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Obeying Mistress L on a Day Off...

My heart was pounding. “This sure beats the hell out of going to work,” I think to myself. Mistress L had called as I was driving in and said I had neglected my duties long enough. So I called in and told my boss I needed a mental health day and would not be in. Two hours later and 130 mile later, I was pulling into her residential neighbothood.

I had sent the text as I got off of the interstate and she had instructed me to pull into the garage and the door was open and waiting. My mind raced as I stopped the car and the garage door began to close. It was one thing to chat online and to read stories about a meeting like this. This was real though. I was there and my heart was pounding so hard I thought my chest would explode.

The door to the car sounded so loud as I closed it that I jumped. She had been very explicit on the phone. She had told me after one of our early meetings on what to always have with me when I came, and though we had never yet used any of it, I knew I had better not be neglectful in the performance of my duties. I went to the back of the car and grabbed the black satchel. I knew everything that was in it, though I really could not imagine what was in store for me.

The kitchen was empty and spotless, just as it always has been, but unlike before, she was not standing there and for a moment I was not certain what to do. Then I saw the paper on the table. It read: “Whore, go upstairs, use what is on the counter as it directs. Then shower and you had better be more clean than you ever have been before. Get it right. I will be waiting.”

There was no sound in the house. This was completely different. The first time we had met in a hotel. The last time I had come here to her house, but both times, things had been pretty straight-forward sex, though a little rough. I had teased her afterwards that she need not be afraid I would break. At 6’3” and 300 pounds of working class foreman, I was hardly dainty. Originally, I was disappointed with her size. She was not tall, not enough to be intimidating to a man my size and I had thought maybe I was going to need to find a different woman to dominate me. Trust me, during those first two sessions I had learned it wasn’t just about size. She could control me with ease, … especially when she had my nuts in her tiny hands!!
Upstairs there was a fleet enema bottle sitting on the counter, and the note beside it said, “clean inside and out, and I mean clean!!!” An experience having a colon exam the year before let me know what I was in for. I groaned, but then I took the bottle and ran it under the hottest water the tap could produce while I got naked. A few moments later, I was on all fours on the floor and forcing the clear fluid into my ass. Once full, I waited as long as possible, feeling the liquid scour my insides in a most unkind fashion.
The once it had finished its work, I went into the shower and scrubbed all of my body. A fresh razor and shaving can were there and I was instructed to shave every hair from my ass and groin. I was humiliated as I watched the masses of pubic hair drop to the floor of the shower. It took a lot longer than I had expected, but finally I was clean and I stepped out of the shower and towel dried.
I walked down the stairs and at the foot of the stairs was Mistress L. She was not happy. “You have kept me waiting, whore. Give me the bag.” I did so and she set it on a small table in the entry and unzipped the bag and pulled out a set of police issue hand cuffs. “Hold your hands out.”and when I did, she fastened the steel bracelets around my wrists.

This was part of what I had known could happen but we had never done before. The ante’ was higher now, as she grabbed the chain between the cuffs and picked up the bag and led me to her bedroom. One of the high, backless stools from the kitchen nook sat at the foot of the bed and she led me to it, so that the stool stood between me and the bed. With a firm hand she bent me forward over the stool as she retrieved the two eight inch bungee cords from the bag and fastened my ankles to the legs of the stool. Then she took a length of cord and looped it through the hand cuffs and ran it beneath the foot rails of the stool. The ends of rope then were wrapped around my ankles and stretched my body firmly over the padded bench.

Another couple of bands secured my torso to the padded seat and I was helpless. Mistress L did not waste any time, but slapped my bare ass hard with her hands a couple of times and then she pulled a smooth ping pong paddle out of the bag and she said simply, “Count these for me, slave.” Forty blows later, the tears streaming from my eyes, I felt her cool moist lips caress the burning flesh of my ass. “That is a beautiful shade of red, whore. I might have to see that more often!”
Then she moved to the bed, and I raised my head to watch. She removed the corset that held so firmly in place the breasts that were impossible for any man to hold in a single hand. They were absolutely beautiful and large. With both of her hands, she raised one of her heavy breasts to her lips and she sucked eagerly on the nipple, massaging it with her lip covered teeth and I felt my cock stirring beneath me. “You like that whore, don’t you?” she said as she released her breast from her lips and began rubbing her spit into the long hard nipple that was now fully at attention. Well, maybe you will like this even more.
With a single motion, she unfastened her skirt and dropped it to the floor. Her sex was shaved bare and smooth and her legs were encased in stockings that made her flesh look so sexy and so erotic. I stared and licked my lips as she rotated her hips toward me and with one hand opened her pussy lips up for my visual inspection from barely more than a couple of feet away. She shook her head and laughed. “If you like this, you little whore, you r going to love what happens next!” Then she took out of my bag a flesh colored dildo that was only slightly larger than mine and then she climbed up on the bed and after adjusting the pillows behind her so I had a good view of her face and breasts.
Then she parted her full pussy lips just a couple of feet from face and began to feed that hungry wet slit her hard rubber cock. She closed her eysel and arched her back, lifting her breasts toward me so seductively. I was breathing hard watching, wanting her. As she slowly began working the cock in and out of her wet pussy with one hand, she began pinching and pulling on her nipples and sqeezing her breasts in earnest.

Suddenly her eyes flew open and she pulled the cock out of her and said in a voice filled with sexual tension, “Do you like that, you perverted bastard? Do you like seeing my pussy swallow up this cock that makes your pathetic tool look small?” I nodded my head, not daring to trust my voice. She laughed at me and pulled it all the way out. Her juices coated it and caused it to glisten in the dim light of the room. She then pushed the cock toward me and rolled forward to allow her breasts to swing tantalizingly in front of me. “Suck it. Clean my cock, you pathetic slave.” And with that she pushed it into my mouth and began to fuck my face.

Her sex was so sweet. She had such a clean smell and taste and I savored her as she laughed at my lust and hunger for her. She ordered me to stick out my tongue and then passed the length of the rod across my tongue, ensuring that every inch of it was clean! “Good slut. If you keep this up, I may treat you to a special reward.” And then she rolled back into her reclining position and again fed her hungry twat the rubber phallic.

It was a moment later that a movement in the doorway to the master bath caught my eye, and a man suddenly appeared out of the shadows. “Come here, I want to suck your cock. She said to the man and he came to her, dressed only in his boxers which were tented out proudly, hinting at a monstrous cock hidden inside. She eagerly reached inside of the waistband and out sprang the monster. She cooed and brought the heel of her foot up to hold the dildo in place as her finger now began to slowly circle and rub the nub at the top of her wet gash. Her other hand guided the mystery man’s cock to her mouth and she quickly began running her tongue around the head of his cock.
She then popped the head of his cock into her mouth and stroked the shaft at a good rhythm that caused the man to roll his eyes up toward the ceiling. He soon began to thrust the shaft of his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth and I could just imagine the head of his cock beginning to work its way into her throat!!

My balls were tight up against my body and ached with a desperate desire for someone to touch it, but I could not and all I could do was watch the coupling before me as her fingers began moving with an increasing urgency over the soft wet flesh that was darkening with the bl**d lust that drove her on. The man suddenly grabbed the back of her head and buried her nose into his thatch of blonde curls and her roared like an a****l. Mistress L’s body went rigid as her finger pressed down upon orgasmic button and she drained every drop of cum from her lover!

All that I could do was whimper. The two bodies before me spasmed and convulsed as the waves of passion swept back and forth between their sweat covered bodies. The man finally pulled out a semi rigid cock and Mistress L. moved her foot and then pulled out the glistening cock. The man stumbled and sat on the bed at the head of my Mistress.

That was when Mistress L sat up and I saw the cum that drooled out of the corner of her mouth and down her chin. “You whore, clean his cum off of my face.” She then leaned close into my face and I began kissing and licking and sucking his salty cum from her face! This was not what I had signed up for, but she had me so hot that I was ready to do whatever.
“Do you want a reward, whore?” she asked. I eagerly nodded and she and the man laughed. “Well if you insist. Dear, would you warm his ass for me?” Mistress L then moved so she staddled the stool and her breasts were in my face. “Okay, you lowly fuck slut, you get to suck my tits, but it is going to cost you mightily and you had better not bite me!” Then she began feeding me her chest meat and I hungrily sucked on her nipples and licked and licked. Her hand reached beneath me and found my cock. I was as hard as steel and almost exploded with her first touch, but she immediately let go, leaving me so incredibly frustrated.

I knew she nodded, but I had no idea what that meant until suddenly the sting of a hard wooden paddle striking my bare ass sent stars flying through my mind!! Mistress L just laughed and grabbed hold of the back of my head and smashed my face into her soft chest meat. I gasped for air as yet another and another hard slap fell against my ass. “Suck my tits, whore. If you concentrate on pleasing me you will enjoy this much more!”
I tried as I felt the blows continue, bruising my ass and heating it up to the point where I was certain it was on fire! I don’t know how long it continued. All I knew was at times the paddle was set aside and replaced by hand slaps that stung all the more. Then suddenly Mistress L released me and I hung my head trying to keep my head from exploding as the blows across my bottom continued. Then I felt Mistress take a latex glove, heavily lubricated, and began stroking my cock as she bent over my back and kissed my neck ears and shoulders. Her arm wrapped over my chest and she began to pinch and pull my nipples as she pressed her breasts into my back.
The blows continued to fall on my flesh, but they no longer seemed to matter. I did not care what he did. Mistress L was making love to me and that was all that mattered. My cock rapidly continued to harden and my balls rose to release their load quickly.
“It’s time,” was all she said and I panicked for a moment. I was not certain what was going to happen next and I felt the man behind me kneel on the ground behind me and the beating ended. Once again, I was so close, and yet not allowed to cum and the frustration hurt almost more than the beating I had endured.
I realized then that he was freeing my feet and body from its bonds. “Stand beside the bed, you slut and watch what a real man does with a woman.” Mistress L said. Then she laid back on the bed and the man moved the stool to her side. I moved up along side of the bed. “Suck on my tit, you whore.” And with that, she raised her far breast to her lips and began to suck on that nipple as I sucked and licked her magnificent puckered nipples.
The man lifter her ankles to his shoulders and with a single smooth motion, plunged his cock deep into her cunt. Again and again he built a pounding pattern into her as she and I sucked for all I was worth. Her hand found my balls and then my cock and she stroked me slowly, building me to the very edge.

Then, with a sudden cry, the man pulled out and began to blow an enormous amount of cum all over Mistress L’s belly and breasts. “Cum on my tits, whore. Cum now! Cover me!!” She screamed, and with a roar, I stood upright and experienced the release I had been dying for. It felt so incredible that it almost hurt as my balls tried their damdest to rise and pass through my cock themselves!!
As the world slowed its spnning, I saw the man collapsed on the bed next to Mistress L as she rubbed our man seed into her massive breasts. “It is moments like this that keep the girls young and soft!” she purred. And a few minutes later, she and the man invited me to use the shower while they relaxed. I did and then left as they showered together….

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