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Training Nameless To Be Shameless

Posting For a Friend who would like to Stay Nameless

It was the summer of 2004, I was 28 years old. I had gone to a girlfriend house and we had stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking and drinking. We were drinking wine, but sipping it, not guzzling it. I don't think I was anywhere near d***k at 2:30am when I left her house.

I was not and am not in the habit of drinking and driving and I'm sure I wasn't d***k, but the wine may have effected my driving. I was on a secondary road with no other traffic and only about a mile from my house when I saw the flashing police lights behind me. Oh shit, I'm in trouble now and all I could think about was how pissed my husband was going to be if I had to wake him to get me out of jail.

Well, I've flirted my way out of tickets before, maybe I could get myself out of this. He was a county police officer, youngish, maybe about my age, a little younger. He asked me if I had been drinking and I admitted to some wine, with cleavage showing. I guess that didn't work because he wanted me to step out of the car. I was a little unsteady on my feet, this wasn't going to be good.

He wanted to know what the blanket on the back seat was hiding which I thought was really an odd question. Why would he think I was hiding something. He was not very pleasant. He takes the blanket out of the back, inspects it, and throws it on the lid of the trunk. Two other county police cars arrived and I had to wait with one of the other officers while the first one searched my car. At this point I had not been given any test to see if I was d***k - I thought that was the first thing they would do.

This was at a time when two county officers had been accused of inappropriate behavior with female drivers they pulled over at night. In one case an officer offered the woman a way out of her difficulties if he could touch her breasts. She allowed him to touch her and he let her go. She filed a complaint. Another involved a sex act, but the woman refused.

So I don't really know what I was thinking, after two more officers arrived, when I said, "anyone want to touch my breasts," as I opened my blouse, no bra. No bra because it was bothering me and I had taken it off while I was still at my friends house.

A deep manly cop voice says, "Ma'am, please cover yourself." My response, "Are you afraid of a woman's breasts," pretty bold for me. Maybe I did have a tad too much wine. There was some laughter and one of the officers comes over to me and says he'll touch them, but we have to go on the other side of the car.

I go around to the other side of my car and step into a dark grassy area. I stop and the cop is right there with me and suddenly one of his big hands squeezes one breast and then the other hand takes the other breast. I'm a little scared because I guess I didn't really mean it. After all, since I had been married I've only been with my husband. A moment later the cop is groaning as he sucks one of my nipples into his mouth. Now nipple sucking was not part of the deal though I said nothing.

I've never been the slutty type, not even all that sexual. I don't think I even ever get horny. My husband needs sex, I can take it or leave it. I mean it feels good, but I don't ever need it, I have girlfriends who say how much they need it, but I've never felt that way.

So here's this cop just going to town on my tits, sucking and squeezing and moaning and groaning and I'm just standing there not really reacting. Then one of the other cops brings my blanket and lays it on the ground. We get down on the blanket, I guess I was just following his lead. I am on my back and he's sort of on top of me still hanging onto my breasts.

I think I took my shorts and panties off, but I don't really remember and I'm not sure why. Maybe I was thinking if I let this cop fuck me I'll get out of a d***k driving charge. Again, I don't remember.

One hand leaves my breast and finds my pussy and he fingers me for a little while. From my position on the other side of my car and on the ground and I think the cop car lights are off, it's pretty dark. I hear a belt buckle and a zipper and I can feel him pushing his pants down.

His cop finger was replaced by his cop cock and he thrusts hard and fast grunting with each thrust. I just naturally put my arms up around his back and wrap my legs around him, that's just the way I do it. He grunts with each thrust and then suddenly that sound of relief as he cums inside me. It was fast, maybe a minute.

I think I hear a buckle and a zipper and the cop jumps up and moves away. I was about to get up when another cop is mounting me, he's inside me, thrusting, grunting. I automatically wrap myself around him. He grunts and grunts and after several hard thrusts there is that sound of relief as he too ejaculates his sperm inside me.

The second officer was followed by the third and the fourth and finally the fifth. It was all very quick, each one taking no more than a minute or so. Nothing was said and they just left. All five cop cars pulled away as I was still laying on the ground.

A little stunned, I picked myself up, took my blanket and got back into my car. I drove home, took a shower and joined my husband, who was sound asl**p, in bed.

The next day I thought I would feel really bad about what I had done, but I didn't. I felt guilty for being unfaithful to my husband, but I didn't feel bad otherwise. By the second day it just seemed like it never really happened, that it was just a dream.

Then on the fourth day, the dream came alive. I was driving home on the same road where the cops had fucked me when I was pulled over by the police. I had no idea what I had done and now I was suddenly feeling guilty. I did not recognize him as one of the cops who fucked me, but when he got to my car window he said, "wanna do it again tonight."

I'm sure my bl**d pressure went up and my face was probably beet red because it felt like it was on fire. Without thinking I said, "OK." He said great and handed me a piece of paper with a time and directions.

Why would I agree to this, I didn't want to have sex with even one man let alone five. It was at 3 in the morning and not far from where I lived. I took a dirt road into a wooded area where there were five county police cars waiting.. I got out of my car and was met by one of the cops. He didn't say much, just took me over to one of the cars with the back door open. I guess I looked as stupid as I felt. I didn't know what I was expected to do. Then the cop suggested I get undressed before getting in the car and the to just sit on the towel on the back seat. I'm thinking he's done this before.

I do as instructed and get in the back seat. On the way to the meeting place I had fingered myself so I would be ready. It turned out to be a good thing I did. As soon as I was seated the cop gets in and positions himself between my legs which he had spread wide open and pushed back. It was kind of an uncomfortable position for me. He pulled his zipper down and pulled his hard cock out and entered me. I could see this because of the moon light coming through the windows.

Like the first time he fucked me for just a minute or so before he found relief in his ejaculation. When he pulled out of me he kind of got up and pushed my head down towards his cock and said, "suck it clean." I did what I was told. It was weird, I had never done that before, but it wasn't bad.

As soon as the first cop got out of the car the second cop got in with his cock already sticking out of his pants. He too entered me quickly, fucked hard and fast and relieved himself quickly and also wanted me to suck his cock clean. The third, fourth, and fifth men did the same. It was real quick like the first time.

Of course I realized they were just using me to relieve themselves of their manly burden which is the nicest way I can think to put it. One of the men called me a real badge buddy and I just sort of laughed in agreement not having any idea what it meant. That is until I looked it up on the Internet. So I guess they were thinking I was just a slut hot for cops.

I wasn't hot for cops and I wasn't really getting anything out of it, but I thought these men risk their lives everyday for the rest of us so why not help them out a little. After all it is a perfectly natural act and all men have a hormonally driven biological need to plant their sperm. So there was nothing for me to be ashamed of or feel guilty about and I thought I had done a good thing.

Four days later,same place, same time, same thing. Three days after that, same place, same time, same thing. Every three or four nights they were having me meet them to take their relief in me. It was a bit much, but I thought they'd get tired of me after a while and move on to someone else. I was thinking that maybe this was something that cops do all the time that the public doesn't know about. Kind of the dark secret world of the police, but out of necessity.

After a couple of weeks of this I thought it was time to end, but I had never said anything. I had never objected or raise any issues with this arrangement. As a matter of fact very little was ever said at all, by me or them. I don't want to suggest that I was ever f***ed to do anything, but there was some fear in the back of my mind that they might tell my husband if I stopped. I was thinking of just not showing up one night, but I was afraid they'd just come to the house pounding on the door waking my husband up. What would they say, "get your wife, we need to fuck her." Could you imagine! I wonder how a husband would respond?

The only thing I said was my position in the back seat was uncomfortable so they would sometimes lay me on the back seat and sometimes lay me on the blanket on the ground. It was summer so that wasn't a problem.

This had been going on for at least two months and summer was coming to an end when I was told to meet them at a motel. When I got to the room there were 8 men, not the usual five. Well at least this time we would do it in a bed. I thought it would be different in a motel room than in the woods. But it was pretty much the same.

The men used me one at a time pretty quickly and each one wanted his cock cleaned off. The light in the room was low and the men were fairly quiet the whole time. Nothing like you see in porn videos. Most of the sounds were the men fucking and grunting and their sounds of relief and the sound of cocks using a wet pussy. There was a new sound and that was of the bed squeaking. A rhythmic squeaking as the men fucked me.

Then something new. After they fucked me they all fucked me a second time. Each man took much longer the second time. In all it took two and a half hours. I couldn't believe I was fucked continuously for two and a half hours. I couldn't believe I was given no consideration, no thought to my comfort. Each man took as long as he needed to relieve himself a second time. I got no break. And in the motel room they spent much more time enjoying my tits. They squeezed my breasts and sucked my nipples like there was no tomorrow.

When it was finally over, my nipples were sore, my pussy was sore, my back hurt and my legs were weak and sore. I was told from that point on it would be the 8 of them every time. Some of the men laughed. I wanted to say something, but I didn't. I don't know why, but I just couldn't seem to speak up for myself.

Over the next several weeks the motel sessions become much more comfortable and usually didn't last nearly as long as that first one. It was pretty much, "wham bam, thank you ma'am," and it was over. Again, they were just using me to relieve themselves and it probably helped them de-stress. After all being a police officer must be a very stressful job.

Also during this period seven more cops became members of this private group and the sessions were eventually moved to a house owned by one of the officers. With fifteen cops I began pulling trains 3 and 4 times a week, While not all the men participated in each and every train, I spent many nights on my back while 15 cops unloaded in me as they called it sometimes.

Over about a year's time the 15 became 35 and there were some weeks I pulled a train every night though never with all 35 men. The largest train I've pull so far has been 27 men. The longer the train the more likely some to all of the men will want to fuck me more than once. I guess the longer trains give the men more time to re-load.

While I'm sure the men were having a good time, I was not and the weeks when I was pulling a train every night was too much. I wish I could say I finally stood uo for myself, but that's not quite what happened. About half way through one 10-man train I just broke down and cried and sobbed and begged them to stop. I cried that I could not do this any longer, it was just too much.

They let me cry it out and I told them that I understood that they needed and deserved this as men and as police officers, but I just couldn't do it any more. After I had calmed down they finished the train and then a couple of the men stayed to talk with me.

They asked me not to give up on them. That they were sorry they hadn't realized how difficult it was for me. They said I was very special and very important to them and that they and all cops need a woman like me. They assured me, because I had questioned it, that there were other women like me who served the police in this way and many private groups like ours. They agreed to cut back to no more than three trains per week, but with the understanding that the trains might become longer. I agreed and even felt guilty for depriving the men of what they need.

To this day they have kept their word for the most part. Most weeks I pull 2 to 3 trains though there are times when the cops are under extreme stress that I do lay down 4 and 5 times in a week for the men. The largest one i've done so far being a 27-man train.

I am sure that most people who would read my story would not understand and think that I am some kind of sex crazed slut and that the men are also sex crazed. That is not what this is about at all. I do not have orgasms and these men are not making love to me and these are not wild sex parties like you see in porn. I'm probably not explaining this correctly, but it's not like sex at all. Yes, of course, it is sex, it is fucking, but it's not for fun or pleasure or even procreation, it is a physical exercise in stress relief. It's like the men's cocks are pressure relief valves (yeah I know you're laughing) and they use my vagina to blow the steam (semen) rather than have an explosion. It's better they fuck me than eat their guns. The police risk their lives everyday serving and protecting us this really isn't that much to ask. It is an honor and privilege to serve those who serve us.

While this began with the county police where I live the group now includes cops from the nearby city, and there are sheriff deputies, and even state troopers from two states. I've been doing this for a little over 4 years now and it's probably the most useful thing I've ever done with my life.

OK, that's my story like it or not. I would love to hear from police officers who do this in other areas and have a woman like me. I would also love to hear from other women who do the same thing.

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