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Out with the Boy's

Travis was after me again, "Dad, you want to come out with Jake and me tomorrow night?"
I just looked at him, 24 y.o. and trying to take care of Pop ever since his Mom had died a few months ago.
I hd never been the go to town and go clubbing type, so why the fuck was he after me to come out now. Hell I'm 50 fucking years OLD and have had a pretty good life, up until my wife got killed in a car wreck.

He asked me every week, and I turned him down every week. I could have a shot of Single Malt anytime I wanted it from the various bottles of 24-30 year old that lined my bar in the f****y room.
Granted I had spent lots of time there alone the last few months and maybe it was time this old warhorse went out for a change.
It had been almost 30 years since I was last in a bar or club. Last time, I was in the Marines and had gone to NYC for New Years.

What the hell I thought, why not go with him and his buddy Jake. At least then they will leave me alone.
So I said "Fine Travis, I'll go with you on Friday to Sac and we can have dinner and go out. But I am not driving in your little ass car. I'll take my truck in case I want to leave early or I get bored!"
So he finally got off my phone.

Well fuck it's Friday already, I went and showered, shaved got dressed in some nice slacks and a polo shirt.
I even went so far as to put on a pair of oxford loafers just in case I got a wild hair up my ass and wanted to try to dance. Yeah like that was going to happen!
So we went down to Phoenix to some fancy joint for dinner, I would have been happy with Olive Garden for soup and salad but I wasn't paying.
Jake kept teasing me about "Hey old man, been a long time since you went out and saw young pussy aint it."
I just laughed most of the time and finally got him with "How longs it been since you saw ANY pussy asshole? and don't lie fucker, Travis has told me your as celibate as a fucking monk."
Travis has gotten to be a smart young man, he tried for years to play Dad and always lost so now he just uses what I taught him on others.
He does tease me about looking what I am, a former Marine, retired Correctional Sergeant and a full time grump. For some reason we get along really well since I finally realized he's a man now.

Anyhow He jumped in to tell me about where we were going and what we were going to do. We finally got to the club and walking towards the door I see a long line of folks. I also see 2 of my nephews, hard to miss them as they are 6'4" and 6' 10".
I look at Travis and he just smiles and say's "Damn Dad, Josh and Deon are here to see you too!"
So it's hugs all around and the guy at the door looks at me and say's "Yo grandpa, aint you kind of old for this?"
I smiled at him and said "Would you like me to beat your ass in front of all these folks or just let me enjoy my first night out in 30 years with my son and nephews? Your choice."
About then Josh chimed in with "Give him a break, it's his first time out since my Aunt died 4 months ago."

So we got to go in, It sure wasn't the bar's I remembered. It had mirrors everywhere and looked like one of those places in the movies to me. "What the fuck am I doing here" I thought, "this is a place for young people and here I am a fucking Grandpa widower"...

I was trying to make my way to a corner booth I had spotted when I accidently bumped into a very pretty young blond wearing a purple skin tight very low cut dress and black heels. Granted I'm not small but when I hit her it was like I was back playing football. I grabbed for her to keep her from falling and her feet slipped on the floor, next thing I knew I was bent at the waist with this pretty little girl between my legs and me holding her off the floor.
I straightened up and began to apologize, she had a gorgeous smile and I blurted out "Please let me buy you a drink to apologize for being so clumsy."
She went to the corner booth with me and my boy's followed along behind her, Jake's eyes were bugging out watching her ass as she walked in front of him.
When the waitress came we allowed her to order first and then I ordered my normal single malt and the boys whatever they were drinking.

As we sat there I introduced each of the boy's and myself and we all shook hands with this gorgeous petite blond with the body that could produce fantasies in any man!! I mean fuck she is a smoking hottie!
She introduced herself, Michelle, and told us she was a college student and what she was studying which turned Josh and Deon's heads, I could see Deon thinking "damn, damn she's not only a hottie but she has a brain too!"
All Jake could do was sit next to Travis looking like he was going to drool down his shirt front.
Travis had been listening and asking questions concerning her course of study and so had Josh. Me I just listened, I spent way too many years watching people to change and I was still people watching even though I had been retired for the last 3 years due to knee and back injuries, yeah so much for being superman when I was younger.
This young woman was fascinating to the boy's and very very nice to look at. About this time the waitress returned with our drinks and then a small group of girls showed up looking for our blond.
She excused herself and was leaving with her friends to go find a place to sit when Travis blurted out "We have room if you would like to join us."
And with that invitation they all joined up in the corner. It was interesting to me that they sat down in the old fashioned boy/girl pairings like when I was a boy.
Somehow I ended up between a sexy redhead with creamy skin, green eyes and nicely thick thighs and plump ass and the petite blond who was oh so sexy in a totally different way. She has gorgeously tapered legs on a 5'7" body with small pert breast and perky nipples, her heart shaped ass and narrow hips that begged to be grabbed!
She again told me her name, Michelle, and asked me mine, and we began to talk about life in general and why I was out with such younger guy's. As we talked and drank I got to see down her dress and as she leaned forward I got to see her belly button was pierced, She caught me looking and asked "Well, what do you think?"
So I told her "Damn nice view, btw did I spot a hint of a tat down there also?"
That surprised Michelle as she didn't think I had that good of a view, but she smiled and said "Yes it is and I have a couple of more, does that bother you?"
"Nope, I have just the one here on my right breast for my f****y, never got any when I was a Marine." Michelle wanted to see my Scottish Thistle with list of initials for my f****y and Grandk**'s.
What the hell I pulled the collar to the side so she could see it.
Travis was laughing on the other side of the redhead, and said "Dad what the hell you doing?"
"Michelle wanted to see my tat, so I showed her."
That lead to a discussion about tats and the other girls all wanted to see everyone's tats so the boys pealed off their shirts and everyone was discussing them when the staff came over and told us to "Get dressed or your going to have to leave." Bunch of tight asses!
I was still peeking down Michelle's purple dress when she calmly and discreetly pulled it to one side and I got to see her perky hard nipple and she whispered "I am so fucking wet sitting here with so many guy's who are so blatantly horny and hungry for pussy. What about you Tom, are you hungry for pussy?"

"Oh fuck, what the hell do I do now?" I was thinking. Maggie the redhead leaned over and she whispered "You know Michelle has a hot tasty pussy and she likes older guys, they know more and they last longer. They also don't blow up your damn cellphone telling you how your the greatest thing since sliced white bread."
I looked at Travis for help but he was busy looking down Maggie's dress as she was caressing his 10" cock through his jeans. Jake wasn't any help, he had some little oriental girl squirming around on his lap while Josh and Deon were having an in depth conversation with a pair of brunettes across the table.

I looked back at Michelle who was reaching her hand across my thigh towards the bulge that had suddenly appeared there. I know I'm not the young hung stud my son and nephews are and this whole night had thrown me way out of my comfort zone.
But now this gorgeous fantasy inducing young woman was asking me, ME! if I was hungry for some pussy. It had been a long time since I had been with a woman other than my wife, but I sensed that she wouldn't be happy for me to let go, to get on with my life.
I finally said "Yes I am hungry for pussy, What man in his right mind wouldn't be. Why do you ask?"
"Well I was hoping maybe that you could help me out with a problem I have and since I see your in the same condition we could go someplace and help each other out."
"I live almost an hour away out in the hills, and I don't think in the bed of my truck in the parking lot is what you have in mind."
"No, not in the bed. But maybe someplace close and more comfortable. Would you like to follow me home and we can try to make each other feel better?"
"Okay, I'll try to do the best I can. But I have to tell you up front, I'm a bit of an oral addict and always have been."
"Really, me too!"

We looked around the table and everyone else was definitely not paying any attention to us, so we quietly left and I followed Michelle to an apartment a few blocks away.
I was standing by her car when she turned in her seat and I got a view of her sexy shaved pussy. She saw my looking and pulled her dress up and leaned back spreading her legs, "What do you think?" I reached down and lightly ran my finger in her soaking wet slit and then licked my fingers clean while she watched.
"Your friend Maggie is right, you do have a very tasty pussy, would you like me to eat you some right here or should we go get more comfortable?"
I knew as soon as I said it it was a dumb question, all Michelle did was point down to her pussy.
Fine, I knelt down and buried my face and tongue in her sweet moist snatch and plunged my tongue up her cunt as far as I could first thing!
I heard her gasp and felt her hands claw into my hair as I grabbed her sexy ass and roughly tongue fucked her slit trying to suck all that tasty cunt juice out, she was moaning and grunting in seconds, bucking against my face as I ate her pussy with wild abandon and enjoyment!
It didn't take long before Michelle was having her first orgasms on my tongue, I had almost forgotten how exciting outdoors sex could be with a young woman who was craving sex as badly as I obviously was!
It had been a long time since I had done anything even remotely like this and yet I was hoping it wouldn't end anytime soon!
Michelle's pussy was so hot, wet and tight on my tongue I just wanted to tongue fuck her all night.
She was fucking my face and had a leg over the back of her seat and a foot on the door frame, her hold on my head was forcing me as deep in to her sweet cunt as I could be and still she wanted more. I felt her hold slacken as her orgasm waned and I suddenly f***ed my tongue into her asshole continuing to fuck her in a new way as I f***ed her cheeks apart with my grasping hard hands.
Michelle was now snorting and grunting as I tongue fucked her sexy little ass, she was so fucking hot and a fantasy cum true for me. I was going to do everything I could to make sure she was well satisfied for giving me the opportunity.
I couldn't get enough of what I was eating, I had pussy juice running down over my nose and onto my tongue as it plunged deeply into her hot willing asshole, her juices were mixing on my tongue as my cock throbbed in my slacks and still she was riding my face for all it was worth.
We were both oblivious to our surroundings or to who might be watching. Hell I had my face buried in the ass of a sexy college girl who was having an orgasm from my tongue fucking her ass and cunt, Why would I give a shit about the rest of the world.
Michelle soon started to have another orgasm from my tongue fucking. She grabbed my hair again and rode me roughly as her pussy soaked my face in hot juices, I could see her perky tits out of her dress as she twisted and pinched her nipples with one hand.
We were having a great time and had yet to get out of her parking space. What an incredible night so far for me.
After Michelle's intense anal orgasm it took a few minutes for her to let go of my hair and let me stand up.
I have no idea how long I was done on my knees but it was long enough for the stiffness to show up in my lower back and knees from all those damn old injuries.
Michelle asked if there was anything she could do to help me and I kind of smiled sheepishly and said "Can I take a hot shower to loosen up my back?"
So she lead me to her place and the shower, She was looking at me kind of funny so I asked "What's the matter? Am I not what you wanted, We can go back to the club if you like. Being honest with me wont hurt my feelings."
"No it's not that Tom, I was curious about all your scars. I've never seen so many on anyone before."
"Well like I told you, I've lead an active life and you get scars from it. Some are from injuries and some from surgeries. And a couple from other things I don't talk about."
"So do they hurt? I mean well you know, do they cause you pain at certain times."
"Yes, I have my own ingrown barometer, I can tell when it's going to be a stormy day or when it's going to be really cold before it happens. You start to ache more and you stiffen up quicker."
So after your hot shower you'll be able to have more fun?"

With that conversation finished I stepped into the shower and a couple of moments later I was very surprised when the shower door opened and a very hot, naked young blond stepped in behind me with a big grin and smacked my ass.
"I decided I wanted to take a shower and freshen up a bit before I make your cock hard for my pleasure tonight, you don't mind do you?'
"No I have never minded taking a shower with a woman. Naked woman covered in soap is one of my all time favorite fantasies"
So with that we both grabbed some soap and got lathered up, I then used my body as a scrub on her's and she was getting thoroughly aroused as I rubbed up and down all over her soft smooth skin. My hands were going everywhere and she was slowly stroking my cock.
After the shower we took turns drying each other off, Michelle went first and when it was my turn she never could get dry all over...Okay so I was cheating by using my fingers on her clit and I bit her ass a few times.
When we went into her bedroom I saw a lovely 4 poster bed and retaining straps, I was very happy and my imagination went into high gear.
Over the cross piece of the foot board went Michelle, now her gorgeous ass was high up and I was busy strapping her down tightly to the bed. I spread her ass cheek's wide again and knelt down on her carpeted floor so I could bury my face in her sexy ass! Once my tongue hit her asshole again my cock sprang up with a life of his own, It was only moments until Michelle began to moan and groan due to my tongue in her ass. I stopped and asked "You wouldn't happen to own a vibrator would you? I could really make these some intense orgasms."
Michelle just waved towards her dresser and said "look in the bottom drawers.
I found them quickly, she had about a dozen different toys and I found a G-spot vibe and nipple clamps.
I quickly returned to my tasty sweet pussy companion and got right to work. Michelle was suddenly humming right along in time to the various vibes and I was busy trying to lick up all of her juices like any other fuck face.
Time passed but I was unaware of how much as I was so engrossed with this tender sweet shaved young woman's pussy. I was having so much fun playing with her piercings on her clit hood, nipples and belly button, the licking, sucking, twisting, tweaking, tugging, using vibrators on each and every inch of her flesh.
I was like a k** in a candy store and it was all you can eat day!!
Michelle was enjoying herself and having multiple orgasms. Then I could feel it starting to happen. It had been many many years but I was getting a cramp in my jaw muscles and I had to stop what I had been doing.
"Michelle, my jaws are cramping up" I said as I rubbed both sides.
"Really? I've heard if you suck cock or eat pussy too long that can happen. But it normally doesn't take very long for it to begin."
"I don't know how long we've been here out of the shower, but it is happening to me."
"Well then lay down Tom and I will take my turn to see just how much of an oral addict you really are as I work on you." I then unstrapped her.
With that I laid down and Michelle began to use her lips and tongue on me, She started by slowly and lightly cleaning all the tasty pussy juice from my face, then she worked her way down to my nipples where she gently bit and pinched and twisted them causing my balls to start churning in my nutsack.
She was raking her nails across my body in long slow strokes and gently slapping my hardening cock. Not once in all the time she was working her way down my body to my throbbing manhood did she ever stroke my cock, just gently slapping and flicking it with her fingers.
Michelle had me getting very anxious with pent up sexual tension and desire. Seeing her gorgeous ass as she bent to her "work" on my behalf and being able to gently pinch and twist her pierced nipples was greatly exciting to me.
When she did finally reach my throbbing hard penis she deftly swirled her tongue under the head and then put it into her mouth, Michelle was in a position to look at me as she slowly engulfed my cock and when she was about halfway down my thick 8" shaft she stopped and looking at me she slowly winked as she nibbled on my cock shaft, I thought I was going to cum right then and there!
Michelle had remarkable skills for one so young, I was having such intense feelings of pleasure and my urge to cum was getting stronger with each passing moment that she was working on my flesh.
She continued to tease me with her hot willing mouth and I continued to reach out for her body, to stroke and touch and finally when I was overwhelmed with desire I grabbed her leg and ducked under neath her so that I could eat more of her sweet pussy and suck her clit, I was a man on fire with passion and desire. The excitement she was generating in my cock and balls was almost electric and I was more alive than I had felt in years.
I couldn't keep my hands off Michelle's tight little tanned body, feeling her gorgeous round little ass in my hands as I groped her cheek's and drove my tongue into her hot wet juice dripping holes as she was sucking my cock in our 69 was driving me closer to an orgasm and the release I was beginning to crave so badly.
Michelle somehow sensed my desire and swung around above me, "Watch Tom, your fantasy you told me about is coming true. Watch your dirty old big cock going up inside my tender tight young pussy. Do you see what you have done to my pussy, you have it leaking cum all over your fat hard cock and I'm going to ride your dick slowly so that it stretches me completely, you do want to see me with your big hard throbbing cock inside my tight little pussy don't you Tom?"
"Oh fuck yes, Yes, I do Michelle. I so want to see my cock going in your tight shaved pussy and see you riding me like a fucking sex fiend with a new toy".
So she slowly lowered herself down my turgid shaft until her pubic bone was resting on mine, her pussy was drooling fuck juice on my ballsack as she ground her hips down and began to ride me in a hip snapping circular motion. Michelle's eyes were bright with lust and I was groping her body tweaking her nipples, spanking her ass with my big rough hands, I reached out and found a vibrator that I begin to use on her clit to increase her pleasure and to make her cum more.
Michelle was riding me hard and I was liking it a lot! Her nails were raking my chest and she was twisting my nipples as she slammed her hips down and rode up again, my fucking balls were churning with my lust and I wanted to fill each of her holes with cum.
When she stood up above me I was in a frenzy of lust but it was just so she could turn around and then remount my throbbing shaft of manmeat, I was now in my asslovers paradise, I was watching the gorgeous ass bouncing hard and fast on my cock and I was seeing Michelle's sweet little browneye winking at me.
I started to spank her and talk nasty to her.

That was the trigger to my lust! As soon as I spoke the first words my churning balls boiled cum up the shaft and I grabbed her hips forcing all of my cock deep inside her cunt, Michelle was getting a cream pie and she didnt have a choice about it!
My first load of cum blasted out and into her womb and she started to wail and make grunting noises, I kept pumping upwards like a gorilla in heat, slamming my cock as deeply as I could with spurting cum on each stroke. My balls churning load of sauce was exhausted finally and I lay there buried in Michelle's tender young cum filled pussy.
"Tom let go for a minute." I did and she stood up over me again. Michelle was smiling down at me as she squatted, fingering her clit and with that angelic smile on her face "What a nice creamy filled pussy you have made, Do you like what you have done? Did you like what I have done to you?"

"Oh yeah, It was some of the best sex I have ever had. You have definitely made many of my fantasies come true this evening. Is there anything else you would like for me to do?"
"Yes just one thing", and she had a orgasm right then and our mixed fluids dripped out of her creamy cunt onto my chest and tummy as she in a frenzy frigged her clit and then flopped down on me. I was soon covered from chin to crotch with juice.
Michelle was laying across me twitching and jerking from her orgasms and I was was feeling light headed and so at peace after my frenzy of lust with her.
I kissed the top of her head and whispered "Thank you Michelle, this has been a very special night for me."

Her sweet smile when she looked up at me was enticing and she said "Thank you Tom, I have had a great time with you. Now do you think we should get up and clean up?"
"Sure do, I have a long drive to get home."
So we got up and went to shower again. It had been a long long time since I had showered so often in such a short amount of time.
But the memories for me would last the rest of my life. I had never had a woman treat me as Michelle had tonight.

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