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The dreams started immediately, even before I had a strange restless energy that made me particularly manic over the course of the day as we slowly emptied items from the moving truck.
My s****r Amy noticed this and pulled me aside.
"Are you all right?" she asked.
I just nodded. I was keenly aware of her hand on my bare arm and sent a warm current through my body.
At eighteen Amy was still that transitional stage and retained a lot of tomboyish characteristics that quietly paniced my parents. That afternnon she wore an old work shirt of mine that when she stooped forward fell away from her chest and revealed the round white breasts beneath. I stole a very quick glance and looked away before I was caught. My cock twitched conspiratorially inside of my jeans.
By the time night begaqn to fall we had only managed to empty about half of the truck. Dad suspended the activiy for the day and would resume early the next morning, suggesting that we all get a good night's sl**p. Mom had fixed a light meal for us. After finishing and cleaning up we all retired to our bedrooms. Mom and Dad had the big bedroom downstairs and Amy and I had the two bedroom upstairs.
Amy and I wearily dragged ourselves up the flight of stairs, wishing one another a good night before disappearing behind our bedroom doors. As exhausted as my body was my mind was racing frantically. I masturbated which sometimes purged me of that excess energy but I was still pacing round my cluttered room. I pulled out my sketch pad and found a pencil. The white paper in front of me seemed to go periodically in and out of focus and I thought I was about the fall asl**p, but suddenly my hand moved a I began to draw. I was drawing in an almost u*********s manner and had no subject in mind. It was two bodies entangled on some sort of slab---no, an altar. As details were filled in I saw that the girl was Amy and her companion was myself as a demon replete with horns and a long tapering tail that sprouted from the small of my hairy back. My cock was of absurd proportions, partially buried in her cunt, my testicles resembled those that would be found dangling from a horse or a bull.
Under the desk where I drew I felt my hand reached into my underpants and I masturbated again, while continuing to draw. Amy's face became more vivid--her hair was fanned out round her head and the expression on her face was a mixture of horror and excitement. In my mind's eye I animated the illustration of the nubile virgin and the demon.
"What are you drawing," a soft voice said from behind me.
I had not even heard Amy come in. I quickly closed the cover of the sketch pad and look round to Amy standing there. She was wearing a nightshirt that fell about mid thigh and revealed her long slim smooth legs.
"I knocked, but you didn't hear me," she said. "I couldn't sl**p. Maybe it will pass, but this pace just gives me the creeps."
I was looking at her in a strange catatonic manner that caused her to reach out her hand and touch my shoulder. Her hair was loose and fell partially over her face in a very appealing way.
"I couldn't sl**p either," I finally muttered from the depth of my stange stupor.
"Show me what you were drawing. You have so much talent," she said with a warm smile.
"You should pose for me some time," I said.
"I have," she started to say and then her voice dropped to a whisper,"you remember those drawings. You better have thown them away."
"You have nothing to be ashamed of."
"If Mom or Dad ever found them...."
"I threw them away a long tme ago," I told her, but it was a big lie. I had them stashed away where no one would find them and pulled them out every so often. They were the work of a fledgling artist and had many mistakes including awkward displays of disproportionate limbs. I could never bring myself to actually throw them away.
I watched Amy walk across the room over to the window and leaned slightly forward which lifted the hem of her nightshirt just enough to catch a few few feeting seconds of her power blue panties. Just as my erection was beginning to subside it swelled once more so that I dar not move too far from the protective cover of the desk.
I took the opportunity to look at my sketch and discreetly peeled back the cover only to see the page completely blank. I flipped through the pages but found nothing of the drawing I thought I was immersed in over the last fifteen minutes. Had it all been a dream? So vivid it was that the realization that it might have been a product of a dream made my head swim.
"I should get to sl**p now," I said to Amy who was still standing by the window gazing out over the back yard which had to be plaunged into absolute darkness.
She turned, smiled, nodded, and then headed back to her room. I fell onto the bar mattress of my bed and drifted quickly to sl**p and did not wake until the first light of dawn struck my eyes.

We finished unloading the rest of our belongings by mid afternoon, breaking breifly for lunch, but went right back to work, determined to finish by nightfall. It would several days before eveig was unpacked from their boxes but at least the truck was empty. The house was slowly transforming into a home. What diminishing energy we had remaining we tried to make it our own.
I was still possessed by the restlessness of the previous night, nor had I completely forgotten the non existant drawing that I tried unsuccessfuly to replicate only to rip the page angrily fromt the pad and toss it into the waste basket.
Almost immediately upon falling asl**p I was plaunged into a dream that was as vivid as real life, despite the absurd aspects which the human mind has been absolved of analysing.
I rise from my bed and descend down into the basement, through a non existant door and down yet another flight of stairs that one might find in some ancient castle. At the end I found myself in wide chamber with very high vaulted ceilings all made of stone overgrown with a coat of thick moss. The only sourse of illumination are long torches projecting out of the walls. Once my eyes have adjusted to the subdued light I move forward and see the same alter that I had drawn in my phantom sketch. Stretched upon it, bound by ankly and hand, was Amy, nude, struggling to free herself. Her undulations were highly arousing as her long slim body arched and wriggled, opening the triangulation of hair that grew thickly between her legs. I approached her and reached out a hand to stroke her but we were not alone.
Just beyond the altar partially submerged in shadows was a figure seated upon a throne composed of what I could best make out as bones. When he leaned forward into the light I saw that ghastly face. It was more a****l than man and it's eyes were a sickly yellow. When his lips drew back to form what could only generously be called a smile I saw the row of jagged teeth that were rotting and discolored.
"My name is Halliwell," it said."I have been trapped in this house for a very long time. I've waited for someone like you to liberate me."
He lapsed into a long silence, casting his gave down at Amy.
"She wants you. She's stayed a virgin for you. I need to be reborn of a sinful union," said this Halliwell apparition.
He suddenly rose from his throne and approached. Once he entered the light I saw the horror in it's fullness. Although the body was that of a man it was covered quite densely with fur. He wore a robe which was open and dangling between his muscular legs was a penis that belonged more to a b**st than to a man and stretched to a tapered point nearly down to his knees. It was black and veins swelled just beneath the skin. I was repulsed and fascinated by it.
Halliwell stepped over to the altar and ran one clawed hand through her hand and smiled down at her. It stimulated his penis which began to rise a bit, but then he suddenly stepped back into the shadows.
"I am tormented by the passions I once indulged in while I was human. I was called the wisckest man alve at one time by very small minded people. Then I was tricked by people who I believed to be my allies and trapped me in this house. Many have come, like you and your s****r, but none have given me hope of my liberation. I played with them until they fled. I have waited so long," Halliwell returned to his throne, lost in the thickening shadows.
I awoke bathing in sweat, panting heavily at what I had just dreamed. Dreamed? Dreamed? For days afterward I could not get the face of Halliwell out of my mind. I sketched it numerous times in my sketch pad only to tear them out as I had done with all the others and tossed them in the trash.

For several nights afterward I had only the most mundane of dreams. I was still haunted by Halliwell. Had I read about him in some book or seen something? The human mind was good at collecting information and storing it long after the owner had long forgot it's exsistence.
Life settled. I became slowly comfortable with my new school and began forming friends, although I would never dare confide in any of them about the dreams or of the strange Halliwell.
One evening Mom and Dad went out with the next door neighbors with whom they have become friendly leaving Amy and I alone in the house for the first time since moving in. Amy seemed in a strange and distant mood as she prowled around. I was sitting on the sofa watching TV without really focusing on what was actually playing--it was just images flickering in front of my eyes to distract my mind.
Amy approached me and semed to be hiding something behind her back. After several odd moments of silence she held out one of my sketches of Halliwell that she must have stolen from the waste basket before I had emptied it. She held it out to me.
"I have been having dreams about this man," she announced in a mechanical manner.
"What is his name?" I asked in a note of disbelief.
"His name is Halliwell," she said.
My bllod went cold and I snatched the sketch from her and tore it into a multitude of fragments before tossing them into the trash.
"He's told me things that no one would know. Only us. He knows what we've done in the past and he knows....." her voice faded off.
"Knows what, Amy?"
"That I think about you every day."
"Halliwell is not real. It's all just some sort of strange coincidence."
Amy shook her head emphatically as tears poured down her face.
"I love you. I always have. Ever since...."
"He's twisting your mind around," I said, seizing her by the shoulders.
"You said that he wasn't..."
"He's real. I hoped not to involve you....but I did some reading and there was a man by the name of Emmeric Halliwell who was a Satanist."
"Did he live here?"
"No. A former lover did back in the forties and tricked him to come here. He did not know that a trap was set for him. You see could do astral projectioms. Do you know what that is?"
Amy shook her head no.
"It's the ability to seperate the spirit from the body and travel. They trapped Halliwell's body in the house, found his body and killed it. The spirit was said to be trapped in the house."
"He's growing weaker. That's why we don't dream about him very often. It took a lot of energy just to communicate with us. Before too long he will just disappear."
"How do you know all this?" I asked.
"He told me."
"You've seen him?"
"What did he look like?"
"A man in his fifties with grey hair. pale blue eyes, slim, handsome."
I told her how he appeared to me.
"He sees into our deepest and darkest corners of our minds and knows what we dare not admit to ourselves sometimes. He knows what I want and has shown me how to get it."
Amy undressed and stood naked in the middle of the living room. Upom the whole of body were a multitude of strange symbols and lettering that were far beyond her education and undoubtedly drawn with the guiding hand of Emmeric Halliwell.
She started to softly chant and I fell into a swoon as if gravity had suddenly shifted and I crumbled to the floor. I remained the conscious as Amy stripped me naked. I was helpless to resist as she mounted me, fingering her pink slit until it shimmered with moisture.
"I kept myself a virgin for you, my love," she sang as she took my engorged cock in hand and slowly lowered herslf down onto it.
Her face loomed above mine, pinched with pain as her virginal cunt took this hitherto unknown object into it's warm passage. Deeper and deeper I felt my cock slowly sink.
Amy reached between her legs and with the bl**d dribbling out she began to draw figures similar to the ones that adorn her own torso. I felt a strange vibrating sensation throughout my body that was foreign to any sexual act that I had ever had previous. Amy's hips pumped furiously and I could not long hold out the inevitable outcome.
I twisted my head round to see the image of Halliwell standing nearby. He was as Amy had discribed him and how I had seen him in the book I had found about him. He was smiling as he started fading gradually away. Just before he totally vanished I ejaculated into Amy. She was in a trace for a long period of time still sitting astride me even after my cock had withered and slipped out of her cunt.

Months have elapsed since that evening. Amy made up a lie about some boy who got her pregnant. The suggestion of an abortion was quickly dismissed by Amy who continued going to school and bearing the scornful whispers behind her back. After a while Mom and Dad accepted the situation and would make the best of it and hoped that she might put the baby up for adoption.
I had found followers of Halliwell still living and they readily believed the story that I told them. They invited me to a celebration of thanks that their leader will be soon amongst them once again after his long exiile. I politely declined. They did want me to communicate to Halliwell that they had found the traitors and took care of them as he would have wanted. I needed no further details on such potentially criminal activities. They were eager to meet Amy who so generous offered to return Halliwell to flesh.
Eight and a half months later Amy woke about three o'clock in the morning and called out that her water had broken. Everyone scrambled. Dad pulled the car to the front of the house and within ten minutes we were racing to the hospital. Amy was in the back seat with Mom stroking her hair, but Amy's eyes were fixed on me.
At eight fifteen that morning Emmeric Halliwell was reborn.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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