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Al the Lust I Can Get Part 2.

Insatiable Kim - All the lust I can get Pt 2 [part 2 of 2]
By: Friskee_cpl (

Insatiable Kim. All the lust I can get. Part 2
Thanks to you all for the fantastic messages. We get great pleasure from writing these tales and even greater pleasure knowing that all you horny men and women get off on reading them.


The shower was all I needed to bounce back after the morning screw-fest. Paul was still in the shower washing my mum's cunt juice off his cock. He was amazingly virile and his cock was still semi-hard. I tied my hair up into a bun and contemplated sucking him off but I wanted some breakfast and a cup of tea before the rest of the day caught up with me. I slipped my short silky gown on and wandered back past mum's room. She too was in the shower, no doubt with dad.

The kitchen was quiet and all the guests had left. I went to the fridge and the invitation to the farewell BBQ for Kath and Troy was still on the door. I reached in and got out the orange juice and some bread to make toast.

"Hi darling," said mum "How are you?"

I found it hard to say anything. "Yeah, I'm fine thanks."

"Look love," mum said, "Your dad and I have had this kind of lifestyle for many years now. It was only a matter of time before you found out"

"Mum, I knew years ago." I said smiling, "I found the videos."

Mum looked surprised.

"Anyway," I continued "I've been living the same life as well, you don't think I was an unwilling party to this morning do you?"

"Obviously not," mum laughed, "You certainly enjoyed yourself."

It was good to have this understanding and I knew I no longer had to sneak those groups of boys into the house.

"Oh, hi," said Paul as he walked in with dad, "Yum, breakfast."

Dad was grinning from ear to ear and said to mum "So you've had the chat then?"

Mum nodded and smiled at Paul as he stood there in his shorts.

"Kim was just saying how she would bring all these young boys home for me."

"Piss off mum," I laughed, "Get your own."

We all ate a hearty breakfast and chatted about everything but what happened that morning. After we ate I went into my room and got out some clothes to wear for the day. I chose a small denim skirt and a red halter neck top. I had them on the bed and had taken off my robe when Paul came in.

"Woohoo!" he half whistled, "Naked Kim, my favourite sight."

"Woohoo to you if you take off your shorts."

"Easy." He said as he dropped his shorts. He snuggled up behind me and I could feel his hard cock up against the small of my back. He grabbed my tits and gave them a nice gentle squeeze and I reached back and grabbed a handful of cock. He was as hard as iron. I spun around, sat on the edge of the bed, spread my legs and rubbed my pussy with my left hand.

"Bring me that cock." I said as he came closer. "I want to suck it."

He grabbed his cock with his right hand and the back of my head with his left. I held his cock in my right hand and guided it to my lips. I flicked at his piss hole and licked at the underside of his knob. I could faintly taste semen as I sucked hard on it. His balls were all tight and he was if he'd not had a root for weeks. I was rubbing my clit for all it was worth and I wanted Paul to lick my pussy. I took his cock as far as I could into my mouth without gagging and slowly licked it as it came out. I pulled on his slippery cock and then laid back on the bed with my legs spread wide.

"Lick my pussy," I whispered hoarsely, "Lick my fuck hole."

I threw my legs in the air as he dived down into my open wet snatch. He slipped his tongue down my left inner thigh and kissed all around my trimmed pussy before he gently teased my clit with it. He slipped about three fingers into my cunt and began sucking on my swollen clit as he did so. I massaged my tits and I came as soon as he slipped a finger up my arse.

"Ahh fuck," I cried in joy, "Fuck that's good."

I was writhing on the bed and Paul wasted no time in hopping up to me and slipping his cock back into my mouth. I was lying on the bed with this great cock in my mouth, my legs wide open, cunt was wet with saliva and juice, my tits were being squeezed by Paul and as soon as I rubbed my pussy in front of Paul he lost it.

"Ahh fuck you know I love watching you do that you fucking slut." He said as he pulled on his cock.

"Cum all over your little slut," I said to him, "Cum all over me."

His first load was so powerful that it spilled onto the sheets opposite me. I lifted my mouth up to his cock and copped the next spray into my mouth. The rest hit me in the face and it dripped down onto my tits. I took my time swirling it around my mouth and I let it bubble all over his cock as I finished him off. I wiped the cum all over my tits and lay back on the bed. Sex was so good when it was dirty. I remember my first group experience when I started university. It was the dirtiness of it that I remember most.

I had met a bloke called Pete who was studying Mining Engineering and he was a bit of OK. He had no intention of starting a relationship and just wanted some mad shagging, just what I was looking for. We used to fuck as often as we could and wherever we could. Once I met him at the bar near his school and he was with a mate of his called Mick. I was feeling particularly horny that day and when Pete went into the toilets I made out that I needed to also. The toilets were hidden away a bit so when Pete went into his loo I easily followed him in.

"I thought you may need a hand with that." I said looking at his crotch. "Here let me hold it."

"Ahh shit woman," Pete said, "You are unbelievable."

I grabbed his cock out of his pants and aimed it at the stainless steel. He was getting hard and I kissed him as he began pissing.

"I want to fuck." I said to him as he took his cock back and gave it a shake, "I want to fuck, now."

He grabbed the material from in front of my halter top and dragged me into one of the cubicles. As we entered I heard someone else come into the loo. I pulled my halter neck over my head revealing my pert tits and then squatted down in front of Pete. I pulled his cock back out of his pants and licked the head very gently. I pulled on his cock and took as much of it down my throat as I could. I slipped the fingers of my left hand down under my knickers and rubbed my sopping pussy. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed in ecstasy. My cunt was nearly dripping on the floor I was so wet. I slowly stood up and kissed him before I pushed him down on the dunny seat. I could here movement outside the cubicle but it only added to my arousal. I hitched my skirt up and pulled my panties straight off. My halter neck top was quickly pulled over my head and I was naked apart from the small area of clothing around my waist.

"Ah fuck," was all Pete could say as I turned around and with my back to him slid down on his cock. It was fairly easy to fuck on the toilet as the height was just right for me. We became fairly noisy and it wasn't long before a pair of shoes appeared below the toilet door. I had no idea who it was and the idea of sucking a complete strangers cock was suddenly very appealing. I reached over and undid the latch and a very surprised man in his forties was standing there with a bulge in his pants.

"Oh fuck sorry," he said beginning to apologise, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be fucking stupid." I said, "Come here."

He moved over and I undid his belt buckle and pulled down his fly. His cock was huge and it was already fully formed with cum leaking from the head. I knew he wouldn't last. I must of looked quite the sight sitting there with my tits sticking out and Pete's cock ploughing into my pussy. I sucked at his knob and pulled on his length and when I grabbed his balls he shot a load over my face and onto my tits.

"Ahh for fucks sake." He cried as I pulled on his cock and squeezed his balls. This seemed to set Pete off as well and he sent a huge jet of cum deep into my cunt. I had an older man I had never seen before rubbing his softening cock into the cum on my face and Pete rubbing the old man's cum into my tits as I bounced and squelched my sopping fanny on Pete's cock.

I had just had my first group experience in one of the most debauched of all places, a men's dunny in a pub. And I was a little ambivalent about it. I loved the rawness of it and the speed with which it happened but I hadn't cum. I needed more. I needed more cock.

The older bloke tucked his cock back into his pants and went to walk out.

"Wait!" I called, "There is more if you like."

He looked back in amazement as I stood up off Pete and fixed my clothes up.

"What do you mean?" he looked both curious and shocked.

"I mean you came very quickly and I like the look of your dick."

"I'm glad you do because my wife's gone off it," He laughed, "That was my first blowjob in years."

"Wait outside." I said to him and I went back to Pete. "Get up and get your pants on Pete."

Pete followed me out and the older man was talking to one of his friends at the bar. I can only assume he was a lecturer or something. They both looked at me and smiled. What the fuck I thought, the more the merrier. As I got to the table I saw that Mike was chatting to another couple who I soon came to know as my best friends, Kath and Troy. Kath is another tall skinny brunette with that ‘come fuck me look'.

"Hi all." I said as I approached the table.

"Hi." Said Kath as she moved over to me "I'm Kath and you look fantastic." "I'm Kim." I said as she came closer looking at my neck. I didn't know what she was doing until she put her hand out and wiped something off my neck, just under my ear. She smiled as she played with it on her fingers and just before she slipped it into her mouth.

"I think you are my kind of girl." Kath said. "Did you and Pete, you know, just then?"

I smiled and said "Not just Pete." I nodded at the older bloke and his mate at the bar.

"What? All three?" she said amazed.

"No, just the one on the left."

"You are definitely my kind of girl." She said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Shall we continue on." I asked. "I haven't come yet."

"Yeah." Kath said excitedly. "Let's go back to Troy's place, he lives here on campus."

Kath went over to the table and I went over to the bar.

"Ok guys follow us if you want some more."

"Does that include Jeff." Asked the older bloke.

"What is your name?" I asked him.


"Bob and Jeff," I said, "You are both welcome."

I turned and went back to the table as Jeff and Bob sculled their drinks.

"We are going to go get some grog at the bottle-o." Mike said as I returned.

"How long will that be?" I asked concerned about any delay.

"Oh half hour or so."

"Ah fuck." I said. "I can't wait that long."

They all laughed but I was serious and my mind went into overdrive. I needed to find somewhere now. I looked back at Jeff and Bob and thought I would ask them.

I walked over to them and asked. "Do you guys have anywhere we can go right now?"

"Umm I do." Jeff said. "We could use my office, it's just upstairs."

"That'll do." I said and waved back at the table and yelled. "I'll see you later."

Kath just smiled as she walked out of the bar with Troy, Mike and Pete.

"Let's go then." I said to the two Cheshire Cat smiling men.

We quickly made our way up to the office and Jeff opened the door. He was a senior lecturer in Civil Engineering and his room was only small but the desk looked like the place to fuck. I undid my skirt and let it drop to the floor and pulled my halter neck top off completely and threw it on the floor also. My knickers soon joined them. I was naked in front of two complete strangers and I wanted their cocks in me as soon as possible.

All they could do was moan as I dropped to my knees and rubbed their cocks through their pants.

"Well come on boys get them out." I said to them as I undid Jeff's fly. "Let's see what you've got."

Jeff's prick sprung out and it was a fair size, about 7 inches. Bob had dropped his daks and undies and was pulling on his cock as I grabbed Jeff's and licked at his knob. I flicked my tongue over his dick before sliding it into my mouth.

"Oh, thank you lord." He said as I sucked and licked his rock hard cock. I was rubbing my sopping pussy when Bob slapped his cock against my cheek. I grabbed his cock and licked it as well, swapping with Jeff's every so often. I could see the grey hairs in their pubes and for some reason I found that exciting. I sucked and licked their cocks for quite some time. I had streams of spit dripping down onto my tits as I gave them the sloppiest blow jobs they'd ever had. I needed to have a cock in my cunt so I was happy when Bob told Jeff to sit on the chair. Jeff sat down pulling on his cock as I crawled over to the chair and I heard Bob taking all his clothes off. I grabbed Jeff's cock and balls and sucked at his knob as I squeezed his balls. He leant over and grabbed my left tit and pulled at my nipple.

"Oh that pussy is just fine." Bob said as he rubbed his cock over my cunt lips. He grabbed my hips and slowly slid his cock into my slippery hole. As Jeff pulled on my slippery nipple and Bob ploughed in to the hilt my first welcome orgasm swept over my body.

"Oh fuck me hard, fuck me hard." I called out to them both. "Fuck me!!!"

"Suck my cock you little slut." Jeff said as he pumped my mouth with his cock. I was getting sore knees from the crappy university carpet so I gently pushed Bob away and stood up. I actually felt a bit dizzy as I moved over to the desk and pushed the papers onto the floor. I laid down on the edge of the desk and very theatrically spread my legs and stuck three fingers into my snatch.

"Your turn to fuck me." I said to Jeff. "You come here and let me suck your cock Bob."

Jeff was more than happy to oblige and he stood at the end of the desk and slid his cock in. It was a perfect fit and when he rubbed my clit with his thumb and Bob slid his cock into my mouth I came again. I was in heaven as these two experienced and desperate men fucked my mouth and cunt. When I reached down and gave Jeff's balls a quick squeeze I had to raise my head and I saw at the doorway a middle aged Asian lady watching us. She was massaging her left tit and when I saw her polo shirt which said ‘Clearall Cleaning" and her name Gina under it I knew who she was. Neither Bob nor Jeff noticed and Jeff was very close to cumming.

"Cum in my cunt." I said to Jeff and as I pulled on his balls I could see that Gina had her other hand down her shorts. Jeff was quick to cum and as he pumped his spunk into my pussy I felt another wave of pleasure cascade down over me. I manage to keep eye contact with Gina and this drew Bob's gaze over to her.

"Oh hello, who do we have here?" he said.

Gina was shaken out of her stupor and she nearly ran away but when Jeff pulled his cock out of my cunt and spun around to her she took one look at his cum coated cock and my dripping pussy and moved over to Jeff.

"Lick my cock clean." Jeff said to her as she dropped to her knees and began sucking and licking his cock. I sat up and rubbed my clit as Bob pulled her top off and unhitched her bra. This was turning into a right little orgy. Bob began kneading her tits and kissing her on the back of the neck as she sucked Jeff's cock. Bob began rubbing her pussy through her shorts and she was becoming more and more vocal as we progressed.

"Fuck me please misters, fuck me..." she whimpered as she swallowed Jeff's cock down to the hilt. I was busy rubbing Jeff's cum over my pussy and clit when Gina surprised me by quickly letting go of Jeff's cock and sliding her hand over my pussy. I had never had another woman touch me down there before and I was unsure as to what I should do or feel. I need not have worried though because as soon as her tongue slid up my pussy to my swollen clit I was in ecstasy.

"Ah fuck." I cried. "I need a cock to suck on. Jeff come here."

Jeff moved over and slipped his cock nicely into my mouth. Bob had managed to get Gina's shorts off and she repositioned herself without moving her delightful tongue away from my pussy. As Bob filled her pussy with his cock Gina came in a screaming torrent of porno filth.

"Fuck my cunt, fuck my mouth, fuck my arse, fill me with cum." She actually became a bit incoherent as her orgasm swept over her. I was worried she may pass out or worse, stop licking my puss. Jeff grabbed the back of my head and was quickly fucking my face like there was no tomorrow. I slipped my left hand between his legs and fingered his arse hole which had the desired effect of making him cum again.

"Ahh you slut." He said as he shot a load over my face before moving down to Gina who lifted her face from my cunt and copped a face full of thin cum from Jeff's rapidly deflating cock. Bob had the same idea and he pulled out of Gina and moved to her face and after a few quick pulls he shot his load over the side of Gina's face and down onto my cunt. Gina thankfully ignored the blast and as Bob squirted more cum down onto my clit she licked it up. Gina somehow knew how to get me off and when she sucked on my clit and slid a finger up my arse a tremendous orgasm shook threw my body.

We all laid about for some time with the two men getting dressed and Gina and I enjoying the nudity and our sticky bodies.

"Do you do this often?" Bob asked "Because I haven't fucked like this ever."

"Me neither." Said Jeff. "You are unbelievable."

"Would you like to come to Kath's?" I asked knowing the answer would be yes.

"Can I come too?" Gina asked.

"Of course you can."

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