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The Italian Job 15

The Italian Job 15
The following morning I had my usual 2 breakfast’s, tea and toast for one and Ellie’s genitalia for the other as she sat on my face leaning forward with her hands on the bed behind my head as she ground her clit into my teeth, she came gushing her juice into my mouth as she trembled, she was learning to ride them so that the sensation lasted for some time so the noise of her moaning and growling was quite prolonged, I fucked her missionary with her legs wrapped around me as she used them to lever herself up into the back arching position when she came, it was a reflex and she crashed back onto the bed when it had passed over, this woman really liked being fucked, you could see it in her eyes, she lay back on the pillow as I gently shafted her “last night you asked me if I enjoyed watching you get stripped and fucked” I said, “how did you feel about it when you lived your fantasy” I continued “it was good to begin with” she said “but then I seemed to lose some of the sensitivity in my vagina and it was just a banging feeling between my legs and when they fucked my arse it hurt at first because they were not as gentle as you, they just wanted to get their cocks into me but again some of the feeling went as it continued, no! if I am honest I enjoyed the role play better than the gang bang” she said “that reminds me” I said, as I pulled out of her to her pout and got off the bed, I fished in my trouser pocket and brought out the wad of Euro’s, a piece of paper dropped on the floor at the same time, I ignored it thinking it was a ticket from the money, I peeled off a hundred Euro and handed it to her, waiting for the reaction which I knew I would get “ what’s this?” she said, looking at it “it’s your cut from the caper last night” I said “but he paid us 500 euro” she protested “yes” I said fighting to keep a straight face “and that is your 20%“ I said “ twenty fucking per cent ?” she shouted, she was now kneeling up, her gorgeous figure beside me, her breasts had taken on a rounded look as her nipples settled back into her still slightly swollen aureoles “why only 20% for me?” she asked “ because that is the going rate” I said “the pimp gets 80% and the tom gets 20%” I said grinning at her, she was trying to get hold of the rest of the money and I was aware of her breasts brushing against my arm “give me that money” she said“ I did all the work, as she made another grab for it and fell sideways onto the bed and rolling onto her back, her hair spreading beneath her as it hit the covers, she looked up at me “ do you want to fuck me?” she said “yes” I said “ it will cost you 400 euro” she said “OK” I said “what is 20% of 400?, I only have 100’s do you have any change?” I said, she attacked me, laughing as she grabbed my hair and swung on it as her tits flew about with the movement, “you bastard she shouted as she laid on top of me with her face to mine holding and pulling my hair “ but I am your manager” I protested “not any more you’re not, you’re sacked” she said “ I will get Simone to do it” she said “who is Simone” I questioned “never you mind” she said “are you saying that you want to do it again?” I said “of course” she said, it was fun “even after what happened last night?” I questioned “yes” she said “you were there and you handled it very well I thought, the way you despatched those two, heaven knows what would have happened if you had not had the foresight to watch my back” she said, she was kissing my lips in among the talking and my cock was rising, I was planning a more intimate assault, she was laid on me with her legs stretched out on either side of me, my cock came up and touched her buttock, she looked back, at my cock, “that’s timely” she said “I was just thinking the same thing myself” she said as she knelt up, reached between her legs, grabbing my cock and lining it up with her cunt then she sat back onto it closing her eyes as the shaft parted her lips and went into her slippery wet cunt and headed for her cervix, she put her hands at each side of my shoulders so that she was lifted off my cock slightly and I had space to thrust up into her as I made a slow start to pounding her cunt with my cock, she was kissing me and sticking her tongue in me as I fondled her tits and we both came, her with a knee trembling shaking and me with a jet of semen that flooded her and made her cunt leak down my cock, she was panting as she laid back onto me with my wilting cock still inside her vagina, she sat up “ I will be away for a few days” she said “I have to go to Rome to a board meeting” she said “ I shall miss you, but you must promise to behave and I don’t mean badly” she concluded, she got off me as my cock flopped onto my balls, she kissed it as she passed it on her way to the floor.
I got off the bed and noticed the bit of paper that I had dropped, I bent and picked it up, it had a name and a phone number written on it, I grasped it in my hand quickly but I wasn’t quick enough, she had seen me pick it up, “what’s that? She asked “Oh it’s nothing” I said, “just a wrapper off the notes” “you don’t get a wrapper from a cash machine” she argued “ let me see” “I put my hand with the paper into my pocket as she lunged to get hold of my hand “ it’s that girl, isn’t it?” she said staring at me “ it’s that fucking waitress” she said standing in front of me, her eyes blazing “we had this conversation last night” I said, she rested the side of her head on my chest “ I know but I hate the thought of you becoming seriously involved with someone else and she was very pretty….and young, I can’t bear the thought that I might lose you” she said softly “did you see her?” I asked “yes” she said when you were talking to me she undid your pants and I saw her uniform, Ellie looked up at me with sorrowful eyes, I bent my head and kissed her on the lips, she smiled at me.
I had plenty of work to keep me occupied over the next few days, Yvonne and Sonia were keeping me well fed and fucked, Yvonne knew from the word around the factory that Ellie was away so those two mice certainly wanted to play.
At the weekend I went to see Roseanna and Hazel, they were always pleased to see me, I had travelled over on the Friday night so I was there on the Saturday morning having slept with Roseanna, I saw the gates to the house open and a Mercedes drive into the courtyard, I was sitting by the pool sunning myself, Hazel was being as attentive as usual, I heard footsteps beside me, I looked up as the shadow fell on me, it was Roseanna and she was accompanied by a tall black girl “this is Simone” Roseanna said, the girl stuck out her hand, “hello there” she said “pleased to meet you, Ellie has told me so much about you” she said “you have the advantage” I said “I work for the company, I am the financial director, I normally work in our Genoa office because I live there but I have come to get Roseanna to sign some documents” she said “I am buying some shares in the company” Roseanna added “are you just here for the day?” I asked “more or less” she said Roseanna has kindly offered for me to stay tonight and I will travel back tomorrow, are you staying tonight?” Simone asked “yes I am” I replied “then I look forward to seeing you at dinner” she said “ me too” I said as I watched the curve of her arse sway as she walked away with Rosanna, my mind raced, Ellie drops into conversation the name Simone who I have never heard of before, suddenly the same name turns up at Rosanna’s house while I am there but then I thought no one apart from Roseanna and Hazel knew I was coming this weekend, I gave it up as it was becoming too complicated and I blamed my suspicious nature, I like to think I have a fairly good judgement of human nature having travelled the world working and met a lot of very interesting people and something about this setup had a funny smell to it, I felt that caution was needed.
I fucked Hazel in the afternoon writing off some more of her wardrobe in the process, she reclined on the bed watching me as I came out of the shower and dried myself, we went into the pool and swam around a bit then I cornered her against the pool side as she wrapped her legs around me and I fucked her again using the buoyancy of the water to support her, the water tended to wash away the lubricating effect so the senses were heightened by the friction of the raw skin into her, she did her usual screaming bit as she came and a flock of ducks took off from a nearby lake, disturbed by all the noise Hazel was making.
We had dinner at 7.00pm, I had put on a shirt and trousers and sandals with no socks, I always feel more comfortable without socks in warm climates Roseanna and Simone came into the dining room as I was getting myself a drink, I offered the ladies one but before I could do it, Hazel was already pouring them, she glanced at me and stuck her tongue out at me and smiled, Simone was dressed fairly formerly in a shimmering silk dress that came to the knee, no stockings and high heeled shoes and for the connoisseurs amongst you I would say about 34 C, the dress was low cut so the top of her black shiny breasts were peeping tantalisingly out, she was very black, I know that black is black but in coloured people there are many different shades of black but she seemed very European in her dress sense and her manner, Roseanna sat at the end of the long table and I and Simone sat facing on either side, I was facing the room so could see hazel preparing the serving of each course as it arrived, it was a truly excellent meal, Simone asked me what I did for a living and I explained my profession and the fact that I was under contract with a house etc., she said she had seen some documentation appertaining to an apartment and a car for me, most of this conversation was relayed to Roseanna in Italian by either Simone or Hazel, the drink flowed as did the conversation, we got to the brandy, Simone seemed to be relaxing a bit and I put this down to the lubricating nature of the booze, the coffee arrived and we sat on the balcony, we were sitting chatting when Hazel excused herself and went to bed, “and what about you” Simone said to me “are you going to fuck me before you go to your bed?” she asked I was drinking my coffee at the time and nearly choked as Roseanna patted me on the back as I stood up, I realised that she would not understand what had been said but I certainly did, I looked at Simone who was watching me over the top of her brandy glass as she warmed it in her hands smiling at me, I sat down dumbfounded by the question “ I am not sure how to answer that question” I said “the question is simple enough” she said quietly “do you want to or don’t you??” she said “I am willing to drop my knickers for you and I do have some on I can assure you, for you to fuck me, she smiled at me as her dark eyes twinkled, my cock started to twitch and I mentally congratulated him on his judgement “ you are a beautiful woman and though I might be crazy for saying this I am going to decline your kind offer, I think you may have had too much to drink so if you are d***k then you are of no use to me because if I was to fuck you then I would want you to be fully conscious of what was happening to you, I don’t know what Ellie told you about our relationship but I suspect this is a cheap test of hers and the whole thing is tacky” I said as I stood and kissed Roseanna on the cheek and walked out of the room, I felt as though I had been violated, the whole thing seemed so obvious, I sat by the pool staring at the water, I could not believe that Ellie had manufactured this, I sat for some time, contemplating my feelings, how could she, why did she think I was so stupid and easy to manipulate, I must have been sat there for about an hour, a hand came on my shoulder, I turned it was Hazel, she had on the cotton nightshirt she had worn at our last encounter “are you ok” she asked and I knew Hazel well enough to know that she meant it, we had become quite good friends over the couple of years that I had known her and I trusted her “what is going on Hazel?” I asked “whatever you do, do not blame Ellie for this” she said, “Ellie has asked the board to make you the technical director of the company and it is the members of the board who are against your appointment that are responsible for this, when you called to say that you were coming, Roseanna called one of them and they sent this woman to discredit you” she whispered “why would Roseanna do such a thing” I asked “money!!” she said Roseanna is having a financial hiccup at the moment, her father’s money has been frozen for the time being because of irregularities within the bank, Roseanna needs cash to keep this place running and Ellie offered to help her, the board members found out about the deal and have used it as a kind of blackmail to get Roseanna to assist them because even though Ellie is the head of the company the cheques have to have more than one signature, you understand” she said “I understand very well I said “is the video on” I asked “it was” she said “I switched it off when I saw your reaction, “now!!, are you going to object to fucking me as well” she laughed as I wrapped her up in my arms and carried her to my bed, we had another nice session as she lifted her nightie very slowly and discarded it as she walked around the bed naked, holding her tits and squeezing them as she thrust out her neck, she knelt on the bed sticking her tongue out at me as I got hold of her and pulled her down under me and fucked her, there was a limit to my sexual resolve and she had found it as I pounded her cunt and her arse to make her scream again with pleasure as she climaxed, she left me about 2 hours later and I slept till the morning.
At breakfast Hazel was fussing round the table, Roseanna was watching me, Simone could not even look at me as I sat bemused stuffing my face with all the goodies that were on offer at the table, I felt on top, in control of the situation and the rat that I had smelt was now certainly a dead one.
After breakfast I sat by the pool in the sun, I was sitting on one of the beds that face each other, Simone came out dressed in a bikini, “can we talk?” she asked “sure” I said “can we go in the pool” she said “ is this another one of your games?“ I asked “no” she said “ and any way the cameras are off during daylight in the pool area” she said, I knew this was true because of the reflection of the sun on the water, I glanced at the camera and saw that the red light was off, “you are very suspicious she said” smiling at me as she slipped into the water, I jumped in and we swam around a bit then she swam to the side by a ladder and clung to it, she certainly had a fantastic figure, I swam over to her sensing that she wanted to say something, “I apologise for last night” she said “it was very clumsy of me” she whispered as I got close to her, “let me make one thing clear” I said “I have no intention whatsoever of becoming a director of any company let alone yours, I have a good job, I have a nice income and I am very happy, I travel when I want and when I have to and I enjoy my freedom” I said “yes” Ellie knows this and she wants to share it with you and she thought that if you became a director it would look more decent for her to travel with you to look at new machines and new processes to perfect the products that we make, she knows that you will never marry her even though she would like you to but she saw this as a compromise so that she could be by your side where she feels safe and secure, she told me about Bolognia and what you did and how you protected her” she said “did she tell you that she sacked me as her agent” I said laughing “she told me that she had sacked you as her pimp because you were trying to rob her, you naughty boy” we laughed together, she had one hand on the ladder and the other one under water, suddenly her bikini bottom floated to the surface as she looked straight at me, I closed the gap between us, she put her arms around my neck “just how much of a naughty boy are you?” she whispered as she reached behind with one hand and undid the bikini top, she was black and naked, “she can’t hide any microphones and stuff in there” I thought “ “I can be very naughty” I said “ will you take me out and sell me?” she asked “I am sure you could get a good price for a piece of black cunt” she whispered as she pushed her rock hard black nipples into my chest, my cock was in a very fast lift coming up at lightning speed, she lifted her legs and got her toes into the top of my shorts then pushed them down with her toes to my feet, she held them down while I stepped out of them, still staring at my eyes, her tits and nipples were bobbing in and out of the water, they were magnificent, my shorts floated up as she let her legs float up either side of me, and I collected them with my hands and lifted them so they were at thigh height, her breathing was much faster “do it, do it” she whispered putting her lips close to mine, I lifted her legs higher as I felt her pussy sc**** past my cock to the top, I held her there stopping just short of my cock slipping under her “Oh!! you fucking bastard she breathed, stop teasing me and bury your cock in this black cunt, It’s waiting for you, it’s open for you so get your cock inside me” she whispered as I lifted her a bit further and my cock dropped slightly as it cleared her cushion and her vulva, she let go my neck with one hand and guided my cock into her hungry vagina, I pushed forward and entered her as she gasped, I held In the doorway as she wriggle trying to get me further in “ stop it, stop it” she cried, this is driving me nuts, fuck me for Christ sake fuck me” so I did, I pushed my cock into her and felt a resistance, I was unsure so I pushed harder, she winced, she looked at me with tears in her eyes “you?” I said “yes” she said “ I was a virgin till a few seconds ago, my cock continued into her as she moaned and thrashed at the intrusion into this new territory, fuck she was tight as she clung to my neck biting me as she came, shuddering and groaning then as the climax hit her it grabbed her vocal chords and she opened her mouth soundlessly, then clamping her mouth on mine as I pushed my tongue into her mouth and found her searching pink tongue, a small cloud of bl**d floated in the water as I proceeded to shaft her, she came several times some big some small but she kept on coming, then I felt it rise in me, this wave of sensation that started at my toes although it felt like it started somewhere in Adelaide, it roared up my legs liquefying them and tore through my stomach convulsing me as I cried out and my balls convulsed sending a solid stream of my seed into her as her eyes widened as the hot feeling flooded her “that’s it baby, that’s it, give it to me, give it all to me, pour it into me, pour it into your black bitch” she whispered into my mouth, my cock just kept on pumping as she came again quietly clinging to my neck, she was humping her hips at me as semen floated around in the water beside us, I managed to grab the ladder with one hand before my legs gave way and I sank, I felt drained as though all the life had been sucked out of me which it had, I kissed her nipples and sucked them as my head had sunk down her body when my legs went, I started to subside and felt myself gasping for breath, I pulled my limp cock out of her as another cloud of semen and bl**d appeared in the pool, we climbed the ladder having retrieved the costumes and sat on the loungers, Hazel had put two glasses of cold juice on the table, we were still naked, my cock was looking very sorry for himself, she was watching me with her piercing dark eyes, her nipples were retracting but her aureoles were still swollen, I dried her off as we sat in the sun soaking up the rays, she stood and put on her bikini smiling down at me as she did so “can I ask you a question?” I said “of course” she said “ why were you so obvious last night with that stupid request” I said “ because I was on camera” she answered “the managing director wanted to discredit you in Ellie’s eyes, he does not know the depth of your relationship with her, although I am a director of the company I am still employed by the company and if I had not made the offer he would have found ways to get me out, he might still do but believe me it was worth it after what just happened in that pool, as it is, I have the evidence on tape, I have your reaction on tape and I have two other witnesses” she smiled at me “ now how about a shower, there are no camera’s in there either” she winked at me as we made our way to my room where we shared the shower and yes I fucked her again but this time it was the full works, with her sucking my cock, I ate her clit, slit and vagina, sucked and squeezed her tits as I drove my shaft into the newly formed passage of her cunt as I once again exploded into her, we were both exhausted and sat in the shower with the water running down us.
We dried, dressed and went to see Roseanna, she had played her part so she had her money, we said our goodbyes to her and Hazel with promises to return and we both left together, me to the village and Simone to Genoa.
I went to see Ellie at her apartment a few days later, she was doing some paperwork and she looked strange because she was wearing her glasses, she saw me smiling at her and she grabbed them off her face immediately, I took them off her and put them back on her nose, “you look fantastic in them” I said, she smiled at me “ Simone told me what happened and what you said, I am to say the least disappointed but it is your decision, is this a final decision or there hope for me yet?” “just at this moment in time, as it is so close to the Maria thing I do not feel that I can make a rational decision, I already changed my life for her and look what happened” I explained “I understand” she said as she took my face in her hands and kissed me.
Several months later Ellie rang me, she wanted me to come to her apartment, I arrived and she gave me a drink as we sat in the lounge “you know the weekend that you spent at Roseanna’s?” she said “yes” I replied “did you have sex with Simone?” she asked “yes” I replied “why do you ask” I queried “she is pregnant” she said looking straight at me, “good for her” I said trying to keep a straight face “her and her partner are very happy and are both looking forward to the new offspring” she said slowly looking down at her hands “Ellie why are you telling me this, why do you think it is of any concern to me” I asked “because her partner is a woman, they have been in a lesbian relationship for years, many people believed that she was still a virgin “ she said, again staring at me “oh” I said “what does she say about it?” I asked “she says that she found a very special donor, and if the c***d is anything like him it will be loved and adored by everyone” she said, she had dropped her head as I saw the tears drop onto her skirt “whoa!!” I said “what on earth is the matter” I pleaded as I moved beside her on the couch “I am so envious of her” she sobbed “she is carrying your c***d and I so much want to be her to have a part of you inside me growing in me” she said “hey, don’t upset yourself, you don’t know it’s mine” I reasoned, “we will soon know” she said “if it comes out coffee coloured has big dark blue eyes and a big cock we will know straight away where it came from” she cried “but what if it’s a boy?” I said and started laughing, she was laughing through her tears, she dropped sideways with her head on my lap as I stroked her hair, I spent the night with her and for a change made love to her, this woman was worth more than just a fuck.
To be continued………….

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