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Mistaken Motel Room pt1

I was sitting in my motel room, stroking my cock, watching a fuck film. I was wondering how the girl in the film could take such massive lengths of man meat up her butt. I envied the way she would devour that tube of sexually menacing piece of meat.

There was a knock on the door, I scrambled to turn off the movie and replace my penis to it's rightful place. I opened the door, there stood a handsome young man that was obviously at the wrong door.

He looked at me some what surprised and asked if I had placed an ad, he mentioned the name of a local gay mag, I said to him 'yes, please come in.' I had no ideal what I was going to do so I asked him 'do you remember what the ad said, or do you have it with you,' he stuttered 'I have it in my car but I think it said something like in need of big cock for tight hole.'

I said quietly 'let me see your tool,' He stood up and I could see the print of something long large and growing. He fished out this monstrous snake that made my heart flutter. I was staring at this monster as it was bobbing up and down with this huge dark purplish head. The young man, not much older than I, asked 'how mu-much are you asking for a blow job,' he stammered. I was taken aback by his question 'it's the usual rate,' I replied.

He fished in his pocket and pulled out sixty dollars, 'how much more if I want to fuck.' I was looking at that magnificent piece of meat, jutting from his trousers. 'I'll give you one hundred extra if you would let me fuck you,' he said sorta desperately. I looked at him as he smiled and said 'I promise I will be gentle and stop when you say so, and you can keep the money, once I enter you.'

I watched him count out another five twenty dollar bills and place all of them on the dresser. I said to him 'let's get undress than.' I was watching him as he lowered his pants. That monstrous cock was real and it was long enough to reach his knees. As he was standing up pulling his shirt over his head, his penis waved like a huge tree limb.

We stood naked looking at each other, I knelt down at his feet and took his man meat gently into my hands, it was throbbing like it was about to explode. I kissed his penile head which caused him to moan and slipped my tongue around it's head. He shuddered from anticipation and placed his hands upon my head gently pulling me to his tremendous tool.

As I opened my mouth to receive his massive tool, I heard him began to whimper. As I slowly sucked on his penile head, I could feel drops of liquid strike my back. As I looked up into his face, his eyes were closed and tears were flowing down his cheeks.

I His massive tool, stretched my lips to their extent, this stranger was moaning and groaning as I sucked and licked his humongous fuck tool. I removed his penis from my mouth and reached into my bag for my tube of lubricant. I applied some to my hands and began to massage his massive tool. I stroked him from the tip of his penile head to where it attached to his body.

As he was groaning from pleasure I applied a generous amount to my anal opening. I moved to the bed and laid on my side, as he crouched down behind me I said 'enter me me slowly and give me time to adjust, that way we both will enjoy this.' 'I promise to take my time and not rush,' he replied.

He placed the head of his huge tool to my anal opening and gently pushed forward. I could feel my outer anal ring began to relax and open, slowly his huge head slipped into my but hole. I gasped as his head slid past my outer sphincter muscle, he was good to his word and allowed me to adjust as he slipped more of his tool into me.

I was groaning from the pain of so much man meat going up my butt and moan from the joyful pleasure of being filled with such a great tool. I was bracing my self with my hand to the bed gripping the sheets as he continued to f***e inch by inch of his massive tool up my butt.

He was about a fourth of the length of his fuck tool in my rectum, when he began to grunt and jerk forward. At first it wasn't that uncomfortable, he slipped one of his legs between mine, I started to protest when without warning he f***ed me to my stomach. At his mercy, I was, as he plunged his massive cock into my bottom, I screamed for him to stop.

His legs was forcing my legs apart and his hands were on my shoulder blades holding me down to the bed. The brute was forcing more of his tool into my butt and I had no way of getting him off. He lunged back and forth up my anus reaching depths that had not been probed in some time.

I could not take any more of the abuse that he was forcing on me, I was tossing my head from side to side and trying to throw him off of me. I couldn't stand the f***e of him striking my inner sphincter muscle. My lust was beginning to build and take over my body. I was beginning to want more and more of this pleasurable torture.

My a****l lust had reached it's limits, I managed to raise my butt into the air and present him with willing butt hole. 'Just fuck me, please don't stop, give me all you got, come on ride this pussy like you want to.' This young hung torturer took hold of both my butt cheeks and plunged with all his might, I could feel his man tool and see the print of his penile head through my stomach.

I don't know how I could take such a punishingly, brutal assault. His lust was so great that he had lost himself in the moment of satisfaction. With a powerful lung he plunged past my inner sphincter muscle, causing me to follow him in the throws of ecstasy. I was babbling incoherently, begging for this brute to keep fucking me.

As he shot his massive load up my butt, I was trembling from what had just transpired. He lowered his body and laid on my back I could tell that he still did have all his tool in me and as he was shooting the last, of what seemed like gallons, of his spunk up my rectum. I heard him muttering how sorry he was and telling me how long it has been since he had had sex.

My anal muscles was milking the parts of his tool that was buried in my rectum, with each spurt of his man juice my rectal muscles reciprocated. We laid there, with his massive meat still lodged up my butt, and drifted off to sl**p.

When I awoke he was still lodged up my butt and gently snoring in my ear, I started to stir, and his huge tool immediately came to life again. With a snort he raised his head up and whispered 'I am going to reward you for this, you've made my day.' Slowly he began to screw that massive tool around in my butt striking places that excited me to no end. I started to tremble all over as he worked that huge tool, I was whimpering and begging him to slowly fuck me so we both can enjoy it.

The young horny man did as I suggested and for the rest of the day and most of the night we were in the throes of ecstasy. Me babbling and begging him to enjoy it as much as I was. In reality I was greatly enjoying myself as this huge monster of a cock, that had invaded my anus, was giving me so much pleasure.

When the session was over he was an honest person and rewarded me nicely. I asked him if he would like to have another time together, he did give me his home number and ask me to give him a call.

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