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Email as foreplay

The following emails went between myself and a girlfriend shortly after we first met. We had gotten a bit frisky in a hotel stairway before we had to go our separate ways. For a few months after we kept in touch with sexy emails then great phone sex before meeting again. (see photo's - "Chunky sexy girlfriend")

I've edited out most of the chit chat and give you here the the good bits.


Been thinking about you often since that weekend but ermm well, errr…… Imagining what could have happened on the stairs……. With me still on my knees… or you on your knees… or… (Just how much of my vivid imagination can you handle?)
Really should finish what I started… then there are all the other things we could start ;o) and finish!

I have a few days holiday left, could pop in to see my Dad briefly one weekend before heading further north…


I've been thinking about that often aswell (keeps a smile on my face ;-) ) I think I can handel your imagination (or I'd like to test it out anyway!!) I'd be more than happy for you to finish what you started and I'd like to hear suggestions for what else you have in mind ;-) !!!
Hmmmmmm, thinking some very good thoughts now.... however I'd better leave the computor lab now so I'll look forward to reading the next e-mail!! ;-)


I began this not really planning to send it, I just felt like putting down some thoughts while my imagination was in gear (first!) then I just got carried away. Was just going to suggest a scenario or two, things we could do. And I will later.
Having written this I just knew I had to share it with you ;o))

From that very point we stopped ….. I was rubbing your pussy through your trousers, massaging your clit as you moaned softly. Not wanting me to stop. I move down to my knees again and take your left nipple in my mouth, still rubbing your pussy with the side of my hand. I claw my teeth across the flesh of your breast licking your nipple to erectness then scr****g my teeth across it and gently biting, pulling on your nipple with the grip of my teeth. Then letting it go and sucking and swirling your erect nipple in my mouth. I switch to repeat this on your right breast while pulling down your trousers to slip my hand between your thighs to feel your wet pussy through your knickers, pushing my fingers between your lips then up to your clit. Gently circling almost teasing and making you push yourself against my hand, begging me to press harder against your clit.
Right then I stop to pull your knickers aside, holding the material away from your sensitive, open lips I brush my fingertips along the length your fold stopping briefly at your clit. You move your body down again, pushing onto my hand as I part your lips and delve into the full, wet softness of your pussy dipping a finger slightly into your opening. As I feel the heat and wetness I want to push my finger straight into you but resist and tease you right there the tip of my finger just inside you becoming wet with your juices until I can bear it no more and push my finger slowly in, feeling you grip me wet and hot. I begin to rotate my finger pressing firmly towards the front of your pussy while my thumb finds your clit, thumb and finger almost trying to meet each other.
At this point my mouth neglects your nipple and I f***e you to lean further back, spreading your legs further apart while my tongue traces down your tummy pausing to prod into your belly button then down between your legs to meet my thumb to take over teasing your clit. With my hand free I ease another finger into you, pushing all the way in feeling your soft insides gripping my fingers. All the while my tongue flicks across your clit. My free hand pulls open my trousers, awkwardly tugging them down still knelt in front of you…..
Another late night!
Nice thoughts to go to bed with…..


Hey sexy, I'm back!
As you have probably realised I cannot get that much privacy when reading or writing e-mails as I can only access them when I'm at uni!! So when you feel like having late night thoughts again (you can still e-mail them to me......I can enjoy them for longer!!), but you can phone me if you like....08******** could be even more interesting!! ;-)
Sorry to send the first part of this e-mail to your work address I forgot that your other one was under a different name.......anyway now the plumber is sorted (and I have a new shower), where were we.......?

I remember now.......

I stop you gently and remove your hand from my pussy, gently licking off all my juices until you are clean. Slowly I start caressing your cock with my hands, stroking you and playing with your balls, ever so lightly I start to kiss you....firstly on your mouth, then slowly, teasingly, start kissing your neck all the time playing with your cock. I remove one hand and start playing with your nipples, then without warning start to suck and gently nibble your left nipple... playing with your piercing by flicking my tongue over the top of it.
Slowly I work my way down your body, kissing every part as I reach it....I start to get closer to your cock giving it full attention now with both of my hands stroking it gently....I start kissing light, feathery kisses onto the top off your cock whilst your hand is on my head wanting me to take you deep into my throat......kissing the top, then moving on to kiss down the length of your cock......
After a short while of teasing when you can't take any more I take the head of your cock into my mouth and start sucking it ever so gently whilst one hand plays with your balls and the other continues stroking your cock.......taking you by surprise I suddenly take the length of you into my mouth, deep into my throat, sucking and still playing gently with your balls........

If you would like to continue with this one....... I'm having some very good thoughts that will not keep the smile from my face.....and you said I couldn't cope with your imagination!!!! ;-)


Another late night upholding my pledge to keep you smiling… :o)

…I tense sharply as you take my whole length into your mouth and throat, almost unable to breath. You slide up again slipping your hand around my cock, wet from your mouth making it feel like a never ending stroke as you go down again and I feel your lips squeeze around the base of my cock. You start to move faster using your hand wrapped around my hard wet length as an extension of your mouth your other hand squeezing and tugging at my balls. I gently hold your head, my fingers running through your hair as you suck and wank me at once and I begin to slowly rock my hips back and forth gently fucking your mouth. Watching you suck me, my glistening cock disappearing between your fingers and into your open mouth I don’t want you to stop. I want to cum all over your face and in your mouth, to see my juices dripping from your chin. But I want to fuck you even more…. So I pull you gently from me with your mouth still open and your lips wet. Looking into your lustful eyes I can see you want it too…

Holding my gaze you move away from me, sitting back and spreading your legs, with one hand you part your wet lips and dip a finger in your pussy silently telling me you want my cock inside you…

I hate to stop here but it is late…

Feel free to continue this and make me breathless and hard again. Though it does that just writing this and imagining the effect this may have on you.

Must go, have work in the morning! :o(

More to follow

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