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Fun at the beach pt3

Anna stepped right up to Angel's unsuspecting backside and placed one hand on the girl's waist. With the other hand she delicately teased the girl's lips. She gently guided the girl to the position she wanted. Finally, she touched her cock to the girl's aching pussy. Angel sucked a sharp breath as she felt the tip touch her pussy. Realizing something was amiss, Angel whipped her head around just in time to see Anna's rock hard cock disappear into her pussy.

Angel's head reared back as she felt the shaft go deep inside her. She screamed -- quite loudly -- before Lita could get down to her and closed her mouth over the sex ravished model. She launched her tongue into Angel's mouth again nearly smothering the desperate girl.

Anna had now gotten a firm grasp with both hands on the girl's hips and pulled her firmly against her own grinding crotch. Anna was making sure to push every inch of her cock as far into the girl as she could. She fully intended to give this incredible beauty the fucking of her life.

Lita took her mouth off the ravished girl, allowing her to draw a breath.

"Do you like that Angel? Do you like that Anna is fucking you? Can you feel her cock -- a real man's cock -- so deep in your beautiful pussy?" Lita whispered to her.

"Yes, oh my god, yes," Angel whimpered. "She's gotta make me cum. I can't stand this anymore."

Lita motioned to Anna and suddenly Anna withdrew her cock from the desperate girl's pussy.

"No!" Angel cried out. "Please don't stop!"

Lita flipped the girl onto her back while Anna quickly parted the long, slender legs. Without a delay, she re-entered the girl's pussy. Angel reached up to grab Anna's shoulders as Anna lowered her body down onto Angel. Jim watched in aweas his beautiful girlfriend almost disappeared under the much bigger woman.

Anna began to fuck the girl, to grind her, furiously. Poor Angel could only hold on as her body was not hers to control. The poor girl had been so unrelentlessly teased that she had to cum in some way. At this moment, she didn't care that it was some person -- both a man and a woman -- that was doing it to her.

"Oh my god, " Angel screamed. "I'm going to cum! Right now!"

The girl's back arched upwards as she was racked with the most intense orgasm of her life. She writhed under Anna as her body gave in to the delicious sensation. But Anna did not relent. She continued to fuck the girl without easing. Angel responded with one orgasm after another. Sweat was pouring from down her neck and over her perfect breasts.

Anna suddenly stiffened as she felt her orgasm building. She lowered herself down fully and smothered the model's mouth with her own. She furiously tongued the girl's mouth as her hips ground into the girl's pussy. Angel's legs wrapped around the woman and gripped her tightly as the woman pounded the last of her orgasm into Angel.

Angel was almost to the point of passing out from sexual release and lack of air when the woman finally pulled her mouth from Angel's. She was content to lie there on top of the luscious girl, there sweaty breasts mashed together. Angel's legs dropped from Anna's hips down onto the bed. Anna moved her legs to cover them. This caused her still fairly hard cock to push within Angel's tender pussy. Angel gasped a little as she felt the movement.

"Angel, you are quite sensitive aren't you," Anna whispered to her. "I don't believe I've ever fucked a girl that was quite as good as you."

"I can't believe this," she weakly replied. "I thought you were a woman."

Anna laughed, "Ah but I am a woman, just with something extra."

"You took me by surprise," Angel said. "I wasn't expecting it. I wasn't ready for it. I was totally overwhelmed."

"Yes, it was a surprise, but then again, it was a surprise that you seemed to enjoy." Anna said as she nibbled at Angel's cheeks with small kisses. Angel, still under the bigger woman, could still feel the cock in her vagina. Still teasing Angel, Anna would push slightly every few seconds to give Angel a fresh shock.

Lita, would had been sitting close by, snapped her fingers and 3 sales girls ran up, each with several towels. They helped Anna to rise off the spent girl. As she did, she made a point of wiping her cock on Angel's taught belly. She made a point of leaning down for a final mouthful of Angel's sweet nipples, sucking first one and then the other into her mouth. Angel, still hyper-sensitive, arched her back and moaned.

"Please, no more. I can't take anymore," Angel pleaded.

Lita waved at the sales girls, who began to attend to Angel. They had warm, wet towels and began to wash her hot, sweaty body. They were very thorough and made sure she was totally clean. Then, they helped to her to sit at the end of the bed. Several bottles of perfume were brought to her and she selected one which the girls daubed onto Angel's body. A hairdresser was summoned and she carefully brushed Angel's hair back to perfection.

The girls helped her to stand and her clothes were brought to her. As she stood, the girls dressed her. She leaned forward as one girl supported her as 2 others helped her step into her panties and then her velvet pants. One of them picked up Angel's sequined top, but Lita snapped her fingers and the girl handed the top to her.

"Let me help you with that my dear," Lita commanded.

She circled around Angel to once again put her big arms around the girl. Angel, still incredibly charged, melted back into the big woman. Lita's hands rose to cup the girl's golden breasts. She gently held them, just feeling their weight. Angel couldn't help but moan as she once again felt the intense sexual heat. Lita smiled to herself. It was her desire to have the beautiful model back. Judging by how the girl reacted to the slightest touch, she knew the girl would be back -- often.

She let go of the luscious breasts and began to put the top on the girl. She made sure it was positioned properly and that it was fastened securely. Then she spun the girl around to look her over from head to toe.

"My dear Angel, I am in awe of you. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. It was absolutely delghtful to have you in our store this evening so that we might entertain you," Lita told her.

Angel smiled shyly. It was still hard for her to comprehend that other people were so overwhelmed by her beauty.

"This was certainly an experience that I'll never forget," Angel replied.

Lita stepped forward and took the girl into her arms. The big black woman and the small Latin model shared a deep kiss. Angel knew she would be back here. She was still reveling in the fact that what she thought had been a woman had just fucked her never before. She had been so ready for what was going to be a very hot lesbian encounter when the hard cock had pushed deep into her vagina. It was making her wet again just thinking of it.

Lita seemed to know what the girl was thinking.

"I want you to know," Lita whispered to her, "you are welcome here anytime. If you like, I can take care of you or, I'm sure Anna would be happy to take care of you. I'm sure that Anna would be very delighted to have you down on that bed again, pushing down on you wonderful body, taking your breasts into her mouth, and fucking you with her big cock."

Angel shivered in Lita's arms.

"I have to go now." Angel said.

"As you wish." Lita replied.

She went to the private door and used her key to unlock it. Angel took Jim by the hand and they went out. As they passed thru the store, the sales girls wished her goodbye. She did her best to smile and say goodbye to them all, but she was still very sexually overwhelmed.

Lita followed Angel to the front door. She bid the sweet girl goodbye as Angel stepped out onto the sidewalk and disappeared into the South Beach night.

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