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Cousins in Lust

This was a life altering experience. A depth to feed my deviant desire. So deserving equal, mind gripping, translation in hard text. I will share with you this yarn. Only the names have changed. The events followed are true and unforgettable.

Windows 98 was my first real p/c and gateway to complete deviancy.
Somehow an exchange of s/n’s and emails between myself (Brody) and 15 year old cousin (Dina). It started out when I asked her to teach me all the chat lingo and i/m shit. Dina was awesome. We were chatting every day and or night, whenever catching each other on line. There’s a blur over of the early, mundane chats when Dina opened that taboo door of no return. “Can I ask something Brod?” Blinked up in the i/m box. “ANYTHING you want to.” I sent back. There was about a 15 second delay before I was asked, “How big is your dick?” My jaw dropped and groin was tingling with shock and ecstasy. “6 1/2 inches and it‘s really thick.” I sent with 1 hand and rubbed myself with the other. “Wow!” She responded. This was 10 years ago at the age of 29. Dina, my cousin, was sexually attracted to me! What an ego boost. My dick is as stated. Although not a horses length it’s almost as thick as one with an even wider rim on its circumcised cock-head

We hadn’t seen each other in 5 years. She was not the 10 year old from my last recollections. Her face had become an ageless beauty. Cat-like green eyes with lips shaped in a pouting curve and perfect teeth. Volleyball kept her curvy frame in a tight, toned package. I’m 5’10” and she was as well. She was a young hard body with some curves but in no way heavy. Puberty! What a perfect time in a young woman’s life. She had breasts that were still filling out. I will size them at 34c. Pink areolas, with underdeveloped nipples were close to 2 inches across, and stretched tight from her maturing, swelling glands. On a side note, my ex-fiancée was tall and thin, with 34b teardrops. I must admit there was a bit of overlap of them both at some point. Dina hated her and let me know it when they met.

I had become engaged in the spring to my last girlfriend or “2 Timing Whore”, which ever you prefer. Needless to say we didn’t work out. THANK THE STARS I found out her truly foul ways 6 months before walking the plank. I think it fed Dina’s fire, knowing we had this special relationship while I was engaged. There is no way to pass up this, possibly, once in a lifetime experience regardless of any other relationships.

I was living in the mid-west and hadn’t been to our annual f****y reunions in the north east but she had. Her f****y was living about 4 hours north of my parent’s home. Her mom helped out with preparations a couple of weeks before the long fiesta and dragged Dina with her. Every year our extended f****y tries to get together for a weekend. The entire time she was there she said my high school graduation pic became an object of obsession. At 29 I looked more like 24 or less and kept in shape. She was as deep into this lustful wanting as me.

It was December that our indescribable chat sex began. I can’t relay to you the depth of words that were exchanged. It was “No Holds Barred”! I did most of the chatting. I wonder why? I got off so hard knowing she would do anything I asked. It was amazing that my naughty little cousin got off on my 29 year old ass! We were playing out, on line, a dance that we new would become a real, physical, experience at the next reunion in August, 9 months later. As the time came closer I felt school boy nervousness, it was obvious Dina did too.

Dina is one of the horniest girls I’ve been with. She was physically a woman at 15 and there was no denying her sex drive. She was already having full lesbian sex with some of her girlfriends, giving me a run down of it all. She loved to suck dick and was better then a pro at it. I missed taking her cherry by 1 dick but will have her young 15 year old body for a whole week.

Part 2 face to face

Holy shit! There she is! Dina stood across the kitchen in front of me. Our parents, standing around us, knew we chatted. I had to swallow my itching nerves and break our long distance lust with a hug. “Hey! What’s up cuz?” I spoke with a voice cousins would use as a greeting. I moved in, giving her a solid, loving hug. Her firm tits pushed hard against my chest. It was quick but said so much. We carefully, not to be noticed, checked one another out, teasing eyes enjoying a playful first meeting. I was now 30 but she was sill 15. Dina was exactly half my age!

Somehow, due to us both wanting to get on each other badly, we wound up at the back corner of the property which is secluded from the rest of the yard. First we sat next to each other on a step leading towards the hammock just talking. I really respect and love Dina. I didn’t want to be an overbearing horn-dog and jump on her. “Why don’t we sit on the hammock?” I suggested. “It’s not as hard on the butt cheeks.” I added. I also knew that it would push us together with no way to avoid touching each other.

We both sunk into the hammock in a sitting position so my left arm and her right were pinned between use with nowhere to put our hands except on each others leg. We held hands with our first expression of touch our hands gripped and moved over one another saying what we wanted for so long. I reached around with my right hand, wrapping the fingers around her neck and back to her dirty blonde hair, turning her face to mine. She smelled of candy lip stick that girls always wear. Dina smelled like youth mixed with the taste of candy I was licking from her lips. I can’t even recall if it went further then making out. We were in the open and I probably suggested we wait for a better time and place for more. This is just a warm up for the real dirt.

Dina and I were busy with preparations along with the rest of our families. I did happen to find moments safe for kissing and groping privately. Dinner came and went. Anticipating sunset the cover nightfall gave us to disappear. I told her to head into the woods from one direction and I’ll come from the other. There’s a thick patch of untouched forest on half the property. It’s dark and secluded. Our rendezvous was unlikely to be noticed.

I could hear her coming before seeing due to the blackness. We met flawlessly at the middle. Before I could think about my advance she dropped to her knees landing hard and deliberate. Dina yanked down my swim shorts, fell towards my waist, and inhaled my soft penis. Her mouth twisted as her tongue swirled me to hardness before my mind could catch up with the excitement. Her mouth watered as if dining on a perfect dessert. Although anxious from intensity of the moment she was stroking with her right hand, lubricated from her saliva, as her mouth moved with experience. My hands moved through her, short, light brown hair, down her soft, youthful cheeks, holding her face. Astonished, I marveled at this girl, half my age, wanting to be my lover.

Dina detached her lips from my bone and says “Let me see you finish it.” Unexpected by the request, yet willing to give unconditionally, I masturbated with her face still close. 30 seconds alleviated 2 days of blue balls sending spasms trough my cock. Without thought Dina wrapped her hand around mine sucking me clean. That’s why she asked me not to jerk off.

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