she felt myson lunging mycock on her abdomen, her lips sought myand finding them she started kissing him passionately.

Rahul on feeling the soft warm flesh of her mother's body under mypecker was going wild with lust. He started to jab mycock on mymother's body.

Shobha feeling him going wild lifted her legs up and bringing them over myback she crossed her legs and held captive mybody in her hold.

Tmyenthused Rahul and thrusting wildly at her body he shot a load of cum over her.

Shobha was delighted to feel mywarm sticky cum over her body. She held her son in her arms as she felt him easing up.

Rahul lay over mymother completely exhausted. Shobha after allowing him sufficient time moved away from him and carrying her discarded clothes she went to her room.


The sun was shining brightly when Rahul came down from myroom. Shobha had just finished preparing the breakfast and was laying it on the table. As Rahul was hungry he straightaway sat on the table and started eating.

Shobha silently slid beside him and started nibbling at the food while her thoughts lay centered on what would happen after Rahul had mybreakfast. As she finished her breakfast she looked up to see her son who was busy having his.

Leaving him to finish she went and stood near the window letting the sun's rays fall on her and watched the people moving around in front of her house.

As Rahul got up and looked for mymother he saw her standing by the window. She looked dazzling as the suns rays were falling on her. Her loose hairs were fluttering and the skin color sari which she had worn was showing off her charms.

Rahul stood staring at her body. myeyes feasted on her lush back, her heavy waistline and coming down they were focused on her buttocks which were prominently cushioned in her sari. Seeing her long legs Rahul felt the desire to see them unclothed. Though he had taken a look at her nude body yesterday night, today she looked different in the bright sunlight. He strode silently towards her.

Shobha felt Rahul approaching her. She shivered when Rahul held the loose end of her sari and as he finished wiping myhands, she felt myhands circling her waist and when he leaned myhead on her shoulders and planted a kiss on the nape of her neck she said 'what are you doing, people outside may watch us?'

'I don't mind, let them watch' he replied inhaling the aroma from her body.

'Are you crazy' she asked getting excited on seeing people move in front of her house. A new sensation started creeping over her body.

'Don't worry, they are quite some distance from here and they can't see below your face' he said.

'What if someone tries to come in and take a peep' she asked?

'They will be thrilled to see the show' he replied.

'What show' she asked getting excited?

'The one that is about to start' he replied tightening myhold on her and caressing her waist.

'So you are in a mood to start again' she asked?

'Yes, feel it' he said pushing mybody on hers.

As Rahul moved mybody closer to her, mymother felt myhard cock press on her back and said 'the devil is up again.'

'Yes, and he has not lost its strength since morning' he replied nuzzling mycock and embedding it on her back.

'And what's the reason for it' she asked?

'It's after seeing you standing here' he said and started kissing the nape of her neck and moving up.

'Why? What's the difference' she asked again turning her face a little?

'Your body looks gorgeous with the sunlight falling' he replied as mylips crawled over her cheeks.

'So what do you intend to do' she asked.

'First I am going to kiss your luscious lips' he said moving mylips further up.

'Rahul people can see' she squirmed in delight as she felt sure that anybody could see them kissing.

'Having people watch, gives immense pleasure' he said as mylips found hers.

Shobha was thrilled by mywords. In fact she was hoping for the same. Bracing herself as warmth took over her body, she allowed her son to kiss her lips.

Rahul jammed mylips on hers and ravishing them with mykisses, he slid mytongue deep into her mouth. As Rahul pushed mytongue inside her mouth, mymother opened her mouth wider and allowing mytongue to penetrate deeper as she looked out the window she saw an old beggar with broken spectacles straining myeyes to look at them.

Tmyadded more steam to her already heated body and making sure he was watching she kissed myson hard on mylips.

The poor beggar with failing eyes could not see them clearly and when he came in to collect the alms, they had stopped kissing.

Seeing him come to collect alms, Shobha rewarded him substantially and the moment he turned myback she felt her son's lips on hers again.

Shobha threw all precautions to the wind and enjoying her son's kisses; she turned facing him and embraced him in her arms.

Rahul now had mymother in myarms and feeling her lush breasts crushed on mychest, as he looked out of the window he saw the beggar staring at them. Seeing the beggar staring, he pulled mymother down on to the carpet.

Shobha's eyes flared up as her son put her down on the carpet and said 'what made you do that.'

To tmyhe replied 'the beggar is still staring at us.'

'Why? Don't you want him to see' she said naughtily?

'No, I don't want him to look at my mother's body' he replied.

'But I am fully covered' she replied.

'Yes, you are' saying tmyhe held her sari and pulled it from her chest. Exposing her swollen breasts which juggled out from her blouse, he said.

'You look terrific.'

'Are you talking about me or my breasts' she asked seeing him stare at her breasts?

'On the whole you look gorgeous and your breasts are beautiful' he said pulling her sari out from her body.

'Come straddle my chest' she said unhooking her blouse.

Rahul was captivated to hear mymother and by the time he got up he saw mymother had unhooked her blouse and her lush breasts were left bare as she was not wearing any bra.

Seeing her exposed breasts he asked 'what happened to your bra?'

'There was no point in wearing it' she replied.

'Why?' Rahul asked planting myfeet by the side of mymother's body and crouching on her stomach.

'Anyway you were going to remove them' she shot back.

'Then why are you wearing the rest of the clothes' he said as he bent forward to kiss mymother's breasts.

'Because I can't go naked in front of the milk man, the paper boy and others who visit us' she replied.

'But you don't mind going naked in front of your son' he asked taking her nipple in mymouth?

'My son has already seen me nude' she replied taking hold of her breast in her hand and pushing it in mymouth.

Sucking on her nipple he said 'I have yet to see the whole of your body.'

'Well, what's more there to see' she asked him?

'I have not seen your lush buttocks' he replied.

'What makes you think they are lush' she asked him?

'They are big, heavy and full of life' he replied.

'I should also compliment you on having well molded buttocks' saying tmyshe held them in her hands and drew mybody closer.

As mymother pulled him Rahul felt mycock's head poke at her swollen breasts and tmymade mybody tremble.

Going on myknees he opened the belt of mypants and pulling the zipper down he shed mypants from mybody.

Shobha on seeing him kneel in front of her with mycock tent up in is underwear, put her hand and holding her son's cock in one hand she drew him down on her chest with the other.

Rahul moaned as he felt mycock nuzzle between mymother's breasts. Instinctively he started jerking mycock between the warm mounds of her mother's breasts. As mycock's head slipped between mymother's breasts, he felt mymother releasing mycock from the hold of myunderwear.

Once mycock was set free, Rahul leaned on mymother's body and started yanking mycock between her breasts.

Shobha seeing her son thrust mynaked cock between her breasts squeezed both her breasts engulfing mycock completely between them.

Tmymade Rahul to add vigor to mythrusts. He started to pound mycock between her warm breasts and Shobha seeing her son's cock head playing hide and seek between her lush breasts, held mycock in her hand and squeezing it swollen head she spit saliva on it.

Rahul who was on the brink of ejaculating as he felt mymother spit on mycock and caress its head, it was unbearable. He gave one final push and started shooting mycum over mymother's face.

Shobha felt her son's cock spurting the thick cum all over her face. She was surprised by the quantity of cum he shot. Fondling her son's cock even after he had stopped spraying and grinning at him she said 'look at the mess you have made of my face.'

'I am sorry, shall I clean it up' he asked trying to take hold of her sari which was lying nearby?

'No, its fine, I was teasing you' saying tmyshe caressed her face in her hands and spreading mycum evenly over her face she held myface in both her hands and kissed him hard on mylips.

As mymother kissed him Rahul was overjoyed and allowing her lips to be posted over his, he lay upon her.

Shobha seeing her son rest upon her gave him some time to relax and when he did not move away she said 'can I get up and go.'

'Where do you want to go' he asked her softly?

'Why? Any place, to my room or to the bathroom' she whispered in myears.

'Is it urgent that you need to go to the bathroom' he asked her?

'No, I think I can control for sometime' she replied getting excited.

'Then control it till I finish' saying tmyhe lifted her and turned her on the stomach.

'Oh! Rahul you are too much' she said as she felt warm sensations take over her body. 'Just relax' he cooed having turned mymother the other way and going on myknees and facing her exposed back.

'Now what are you up to' she asked as her body trembled.

'Wait and enjoy' saying tmyhe started caressing her exposed back feeling the rich soft flesh of her back and waist.

Shobha started moaning.

Rahul continuing mycaress on her waist slid myhands down and holding the cords of her petticoat, he pulled them releasing the knot.

Shobha cried out myname in passion.

Rahul freeing the knot of her petticoat curled the petticoat slowly down her buttocks and pushing it further down he exposed her rich thighs to mygaze.

Shobha started squirming her body in pleasure.

Rahul seeing mymother squirming in pleasure pulled her petticoat from her body and as he saw mymother clad only in the thin panties he slid mybody beside mymother and lay down facing her rich buttocks.

Shobha sizzled as myson pulled out her petticoat out and as spasms after spasms shook her body she started thrashing her legs.

Rahul seeing mymother's body shudder in rapture moved mybody upon hers and lying upon her he held her thrashing legs to steady with both myhands.

Shobha felt as if she was trapped feeling myson's weight upon her and lay still moaning on the soft carpet.

Rahul on having held mymother's body captive started caressing her long legs and bringing the hands up he held her rich thighs and squeezed them.

Shobha was totally pinned down by myweight and as she could do nothing lifted her freed legs up.

Rahul on seeing her mother's feet dangling in front of myeyes caught them by her ankles and bringing it near myface kissed her the undersides of her feet.

Shobha screamed 'Rahul' loudly.

Tmyinvigorated Rahul and continuing kissing her legs he brought myface in between her legs and kissed the rich thighs of mymother just below her buttocks. Shobha gripped the carpet with her hands and as she felt myfelt mywet lips licking the undersides of her thighs.

Rahul then thrust myhead further down till myhot lips felt the silky panties covering her mound and as Shobha pushed her buttocks up he placed mywarm lips over her dripping cunt above the panties and kissed her hot spot.

Shobha creamed her juices as she felt her son's lips on her cunt lips press hard.

Rahul did not let her go. He rammed myface on mymother's cunt and feeling her moist cunt lips over the panties he started to suck them in to mymouth.

As Shobha wriggled her buttocks in ecstasy, Rahul putting myhands over her buttocks caught her panties and rolled them over her rich buttocks and as the piece of cloth covering her hot mound gave way, Rahul pushed mytongue sharply in to the folds of mymother's cunt.

Shobha screamed again.

Kissing, licking and ravishing mymother's cunt with mylips and tongue, Rahul moved myface from her mother's cunt up and coming over her rectum, he parted mymother's thighs to take a close look at the dark wrinkled ass hole of mymother.

On seeing her ass hole pucker with excitement Rahul thrust mytongue out and jabbed at its opening. Shobha pushed her buttocks up so that Rahul's face was pressed hard on her arse and squirmed her body on it.

Rahul held mymother's buttocks strongly in myhands and bringing myface away he started to lick the fleshy part of mymother's buttocks.

Meanwhile Shobha after having drained out her cunt juices was lying still enjoying her son's kisses and as she felt her bladder filled up said 'Rahul, can I get up now.'

'Why?' asked her son still kissing and fondling her buttocks.

'I need to visit the bathroom' she spoke softly.

'Why' he asked again?

'I want to .......' she did not complete the word.

'You want to what' he asked?

'I want to pee' she said softly.

'Meaning you want to wet your panties' he asked her? 'Yes, I want to wet my panties' she replied getting excited.

'I want to see you wet your panties' spoke Rahul softly pulling her panties back on her buttocks.

'No, you don't' she hissed, suddenly feeling aroused on hearing mywords.

'But I would like to' he said snuggling her panties on her bum and pulling her up.

'Why?' asked mymother sitting up on the carpet and taking hold of her sari.

'Because it would give me immense pleasure to watch' said her son getting up.

'Rahul you get crazy ideas' saying tmyshe got up and d****d her sari over her body.

'So, you will allow me to watch' he asked getting up and putting mypants on.

'I cannot say no to you' she replied as she felt moistness again creeping up her body.

'Let's go to your bathroom' said Rahul taking hold of mymother's hand.

'Why mine?' asked Shobha encircling her son's waist with her hand and nuzzling closer to him.

'Because it is spacious' replied Rahul as he moved pulling mymother.

'Lead the way' said mymother snuggling closer to her son.

Rahul as he entered mymother's bedroom and on seeing the king size bed said 'it looks inviting.'

'What' asked Shobha suddenly? Her eyes shot up when she saw him staring at her unmade bed.

'The bed, it is very appealing' replied Rahul.

'Rahul are you going to stand there or are you coming' she asked looking at the bathroom?

Rahul as he entered the bathroom was hit by a strong aroma. He stood inhaling its fragrance and when he turned and looked at mymother, he saw her squeezing her legs.

Looking at her standing he moved behind her and encircling her waist he hugged her to mybody.

Shobha felt myhard cock on her back and pushing her body to his, she lifted her hands and putting them on myneck she drew myhead down on her shoulders.

Rahul on resting myhead over her shoulders had a clear view of her lower body and seeing that she was still squeezing her thighs he slid myhands down and started to lift the sari up and as the sari exposed her thighs he put myhand between them and squeezed them.

Shobha snuggled her body still closer to myand as she felt myhands draw her sari out of the way and exposed her panties she started to buckle.

Holding her thighs tightly Rahul said 'release it.'

Shobha was relieved to hear those words and she slowly let a small stream out of her cunt.

Rahul's eyes bulged when he saw mymother's panties started getting soaked. He gripped mymother's thighs harder and bent forward to have a closer look.

Shobha seeing her son curious enough to take a look, let out some more liquid and when it dripped out of her panties on to her thighs she asked 'is tmywhat you wanted to see?'

Rahul did not reply to mymother but widening her thighs he let myeyes devour the sight of the liquid oozing out from her panties pour out on to her thighs and form a puddle near their feet and as mymother let out a stream he said 'its lovely to watch.'

As Shobha finished she pulled her son's face to hers and planted a wet kiss on mymouth. Rahul turned mymother and facing her he hugged mymother's body strongly to myand ravished her mouth with mykisses.

Shobha went limp in myarms and when he felt Rahul push him under the shower she lamely obliged and when she felt the water from the shower gush their bodies she suddenly had the desire to see myson take a leak.

Putting her hands down on mypants she unzipped it and holding myswollen cock in her hands said 'it's my turn now.'

Rahul was excited on hearing those words. Taking a step back he let out a stream flow from mycock and Shobha on seeing it moved her body in line with it and let the flow to splash on to her thighs.

Rahul on seeing mymother position her body in line with the flow of liquid he held mycock in myhands and directed myflow on her waist, cunt and on her thighs and as he emptied myballs he pulled mymother into myarms and stood below the shower.

After standing under the shower for five minutes, mymother slid back and pulling two towels from the rack threw one to her son. Rahul held the towel in myhand and as he finished drying up he tied the towel on to mywaist.

By tmytime mymother having finished drying up and tying the towel so that it covered her breasts and her buttocks moved out of the bathroom.

Stepping out of the bathroom as Rahul looked for mymother; he saw her standing in front of the mirror combing her hair. Moving behind her he took the comb from her hand and after giving the final touches to her hair, he slid closer to mymother.

Shobha seeing her son come closer, lifted her face and when she saw myface in the reflection of the mirror her eyes questioned him 'now what?'
Without answering Rahul put myhands on her waist and drew her to mybody.

'Don't you think you had enough' asked mymother feeling her son caressing her waist over the wet towel.

'I just want to see yours' replied myson sliding myhand over her mound.

'Oh! Rahul, you are too much' saying tmyShobha limped her body on myback.

Feeling mymother surrender Rahul's hand slid further down and taking hold of one end of the towel he slid it from her mother's body till he could see in the mirror her right thigh being bare.

Looking at mymother's thigh being bared Rahul got aroused. He slid myleft hand down and holding the other end of the towel he bared mymother's left thigh too and on seeing her mother's thighs reflection in the mirror mycock suddenly jolted.

Shobha felt her son's cock jabbing at her back and when she saw at her own reflection she too got aroused when her eyes saw her creamy rich thighs bared right up to her snatch. She sizzled at tmysight.

Rahul was getting heated up. He started drawing both the ends of the towel wider. As he did tmythe dark moist glistening pubic hair of mymother's were slowly being bared. myeyes got riveted to the spot and as he pulled the towel a shade further mymother's sex was fully exposed.

Seeing tmyRahul's body was on fire and to add to tmywhen mymother asked 'do you like what you see' he held both her thighs and widened them exposing mymother's cunt completely.

Shobha also felt a hot current run up her body. Instinctively she lifted her arms to take hold of her son's head which made the towel from the top of her breasts to slide down a little exposing her breasts to mygaze.

Rahul went crazy seeing mymother's body d****d in the towel being bared. He suddenly lifted mymother up and carrying her he put her on the king-size bed.

Shobha's body convulsed as she felt the soft cushion of her own bed underneath her and lifting her arms to him, she motioned him to come.

Rahul on seeing mymother's open arms inviting him leaped on her engulfing her warm body to his.

As Rahul lay upon her, Shobha embraced him in her arms and started to thrash her body passionately over his. In tmymelee the towel covering Rahul's body slipped away leaving him poised over mymother totally naked.

Rahul lying naked on mymother caught her face in myhands and bringing myface down he pressed myopen lips and ravished her moist lips.

As Shobha felt mylips on hers she opened her mouth and sucking mylips inside she slid her wet hot tongue in mymouth and caressed its inside.

Rahul was going wild. He put one of myhand down and lifting mybody up a little he pulled the towel from mymother's body leaving her completely nude.

Shobha squirmed in delight as her son pulled the towel away from her body and scissoring her legs over her myshe held mybody to hers.

Rahul felt mycock cushioned on her soft belly. Adjusting himself a little he slid down till mycock felt the coarse pubic hair of mymother and as mymother felt the head of mycock on her pubic hair she cried out 'Oh! My God.'

Rahul on feeling mycock over mymother's cunt tried to jab it in but as mycock head was an inch away from the entrance he could only feel her pubic hair. Tmymade him to slide down a little and then as he poked mycock again it slid between her thighs instead of her cunt.

Shobha seeing the dilemma her son was in said 'take it easy.'

On hearing her words Rahul gripped mymother's body and positioning himself he again poked mycock over cunt and when its head could not find the opening of her cunt even then, he felt mymother's hand searching for mycock.

Tmysuddenly made him slow down mybreathing and as mymother took hold of mycock in her hand and said do you want me to guide it, 'yes please' he replied in a hurry.

Shobha after gripping myhot erect cock lifted herself a little and guiding it right over the entrance of her cunt said 'yes, it is right there,' Rahul gave a push which made mythick cock head to penetrate the hot lips of her cunt.

'Yes' screamed Rahul as he felt the warm moist hot cunt lips of mymother engross mycock in. Embracing mymother tightly in myarms he pushed mycock deep into her cunt.

Shobha screamed in pleasure as she felt her son's thick hot cock slid deep into her cunt and when her son started jabbing it in and out in a hurry, to soothe him down she said 'go slow and enjoy it'.

Tmymade Rahul to ease down mythrusts and taking mytime when he started fucking mymother he felt elevated on feeling mycock slide in mymother's warm wet pussy. Tmyfriction enthused him and when mycock head hit the end of mymother's cunt mybody convulsed and shot mycame with such f***e that mymother felt it churn the insides of her cunt and made her cum too.

As they lay embracing each other after copulating, Shobha holding her son's face and looking at him said 'thank you son.

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