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Black Mailed

I had just walked my high school girl friend home and was almost to my home, when two of the schools bullies walked up to me.

'Hi David, said Willie, 'yeah, hi David,' added Jerome. I didn't feel threaten by them cause they had all ways spoke to me but never accosted me. So seen them was no big deal, but what they said next caused me great concern.

'David we need to talk to you about something we have a problem with!' It wasn't unusual for them to ask me to get answers to test for them, they knew that I sometimes help grade chapter test in history class., so I felt no worry from them.

'So what do you need?' I asked neither in particular. 'we saw something the other day and we were upset that no one invited us to join the party.' 'What party?' I asked looking at Jerome. 'you know, the one you had in the shower room at the gym the other day.'

I stopped in my tracks, Jerome and Willie took a couple of steps than stopped and turned towards me. 'What are you talking about,' I stammered out. 'We saw you take on Daniel, his cousin Bruce and that fool Charlie,' said Jerome. 'Yeah, we were hiding in the school when ya'll had your little party.'

I looked at them trying to figure out what they were getting to. Willie helped me out 'you wouldn't want that little girl friend of yours to know you fuck better than she does, do you.' Jerome added 'me and Willie think that you should give us a party just like that. Just not in the school, my folks are gone till tomorrow night and I've got the house to my self.'

I was still looking somewhat bewildered at the way things were happening and didn't know how to react or what to say. Jerome continued 'I could throw a party, and have the folks mad at me, or the three of us could go there and have our own little party, like the song say, all night long, all night.'

'Look guys,' I began, 'what happen was wrong and if you were there you now that i was f***ed to do what they wanted, so let it go.' 'Jerome looked at Willie and said 'you right, you were f***ed we ain't gonna f***e you to do nothing that you don't want to.'

'Good than, I'll see ya'll Monday, in history.' I said and began to walk past them. Jerome called out to Willie 'come on Willie we've got to tell Debra about this.' I stopped and turned Willie and Jerome was beginning to walk fast down the way we had just came.

'Wait fellows,' I yelled. They turned and looked at me let me go home and square this with my folks. I'll meet you at your house in about two hours. Jerome looked at Willie and said to me 'if you don't be there by six thirty we will be at Debra's at seven.
I went home and told my parents a lie about going to the movies with Chuck, he's my cousin and will tell a lie for me if asked.

At six twenty-five I was walking up the path to Jerome's house, He and Willie was sitting on the steps. 'Well here I am, you ought not do this,' I said 'You should not have come,' laughed Willie. 'Come on in,' said Jerome.

We went in to the house and to one of the bed rooms, I guess it was Jerome's room. Willie and Jerome was looking apprehensive as we stood in the room, Jerome looked at Willie and said 'I ain't never had sex with a boy before, so you go first.' Willie looked at Jerome than at me 'we gonna do it in here,' he asked.
'Yeah go ahead and get started, you know what you said you were gonna do,' insisted Jerome.

Willie walked towards me and said, shakily 'I'll beat the shit out of you if I have to so get out of those clothes.' I didn't feel like he would but I weren't going to get hurt either, so I began to remove my clothes one piece at a time.
Willie slipped off his shoes and removed his shirt, he stood there waiting for me to remove my pants. When Jerome barked get out of them clothes before I go tell Debra,' this I believed and finished undressing.

Willie was standing in front of me his penis was rigid and about nine inches long maybe two or three inches around, he was cut and his penile head was redder than the rest of his man meat, almost pinkish if you want to know. Willie walk over and said 'suck this dick just like you sucked Bruce's dick.'

I knelt down before Willie and took hold of his penis, it jump and throbbed in my hand. I leaned forward and flicked my tongue across the head, Willie took hold of my head and pulled me to his man meat. I open my mouth and sorta of kiss /sucked the head of his meat. Willie shook from head to toe and f***ed his meat into my mouth I sucked on his penis long and deep.

Jerome standing to the side quickly undressed, he walked over and pulled my head towards his penis. Jerome's penis was rigid and erect, it was a deep dark chocolate complexion, just like him. His shaft was a lot thicker than Willie's and his penile head was larger, I could place both my hands around the length of his dick as I sucked his head.

Willie jumped to the bed 'Alright let's get busy now, I want to fuck,' he said. Jerome pilled his dick from my sucking lips and told me to 'get to it.'
I went to the bed Willie pulled the covers and pillows up in to a pile and said 'lay your ass on these pillows with your butt in the air.'

I laid on the pile of bed covers Jerome gave Willie a bottle of baby oil, Willie poured some into my butt crack and rubbed some on his penis. He rose up behind me and began to slip his fuck tool up and down my butt crack.

When Willie found my anal opening he lunged down in to my butt, I grunted as he f***ed his way into my tight little butt hole. 'Damn, Jerome, this ass is too tight,' Jerome laughed at what he had said, Willie began to screw his man tool deeper up my rectum. He was rotating his hips clock wise, than began to hump back and forth. Soon he stiffen and shot his load of man spunk into my anal cavity.

Willie pulled out and Jerome came over and looked into my butt 'you really shot your stuff up his ass,' he asked. Willie replied you don't see it on the sheets do you,' 'I see it now it's coming back out.' Jerome got on the bed and placed his huge head at my butt opening. He swirled his penile head around my aching hole getting Willie's spunk and baby oil on his head.

I braced myself for what was to come Jerome plunged his man meat into my behind. I yelled so loud that Willie jumped from the bed, Jerome was so excited that his penis was lodged in my butt he kept plunging into my behind. I was trying to tell him to slow down but the pain was so great the only thing I could do was grunt and moan.

Willie encouraged Jerome 'ram that ass Jerome, make that bitch cry.' Jerome didn't need him to tell him, he plowed into me like he was drilling a hole. I was trying to reach back and push him up or at least hold him back. I tried to wrap my legs around his and pull him back with my feet, I tried to move forward away from his punishing onslaught.

It wasn't long before there were tears running from my eyes and I was begging Jerome to stop only to heard him say 'I ain't stopping nothing, I'm in here now and I'm going to fuck you like a bitch. For about forty or more minute Jerome continued to plow in to my butt, Willie was getting impatient stroking his cock. 'Stick it in his mouth,' Jerome told Willie.

Willie wasted no time he quickly positioned himself in front of me on his knees and placed his man meat in my mouth. The two of them was like that Jerome screwing my tender rectum and Willie forcing his penile head into my mouth. I had to stop trying to hold Jerome back in order to keep Willie from choking me with his rigid tool in my mouth.

When Jerome shot his load up my anus I was so relieved that I forgot that Willie was waiting. Jerome pulled his meat from my butt and parted my butt cheeks, 'I done bred this bitch like a real dog now.' Willie went to my rear, but I turned quickly to my side, Willie didn't like that at all and roughly took my legs and f***ed me to my back. Pushing my legs up in to the air, Willie rammed his sex tool deep in my butt, my feet flailing about his head.

I cried out in pain as Willie bounced up and down between my up stretched legs, I was begging him, now, to take it easy and not rip my butt hole apart. Willie was in me for at least as long as Jerome. My anal opening was so tender that it burned like I was sitting on a hot coal. When Willie shot his load down in my butt, he pulled out of me and rammed back into me till he was balls deep.

I was clawing at him as he slipped from my grip as he plunged up and down. After a few minute Willie collapsed on top of me panting like a runner out of breath. The rest of the night the three of us laid there in bed, Jerome and Willie would try to out do each other, in telling me what they wanted me to do to them. From sucking both of their penis at the same time, to jerking them both off at the same time.

It was just before four in the morning when Jerome came up with a bright ideal, I still regret that i let them try it. 'I have an ideal,' said Jerome, 'lets see how many fingers we can stick in his ass.' I tried to stop them but I was really to tired to put up a good fight. You try having two horny teenagers **** you for hours, and see how tired your body will be.

They f***ed me to my stomach and poured baby oil into my stretched butt hole. Jerome went first sticking one, two, three, four fingers into my behind. Willie poured some more oil right into my open butt hole. He slipped four fingers into my butt with no problem, than with out warning, Willie rammed his hand into my butt up past the wrist.

I was squirming like a bug on a pin as Willie plunged his hand back and forth into my anal opening. Not to be out done Jerome f***ed his hand into my anus along with Willie's hand. Than with their free hands they tried to pull open my poor abused anus. The two of them did everything you can imagine to my butt hole.

Before we fell asl**p, the two of them tried to fuck me senseless, they tied me to the four corners of the bed on my stomach and plowed in and out of my bottom so much that I couldn't keep up. Each time they would stop and I would doze off to sl**p, one of them would wake me by plunging into my helpless butt hole.

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