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Fun weekend pt1

Both my lady and I had a full work week schedule leaving no time for a little adult fun. Saturday rolls around and I was craving and needing some naughty sex with my lady. Late in the afternoon, she takes a long shower, afterward still wrapped in a towel, she sit at the computer. I jumpghty in the shower and get cleaned up. Toweling off, place a little cologne here & there and slip a cockring on. Walking over to the computer, and stand there naked next to her. I can't stop looking down into her deep cleavage. When she looks up from the screen, there is my cock hard. She reaches out, caress my cock asking, "is this cock for me?" I turn the chair so now she is facing me and pull open the towel, releasing those big titties. She leans back in the chair and starts caress her big titties, teasing me and asking, "do you like them" and "do you want them" She grabs my hand, lays it on my cock and tells me to stroke my cock. We watch each other, she is focused watching my hand slide up and down my cock. As she leans back in the chair, one hand caressing her tittie as the other is lightly rubbing her pussy. Cupping her tittie, she pulls it up to her mouth, first just flicking her tongue across her nipple before sucking it into her mouth. I moan out "yes" and stroking my cock faster. My lady grips the base of my cock forcing me to stop stroking. Pumping the base of the shaft, she f***es up precum, coating the head. Leaning in, she rubs the precum around her nipple. Releasing my cock, she cups that big tittie again, bring it up to her mouth, licking the precum up and moaning as she sucks her own nipple. Pushing me back, she stands letting her towel drop to the floor. Damn her titties look so huge. She reaches out and starts stroking my cock while her other hand is between her legs massaging her pussy. Telling me, "somebody is feeling naughty, what do you crave".
I sit down and slowly stroke my cock, telling her, "I want to watch you suck and deep throat my cock", "suck my balls" and "tease my ass with her tongue" "But when it's time to cum, I want to cum fucking those big titties". She slide down to her knees between my legs, squeezing her big titties together telling me, "I can't wait to feel your hot cum on my tits" and "I have been craving your cock all week". She grabs the base of my cock, tight, as her lips wrap around the head of my cock. I felt her tongue dancing all over the head as her other hand lightly kneads my balls. She slide her mouth down my cock and quickly working in about half. Her head is bobbing up and down as one hand is following her mouth stroking my cock and her other hand is caressing my balls.
Pulling off my cock she cups my balls and sucks one into her mouth, I moan out, "suck on it" "dance your tongue around it" and "pull back stretching the sack". That's what she does, tongue flicking across my balls, pulls back, stretching the sack till my ball pops out from her mouth. She sucks in the other one and does it again. She goes from one of my balls to the other and starts pushes up my legs up to my chest. I grab a hold of them, that's when she does what I have been craving. I feel her tongue flickering its way down my balls, all the way to my ass. Where her tongue finds the hole and she tongues my ass as if she was eating a woman. 
I start moaning when her hand wraps around my cock, jerking as she eats out my ass, She does this for 2 or 3 minutes before I feel her flicking and nibbling her way up to the base of my cock and wrapping her lips around my cock again working it in. Sliding down as far as she can, her mouth slides back up as her hand follows twisting till just her lips are wrapped around the head. Then sliding back down only stopping when the head of my cock hits the back of her throat. Quickly her mouth is sliding up and down, her saliva coating my cock and dripping down my balls. Every once in awhile she would bottom my cock and f***e more down her throat. 
The next time she bottoms my cock, I hold her head, forcing more in till she starts gagging and I let go. Her head pops up releasing my cock as she gasp for air. Looking up at me she tells me, "it's gonna be like that, rough and f***eful?" I tell her "yes and I want to see you deep throat my cock". She slides my cock back in and starts bobbing her head, working my cock. When she bottoms out on my cock again, I hold her head as I pump my hips, forcing my cock down her throat. Again I let go when she starts gagging, she pops up but again takes my cock. I held her head several more times, making her gag but on the last one she pushes my hand away and sits up, forcing my cock down her throat, gagging, she pops back up and catching her breath. She spits all over my cock and starts jerking my cock fast before placing her mouth over my cock and again starts sucking but this time when she f***es more in, the head slips past her throat muscle and I watch as her lips slide down around the base of my cock. Quickly she bobs her head causing the head to pop in and out of her throat. Pulling up she catches her breath and again she slides my cock in, works it before bottoms my cock but this time the head of my cock slid right down her throat. She bounces her head quickly making the head of my cock pop in and out of her mouth. 
I can't take much more, I'm so close to cumming so the next she slid off my cock, I hold her back, telling her "I'm gonna cum soon". She sits up close, cupping a tittie in each hand and wraps them around my cock. First she slides them down exposing the head where she sucks it and let's her saliva drip from her mouth coating the head. Using that as lube she slides her titties down and back up slowly tittie fucking my cock. She starts taking dirty, telling me, "she loved that she could deep throat my cock", "her pussy is dripping wet" and"telling me when I cum she wants to mount me on this chair and fuck me"
I can't hold back any longer, grabbing her shoulder, I pump my hips up, exposing the head as I shoot the first load all over the tops of her titties as she pumps her titties up and down quickly as I cum, coating the insides of her deep cleavage. She sits back, cum deep in her cleavage, one hand rubbing the cum around her big titties, the other rubbing her pussy, telling me how wet she is. She stands with her legs shoulder width and I could see her cum dripping from her pussy lips. She stands there rubbing her big titties and rubbing her pussy as I sit there watching, stroking my cock, in no time I was hard again. My lady leans over, holding the back of the chair as she straddle my body. Holding my cock, she guides it in as she sits down on my cock. Sliding back she take about 2/3 of my cock. She starts rocking her hips and begins fucking my cock. Holding my shoulder she rocks her hips, taking my cock deep, I held her hips and try pushing up but she stops moving, telling me between moans, "hold still" "it her turn to cum" and "let me fuck you". Her hips digging deep into mine forcing as much of my cock she could fit in. Grinding, she fucks me hard, focused only on making herself cum and big. Gripping my shoulder tight, her hips forcing down even harder, grinding down on my cock. She moans out for me to suck her nipples and leans forward forcing a nipple into my mouth. I suck it hard as she moans out "yeah suck it" when I suck the other, she grinds down hard, moaning out she  gonna start cumming. Taking deep thrust, she starts cumming, moaning and groaning. Rocking her hips thru her orgasm. I can feel her cum dripping down my cock and off my balls. Her hips slow to small pumps as she comes down from her orgasm. 
When her hips stopped rocking I slide her over to the bed. She is laying on her side, so I straddle one legs and slide my cock into her pussy. It so wet that my cock slides all the way in. I hold her hips and rock forward forcing my cock in deeper. I start pumping my hips fast and hard. Each thrust my hips are slapping into her ass. Wanting to fuck hard and rough. I stand up on the floor pulling my lady to the edge of the bed, I hold her legs tightly into my chest as my cock slips easily in her pussy. Reaching under her, I grab her wrist, pull them as I slam my hips forward, forcing my cock deep in her pussy. With f***eful thrust I start fucking my lady hard, fast and deep. Her big titties are bouncing all over her chest and she is moaning; "fuck me hard", " fuck that pussy" and she kept saying, "Im having small orgasms". Pulling her wrists from my grip, one hand is spreading her lips open as other hand is a blur, rubbing her clit. She is moaning out; "get it babe", "cum in that pussy", fuck me hard". Her body goes tight as she starts cumming, screaming for me to cum.  I can't take it and grab her hips slamming my cock in her pussy, holding it deep, just pumping my hips as I cum. 
After a few more pumps, I slide my lady to one side and fall down next to her. She slides up, spooning me as we drift off.

To be continue.....

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