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My Lunchtime Lineup

I kneeled between his splayed feet and looked at him. His cock throbbed with each heartbeat, hard as only hard can be. I reached up and put my hand around him softly, carefully, and then pulled down just a bit. The skin tightened at the tip of his cock and a little bit of precum leaked out.

Smiling, I leaned forward and licked it off, feeling its slipperiness, feeling his little pleasured twitch.

I stroked him a bit, my hand rotating around his cock as I slowly moved my hand up and down. A moan told me he enjoyed it, and I maintained my rhythm. When I looked up I saw his half closed eyes looking down at me. He watched me, studying me, as I stroked him. I gave him a wry grin; he grinned back and lay his head back down.

I felt his hardness, the skin moving over his shaft. Precum leaked nicly, tempting me, and I kept licking the tip of his cock, tasting the saltiness, enjoying it. I thought of the explosion that couldn't be too far away and my mouth watered at the prospect of tasting and swallowing his cum.

Right now it was too early for that, so I got back to the task at hand. When one arm got a little tired I'd switch, using my other hand. I knew that I wasn't as coordinated with my left and it irritated me a bit.

My slow movements allowed me to disguise that though and I took pleasure in his writhing as I kept stroking him.

More precum, more little kitten licks, more shivers and goosebumps.

I lifted his leg a bit. He knew what I wanted and helped me by raising his leg more.

Open, vulnerable, he waited for the electric touch of my tongue. He felt my hair touch his thigh as I leaned in, pulling up his cock a bit to give myself room. Then my breath hit his skin and goosebumps popped up everywhere on his body.

He jumped when I licked his ass, and then as I buried my face in him, pushing my tongue all over him, he relaxed, clenching and unclenching, allowing me to tongue and lick him.

I felt more precum ooze out of his cock, but with my mouth buried between his cheeks, my face pushed intimately into him, I let the precum trickle down the side of my hand. Cooling as it slowly trickled down, I could feel the chill of the cooling saltiness.

Unable to resist it any longer, I raised my head, licked the side of my hand, and took his cock in my mouth. A groan indicated he appreciated my mouth on his cock, the warm softness, the wetness. I sucked a bit, pulling out more precum, reveling in the taste and texture and smell. A few strokes of his cock, a few seconds of suction on the head, a few licks of the tip, and I felt I could get back to business.

I leant down, pulled back and up on his cock, and buried my face between his cheeks.

He groaned with the return of that familiar sensation.

I licked more, licking around his ass, feeling the softness of the muscle, the smooth pinkness exposed in this most vulnerable position.

My hand stroked him nicely, my right one now, and my left hand roamed his torso, touching him, brushing his skin, a soft and random touch. I loved making him feel good, and my hand on his stomach wasn't as much a calculated sexual thing as it was a touch of affection.

Which, of course, turned him on even more.

More precum oozed out of his cock, and I interrupted my tonguing to lick and suck and clean his cock. It'd become darker, more angry, harder and harder. I knew that he had to be getting close, that he'd start to get to that point of no return. The precum would start flowing more.

I eased up a bit, licking him gently, stroking him a little slower, agonizingly for him, felt his hardness in my hand. I loved the feeling of his warm wet cock; I could taste him in my mouth, the precum I'd already tasted, but I needed more.

Precum oozed pretty regularly now and I took the opportunity to lick and suck his cock again. My left hand wandered between his cheeks, my thumb massaging the outside of his ass, rubbing him, rubbing the wetness from my mouth all over his ass.

I leaned over and took a bit more of his cock in my mouth and at the same time tilted my index finger a bit, probing his ass.

He arched up, pushing his cock into my mouth. I should have expected it but it surprised me just a bit and I had to back off just a bit. My finger never got interrupted and I pushed it in, curling the tip forward towards me, feeling the little walnut of his prostate.

I pressed a bit.

My mouth reaped the reward, precum flowing freely into my mouth, the salty stickiness delicious, waking up my taste buds. I tongued the bottom of his cock, letting the fluids ooze out of his cock and down my throat.

I pulled him in further, trying to become one with him, my finger pulling him too, pulling him into my mouth.

He couldn't help but groan, pumping his hips, a finger pushing into his ass in one direction, a mouth engulfing his cock in another.

He felt like he was melting in my mouth. He relaxed, losing himself in the sensations. This loosened his ass, allowing me to slip in a second finger.

His cock oozed even more saltiness and I sucked even more, tasting his pleasure. I stroked again, up and down with a little rotation, my right hand temporarily forgetting to stroke him. I pulled down hard to the base of his cock, stretching the skin on his head, knowing it'd increase the sensitivity of his cock head.

It worked, of course, and he thrust up again, aided partly by my two fingers in his ass.

I wanted to taste his cum now; I didn't want to wait much longer. My mouth watered at the thought of his cum spurting into my mouth, and I started stroking him with longer, harder strokes. I kept up my tongue attack on his cock head, swirling, licking, sucking, overwhelming him with sensation.

My left hand pulled up inside of him, towards his cock, pressing against that magical gland. Precum kept oozing out, salty and thin, but I wanted more.

I held his cock a bit harder, increasing pressure on his cock, stroking hard, trying to milk him into my mouth.

Suddenly everything about him relaxed, his ass, his pelvis, his torso. I waited, pumping his prostrate, holding the skin down taut on his cock, waiting for his impending explosion.

Then he clenched. My fingers almost hurt, he clenched them so hard. I kept pumping him in his ass though, knowing it'd really empty him out.

His butt clenched, he thrust up, I pulled my hand down hard on his cock, and I pulled his cock out of my mouth until just the head sat in my mouth.

I looked up at him. His eyes were shut, his face grimacing, his torso rigid, clenched in an uncontrollable spasm.

I pressed my right hand down, pulled her left hand up, keeping him in place, putting incredible pressure on his cock, and waited the second I knew I had to wait.

Then his ass started unclenching and clenching, his pelvis started thrusting, and he started to cum.

First I sucked up the oozing cum, the sperm-rich leakage before the spurts. I loved the taste and texture and let my tongue run up against his cock, soaking in the feel of cum on my tongue.

Then his cock swelled and cum spurted into my mouth. I let it hit my tongue, kept it from going too far into my mouth, wanting it all in my mouth, a puddle of cum. He swelled again, more cum spurted into my mouth, and I could feel it on my teeth. I ran my tongue around more, desperate for the sensation, the taste.

I stroked his cock into my mouth while he came again and again. The spurts got weaker, the sperm a bit lighter, but I loved all of it. I knew he liked to see evidence so I let a little bit of cum trickle down the side of my mouth.

I slowly pulled my fingers out of his ass, careful not to shock him in this post-cum sensitive haze. My right hand pushed down to the base of his cock again, holding his cock hard, letting me slowly suck the rest of the cum out of his cock. I didn't lick - that almost got a reflexive kick in the hip when I tried it - but I just sucked, vacuuming the cum out of his cock, off the skin of his cock, and into my mouth.

I let his cum move around in my mouth, swallowing a little at a time, until my mouth just had a film of cum left.

Slowly I pulled my mouth off his cock. I looked at him and he at me. He grinned weakly, touched the side of his mouth, gesturing to the cum that had tricked out of my mouth. I grinned back, wiped the cum with my finger, and sucked it clean.

I looked down at his softening cock. There had to be a little bit more cum on it so I took him into my mouth again, sucking, and, after a tentative test, licking him.

He melted back onto the couch, his legs still dangling off the edge.

"Oh my God. Oh my God."

"You liked it?"

"Oh my God."

"I liked it too. I love swallowing your cum, just love it."

"I love it when you suck me dry. Oh my God."

I giggled.

He giggled too.

"So," he asked, "what time does Steve get out of work?"

I thought about my boyfriend, his first new job in awhile, making ends meet while I was in nursing school. I looked down at my neighbor, his youthful just-in-college body, my new cock provider, my new suck toys, my cum deliverer's.

"I think 4 o'clock."

"What time is it now?"

"Two. You have some time."

"Oh, okay."

"Um, actually," I started.


"Can I do that for whos next in line?", I grinned at him.

"Um, it'll take a few minutes," I'll go let him in.

I thought of the new everyweekday men that will lineup to feed my insatiable cum crave.

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