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The conversion of Beth part 3 of 3

This is part 3 of a 3 part story of Beth, a shy sheltered girl whose friends at her office try to bring out of her shell. In part 1 Mary a 40's mother type invited Beth to happy hour with the other girls from the office, where they talked her into going out with them to a club on saturday night.

In part 2, the girls all met at Mary's house where they helped Beth get ready for her night out, including being loaned some sexy clothes because she didn't own any. As part 3 starts they are still at Mary's house finishing up getting Beth ready for her big night out.

The girls all piled into Mary's car and headed for the club, Becky a friend in her 20's and CHeryl a friend in her 30's were going to show Beth a good time. Beth borrowed a sexy skirt and low-cut top from Becky since Beth owned nothing like that.

On the way to the club, Becky helped Beth put on her make-up, Eye liner and lipstick. Beth kept saying "My daddy would spank my bottom if he could see me. Beth was very nervous, she had never done anything like this.

When they got to the club, they walked in, heads turned and looked at Beth. She was surprised and asked Becky "Why are the guys looking at me like that".
Becky responded "Because you look sexy" Beth had never been looked at like that before, she wore conservative clothes her whole life.

At 26 the girls were trying to show her a whole new world she had never seen. They took there seats at a table and ordered drinks. Beth was not much of a drinker but, ordered a Strawberry Daquri which she sipped on and enjoyed her night out. The more she drank the more she started to relax, this wasn't so bad, she thought. All the girls were laughing and joking and having enjoying the music.
Beth was surprised when Tyrone a tall thin black man came up and asked her to dance. She looked to her friend Mary who was sitting next to her for a sign of what to do. Mary told her go on dance with him "I don't dance" Beth said Oh everyone dances Cheryl told her "Just stand there and shake your butt" She took another gulp of her drink. "But everyone will be watching me" Beth said "No one will be watching you just go out it will be fine".
Beth asked Mary to order her another drink and went to the dance floor with Tyrone. She was scared but did what Cheryl said standing there and shaking her butt. Not reall prety but a good start and Tyrone seemed to enjoy it. they came back to her table a bout 20 minutes later when they were done dancing and her new drink was there. Beth downed half of it in one gulp and started to relax a little more. Beth was relaxing a little more another tall muscular black man Leroy came up to Beth and asked her to dance.
"Wow aren't you popular" Cheryl said. Beth took a big long gulp of her drink, and asked Mary if she should Mary answered "Of course go". She went out on the floor again and stood shaking her butt a little more, wondering what these two large black men saw in her but not questioing much. She came back from dancing with Leroy and ordered another drink. She was now a little d***k a laughing out loud, The girls made room and had Beth sit between Tyrone and Leroy. They starting touching each other under the table and over the table. Beth was laughing louder and louder and swaying to the music being played she was obviously getting d***k and the other girls were enjoying watching her. Mary of course kept and eye on her making sure no one hurt her, but, was happy to see Beth opening up.
What Beth didn't know but, everyone else did, is that Leroy and Tyrone were the boyfriends of Cheryl and Becky and had been asked to come to the club and try to pick up on Beth. Whatever they wanted to do with her that night was ok just don't hurt her. Drink with her dance with her even take her home with them. Beth was now geting looser and looser as she drank more and more. She was not a drinker and the booze was hitting her hard.
She looked at Tyrone and Leroy both and said "My daddy would spank my bottom if he knew what I wanted to do to you two". and tried kissing them both. Cheryl and Becky were getting a kick out of Beths actions. Mary was concerned for Beth who she thought of as a daughter but, liked seeing Beth enjoy herself. The night went on and they danced until closing time.
After the club closed, everyone drove back to Marys' house including Leroy and Tyrone who were sharing a back seat with Beth. Mary had a big 4 bedroom house that she lived in alone now since she was divored and her two c***dren were away at college. Mary showed the men to their room and helped Beth get there also. By now Beth was having a hard time standing and flopped on her bed.The men got on either side of her and starting kissing her as they were kissing they started to help Beth off with her clothes, she was laughing and giggling in her d***keness. She told the men she was telling the girls the night before that she thought BBC meant British Broadcasting Company, "You know what it stands for"? she asked the twolarge black men. "Big, Black, Cock". she said this in her d***keness, then caught herself."Oh, my daddy would spanl my bottom if he heard me talk like that". She was laughing the whole time. Soon all three were naked and kissing, the men were touching her everywhere , grabbing her breasts fingering her cunt Leroy even stood and said to her "Big, Black,Cock like this"? he asked . and like this Tyrone asked showing his to her. "Yeah" she said you guys look yummy I want them both".
They positioned Beth on her hands and knees on the bed where Tyrone put his cock in Beths' mouth. She started to suck as Leroy got behind her and entered her now wet slipper cunt. Ohh that feels good down there mmmm, and yours tastes so good oooohhhhhhh as Leroy fucked her from behind, he reached down and grab Beths' nipple squeezing each tight. oh she said slurping on Tyrone aaaggghhh ooohhh the guys fucked her from both ends, she could not believe how great this felt two big cocks in her at each end. Tyrone took his cock out of her mouth for a moment and Beth shrieked "My daddy would spank my bottom if he knew what I was doing". "Like this"? Leroy said, Lifting one of his big hands and bringing it down hard on her bottom."Oh yes spank me, spank me, spank your naughty girls little bottom I'm a bad bad girl, daddy spank me oh spank me ohhhhh. Tyrone began to slap her face with his big cock and Beth got more and more hot,
Oh I'm a bad girl daddy slap my face slap my face with your big naughty cock...mmmmmmm Leroy continued to fuck her as her slapped her hard they were now rocking and bucking,,, fucking harder and harder finally with a loud yell Leroy shot his load into her hot, wet pussy, He then pulled out and told Beth to get on her back which she did. With that, Tyrone got onto pof her and filled her hot cunt with his 10 inch cock ohhh ,,,ooohhhh,, she screamed dadddy ooooohhhh dadddyyyoooooohhhhh . He pumped her hard as she pumped back. oohh fuck me daddy fuck me meeeeeee ooooohhhhhhhhhhh with one last thrust, Tyrone shot his load deepinto her hungry cunt. All 3 of them collapsed into a heap on the bed and fell asl**p with Beth in the middle.
The next morning Beth woke up, not sure of where she was or exactly what had happened the night before. She had a headache from driking the night before and parts of her body really hurt. She put the clothes on she had borrowed from Becky and came out to Marys kitchen where everyone else was sitting having coffe including Leroy and Tyrone.Beth was offered a chair which she took, a little confused about the night before. "How are you Beth"? Mary asked "Feel ok dear"? ""Not sure" Beth answered "I'm a little sick, think I drank too much"."I'm not much of a drinker and think I went overboard".
"I do know one thing though, I really like BBC and I don't mean British Broadcasting Company". "Do you remember everything you did last night"?Becky asked. "I don't remember all of it, but, whatever I did I can't wait to do it again. They all laughed and spent the morning explaining that part of what happened the night before was a set up that Leroy and Tyrone were actually the Boyfriends of Cheryl and Becky. "Oh my and you two don't mind that we did what we did. "No" Cheryl said, Glad you enjoyed yourself. "Oh my" Beth said holding her aching head in her hands "My daddy would spank my bottom if he found out what I'd done, and my bottom feels like he did". They all laughed.
In the weeks that followed, the girls took Beth out and bought her a new wardrobe short skirts and low-cut blouses and sweater and took her out on the weekend. more often. Beth was becoming a whole new girl.
This s part 3 of 3, read all 3 stories and tell me what you think. If you have the time. thanks.

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