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Before me sat someone who had never had that wild careless abandon yet she licked her lips suggestively at me telling me she had, an act i could see by her over the top sexiness. Again she licked her lips, her young want-to-be whore's mouth, all painted up along with the rouge on her cheeks. She had no idea what she was trying to get herself into. I didn't feel like teaching her the finer points from my experience, she was the type to believe because she was doing-that she was bad and got off on the thrill of inexperience never really blossoming into a skilled lover but turning into the woman men used and would soon believe that the little she knew was the totality of all there was.

Her personality so used to getting everything she desired would never grow, part of me thought she deserved to be used as she stepped on everyone she could manipulate, teasing, pleading, and giving only for what they could give her in return.

Bekah started unbuttoning her blouse asking me in what I guessed was her sexy voice if I liked what she was doing. It was clear she had no bra on which told me she had come here for only one reason. She pressed her arms against the outside of her breasts smashing them together and lifting them up. She put her face next to my crotch looking up at me with doe eyes as she put her hand on the inside of my thigh. I was wilted and indifferent to her advances seeing clearly though the facade she was putting up I had moved past these c***dish games she still clung to.

She was dressed like a slutty librarian which normally would have given me pause to appreciate her assets. My mind wandered upon the memory of the librarian I had been with who was truly the part, quiet and intelligent with a whole lot going on under her glasses and clothes. She wore her clothes in such a way to leave some to the imagination, yet she was womanly enough to hint at what lay beneath. She had been quite skilled, an avid reader, and open to experiment. Sometimes I was still caught off guard at how people could surprise me learning that what you see is not always an indication of the true person.

I came out of my daydream realizing my pants were no undone and she had my penis out trying to wake it up.
"Are you pretty big?" she asked expectantly.
I laughed at her as she started kissing my rod leaving red smudges from her lipstick 'She could have at least worn no smudge' I thought.
"You should get up and go or you're going to be late to your night class" I told her.
She looked at me shocked and dropped me pissed off, pouting, as she fastened her blouse up.
"I don't know why I even came here, I'm not coming over again" she said as she strapped on her heels. Just like that she was out the door with a slam.

Glad to be rid of her I poured a glass of bourbon sipping it waiting for the 7 O'clock hour to arrive then I could make the visit I had been waiting for. My pants still undone I rubbed myself to a semi-erect state cupping and fondling my balls as I enjoyed the shift of bl**d flow. Not wanting to over do it I sat there in a somewhat catatonic state randomly sipping my drink as I heard the neighbors coming and going.

6:55 I had best get ready. I walked to the bathroom washing the lipstick off my dick then tucked myself in and changed my shirt. My mind flashed back to Bekah for a moment maybe I had underestimated her, she would use sex as a tool learning what was necessary to get what she wanted faking her way along until she got married or whatever her plan was.

I pushed her out of my mind, locking my door before walking down the hall. I stopped and knocked five times on Indiana's door, that's where she had come from, I'd never asked her name she never asking mine, she called me Cliff and I didn't know why but I liked the arrangement between us. She opened the door locking it behind us as I stepped into her efficiency flat. I took off my shoes and socks noticing she had ballet slippers on tied part way up her calves with ribbons hanging down, a pair of girl boxers, and a beaded necklace falling between her bare breasts. Her flapper hairdo was a bit tussled, I didn't typically like women with short hair but it suited her accenting her cheekbones leading my eyes to those raspberry colored lips.

She smiled and motioned to her bed which lay on the floor the coffee table pulled up against it. I crawled in and sat down as she brought a large container of stir fry, two sets of chopsticks, and the bottle of bourbon I'd brought last time. She slid off her shorts sitting down nude in front of me as we shared the food. I dipped my finger into it smearing sauce onto her nipples then took my time slowly licking it off the soft flesh, then sucking her perking nipples till they stood erect. She pressed her chest out towards me so I nibbled gently feeling her warm breath in my ear. I ran my fingertips along the bottom of her breasts where they met her chest blowing cool air against her chest she grabbed my hair and jerked it, pulling my grinning mouth up to hers. We kissed alternating nibbling and biting each others lips between eating and drinking our fill. My cock hard it felt caged inside my pants but that was how she liked it, hidden until she was ready for it.

I grabbed one of her ever present scarves blindfolding her. Flicking her nipples with my fingertips I loved to watch her twitches of anticipation. I put the bottle to her lips pouring more bourbon down the hatch then took another swig myself. I got up taking the food and chopsticks setting them on her kitchen counter, glancing down at the chopsticks in my hand I thought I would bring them back over with me. She sat expectantly not having moved from where I left her. I came back over kneeling before her on the bed, pressing my crotch to her face she blew hot air through my pants, setting my hard on alight it seemed. I pressed it hard against her face wanting desperately to get it out and stick it in her mouth but it wasn't time for that yet.

I squatted down grabbing her ankle motioning downwards, she scooted down, laying fully stretched out. I let her lie for a few minutes then again started nibbling then biting her nipples till she squealed out. I took the chopsticks out of my back pocket running the tips lightly over her stomach and thighs watching as goosebumps raised. She lifted her naked mound slightly up I glanced at it and smiled seeing she was getting very aroused and wet. Flicking her clit with the stick I watched as she began to get engorged with bl**d, wanting to bury my face as her lips got fuller. I licked upwards from her belly button to her delicious nipples then pinched them hard between the chopsticks till she wriggled like mad. She grabbed my side and squeezed three times letting me know it was time now. I pulled my shirt over my head then quickly negotiated my way out of my pants and boxers. I kneeled over her positioning my dick over her mouth then i lowered down letting it rest on her mouth, flexing my muscles so it bounced against her lips. She stuck her tongue out gently grazing against it then opened her mouth expectantly. I fed the tip into the warm confines then untied her scarf I knew she liked to watch my face, seeing how much pleasure she was giving me. I pulled out then laid back as she came over me on all four's she pulled my balls into her mouth, one then the other till I thought I would explode before moving back up to suck on the sensitive tip running her tongue wildly over me before running the whole thing into her mouth. I flexed as she held still keeping it all in her mouth, starting to use her tongue to massage me. The pressure in my sack was tremendous, she pulled off me then ran my whole length in again, teasing me with never enough speed or repetitions to let me blow. I pushed her off me and she grinned as we wrestled around till i pinned her down wiggling my head between her legs, lapping all her wetness off the insides of her thighs, sucking on her clit, then sinking my tongue inside her while rubbing the stubble on my chin against her clit. She wiggled against my face and ran my cock deep in her mouth again, then d**g her nails sharply down my side. I almost lost it and she felt me tense fighting hard to keep it under control.

I worked a finger inside her to lube it up then around her asshole as she again started sucking my tight balls. Sliding a finger in her ass she again ran me down her throat. I couldn't take it anymore I had to get inside her and do it now. I quickly spun around grabbing her thighs, sliding my hands up her legs as I pinned her ankles up by her ears. I placed my dick head against her waiting lips running it around covering the tip in her juice then sank the whole length in in one motion and held still inside her. She smiled broadly as I began a slow in and out motion, stopping when I felt my orgasm coming and holding still. She ripped her nails down my side and I began to bang into her as hard and deep as I could, her muscles clenching on me as I blew everything thing I had inside of her. Her face told me she was close, I was almost too sensitive to continue but couldnt let her down, I released her legs and bit her nipples hard as I continued pumping into her, knowing she could often get off on my dick even if it wasn't completely hard, she bit my shoulder and let out a muffled noise as I felt our juices being to run down my balls and thigh.

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