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Momma's Home Cooking.

Conversation had been awkward to say the least, so when the laxatives kicked in, I , for one, was relieved. We were in the midst of talking about my wedding when a sudden gush of diarrhoea broke the tension. Immediately, my mother began to scoop it up and drink it like chocolate from a fountain. She rubbed it into her boobs and gargled it, sicked it up onto the floor and then began to poop herself. Hers came out in long, sausage-like logs. She threw one at me and we both laughed and rolled around on the floor.

The bouts of diarrhoea and poops continued for about half and hour, and during this time we were in too much agony to do much more than kiss, but once the shitting had died down, we began really making love. She called me her 'beautiful baby boy' and sat on my face, kissing me with her stinky, sticky asshole. She tasted amazing, like chicken and popcorn. We did it doggy style and took some more laxatives. She shat all over my lap as I fucked her up the ass, groping her greasy, p*o covered titties.

I sensed I was going to do some more solid poos, so I laid her down on the floor and dropped a couple of logs on her face. She told me she was proud of me and fingered herself whilst I dipped my cock in and out of her mouth.

We swapped ends and I licked her pussy, using one of my shits as a dildo. She warned me when she was about to fart so I could sniff it up straight from the hole. We spent hours just eating shit and vomitting it all back up again. She stuffed a banana up my ass and ate it as it came back out.

It was when she started giving me a boob job with her shitty tits that I knew I wasn't able to hold on much longer. The p*o on her boobs had just started to dry and it felt amazing against my knob. 'Fuck mommy's big titties' she kept saying, 'come for mommy.' I did. I shot my load straight into her face.

After she swallowed all my cum, I sucked on her boobs for a little while and then we started to clean up, putting some of the best chunks of p*o in tuppaware pots and storing them in the fridge for later. We showered together and sat down to watch TV. Later we smoked some bum cigars.

The next day, both of us were feeling pretty ill. I was considering phoning for a doctor when my mom suggested I should eat her pussy. I did, and I felt much better for a bit. But it wasn't long before we started farting again, and soon one thing lead to another and I pooped on her face. Rather than tell me off, she picked it off her cheek and started smearing it into her eyes, saying 'fuck mommy's big boobies for her, poopykins....fuck mommy's titties.' I rammed my dick down her throat and she chucked up all over me. I did a couple of big farts and then blew my load again - some of it went in her mouth, but most of it went in her hair. We showered again, and I fingered her.

Later she baked me cookies. Made of p*o.

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