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Sir John and the six rooms part two

Sir john was so used to every one giving him what he wanted because he was so rich. He loved to be entertained sexually. His women would do anything he wanted for him. Many nights he would bring one into the bed of another and watch them lick suck and fuck each other. He loved to watch them cum over and over. Beth was his best lesbian. She loved pussy and tits as much as she loved his cock. Tonight he was going to give the two virgins to Beth. He wanted a great show and Beth would never disappoint him.

He took Beth and the one new girl to the room of the other new one. All three were naked. He chose only sexy girls to be in his f****y. These three were gorgeous and had nice full tits to be sucked and sweet round firm asses. He loved to spank their asses, but tonight the new girls were Beths playthings. He told the new girls that they were to let Beth do anything she wanted with their bodies. They were to do as both he and Beth said.

The first thing Beth did was lay them down and kiss them, one at a time tonguing their mouths. She told them to stick out their tongues so she could suck them and suck them she did. She sucked the tongues like she was sucking a cock. She had spread their legs so Sir John could watch their pussies as she tongue fucked and sucked their mouths. She then looked at their tits and began to rub the nipples between her fingers. "Arch your backs and stick those tits high for me." she told them. They arched their backs and pushed the tits high so she could now start to suck them. She put her mouth on one set as she kept fingering the other girls. She sucked the nipple deep into her mouth stretching the plump marble. She went back and forth between each tit really sucking it hard. Sir John could see the bruises on the huge nipples and tits. Then she switched her mouth to the other girl and fingered the first pulling the bruised tits keeping them hard but tender. She sucked her tits hard also leaving them very red and bruised and tender to the touch.

She took the girls legs and spread them even further apart to give Sir John a perfect view while her hands found the nice shaved pussies. She took a pussy in each hand and rubbed down the slit. She fingered both clits and pulled them making them long for the master to see. She found their hole but was not allowed to finger fuck them as Sir John was going to pop the cherries. He loved fucking the girls for the first time. Being the first to invade their tight virgin holes. The first girl, Sara was beginning to cum. He told Beth to make her cum many times. Beth then put her tongue to her pussy and licked and Sara let out a scream as she soaked Beths face with cum. The master told Beth, "keep sucking, make her cum as often as your can. finger her ass. I want to see how much see can take. She loves being played with." Beth latched on to her clit with her mouth and kept sucking feeling young Sara cum many times before she added a finger to her ass. She finger fucked her ass as she sucked the clit and Sara just went wild.

Sir John then stood up and removed his robe. Normally he would not fuck the new girls till Beth was done but young Sara was a wild cat and he had to have her now. His cock was raging and needed pussy. He told Beth to spread her cunt hole and hold her til he got inside.Beth spread her cunt as the master entered the tiny hole with his monster cock. He pushed slow into the tight opening as Beth kept her cunt spread for him. Sara was crying as the monster cock pushed into her hole. finally, he was in. he told Beth to suck her tits as he fucked her tight hole. He pushed in and out of the tight cunt and was thrilled at how tight she was. It felt so good on his cock. As Beth sucked her tits he then fucked her harder and harder. he felt her muscles relax and soon she seemed to enjoy the monster up her cunt. Then he felt her cunt grab his cock as the young Sara came. This made him fuck harder yet and he was ponding her pussy feeling her cum again and again, each time pulsing against his cock. the last time he could not hold back and he then filled her tight hole with his cum. He pumped a huge load in that newly fuck cunt. As he pulled out he saw a look of pleasure on Sara's face. He then knew he would fuck her often and bring out all the slut desires in her.

He told Beth to get on her knees. "Now girls, you thought my cock was big in Sara's cunt, watch it fuck Beth's ass as it will fuck your sweet asses soon." then he pushed his now hard cock deep into Beth's ass and fucked her til she screamed. Even as she screamed he fucked her ass. Then he began to spank her ass with every thrust into her hole. Soon her ass was red with the hand prints across it and still he spanked. Ass spanking made him cum hard and soon he was filling Beths ass with his warm cum. he pulled out and told nympho Sara to lick her ass clean or he would beat her ass with his belt. Sara did as told and licked Beth's ass till all the cum was gone and she was clean again. "Now you young ones may sl**p as I take Beth to bed and fuck her lots more. She can tell you tomorrow how many times we fucked tonight and how often she sucked my cock."

You two rest, tomorrow is a big day for you both. I shall move you to my bed in the morning and fuck you til you can't walk. I love lots of pussy and ass and i plan to fuck you all day.

As he walked away with Beth, his cock was raging hard and ready to fuck more.

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