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It was two days after my first night with my mom, our night of reconciliation was loving, beautiful, passionate and very erotica, it was a night that I surly will remember for the rest of my live. However, there was a new problem that I had to face; how to tell daddy.

Waking up next to mom was one of the happiest mornings of my life. I never thought that I missed having my mother in my life, but that night with mom proved how much I longed for a relationship with my mother. I knew I would have to face daddy, and pay the consequences of my action. However, for that moment being in bed with mom and being so close to her was the most liberating feeling I have ever had. After another round of love making, and a hot shower for two, mom and I shared breakfast, and talked about were to go from here

I shared my fears of how I thought daddy might react to her being back in our lives again. I told her that I would never want to hurt daddy in any way, but at the same time I was not willing to loss my mother again. Mom understood; she knew that I was at a cross road in my life. The thought that I may have to choose between my parents was something I never wanted to do again.

Walking back into my father’s house after spending the night with the woman he has hated for years was the hardest thing I had ever done. In my heart I knew that I had not betrayed my dad, but I also knew daddy would never see it that way. I knew that somehow he would blame my mother for whatever troubles that might come our way.

When I returned home the next morning dad had already left for work, watch was a relief for me, and it brought me a little time to try to come up with a way to have both my parents in my life. I decided to call Lilly; if there was anyone I trusted to help me out of this jam that I had gotten myself into, it would be my best friend Lilly.

I had just gotten out of the shower when Lilly showed up. Lilly and I have gone though a lot together, including the fact that I helped her become her father’s lover; she was also one of daddy’s favorite sex toys. From the very moment Lilly saw me, girl friend knew something was up.

“Girl what did you do last night?” she asked in that all knowing voice of hers.

“What do you mean, how do you know I did anything?” I tried to ask with a straight face, as I apply body oil.

“Oh come on Chris, you were supposed to come back to my house and spend the night with me, after your “dinner” with mommy, and you never showed. So what’s up?

I knew no matter how hard I tried I could never keep my night of lust with my mother a secret from Lilly. I told her everything that went on that night. I told her about mom’s story about her and Aunt Jill, about how as young girls they had become lovers. About how her father had her rapped once he knew the truth about her and Aunt Jill. About how she met my dad, and while she was in love with my dad for a time, her attraction to other women would never die. I told Lilly about how mom had met her lover Lyn, and how they had fallen in love. And I told her how mom and I wanted to be together, and that we were.

“Oh my god Chris, you mean, no you can’t mean… are you telling me that you had sex with your mother?” my best friend asked.

There was no getting around the truth with Lilly. Up until that point I didn’t think I could have said anything that would leave my girl speechless, but apparently that is what I had done.

“How in the hell did that happen? Lilly asked as she sat on my bed

“Thinking back on it now, I really don’t know how it happened, but all I know is by the end of the night I wanted her so badly, and even now when I think about it I still want to see her, be with her. Oh god Lilly, what in the hell am I going to do, how am I going to tell my father that I’m fucking his ex, my mother no less?” I said as I put on my bra and panties.

That seemed to be the question at hand, how do I tell daddy? “Look you know I never want to hurt him, he’s my father and I love him. My god I mean for eight years we have been so close, I mean I sl**p with him every night, and I have given him my body. But now I have a chance to get to know my mom, and how do I do that without betraying my dad?”

“Look Chris I know you love your dad, and you would never do anything to hurt him. Thanks to you I have my own wonderful relationship with my dad, so I know how you feel about Leland. But then you know that my mom died when I was barely a year old, so I don’t even remember what she looked like. So if I had a chance to reconnect with my mom I would take it.”

“I just don’t know how daddy is going to react when I tell him that I have seen mom, and then when I tell him the rest; shit is really going to hit the fan then; I just don’t know what to do.”

Being the friend that I know that my Lilly to be, it would come as no surprise that she would try to cheer me up. Taking my hand and puling down on the bed with her, she took my face in her hands. “Look Chris I am your best friend, and I love you like a s****r, and there isn’t anything that we can’t get through, and we will get through this.” And with that being said Lilly leaned in and give me a long sweet sensual kiss.

That was all it took for Lilly and I to reconnect. It had been awhile since Lilly and I had got together. Laying me down on my bed while her hand found the waste band of my panties, slipping her hand inside, she began playing with my pussy, while we continued our passionate kiss.

She felt so good, and she tasted even sweeter. Lilly and I have been lovers on and off for awhile, we enjoyed each other when ever we were in need. I had discarded my bra, and I was watching Lilly strip for me. Completely naked I held out my hand for her to come back to bed.

With our bodies intertwined, our wet pussies coming together we made love, not so much out of need, but it was just the pure pleasure of a beautiful friendship. Lilly’s beauty always left me speechless, and sometimes on the verge of tears. The mixture of her African-American and Asian background made her stunning to look at. Her body was a work of art, her smooth lightly tanned skin, and her lovely dark eyes made her hard to resist. Her long brown hair that she always wore up in a ponytail always made her look so sweet and innocent; of course I can tell you first hand there is nothing innocent about my girl. However, my girl dose have the sweetest, tightest pussy God every made. I suppose because I have always had a thing for Asian pussy that always made saying no to my sweet girl impossible.

I opened my legs for her letting her have her way with me. Her touch always lit a fire in me. Spreading my lips apart she quickly went to work on what she came after. “Oh god Lilly that feels so good, oh yes baby right there, oh right there.” I whimpered.

She fingered me endlessly, for what seemed like for hours. Then without warning she started to graze on my pussy. I must say she was like a wild a****l that day. She had full control of my body as she nibbled and sucked my pussy to a blissful state.

In her own sweet way Lilly had reassured me that everything was going to work out fine. Lying in Lilly’s arms I had regained my peace of mind. Lilly’s sweetness needed to be rewarded. She had been talking to me about anal sex, she had never done it, and she knew it would be something that her dad would enjoy. It just so happened I had just brought a brand new strap-on. It was going to be a surprise for daddy, but I think Lilly had earned the right to be the first one that I tried out my new toy on.

Slipping out of bed and went into the bathroom to retrieve my surprise. Slipping into it for the first time was a powerful feeling, to have my own personal cock, to use and abuse whatever pussy I wanted, whenever I wanted was an overwhelming feeling.

She was sitting up in bed when I came back too my room. “My God Chris, what the hell?” The look on Lilly’s face said it all.

“I thought you deserved a treat. You said the other day that you wanted to try something new, something that JT might like.” I said as I caressed my ten inch tool.

I could see fear, but yet the wonder in her eyes. “I know it might hurt at first, but don’t worry we can take it slow.” I said as I walked over to the bed.

“Chris I’m not sure, I have never had a dick up my ass, fake or otherwise.”
I walked over to the bed and lovingly caressed her face. “Why don’t you play with it, see how it feels?”

I sat on the bed beside her; Lilly took my monster cock into her tiny hand. It was so big that she could barely get her whole hand around it. “May I suck it?” she asked as she looked up at me with those big brown eyes.

“Yes of course.” I said as I brushed her long dark hair with my fingers.

She opened her mouth and slowly took in an inch or two. I knew from watching her with daddy and JT that Lilly could suck dick real good. We both knew that she would never be able to deep throat it, but however far she got was just fine with me.

While Lily was busy working on my fake cock I grabbed a tube of lube jell from my nightstand. Applying a little to my finger I then slipped it into Lilly’s asshole.

“Oh fuck that’s cold.” she said.

“I know but it will make it a lot easier when I stick my cock up your ass, now there’s only one question, what position would you like, reverse cowgirl or doggy?” I said with a smile.

After pondering it over Lilly decided she wanted to ride my cock for all it was worth. Straddling the lower part of my body Lilly lowered herself meeting my ten inch toy half way. There was very little doubt about just how tight she would be, we were very aware that we had to take it slow.

After the first two attempted I lubed her up again, but the time we tried it from a standing position. It only took one great big push and I was in. I sat back down on my bed, given Lilly time to adjust. My arms around her waist I softly kissed her back; and in a slow motion fashion she began to ride my big dick.

If there is one thing that I know about my Lilly is that she is a quick study, it wasn’t very long before she was riding like an old pro. We were both surprised that she was able to take a lot more then we had first thought. I’m pleased to say that we were able to stretch that ass out pretty nicely. But the added bounce was when Lilly added a cork score move after every third or fourth stroke.

A month had almost gone by since my dinner with mom. We had talked on the phone almost every day, and we would secretly meet at out of the way pleases. We would fuck nonstop for hours; and the sex was always so good. Yes I guess you can say that I was having an out and out affair with my own mother.

Things at home between dad and I were okay, we still made love at our regular pace, and the sex was still good, and on some days even better. But I think even daddy could tell that something was still not quite right.

It would all come to ahead one day when I got a call at work from daddy asking me to come home right away. I could tell by the tone in his voice that he was pretty upset about something, and whatever it was, it was bad.

When I walked up to my front door I had a sinking feeling that my life was about to change, and not for the better. I walked into the house and removed my coat and hug it on the coat rack. As I walked though the house I heard dad call my name from the bedroom. As I got closer I smelted her perfume. I knew that it was impossible; she would never come back here.

There are no words to describe the feelings of opening the door to the bedroom that I had shared for nine year with daddy, and seeing my parents in bed together. It took more then just a few minutes to get over the shock of seeing my mom lying in my dad’s arms, but once I was over it, I wanted some answers.

“Mom, Dad what the hell is going on? I asked as anger arose in me.

“Sweetheart please come in, your mother and I have a lot to tell you.” My father said as he slipped out of bed.

It had been years since I had been in the same room with my parents, and never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imaged that this would be the way I would reunite with them.

“Oh I can’t wait to hear this.” I said

Daddy took my by my hand and sat me down on the bed, the bed that we had shared for almost nine years, but now I come home to discover that my mother has suddenly taken my place, what the fuck is this?

“Baby I’m afraid that your mother and I owe you an apologue, or maybe I owe you more then your mother, seeing that this was all my idea.”

“What was all your idea, dad I want to know what the fuck is going on here?”

“Lee maybe I should tell her.” I heard mom say as she slipped into daddy’s robe.

“No Sarah, like I said this was my idea; I should be the one to tell her.”

“Will you two stop beating around the fucking bush and tell me something.” I yelled.

“Your mother and I are getting back together.”

“Dad, what the hell are you talking about, you and mom back together, but you hate her, how many times have I heard you say how much you hate that pussy eating bitch, and the hell would freeze over before you would ever take her back?’ I said

“Yes I know I have said all of that and more, but I wasn’t being fair to your mother or to myself for that matter. I know this might be hard for you to understand, but I still love you mother.”

No words would come, but the hate and anger was slowly coming back. What was really going on was I being played, not just by my mother, but by my father too?

“Baby I need you to listen to every word that I’m about to say, this might be the most important talk that the three of us will ever have. First you need to know that your mom and I love you more then anything, maybe even more then life itself. I never wanted to hurt you, but when I saw a chance that we could be a f****y again I felt I had no other choice.”

I sat between my parents as they tried to explain the chooses that they had made for our lives. My mother spoke first. “After Lyn died I realized what a mess I had made by walking out on my f****y that way. At the time I could see no other way out of a bad situation that I had created. By not being truthful with your father about me and the other women in my life, your dad felt betrayed, and I don’t blame him for that.”

“But mom, dad was having his own fantasies about young girls, girls my age. And did you forget those fantasies included your own daughter?”

“No, but he never acted on them, not until after I had left him. And when I found out that you and your dad were sl**ping together I felt I had no right to say anything, I never felt that i****t was wrong, as long as you were happy, and your father assured me that you were.” Mom said.

“A few months after Lyn was gone and I could get myself back together, I gave your father a call; needless to say he had nothing to say to me, I had burned all my bridges were your father was concern. I knew that he didn’t want to have anything else to do with me, but I felt that it was too important to let go. So I kept calling and emailing in hope that he would one day agree to see me.”

“Well I guess you got your wish.” I said with a sneer.

“Look baby it was a long time before I agreed to see her, I knew that I was just asking for trouble. But something inside me longed to be with your mother again. And so one day when she called, and I checked the caller ID, and saw that it was your mom, I picked up.

“So are you saying I wasn’t enough for you dad?” I asked

“No baby that’s not what I’m saying at all.”

“Then what are you saying dad?”

“What I’m saying is what I have with your mother has nothing to do with my feelings for you. I love you, you’re my daughter, and nothing or no one could change the love that I feel for you. But there is a special pull between your mother and me, for awhile I thought I could fight it, but I sooner or later I would give in to it.” He said as he cradled me in his arms.

Seeing how this whole thing was upsetting me, I felt mom’s hand as she begin to rub my back. “Your father is right we love you so very much, and we only want what is best for you baby.”

“What’s best for me, you must be joking. Was it best for me to be lied to for weeks, was it best for me for you to take me to bed and fuck me every night, knowing that you wanted mom back, and by the way just how long have the two have been getting it on?” I asked in anger.

The looks between my parents were very telling, no matter how they tried to sugar coat it I had a feeling that I wasn’t going to like their answer.

“It’s been two months, we have been seeing each other for about two months now.” dad said.

“You mean fucking, don’t you dad?”

His dead silence spoke for him. It took a minute or two but it slowly dawn on me that they had been fucking long before my dinner with mom; I had been played by both my parents.

“My god you two were fucking at the same time you were both fucking me.” I yelled.

“Baby please don’t blame your mother, it was all my idea.” Dad said.

“What was your idea dad, to make a fool of me?”

“No baby, that neither what your father nor I had in mind.” Mom chimed in.

“You shout the fuck up, I don’t want to hear one word from you, I want to hear from the person that I have been spreading my legs for, for the past nine years, dad.”

“Okay, yes it was my idea that your mom seduce you, I couldn’t think of any better way for the two of you to connect. Maybe I should have just came right out and said that I wanted sl**p with you and your mother, but I didn’t know how you would take that.”

“And you never bother just to come to me and be honest, don’t you see dad, you did the same thing to me that you said mom did to you, you wasn’t honest with your feeling.” I said.

“I know sweetheart, but I didn’t want to loss you, and I know all your mother wanted to do was to try to get to know you again, we are sorry that we lied to you.”

The tension in the room was off the charts I had never felt anger like that before. Here were the two people that I have loved on a level that was beyond reason. I had not only given both my undying love, but I had given them the most precious thing that one human being can give to another, my body. And yet they had betrayed be in a way that I thought was unforgivable.

“Baby if I had come to you and told you what I wanted, that I wanted us to start sharing our bed with your mother, what would have been your answer?” Dad asked.

Sitting there between both my mom and dad I knew that my response to this question might change the course of my life forever. “You really want to know my answer?” I said.

“Yes,” They both said in unison.

That is when I leaned in and give my mother the sweetest, most sensual kiss I had ever given anyone. Caught off guard and speechless, yes I think I can safely say that either mom or dad saw that coming.

“Why is it that you did not trust the very things that you have tried to teach me growing up? That honesty and trust is the most important thing in a f****y, and in a f****y like ours it is the glue that will hold us together. I love you both so much, you are my parents, my teachers, and my lovers, and I wouldn‘t have it any other way.” I said

Both said that they were in awe of my maturity. We talked about how much my father have wanted his f****y together, and as long as there was complete honesty between all of us, then the possibly of it working was more then good.

“Well I think its time for me to go.” Mom said.

I looked into dad’s eyes and saw that he didn’t want her to go. I knew that mom still conceder herself an outsider. It was now up to me to welcome her back into the f****y. “Mom please don’t go, I know it would mean everything to dad if we could start being a f****y again, tonight.” I held out my hand to welcome my mother back to the f****y.

In the present of both my parents I striped off all my cloths. Standing face to face mom and dad took me by each hand and led me to our bed. I lay down and waited to see who would take me first. It was my father who climbed between my open legs. After he kissed every inch of my naked body, his hands seemed to find great pleasure in touching every inch of my smooth carves. His tender fondling racked my wet pussy with the kind of desire that could only be for filled by his huge manly cock.

Taking one of my long sweet nipples in his mouth, while he guided his cock to my open hole, daddy pushed his way inside me, leaving me breathless and waiting to be taking. Daddy and I started fucking; he fucked me hard and without mercy. His cock hit the back of my pussy with f***e and straight, taking short deep strokes, his dick was like a battering ram; breaking down whatever wall of doubt that might have remained.

“Do you know that I love you girl?” He would say as his cock bent my pussy to his will.

“Yes daddy.” was all I could say, as our bound of love and lust became tighter and deeper.

I looked beside me at my mother who was watching her ex-husband make love to their daughter for the first time. Brushing the hair from my eyes she saw the happiness that daddy had giving me all these years as he came inside me over and over again.

As daddy removed himself from my body, mom and I shared another kiss, as always it was deep and erotica. From our very first kiss it always seemed that mom and I shared a deeper understanding, that when we kissed it was not only sharing our love, but it was somehow an expression oh who we were.

“What do you want from me sweetheart, what ever it is, its yours for the asking forever.” Mom declared.

I looked to daddy for assurance; and the glow on his face and the twinkle in his eyes assured me I was safe in loving my mother. “May I, may I eat your pussy?” I asked softly.

My parents sweet silent smiles spoke for them as mother disrobed and retook her rightful place in our f****y bed. With daddy beside us I placed between my mother’s open legs. Her thick beautiful red hairy pussy was an amazing sight; and mom encouraged me to play and explore her pussy. “It’s okay baby you can touch mommy there.” She said.

I took full advantage of my mother’s offer; I pulled her sweet thick pussy lips apart. The love of good pussy was not just limited to my mother; I had developed the same taste for pussy eating. She tasted just as good as she looked as I took my first lick. Darting in and out my tongue took great pleasure in tasting mother’s sweetness. I could not resist fingering and licking her at the same time. Mother’s bucking and screaming told me I was on the right track. Taking a bit out of her big juicy clit send mom over the edge, as I bit, sucked, licked and fingered my mother to a heavenly pure bliss.

Later that night mom and I granted one of daddy’s fondest wish, he fucked both mom and me together. After that night there was no more doubt that I would always be naughty for mommy and daddy.

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