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Fun at the beach pt2

After Angel's little adventure with the cab driver, she and Jim walked around the corner to the entrance to their apartment. Angel was a little bit worn out, but Jim, having only watched, was pretty charged up. The two climbed the stairs to their apartment on the second floor.

"I have a surprise for you tonight," Jim said to Angel as he gathered her into his arms.

"Oh yeah? What would that be," Angel replied.

"I've got reservations on Tatto's down on Lincoln Road. So, I've taken the liberty of laying some clothes out on the bed for you to wear. I want you especially hot for Tatto's," Jim told her.

Angel flashed her million dollar smile at him as she walked into the bedroom to see what was waiting for her. Lying on the bed, was an outfit that she would wear only on the most special occasions and only to the very best places.

She had found it at a little boutique in New York when she was there interviewing her new agent. The pants were black jean style pants that were made of some velvet-like material. Down each leg, where there is normally a seam, there was a cut-out from each hip all the way to the ankle. Bridging the cutout were strips of fabric studded with sequins. Two long sequined strips ran down the edge of each cutout as well. A matching sequined belt that was about 4 inches wide was included.

The real star of this outfit though was the top. It was basically a bikini top -- South American style -- that was covered with sequins. Being that it is cut in the classic South American style, when Angel has the top on, everything around her comes to a halt. The top literally looks as if it will burst at any moment. There seems to be no chance that the thin straps will stand the strain of Angel's luscious breasts.

The combination of the black velvet pants and the bright sequined top, turns Angel into a nightime star. The sequins dance merrily as they ride her perfect breasts.

"So -- I guess that I'm going to be showing off the goods tonight," she laughed.

"Sweet Angel, I just love to watch the reactions as you pass by people. Sometimes, I'm not sure you understand the effect you have on people. Man or woman," Jim said.

Angel smiled as she began to disrobe and get cleaned up for their night out. Jim sat and watched her as the Latin beauty slowly removed the clothes that the cab driver had removed less than an hour ago. He smiled to himself as he thought about how incredible it was to watch his beautiful girlfriend be taken by other women. Sometimes he felt like he was the winner of the biggest lottery ever.

After awhile, Angel and Jim were ready to head out. They decided to walk to the restaurant. It was the best way to see the sights along South Beach and also the best way for Angel to dazzle the people along the way. She was recognized quite often and would stop and sign autographs happily. The shop keepers along the strip also appreciated her being highly visible as it lent an air of celebrity to the area. Jim had even worked out some deals so that Angel would make appearances in certain bars or clubs in return for comped meals and drinks. It was a good arrangement for both.

As they walked, the usual happened -- a crowd developed. Young college guys would run up to her and cop a quick photo. Some guys even had video cameras and would walk backwards in front of her so that they could film her awesome beauty. Angel took it all in stride and simply smiled and handed out kisses to each one.

While Angel was known pretty well locally, there was always someone who was visiting from somewhere else who had no idea who she was. In fact, quite a few of those people would mistake her for a hooker. She always found this to be amusing and sometimes played along for a laugh. Tonight was no different and several slobby men did approach her. She dispensed with them quickly -- she already had a man. It was a woman that she did not have.

To help things progress, Jim would usually walk a little behind her so it was not obvious he was with her. This helped to bring out the people who were willing to play. As always, it was the women who were the most discreet and the most interesting. They would walk up alongside her as she window-shopped. Small talk would ensue. Perhaps an invitation for a drink, perhaps for dinner. Sometimes, Angel would accept.

The women would want to hold her hand as they sat and chatted. They would scoot their chair close to hers so they could touch her, stroke her hair, be her girl friend. And for that lucky woman who might catch Angel's interest, she would go back to the woman's hotel. In every case, these women would not believe there good fortune to lie with a girl as exquisite as Angel. Imagine their surprise the next time they got a swimsuit catalog in the mail and saw the girl they slept with on the cover. Angel got a kick just thinking of it.

But tonight, Jim and Angel walked together and the tourists only looked from afar.

"Listen Angel, there's a new place that just opened up here on the corner. I'm told it's the hottest shop on the beach. Wanna check it out?" Jim asked.

Angel clutched his arm. "Lead the way, " she replied.

It only took a few minutes to arrive in front of a store that had huge double doors standing wide open. The windows were filled with incredible colorful displays of clothes on totally wild looking mannequins. Music was blasting out the doors from inside. But the most interesting and eye-catching thing about it was standing alongside each door.

There were 2 absolutely gorgeous girls working the door welcoming customers in. Jim and Angel stopped to take a look before they walked in. The two door girls spotted Angel and one of them seemed to recognize her. Jim was checking them out. One was slightly taller, but incredibly, that was almost the only difference.

Both door girls had jet-black hair. Both were nearly 6 feet tall. Both were dressed in red satin jackets and black leather skirts. Jim thought both were absolutely gorgeous, but there was something about them. The slimness of their hips, the width of the shoulders. He couldn't put his finger on it though.

The girls stepped up to Angel and one took her hand.

"You're Angel Enriquez. I've seen your picture hundreds of times, but seeing you in person is divine." the door girl said.

"Yes, divine," the other agreed as she walked behind Angel, her fingers trailing around the model's bare waist.

"We'd like to invite you into LitaLand. We would take great honor in offering our special service to a luscious beauty such as yourself," the taller girl said.

Angel flashed her smile at them both and wondered to herself just what they meant by "special service". The 2 girls took her by each hand and led her inside as Jim followed behind.

The door girls led Angel through the large gothic looking doorway into something that was totally another world. The store was decorated with large red, black, and silver tapestries that hung ceiling to floor. Mannequins were placed on huge pedestals -- some 10ft high. Everywhere Angel looked there were salesgirls that looked and dressed identical to the 2 door girls. Customers were everywhere and they were all young and obviously rich.

The 2 door girls led Angel to a woman who was standing to one side of the store and appeared to be watching all that went on. The door girls, still holding Angel by the hand, spoke to her in a whisper.

"This is Anna. She is the manager of LitaLand. It's our policy to bring special customers to her so that she can personally take care of all your desires. We hope you enjoy yourself."

With that, first one and then the other door girl hugged Angel closely and kissed her. At first Angel was surprised, but then she yielded as the girls kissed her deeply. The seond girl finished and held Angel tightly as she ran her fingers over Angel's soft lips.

"To bad I am at the door tonight, I would love to take care of you myself," she said as she turned to walk away.

As the 2 girls left, Angel turned her attention to the manager. She was quite a tall woman, at least a foot taller than Angel. Still, she was very exotically beautiful. The manager reached her hands out to Angel.

"Ah my dear Miss Enriquez. It is lovely to have someone as beautiful as you in our humble shop. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Anna, the manager," the woman said.

"I hope that you found the service provided to you by our door girls was to your liking," Anna continued.

Angel knew exactly what she was talking about.

"Oh it was totally to my liking," she said as she ran her fingers lightly over her lips, gently touching where the door girls had kissed her.

"Very good," Anna replied. "I have taken the liberty of calling the owner of the store -- Lita herself -- and she is on her way here to personally see to your every need."

The woman stepped up to Angel and wrapped her arms around her. She put her mouth over Angel's and began to kiss her. It was a sight to behold. The woman's arms went around Angel's back and waist, pulling her in tightly. The lovely model was totally in to it and she let the woman probe into her mouth with an aggressive tongue. The woman slyly worked her finger tips to push up under Angel's top to touch her breasts.

As the woman continued to kiss Angel, there was suddenly a commotion at the front door. A loud booming voice could be heard, even above the music.

Anna broke off the kiss.

"Ah, that must be Lita now. Allow me to introduce you," she said as she led Angel to the main part of the store.

As Angel walked around a large display, she was able to see Lita for the first time. Angel was almost startled at the site of a black woman; tall, maybe 6'6"; heavy, maybe 270 pounds; and dressed in the most colorful and bright dress that Angel had every seen. Lita immediately spotted Angel and ran right to her.

"Miss Enriquez, I cannot begin to tell you how delighted that you have chosen to come to our store this evening. You are very well known to myself and all my staff and we relish the thought of personally servicing you tonight," Lita exclaimed as she took Angel's hands.

Angel had to think about that last sentence for a second. Was there a double meaning there? She dismissed it for the moment and flashed her smile at Lita.

"Please call me Angel as do all my friends. I am very happy of the warm reception you all have given me and I can't wait to see more of your store," Angel said.

"My dear Angel, there is more than meets the eye here. Please allow me to show you the VIP section of our store," Lita said as she began to lead the darling girl to a curtain in the corner.

"Are you the boyfriend?" she asked of Jim.

He nodded in reply.

"Well, you may follow along. But please stay out of way there is much to do with Miss Enriquez."

Lita parted the curtain which revealed a large metal door. She unlocked it with a key and let them all pass in. She snapped her fingers at several of the sales girls and the manager Anna. They all quickly went in. Then Lita shut the door, locking it with the key.

Angel and Jim took in the room they were now in. It was an exact duplicate of the store they had just been in. To every detail it was the same. Same decor, same racks of clothes, same mannequins, everything. But, there was one difference and Angel noticed it first.

"Lita, this is fantastic, but I do not see any dressing rooms."

"Lovely Angel, this is our VIP room. We bring such special customers in here one at a time. Only myself, Anna, and my most trusted staff will join the young ladies we bring in here. I find it much more enjoyable and convenient to allow the young ladies to simply disrobe right here in the middle of the room. It makes it very nice to try lots of outfits at one time."

With that, she stepped up to Angel and turned her around. The fat finger found the strap of her top and held the catch.

"Won't you please allow me my dear?" she asked.

"Please do," Angel replied.

With that, Lita released the catch. She held the straps to hold the top in place as one hand went under Angel's arm to the front of the top. She put her hand over one of the cups and gently massaged.

"This is a lovely top. And it looks wonderful on you my dear," Lita said as her hand cupped the luscious model's breast.

The bib black woman pressed herself into Angel's back as she released the top and let it fall to the floor. Angel stood still as Lita's hands slowly rose up and cupped her breasts. Angel watched in the mirror as the big black hands enveloped her breasts, holding them, feeling their wieght.

"What are you doing?" Angel asked as she watched in the mirror.

"I'm so sorry my dear. Your body is just so incredible, I could not resist the temptation to touch you."

The big woman, so much larger than the beautiful and delicate Angel, seemed to wrap around the girl. Her arms held her tightly as the hands slowly massaged the delicious breasts. Angel was starting to feel the effect of the attention her breasts were receiving. The woman seemed to know that Angel's breasts were intensly sensitive and that by controlling them, she could control the girl.

Jim was watching intently as the woman slowly and expertly felt up his girlfriend. It was obvious that Lita was very experienced at this, that she had brought many girls into her VIP room before, and that she had her way with those girls as she was going to have her way with Angel. The big woman had her arms wrapped his beautiful Angel as her hands worked magic on Angel's swollen, tender breasts.

The big woman had the beautiful model totally under her control. After a time, she released the girl's breasts and turned her around. She brought the girl into her huge breasts as she locked her mouth over Angel's delicate lips. The woman's tongue drove into the girl's mouth as she wrapped the girl in a bear hug. Lita kissed the girl so hard and so long that Angel could barely catch her breath.

Finally, Lita broke off the kiss and stepped back from the girl.

"I don't think you're in the mood for shopping. Am I correct my dear?" Lita asked.

Angel nodded in agreement.

"I thought so," the big woman said as she reached out for the girl.

Her fingers slipped inside the front of the girls waistband and pulled her forward. She slowly started to release the 5 buttons on the front of the velvet pants. She then pushed Angel's pants slowly down revealing the girl's slender, tanned legs. She was wearing a very bright white t-back and it literally glowed against her olive brown skin.

The big woman was astounded by the Angel's beauty. She could hardly believe that this incredible girl was now in her store, totally under her control. She could see that the girl was very turned on and was having trouble standing. She motioned for one of the sales girls and pointed at a big curtain that was on one side of the room. The girl went to it and pushed a button that was on the wall.

A soft light came on and the curtain opened to reveal a large round bed. A very large round bed.

"Would you like to join me?" Lita asked Angel. "Or rather, would you like to join us?"

Angel didn't understand at first, but then realized that the sales girls had gathered around her. Before Angel could say or do anything, they led her to the bed and helped her to lay down. One at a time, they each approached her to gently kiss each of Angel's soft but erect nipples. Angel was rapidly loosing control of herself, something that was totally new to her.

The sales girls then positioned themselves around the edge of the bed to surround the delicious Angel. They reached out to her and began to tease her sensitive skin with their long fingernails. Angel was gettting so much stimulus from so many directions that she could hardly stand it. She was practically writhing on the bed and her chest heaving as the girls teased and caressed every part of her body.

"Oh my god, what are you going to do to me? I can't stand this much longer," Angel breathed.

"Don't worry my dear girl. You won't have to wait much longer," Lita said.

She snapped her fingers at the sales girls and even though she did not speak, the girls seemed to know what to do. They began to coax Angel up and to the end of the bed. Then, they slid her panties down over her luscious legs and off. With guiding hands, she was directed to the end of the bed where she stood on her knees facing the head of the bed.

Lita, who had been watching the sales girls as they teased the gorgeous model, now came up to the girl's backside and wrapped one beefy arm around the girl's breasts. The other went lower so that her hand could cup over Angel's sensitive and wet sex.

The moment Angel felt the delicate touch on her cunt, she moaned slightly and laid her honey blonde head back on Lita's shoulder. In effect, she had just given herself to Lita for whatever Lita had in store for her. The big black woman was in control of the body that was desired by men -- and women -- all over the country.

"My dear Angel," Lita whispered to the steaming girl, "You are just so deliciously wet. Would you like some relief? Do you need to cum?"

Before Angel could even answer, Lita pushed one of her fat fingers into the girl's moist slit. Angel's whole body tensed in reaction tothe sudden penetration. The big woman kept a solid arm around the girl's breasts to keep her upright.

The woman slowly and deliberately worked her finger into Angel's vagina. The sensations being sent to Angel's racked brain were almost overwhelming. If she didn't cum soon, she felt she would scream. But all the while Lita worked her finger in the girl, she was very careful to not push the girl over the edge. Angel was still being teased to a higher and higher level of desire as each second passed.

Angel was now openly moaning at the sensations she was feeling. Her head would bow down and then she would toss it back, her hair flowing over her shoulders as the woman's finger drove her up to the edge, but not over it. Angel's arms were extending out in front of her, reaching out, as if grabbing something and holding tight might give her release from the intense sexual tension she felt.

The big woman brought her one arm from around Angel's breasts and placed on the girl's back. Gently she pushed her over so that Angel was now on hands and knees at the edge of the immense bed. Lita kept the pressure on the tortured girl's cunt with her other hand. One finger inside slowly fucking the girl, the other's outside teasing the exposed flesh.

Angel could barely hold herself up. Her arms would buckle under her but she would cath herself and rise up again. Finally, Lita heard the words she had been waiting for Angel to speak.

"Please Lita, please," the beautiful girl begged, "you've got to make me cum. Please, I'll do anything you want, but you have to make me cum."

Lita smiled a devilish smile.

"I think I know just what you need."

She motioned the store manager, Anna, to come over. Lita stepped to one side of the girl. She ran her free hand over the girl's ripe ass, over her thighs, and back up over Angel's back.

"My dear Anna, for doing such a wonderful job with my store, I am making our dear Angel a present to you. You may proceed as you wish," Lita said.

Anna had a look of total sexual desire on her face. She had become a predator in the jungle and Angel was her prey. She was going to have the girl.

Anna began to strip off her blouse, revealing very upright, firm breasts. Jim saw them and immediately thought -- implants. The tall woman placed herself right behind Angel as she reached up under her skirt and removed her own panties. As she was right behind the sexually tortured girl, she began to unfasten her skirt. Jim watched in fascination as he waited to see what Anna was up to.

Suddenly, Anna removed the skirt with a flourish to reveal a hard, thick cock. Anna was a man in the process of becoming a woman, a pre-op transexual. Poor Angel her head facing forward could see none of this.

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