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Uncle made me part 2

I had just had the first orgasm of my nine year old life, and the best part was that it was down Uncle Warrens throat. He got up from the bed and said he had to piss and that he had another surprise for me when he got back. I laid on the bed sweating and trying to regain my power to move. And Uncle Warren came back out of the bathroom with a jar of vaseline and told me he was going to smear some on and in his butthole, and he wanted me to put my pee pee up his butt. My soft cock sprang back to life and got as hard as a lead pipe, he looked back over his shoulder and said to put the head of my pee pee up to his butthole and push until I was completely inside of him, but before I pushed in he reminded me that he gets my butthole next. With that I pushed in a little bit, and My uncle reached back with both hands and pulled his butt apart, and I just slid right in balls deep. I heard him tell me to pull about half way out and shove it back in, I couldn't believe how good it felt. I guess he thought that I would cum as fast as I did in his mouth, he didn't understand that he'd created a monster. This time I lasted almost 20 minutes. I told him that my pee pee was starting to tickle again and he told me not to stop, and just as I was about to explode my oldest s****r Kay walked in on us and looked at me in a way that she had never looked at me before, I thought she was gonna kill us both! But instead she came in and stripped naked, now Kay was 14 and she told me that if mom found out she'd freak out cause she wanted to be the first person I was with. Ok lets review
my uncle had given me my first blowjob, check
My 14 year old s****r walks in on me with my thing up his butthole, check
And now she's telling her nine year old b*****r that his MILF mom wants to take his cherry.
I went off like a fireworks show on 4th of July. Did I mention that it was bareback?
I collapsed to the floor until Kay called my name and told me to get back on the bed and watch her and Uncle Warren do it. Please be kind with your comments.

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