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Favourite Fantasies #11

I am thirty-five years old and a lawyer by profession. I have been married fifteen years and have had a fairly active sexual life. Fantasies have always played an important role in my sex life.
I still remember many sexual incidents that occurred in my youth. One, in particular, has played an important role in shaping my fantasies. It happened when I was about eleven. I went swimming one day at the municipal pool. The pool con-tained a locker room for changing, and there were small en-closed rooms available for an additional fee which afforded privacy. In the locker room, a man about thirty years old struck up a conversation with me and offered me the use of his locker room. When I went in, he followed me, closing and locking the door behind us. I was a little alarmed by this but I went ahead and undressed in his presence. As soon as I was naked, he began to fondle my cock and balls. I was fright-ened and submitted without protest. Then he had me he down on a small bench while he sucked me to an immature climax. When he was finished, he removed his swimming suit and stood in front of me, legs slightly apart (I was now sitting on the bench).
Taking hold of my hand, he directed it to his cock and had me ?feel? him until he became stiff. Then he made me suck him until he shot his load into my mouth. When he came, he held my head to prevent my pulling away, and I was f***ed to swallow most of his cum.
I kept this incident to myself, but took it in stride. In fact, over the years I have fantasized about it while masturbating, and have enjoyed it in retrospect. I think, though, that it planted the seed which has ripened into my later fantasies. These usually involve a dominant/submissive relationship with me generally assuming the submissive role. This is ex-actly opposite to my outward personality, which is aggressive and competitive.
Aside from some isolated experiences with mutual mastur-bation during my early adolescence, I have engaged in homo-sexual sex only one other time since the experience described above. That experience involved a youth with whom I had engaged in mutual masturbation, and took place a few years after my marriage. (Thinking back, I must have been about twenty-seven at the time). My friend visited us one evening after a long absence from town, and I took him home. I knew he was a homosexual, and on the way home he described some of his experiences. After a while, he suggested that we stop somewhere along the way. We were both a little high, and I pulled over on a dark side street. For a few seconds we continued to talk, before I seized the initiative and reached over and grasped his cock. Without wasting time on prelimi-naries, I unfastened his pants and pulled them down. I ran my hand over his cock and balls for a minute or two before tak-ing it in my mouth. I think I gave him a pretty good blow job and I enjoyed the feel of his smooth cock filling my mouth. When he came after about five minutes I didn?t think twice about swallowing his cum. After I finished, he sucked me off. I?ve seen him only twice since then and we didn?t have an opportunity on either occasion to repeat this experience.
My fantasies fall roughly into four categories. In the first category, I am once again f***ed to perform homosexual sex. In one fantasy, for example, I am alone in a movie theatre when two young men come in and sit on either side of me. I am alarmed and try to leave, but they won?t let me pass. They threaten me unless I do what they want. First, I am f***ed to pull my pants down around my ankles while they take turns feeling my cock and balls. I feel vulnerable and humiliated sitting there half naked, but my prick becomes very hard nev-ertheless. Just when I am on the brink of orgasm, they make me kneel on the floor and suck their cocks. They both shoot huge amounts of sperm into my mouth, some of which drib-bles out the sides and streams down my face. As a final hu-miliation, they jack me off, directing my cum into my pants. I must then leave the theater with wet, white globs of sperm dotting my pants, and with dried cum streaking my face.
In my second group of fantasies I am dominated by an at-tractive woman. Sometimes she is alone; sometimes there is more than one woman present; and sometimes there is either a male or female ?slave? present; and sometimes the woman is accompanied by a dominant male.
In a typical fantasy, I go to the house of a very beautiful but cruel woman. As soon as I enter she slaps my face several times and orders me to strip. I notice that several other women are present and hesitate, but comply when she slaps me again. It is very humiliating to take off my clothes in the presence of so many women, and they watch me intently and with amusement. When I am naked, the woman ties my hands behind my back and puts a dog collar and leash around my neck. Then she leads me around the room, letting the other women ?examine? me. I am forbidden to have an erection, but one of the women takes my cock in her mouth and I im-mediately become hard. This infuriates my mistress, who f***es me to lie across her lap while she spanks me with a hairbrush until I cry and beg her to stop. I promise to do any-thing she says. She then releases my hands and makes me ?play? with myself. When she has tired of this, she produces a large dildo, which I am f***ed to suck so that the other women can see what a good cocksucker I am. Then she makes me bend over while she pushes the dildo roughly up my ass. When I protest, she says that I will have to have my mouth washed out with ?something bad.? While I watch her, she pisses into a glass and makes me drink it. She then re-moves her clothes, bends over in front of me, and makes me stick my tongue in and out of her ass. Finally, I am made to eat all of their cunts. Before letting me go, they make me masturbate to orgasm while they watch and then swallow my own cum.
Another group of fantasies involves my wife having sex with other men and women. In one of these, I bring a good-looking black man home for dinner. Somehow, I have con-vinced her beforehand to have sex with him, and after dinner we go into the living room where she sits next to him on the couch. They kiss passionately, and her hand goes to his crotch. She fumbles with his pants, finally getting them un-fastened and unzipped. They continue to kiss while she feels his cock beneath his underpants. Then she kneels in front of him and pulls his pants off, freeing his large black prick for the first time. When she sees it she moans passionately and buries her face in his crotch, kissing and licking his cock and balls. She becomes terrifically excited now and starts to suck on it greedily, forcing it deep into her mouth. He stops her before he comes and has her take off her clothes. When she is naked, he feels her breasts and cunt. She becomes wildly excited and begs him to fuck her. He has her kneel on all fours while he enters her cunt from the rear, fucking her dog style until she climaxes. Then he stands in front of her while she finishes him with her mouth. When he shoots his sperm into her mouth she swallows it hungrily, but the deluge of cum is so great that much of it escapes and streams down her face. She rubs this into her skin, licking her fingers clean.
In another group of fantasies, I am dominant. In one of my favorites, I take a woman (submissive) to the movies. Before we go I supervise her dressing. Her wardrobe for the evening is simple, consisting of garter belt, stockings and a silky dress which buttons down the front and clings to the contours of her body. I do not allow her to fasten the top button and sev-eral of the bottom buttons, so that fleeting glimpses of her nudity are possible. She wears a choker around her neck as a symbol of submission. At the theater, we sit in an uncrowded section. After the show is in progress, I have her unbutton the dress and open her legs. The dress falls open exposing her nudity. She is ordered to caress herself, which she does. At length, I produce a large dildo and tell her to stick it up her cunt. Just before the show is over I make her lick the dildo clean. She is permitted to fasten her dress before we leave.
When we get to my place, I tell her to remove her dress while I take off my clothes. After she has removed the dress, I make her lie across my lap while I spank her until she cries and begs me to stop. I go and get my dog then, a large Ger-man shepherd (I don?t actually own a dog) and tell her to play with its cock. Reluctantly, she goes over to it and begins to fondle its penis, which becomes hugely erect. Then she is f***ed to her knees on all fours while the dog mounts and fucks her, bringing her to several orgasms. When the dog comes, I make her clean its cock with her mouth.
Next I tie her spread-eagled to the bed and use a vibrator on her, bringing her to the brink of climax repeatedly. When I sense that she has had enough, I untie her and push her roughly onto her stomach. At the same time I pull her hands behind her back and pin them there painfully. Then I f***e my cock into her ass and fuck her. When I am about to come, I pull out and shoot my sperm onto her face and into her open mouth.
I have never experienced any of my fantasies, but I would like to one of these days. In my opinion fantasies play an important role in sex, and sex games are healthy when en-gaged in by consenting partners. Unfortunately, though, for most of us our fantasies must remain locked away in ?our secret gardens.?

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