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Bestie" Daughter's TEEN PUSSY LEAVE DIRT

I always like pussy but I will never forget the day that I realized my craving for teen pussy until the day before my 30th Birthday. Caleb my best friend had invited me to stay at his place when I rolled through the town I grew up in. He was 3 years older than me and we became friends during my freshman year in H.S. He had gotten his ex pregnant in H.S. when he they were 16 and I had watched his little girl Chelsy grow up. It was on this visit though that my feelings for her went from almost uncle like to pure lust and carnal craving. I remember I could not wait to see her and Caleb as they were really like a second f****y to me. When Chelsy answered the door My 30 year old cock twitched. She stood there about 5'8 125 with big perfect tits. She was wearing a cut of t-top and jogging shorts. "UNCLE RICKY!!" She screamed and jumped up to hug me wrapping her legs around me like she always had except she was no longer the little girl with a tooth missing she was a young lady and fucking hot. I laughed trying to play cool as my cock began to grow hard as I thought about her legs wrapped around me and her teen tits against my hard chest. She smelled good and her long brown hair was so fucking soft. "Whoa k**, you getting too big for that" I laughed and spun her around. "I know" she giggled. I sat her down and looked around. "So where's your old man?" I asked "At work, and he told me to tell you that he won't be home till thursday because of an emergency the next town over" she said. "What?, no way this was his vacation" I said with disappointment. " So it's me and you and you have to keep me entertained" she laughed. "Wait who's the guest here?" I shot with a grin.

The next day I woke up early and had gone down stairs to get a bite when I heard someone moaning down in the basement. I knew her room was down there and immediately thought she sneaked some lucky young teen prick in there to have a go at her pussy and though I myself blew two huge loads while stoned edging my cock as I watched porn and fantasied myself inside her young snatch, I was not about to let her get fucked in the house under my watch. I crept down quietly and saw that she was alone but she was laying there out in the den of the basement fingering her pussy. I stood there amazed and stoned as fuck having just finished a big blunt to start the day off. I got hard instantly and I watched as her bald hairless pussy dripped cunt juice as she got closer and closer to orgasm. My dick pulsated and began oozing pre-cum and not soon after she began to quiver and shake and I her young pussy lips and clit were really swollen now and her nipples hard her face became red from flush and with a high pitched but soft moan she began to cum and squirt all over the divan. I almost shot in my sweats and I shook and moaned slightly as the sensation in my cock made my knees shake I grabbed the railing to stop for support she heard me and jumped up. "oh my God" she yelled "I'm so sorry Chelsy" and we stood there looking at each other in silence for what seemed like forever. The i saw her looking at my hard-on which I swear was the hardest my cock had ever been. She walked toward me and went to grab it I quickly grabbed her hand to stop her and she grinned at me as I tried to fight this temptation. I was breathing hard "Come on I know you want to" she whispered in my ear. "but..but" I said licking my lips trying to remain in control "Shhhhh.. I know you high as fuck I smelled the pot in your room and I know you how intense orgasm's can be when your stoned, just imagine how hard that sensation will be for your cock feeling the inside of my tight teen cunt" I closed my eyes and told my self to fight this would be so wrong. "Ch-chelsy you had b-better stop it' I said as she took my finger and slid it inside her warm muff.

Oh fuck I thought and then she put it up to my nose so I could smell her pussy. I could no longer resist. Fuck her dad I thought, when am I gonna get to fuck a teen's pussy again. "Shit I want you so bad baby girl" and I began to finger fuck her and tell her how bad she was for wanting man cock in her teen pussy and how this wass her fault that I had to pleasure my cock inside her teen whore muff. She moaned and begged her uncle rick to show her what it was like to get fuck by a 30 year old man's 9 inch cock. I moaned as she tugged on my dick. Gettin on her knew as I whipped it out she started to suck like a pro "ohhhhhh fuck...ohhhhh Fuck" I moaned and began to face fuck her. She knew to deep throat and and stroke and really gave my cock a once over.

I laid her down on the divan and began to eat her sweet pussy. "Yes yes eat my little pussy goood" She cried. I lapped at that cunt like a dog driving her crazy. I then placed two finger inside her pressed down on her tummy and began to fuck her that way and she was squirtin gin no time "oh oh oh i'm...i''m...c-c-cuming!" she screamed "yea you little bitch cum for uncle rick" I said lustfully. I positioned my self right in front of her spread legs. "Okay now it's time to feel that young teen cunt, you want this big dick n there, huh? It's gonna be our secret right we dont't have to tell daddy" I said softly "Yes please fuck me hard with grown man cock, i'm such a dirty teen whore and I needs my pussy tamed." She moaned. "I'm gonna sink my prick so deep inside your pussy baby girl and fuck you and bust my hard nutt in your barely legal pussy." I then spit on my fingers to lube my cock head, although she was so wet there really was no need. I irresponsibly wanted to feel this whores pussy bareback because I wanted to feel it all. I braced my self and slowly began sliding in. My eyes rolled in the back of my head at the sensation of her pussy wrapped around my cock. She was tight as fuck wet and warm as could be I knew I would not last long if i didn't pace. "ssssss oooooooh shiiiiiit" I slowly let out as I began to slowly pump her. "you fuck ing whore this pussy is so goddamned good...ahhh..ahhh.ahhh." I was literally cring from the intense pleasure which was heightened even more due to the good pot I smoked. I fucked her my mouth slight open as if to to say "OH" and my brow slightly frowned from the intense feelings of her pussy.

She moaned as I pumped her with slow steady deep thrusts hearing the sounds of her wet pussy squishing with my cock buried inside her. It was becoming to much and I began to pump faster and moaning "FUUUUUCK yea..oh fuck me , your pussy so fuckin good...yea I love teen pussy you little bitch let me have that cunt...yea who's in your cunt..huh? who's inside your fucking cunt?" I said getting more worked up and dominate. "You...ah...fuck yes.. you are un-u-uncle r-r-rick, don't stop i gonna come on you coooooock" and with that she started again and this time I felt her cunt tighten and her juice all over my cock as she shook and dug her nails into my back holding me for tightly for dear life. Now mind her this was almost too much and I was successfully fighting off my nutt when she manged to say to me "Cum in my 17 year old pussy!? and then it was all over I began to buck hard and moan and really dig deep in h er snatch "you FU-CK-IN WHORE" I moaned as I stroked my cock three hard times. "I'M FUCKIN CUMMIN OH..OH...OH GAAAWD." I let out as I buried my cock deep inside her after the third and final hard stroke. "ahhhhh..ah.ah..oh..oh ffffFUCK! oh shhiiiit." I groaned during the most intense nutt I have ever had it lasted at lasted forever and I whimpered and actual tears fell from my eyes because the feeling was so overwhelming. I looked down and watched my massive swollen red tipped cock pulse with each squirt of cum that my dick emptied in her cunt. I slowly pulled out as her pussy queefed and shot the fresh load on to the carpet. I shook all over and could not get up my knees were weak from fucking fresh teen pussy. We fucked hard like that for 3 days just smoking pot and sex it was the best visit home ever. I can't wait to go back because this bitch has my cock on lock down and i'm eager to please that young pussy.


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