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Nasty Blowjob

I'm such a frickin dork but I had to tell everyone about this. It was my first time. lol Not my first time fucking but anyways I guess it might be obvious I like to dink a lot. Well I probably had a bit too much last night and now I can't even go to sl**p. I was drinking this alchoholic energy drink type thing. So I'm hangin out with some of my friend and this one really hot guy I never met and I just go up to him and say "Your hot. Could I give you like a blowjob or something." Yeah I was fucked up. lol I never say stuff like that to someone I just met. So he laughs and of course he's like "sure". He actually eats my pussy first. Though. He was so sweet. I didn't even have to ask. lol. And he had one of those stud tongue ring thingys so it was frickin amazing. When it came time for me to return the favor I was out of it. I don't know if I orgasmed or what but the room just started spinning. So first off I hit my head on his fucking cock lol. Not making this shit up. As a matter of fact I like stabbed myself in the eye with it lol. And it was so hard. It felt like he popped a viagra or something cause I hadn't even touch his cock yet. I tried to act sexy and play like I meant to do it. But he didn't buy it cause he was laughing. So I start sucking and I just imagine it being horible cause my mouth felt dry as hell. lol. So I try to hawk up some spit so I can make it a little wetter and I just completely miss and spit all over his leg lmao. That shit was so funny. Idk if he just gets pissed off or what but he grabs me by the hair and just f***es his dick in my mouth and start fucking the shit out of my mouth. That shit turned me the fuck on lol. I started getting into it and let him stick it down my throat a little. I was so wet. But then he started going too deep and I couldn't breath. And his cock wasn't small at all. It was like nine or ten inches. He was black btw. So he stick it deep down in my throat and holds it there. I swear I could feel it like down to my tonsils. Then I could feel his dick throbbing. My d***k ass brain was like I know this fucker is not cumming in my mouth. I hate that shit. It's nasty and it's like it never goes all the way down my throat just kinda sits there. But anyway I lifted my head of and threw up all over him. It was like just liquid nothing solid though. I spit in his face and cursed that motherfucker out ran out the room. My friend Ricky was like what happened. I think everybody was like listening through the door or something. I told him he came in my mouth and he just went balistic on that dude. That's my boy. He knows I'm kind of a freak sometimes but I don't play that shit. They didn't fight but the guy left. And I say the guy because I really don't know his frickin name and don't care to know. I can still fill that sticky ass shit in my thoat. I can't believe that shit didn't come up. I might have to swallow a frickin tissue or something lol. But anyways that's the story of my first time throwing up on someones cock. Think I'm gonna try to pass out now

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