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Big Ass Michelle Becomes A Butt Slut

Michelle was a co-worker who I’d see occasionally during visits to my company HQ. I didn’t work in the office and she was in a financial job anchored to the office. Michelle was younger, in her mid 20’s, pretty, blonde, cute, bubbly and a bit naïve, but sexy in her own way. She had nice tits but her most prominent feature was her big bubble butt. She had a relatively small waist and it made her ass just so much more prominent. She would often wear really tight jeans to work and her ass was a magnet for eyes around the office but she was also self conscious about her ass, wearing sweaters around her waist and covering her ass. Since I didn’t work in the office, we had a good relationship and I was completely out of the gossip circles. She often felt comfortable confiding things in me and I would help her in a lot of political office matters. When we were alone, Michelle would make some surprising little flirtatious comments about sex.

One time we had to go to a trade show in Las Vegas and we needed extra help so Michelle was invited to attend. It was her first trade show and she was excited but we had a lot of work to do. One day the two of us took a lunch break and she started to talk of her frustrations with breaking up with her boyfriend and she felt she was un-attractive and fat. For that I said, “Hold on, you’re curvy and most guys would consider that in all of the right places, particularly your bubble butt. It drives guys crazy.” She acted totally surprised and thought guys just liked pencil thin girls. I said “Guys have different tastes and believe me you are really attractive to a very large base of guys.”

She said “I must admit I’ve been checking out porn sites, after I broke up with my boyfriend and saw a lot of big butt girls and guys with big cocks having a lot of anal sex with them, that’s pretty hot stuff. I’m beginning to really like porn seeing girls like me having fun.” I said, “Did you ever do any of that with your boyfriend?” She said, “No he was never interested in doing anything but oral and missionary fucking.” I said, “Well that explains why he didn’t appreciate you and your fantastic ass!” “Don’t underestimate the power of your ass.” I said “Be proud of it and start wearing stuff that shows your curves and stop putting sweaters around your waist to hide your butt”. Then much to my surprise she said “Are you a butt guy?” I said “Of course, can’t you tell?” “And you like my butt?” “I love it.” She asked, “Do you like anal sex.” I said, “Yes, most definitely.” She said, “I’ve never had any anal sex but I want to try, teach me.”

With that we took off and went straight to her room for her first lesson. She quickly got out of her clothes revealing her really smooth, creamy white skin totally shaved pussy and gorgeous ass. We embraced to kiss and I grabbed and started bouncing her big buns, which she really liked. After a bit of this I told her “Now for some ass worship. Get on your knees at the end of the bed and bend over and stick your ass up in the air and spread your buns”. She promptly did this revealing a nice brown rosebud. I reached in and kissed her rosebud and she giggled, then I started slowly tonguing her asshole which caused her to start moaning. I rubbed my finger over her wet pussy and slowly plunged it into her asshole for which she said “aaaah” and I swirled it around, pulled it out and stuck my tongue in as deep as I could and started tongue fucking her ass making her whole butt crack soaking wet from my licking.

After about 5 minutes of this I said, “Slide forward on the bed.” She did this and I got up behind her with my hard cock and started slapping her big ass cheeks with my cock, and then started rubbing my cock up and down her ass crack and pussy lips, teasing both holes with my hard cock. It felt great sticking my cock between the cheeks like a hotdog in a bun and then pushing her buns together around my cock as I stroked it up and down her crack.

Then I laid on my back and asked her to sit on my face, which she promptly did with her ass cheeks spread and me feverishly licking her ass. Then she went down on my cock and I started eating her pussy and plunged one finger in her asshole to start fucking it which she responded to well. Then I went for two, which she took without problem right past her sphincter. She was sucking harder and faster as I was finger fucking her asshole. Then I went for three fingers and she just seemed to get more intense in her cock sucking and moaning. I said, “gee you seem to be a natural at this.” She said she’s been practicing on her own.

Now the story came out. Since breaking up with her boyfriend, she admitted to watching porn over the internet and she went out and bought some dildos to relieve her self since she didn’t have a boyfriend anymore. I said, “Cool! Did you bring them with you?” She said “yes”. We continued in this 69 mode for a bit and then she jumped off and went to her hotel drawer and pulled out a smooth, silver vibrator that she said she used for her asshole and a big realistic thick 9” dildo she used for her pussy. She also brought out a full bottle of lube.

First she got back on the bed, buns up kneeling. With that I plunged my hard cock into her wet pussy and started banging her from behind, enjoying the view of her big bubble butt and slamming my body with each stroke against her ass. I gave her buns a few good slaps, which she said “yes, yes” for each slap and “fuck me harder”. I had a nice rhythm going and some regular pussy farts emanating from her wet pussy. Then she said, “Now fuck my ass please!”

That was just what I wanted to hear and with that I pulled out of her pussy and spit on her already wet asshole and plunged my thumb in to lubricate her asshole. Then I put my head of my cock up to her brown bunghole and slowly pressed it in to just get the head in and pulled out. I did this a few more times to her wet asshole and she protested “put it in put it all the way in!” The next time I kept the pressure on and kept sliding it in and Michelle moved her ass toward me welcoming my cock more fully into her asshole. I gave it a few strokes and she started moving her ass back and forth and around with my cock a bit over half way in and then she slammed her butt back on me and pushed me backwards, landing sitting on my cock.

With that maneuver, I moved my legs out and now laying on my back Michelle wanted to use her ass to fuck my cock. She started grinding her ass on me with my cock fully inside – what pleasure!

After doing this a big, she got back up on her knees with her buns up and I proceeded to fuck her now loosened up asshole harder, causing a regular round of pussy farts. Michelle kept a rhythm rocking back and forth while I was doing the same. This was good hard ass fucking!

Then I asked her to get on her back and legs back put a pillow under her ass and started licking her asshole to get her ass wet again. First I plowed my cock into her pussy fucking her pussy a bit, then grabbed her silver dildo and the lube, smeared the lube on its shaft and slipped it deep in into her asshole and started fucking her pussy again with the vibrator buzzing deep her asshole. What a great sensation.

After a bit of this I pulled out, swung around and told her to suck my cock, while I grabbed the big dildo and started working it into her wet pussy. This drove her crazy as she was sucking my cock as hard and deep as she could I was getting the big toy deeper into her pussy with one hand and fucking her asshole with the vibrator. Once I got the big dildo in balls deep, I swung around and pulled the vibrator out of her ass and stuck my cock deep in her very wet, well lubed asshole.

By this time Michelle had been launched into a series of intense orgasms. I was fucking her asshole and plowing the big dildo in and out of her wet pussy with one hand and sliding the wet vibrator around over her clit. This got a big squirting orgasm out of Michelle, where she sprayed all over me and the dildo. At this point I lost it and emptied a load with a thrust deep in her asshole.

After awhile I pulled out and said “What do you mean you’ve never done anal before.” She said, “I’ve just been practicing with my toys inspired by what I’ve seen on the internet that gets me off.” Michelle was a true butt slut if I’ve ever met one and I said “Your ass is so hot you should be in porn!”

I didn’t realize what a foreshadowing that comment was for the upcoming week.

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